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Bullies Who Drove Girl to Suicide Attend Her Funeral


The classmates who drove a 12-year-old girl to hang herself with the scarf she knitted as a gift for her mother with their bullying attended her funeral and delivered a tearful eulogy, but made no mention of the cause of her death.

120 people attended the funeral of Akiko Uemura, including her entire class of 38 – the very class which drove her to suicide by excluding her and saying her Filipino mother was a “gorilla” and so was she.

The child selected as class representative gave a tearful address – “I’ll never forget the time we spent together since you transferred in.” His address pointedly avoided mentioning the cause of her death – “It’s very sad when someone suddenly passes away. I hope she rests in peace.”

The principal repeated his innocent platitudes: “We put you through an ordeal at school. I swear to Akiko that this will never happen again.”

Her father was exceptionally gracious where the children were concerned, telling her “You were all alone at school, but today everybody came for you.” He was less restrained when addressing the teachers – he angrily told them “Please give me back my daughter!”

Although the media carefully avoids the macabre spectacle of a class of bullies attending the funeral of the girl they drove to suicide, 2ch is less sanguine:

This is chilling.

You lot were the ones who killed her!

They’ll never forget they killed her is what they mean. What kind of black joke is this?

If you had so many happy memories together she wouldn’t have killed herself.

What utter hypocrisy.

Why would you have a class of bullies attend her funeral? Is her father crazy?

He was giving them one last chance to apologise for what they did to her.

He knows the faces of the children who killed his daughter – you know what comes next.

The worst one is the father who married a Fillipino woman!

You’re another elementary schooler?

They called her a gorilla and tormented her to death – they better not forget this. I’ll never forget this school killed a person.

When these kids grow up, when they have their own children, they’ll remember seeing the father here. Keep blaming yourselves!

They wouldn’t even eat dinner with her! Cute kids.

That’s probably just what the teacher had them say.


Having the kids who drove her to suicide attend her funeral and deliver a tearful eulogy – what an astounding farce.

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  • well kid easily hurt the other and shouting something that we the older people may have no nerve to said it ……..

    that’s why kid’s are cute but scary on the same time because they can do what ever they want ………… even killing the others is easy when they want to ..

    on my childhood when the people in my class bullied me because I’m fat and got really angry I will stand and take the chair or table beside me to chase them ….. well luckily I’m one of the strongest person in my class so eventually they won’t bully me again because they know that I’m not fight back not because of I’m weak , but it’s just troublesome to …………

  • i think i should know what school is this so my children wont even look there.

    this class and school are disgusting.
    that tearful bulls**t makes me want to puke.
    that principal is what wrong with this world. scumbags.
    you swear for her?
    what did you do before, you failure of a human!
    shes dead and now you do something?
    well thats cute bulls**t there.

    dont tell me “they’re just children” bulls**t.
    this is crazy!

    thats it, this ruins my month.

  • Actually not many people in asia like filipino. Since the whole hong kong hostage situation, filipino have it hard in here too, eg having fish thrown at them. There is a large population of filipino maids in hong kong and there is occasionally of news where maid cook menstrual discharge for the children. but we should never judge the action of few as the whole population.

    • Yeah yeah! Us sea-rats are hospitable and kind. But mess with one of us and you mess witha’ whole clan foo!

      Just be glad we’re preoccupied with China. Otherwise we’ll be busy with you. And when I mean “we”, I mean the whole Grand Republic of The Philippines, foo!

  • I hope these kids remember this for the rest of their lives. I hope they remember the face of the girl they drove to her own death. The next time they bully someone I hope they hear that voice in the back of their heads asking “Will you kill them, too?”

    I hope these teachers and the rest of the staff remember the girl whose death they failed to prevent through inaction.

    This kind of stuff is disgusting. This kind of abuse is handwaved over far too often because they’re kids, even though kids are often the most vulnerable when it comes to this kind of thing.

  • Your typical japanese “sorry”, cheaper than shit. When will the japs grow some spine? no wonder the chinese government pick on them. If i was the father i would had lashed out at the kids, its your daughter for fuck’s sake! and her murders are right there!

  • I find this horrible. I’ve gone through similar psychological bullying as Akiko had. So when I read the previous article I was like. She killed herself wtf? But upon reading this article i realize Japan is fucked up. This is a total farce and outrage to have the bullies and principal attend the funeral.

  • So.. they took the politically correct way out.
    Not that it will solve anything, token efforts like this are only to show everyone they “did the right thing”.

    The children, teachers and principal alike are equally responsible for Akiko’s death. A pity since we all know there won’t be a follow-up.

    All that remains now is for karma to catch up with this bunch of dicks.

  • The father understands that children are children, some will stay asshats their whole life, but most will probably realize in the future what a horrible thing they’ve done. No excuse for the adults at the school, what lowlifes.

  • Can you imagine how the mother feels? The girl hanged herself with a scarf for her mom.

    She should leave her husband for letting those kids come to the funeral and NOT apologize during the ceremony.

  • Don’t underestimate the cruelty of children. Coming from a guy who was picked on to no end in elementary and Jr. High nearly to the point of suicide, I can tell you right now that most of those kids probably don’t give a damn about what they did. Some of them will probably do it again while the rest will come to realize how horrible their actions were as they get older. As for the teachers that knew this was going on, they’re just as much to blame. Any teacher that knew this was going on should lose their job.

    What a truly disgusting world we live in.

    • The beautiful yet ugly world. As most otakus had a taste of bullying at one point, I think it’s safe to say that we know how this goes, right? People and kids alike think it’s fun being an asshole who discriminates how a person looks. Even worse if the target is a kid of 10 to 12 years.

  • “The principal repeated his innocent platitudes: ‘We put you through an ordeal at school. I swear to Akiko that this will never happen again.'”

    Seriously? What an empty promise. As long as school and/or bullying exist, it will happen again. It ALWAYS will.

    (Does the quote “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” ring a bell?)

    And BTW, why did those who drove her to hang herself attend her funeral in the first place? After what they done, i’m disappointed that they weren’t banned from there in the first place. Them being there makes a mockery of what she’s been through, as if the funeral feels so cheap, without meaning. Such bullies don’t deserve to even be within range of the event.

    • The platitudes merely serve the purpose of masking the fact that nothing will change. Nothing at all.

      And i guess the bullies didn’t even get a reprimand because they behaved like exemplary, xenophobic, cowardly japanese classmates.

      Most people know of this problem via manga and anime and sometimes documentaries but nothing will ever change in a society so full of social pressure as this one.

  • “I’ll never forget the time we spent together since you transferred in.”
    Are you, by chance referring to the time you spent bullying her?

    “It’s very sad when someone suddenly passes away. I hope she rests in peace.”
    She didn’t “pass away”. She was driven to suicide by you asshole! Congratulations. You and your class murdered a child. I hope you’re satisfied. She’ll be fine now that she’s far away from all of you. Pff, not that any of you cared.

    “We put you through an ordeal at school. I swear to Akiko that this will never happen again.”
    It didn’t have to happen in the first place you moron!

    “You were all alone at school, but today everybody came for you.”
    Except they’re not there for her. They’re there because they’re obligated not because they necessarily care. After all, to them she’s just a dead gorilla.

    The parents should’ve said, “if you want to show respect then don’t say a goddamn thing.” Seriously, it’s bad enough the idiot class rep is making it sound like she was dear friend who was unfairly stricken down before even actually living. They weren’t her friends and they’re not sorry. If they were sorry they would have bullied her. But the worst thing is that no one mentioned that she was being bullied. The parents had them right where they needed them and they strike. Maybe it’s a Japanese thing or maybe because it was a funeral the reason why they didn’t raise some hell to try to get some answers, who knows. I can’t say I would’ve been so reserved.

  • Dear god… I wonder if they would treat my future child (Let a man dream…) the same way because I’m Swedish… Or is it another story because I’m not from an asian country but a western one?(I’m still unsure about all the “half-child” stuff, either you’re loved or hated) Either way I would never let someone treat my child like that, I would be up to their neck about discrimination and tell them to do something about it since my child is suffering at school (Which should be a fun place when you are at that age). If not, I would enroll as a teacher and keep an eye on the punks.

    • It’s just like that everywhere. It’s an ugly truth that many have dealt to others as much as how others suffered from it. The only thing that can be done is to vigilantly destroy the evil circle of discrimination. Being “different” is not something to be jeered at. It’s something either understand and ignore.

  • I hope these fuckers are haunted by her memory everyday of the rest of their lives. When they grow up and are living a empty existence, remembering back to their childhood days, and they remember her. And that memory haunts them to the point of madness and they take their own life, like they made her do.

  • I knew she was half-filipino.

    I’m a filipino too so I kinda get sad over this news but its not like we can do anything about it.I actually know a lot of hot half filipina girls,seems like half~ties(especially half~filipinas and sumthing else)really looks good,actually better than those full europeans or colombians.The very reason I felt a bit shocked towards this.Well too bad for her.

  • Darkrockslizer, dont belittle people just because your experience of bullying was different. To be honest, emotional bullying can be a lot worse than simply being beaten up. Bruises heal over time, but being mad to feel like you are a worthless piece of shit everyday, that never heals.

  • That would have been the perfect opportunity to openly address the bigotry and hypocrisy of the Japanese society. Most Japanese people are cowards and would never publicly say anything that could make them “loose face”, but that father has already lost his daughter because of some random fuckheads.

    Seriously, i would have used the occasion to make some heads roll.

  • Why is the father angry at the teachers instead of those bullies in the class?Those teachers are not at fault.Those bullies are.He seems to forgive them easily and think that they are really sorry.Maybe they are.But why he blamed the teachers instead of blaming the bullies?

    • because the teachers are supposed to be the ones to discipline the bullies so the leave the person they’re picking on alone… little kids (and plenty of uneducated adults) dont tend to understand the nature of how cruel their actions can be, so unless someone in a role of authority puts the smack down on them, they’ll never learn.

  • I’d like to think this is just some sort of Japanese problem, but unfortunately it isn’t.

    And I can say that as a parent and know that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen my son dealing with it.

    He’s an ordinary typical white Canadian school kid and in no way identifiable as being unique.

    And the schools offer the same fucking lame response.
    Too much of either the law doesn’t care, or the school is just plain uninterested in getting involved.

    Shootings in schools was non existent when I was a kid.
    Today it seems too common.
    Maybe we’ve taken too much power of punishment away from the schools for our own good.

    But this much I know, the Japanese inability to accept anyone non Japanese is about as fucking retarded as the French in Quebec thinking they’re special. They’re not. Their society is doomed if it doesn’t start accepting the world has changed since the feudal eras.

  • Kids these days -.-‘

    Bullies are actually a good thing in school. They help you GROW UP through a bit of force. If you get annoyed to the fact that you want to kill yourself because of them means that you aren’t mature enough OR you will never grow up.

    In this case I say that the movies and stories gave the girl the idea of killing herself. Sad but true, movies are not a very good thing if you don’t follow the AGE RECOMMANDATION of some movies. Btw that girl must have been some horror movie lover from the way she killed herself.

    • Never replace discipline over delinquency. And people are different. We aren’t all born with the ability to adapt to our surrounding fast some people need help and that’s why there are schools right?

      As far as maturity goes. Again, people aren’t born uniquely. We have people like this because we don’t care enough to know why. It would be his fault to acting rashly but we could have prevented it if we cared enough.

    • I think racism and xenophobia are more concentrated in less known prefectures in Japan.

      I still have hope for that nation if they don’t kill another foreigner child in 5 years time, and if it doesn’t happen in their major cities.

  • as a person, I will not allowed such bullying issues anymore, even her mother was a Filipino, I was a Filipino too.

    Commiting suicide is one of the most problems for children and teens due to such as depression

    I fell sorry for her, may she rest in peace and go to a better place, I hope the bullied forgive the victims mother for such a criticism

  • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

    Wow. I haven’t seen this much hypocrisy in a while. And this is an election year over here, too. So that’s a big thing, when a bunch of kids can manage to make a bunch of shrivelled up old pricks look like they need to catch up…

  • It’s futile to blame it on the kids, they’ve grown in the influence of their parents, friends and society around them. You can’t demand full comprehension of own actions from a child, that’s why they don’t get the same sentences that grown-ups do.
    Bullying is a thing that happens in the schools of every country of the world and extremely xenophobic Japan is by means no exception. The father is on the right track, blaming the principal and teachers for not doing anything about the bullying even though they clearly knew what was going on.
    But the kids couldn’t have known their actions would’ve lead to something as horrible as this. They live in their own specific age group where having friends is everything, people who are not your friends don’t really exist and death is something the TV made up.

  • Well, I did an exchange program in Japan for a short while in high school. I’m half Chinese and half Filipino, and I had no trouble whatsoever with racism. And the kids there were fairly genuine too; some even cried when we left. My point is, it’s the fact that they’re 12 that killed this poor girl, not Japanese nationalism.

    • you went there by exchange program
      that means your destinantion school has already fulfilled certain criterias
      bullying and racism included, i believe
      and most schools picked for exchange programs are favorite schools afterall
      meaning the kids in there are well educated anyways

  • fck is bullying this bad in japan?? Hey having filipino blood isn’t shameful you bloody japanese kids. You fricking give us the wealth of our country back. It’s like the scenario wherein the japanese don’t give any apologies to the countries that they have raped..where the hell did these children learn this mentality?

  • Actually im pretty sure some of the Filipina image can be also be blamed here…i am filipino, but most of the filipina women i see here are greatly fond of foreigners , and sometimes , foreigners fall in love with hookers. The filipina has this really bad image from mail order brides or exotic hooker. And the japanese…well lets just say they have too much pride slapped on their faces. Now imagine if these kids’ parents talk about their other classmate’s parents, then they hear gaijin mother, they might start to think ill of this gaijin mother, plus considering that the mother is filipina. well looking at it closely, the filipino women are a bit more expressive than most women, so im pretty sure its a culture mayhem to start with. im thinking that gorilla nose teasing ain’t the biggest cause here, im pretty sure the kids were looking doown at the mother. I do hate those mother fuckers who drove the kid to suicide, but i also can’t look away on the way some foreigners see my countrywomen. It saddens me sometimes how some filipina women would open up just to get cash from foreigners, I mean sure they have no choice to begin with, but if this continues, foreigners would still have the ill idea of us being cheap and easy

    • So what? Is the girl culprit of anything here? Wasn’t she born Japanese?
      It doesn’t matter what her parents did, it’s not her fault. So she didn’t have to suffer for or from it. If you believe that, you’re saying it’s her fault for been born half Japanese/Fillipine…
      Anyone that like that must be retarded and as guilty as those bullies…

    • Well from what i’ve heard about the fillipines from my fillipine friend is that the country is pretty fked up and hes too scared to even visit there anymore. when he goes there he gets a different hooker 3x a day after breakfast lunch and dinner which shows how common prostitution is there, and his relatives that lived there got stabbed and killed by hoodlums that run around all over the place apparently. so why wouldn’t fillipino women want to prostitute in another country its like the same thing but safer o.o

    • It’s not just Filipinas who are like that. And not all Filipinas are like that. From the story so far it’s hard to see whether the Japanese father was loving of his wife.

      Sadly, this sad image of us Filipinos will remain until we can do do something more productive locally.

  • Strange. The girl didn’t made any list of who bullied her before her act? Maybe the parents keep it in secret, and wait to see who’s this & who’s that on the funeral, and years later time for vengeance!

  • “I’ll never forget the time we spent together since you transferred in.” His address pointedly avoided mentioning the cause of her death – “It’s very sad when someone suddenly passes away. I hope she rests in peace.”

    SO PLASTIC~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope Karma will get you all!

    “The worst one is the father who married a Fillipino woman!”
    Yeah, right, If he married an american, you would be like OMG~! an wife American. Cool! Just say she married a monkey or even worse, sh!t!
    That’s how low you look at us filipinos anyway. (sarcasm)

    and this kind of new is still not around the local news? The media here in the Philippines always have the wrong priorities.

    • It won’t do much to get the concern of most Filipinos locally for sure. That’s one. If it were an OFW-issue though.

      And I truly agree with you on your last sentence. This is why we have such a bad image in the world, and to ourselves.

      • The problem with this country is that we let them stereotype us. They troll a lot and we feed them whenever we rage. I say, we better ourselves as a nation and just show those racist bastards who’re the gorillas now.

    • Dude especially when Japan fucked the Philippines until U.S. troops had to save them. Japan gave the Philippines an apology and the pilipinos pretty much forgave them and dropped it. Then this shit happens? They got to get rid of that xeno shit pretty much the whole world has except them.

  • This isn’t the first and it isn’t going to be the last this will happen. And it’s not a mere suicide that will change this, they have tons of suicides every year. I bet that right now the people are saying that she committed suicide because the girl was not Japanese or because like they usually say “Broken”…
    The Japanese society hasn’t change since the Meiji era. They still think the same way as then. More than cultural, the way Japanese think about foreigners is a part of their genes. The only reason they still tolerate foreigners is to actually gain something from them, like a commercial transaction. Otherwise foreigners are has accepted has venereal decease.

  • Yep. They will fap to this later in life.
    What fucking messed up little monster children. I hope this haunts them for life. Every time someone says “murderer!” from here on, even if it’s not addressed to them, I hope they twitch, sink back, and panic in their screwed up, guilt ridden minds. These little bastards need to suffer. Karma’s a bitch.

  • “We put you through an ordeal at school. I swear to Akiko that this will never happen again.”

    Yup. Because the idiot principal and racist classmates have already given the school a terrible reputation. Any parents with a mixed or foreign kids wouldn’t even think of sending their kids there.

  • They never mentioned the presence of her mom at the funeral… Weird. Anyway, kids are like that, they can be extremely nasty nowadays.
    It’s hard to imagine you could commit suicide for that – i’ve been bullied myself when i was a teen (and i’m still alive as you can see) – but it’s Japan. We all know they are racist and nationalist. And being bullied there is surely worse than in any other country…

  • What’s sad is that history is bound to repeat itself with tragedies like this.

    People are only momentarily outraged then quickly forget.

    I’m sad that there are racist monsters like this anywhere. And they do exist anywhere and everywhere. In Japan, in the US, in Philippines, in Korea, in Europe, everywhere.

    RIP Akiko-san.

  • Chinese “hero” fisherman freed and escapes justice. Innocent Japanese-Filipino schoolgirl gets bullied to death.

    Japanese school officials, just as ignorant as Japanese government. Is there hope for Japan?

  • Father should have machined gunned the entire class, including the teachers at the funeral! That would have been big news to show the world! Great thing is there is no death sentence in Japan, so he would be alright!

    But I guess he is one of those spineless Japanese that are very common these days.


  • Yes the kid bullies knew exactly what they were doing and probably had bets on how soon she would kill herself. All the gang member type families and mobster families teach their kids to do this right from the start at age 2 with deadly conduct 1st on the list, training their kids to kill the elderly old ladies next door. Over and over through the motions. Its happening here right now, little gangs of thugs and their drug dealing families taking over our neighborhood and school, and my street.

  • Oh I’d better not raise my future kids in Japan. Some, if not all, of them xenophobics would say:

    “The worst one is the mother who married a Fillipino man!”

    and heck, I’ll be labeled a gorilla? wtf

  • “We put you through an ordeal at school. I swear to Akiko that this will never happen again.” of course it won’t, cuz she is dead already. What kind of a moron is he? And letting the class atend the funeral? In father’s shoes i wouldn’t let any of them near the ceremony.

  • Bullying exists everywhere, and so does racism. Such a sad truth.

    And the parents who raised those little shits are scums. The children are not to be blamed entirely for this tragic incident, they’re still young after all, they know no consequences or at least any that could be this serious. The adults aware of this and ignoring it are the scums; be it the parents of the bullies or the school faculty. Being a bystander and witnessing the bullying without trying to help or bring it to light is a much bigger crime than actually doing the bullying.

    Condolences to her parents. May we hope this shit will never happen again.

    • There are crappy kids with great parents. There are great kids with crappy parents.

      We know the children are terrible. We don’t know if the parents are also. Just saying.

      All in all it’s a shame.

    • A while back there was a diplomat (or trade representative, can’t quite recall) from Brazil who visited Japan for some discussion or another. He was a Japanese man, both parents were Japanese from Japan who emigrated to Brazil for work, so not a drop of mixed blood in him, and had a Japanese name.

      The newspapers still spelled his name in katakana, despite knowing his background, which is reserved for spelling foreign names. In the public’s eyes, he wasn’t Japanese anymore, just another foreigner.

    • You don’t even have to be not Japanese by blood. Just spending time in a foreign country (= getting different ideas = not being “Japanese” enough) is enough for some pretty vicious bullying.

  • If that hapend to my daughter i first will kick the clasmates ass, and sue them all for this charade.

    Come on, how is this possible, they are monsters, they deserve to be punish and kill in the very worst possible, people like this bullies, don’t deserve to live, i hope they die, adn suffer for all they done to this girl, they deserve it.

  • Though it’s little consolation, those assholes will have to live with what they did for the rest of their lives. One can only hope they feel even a little bit of remorse for their actions. I wonder if they even understand the full scale of what they’ve done.

    Do any of them even comprehend how it must feel to have a family member suddenly taken away like that? They didn’t just drive a classmate to suicide, they devastated her entire family, all so they could have a cheap laugh. So many kids in the 12-14 age range are such scumbags.

  • Children need to learn the consequences of their actions, sending the children to the funeral was probably an attempt to teach them that… but given that self-serving bullshit speech their representative gave, they saw it as nothing more than an opportunity to absolve themselves of guilt.

  • And their face were like “Sorry for all the things i did to you”? I don’t think so…

    IMO the parent shouldn´t have admit the bullies to attend the funeral… they don’t deserved it.

    “He knows the faces of the children who killed his daughter – you know what comes next.”

    Ill will not surprise me but… i hope they don’t do something…

  • At first I felt somewhat happy that ‘at least they feel some remorse, in attending her funeral.’ But now I wonder if they were -made- to attend or not. And the eulogy kind of angered me.

    My heart really goes out to this poor angel and her family; It was a horrible thing to happen but I at least hope her death wasn’t too painful and that she’s at peace.

  • Whoever brought them there is either a royal fuckup in not considering the parents, or (if it was on knowledge of the family) then it’s a damn awesome way to make those little shits never forget what they did.

    Whether that will be good or bad in the end, who knows — it can go either way, whether they attended or not. This just seems to have a little more possibility of getting into their heads.

  • when these kids grow up, they’re children will get bullied and killed themselves as well. maybe not they;re kids, but maybe they;re grandkids… but the’ll get the same punishment eventually, justice is swift and true

    2ch cares? now that i was shocked… maybe there;s hope for the future of japan anyway?

  • Can people stop making excuses for these bullies?

    As a child, you DO know the consequences of your actions, unless you’re 5 or something. When I was 10, 11, 12, I knew not to make fun of anyone because it would be hurtful and would probably make them cry when they got home, since words hurt. Unless these kids were taught nothing by their parents, which is probably why they’re so racist, they’d know that what they were doing to her was wrong.

    • um… well japan is kind of interesting about parenting… many parents have little to no time for their kids due to their jobs and the workaholic culture of japan, many kids either grow up without really knowing their parents these days or being raised by someone who is not their parent.
      i point at the declining population of japan, and some of the reasons behind it, one of which is money, in a marriage, its very common these days that both partners must hold full time jobs just so they can live somewhat comfortably, where the hell are they going to find time to bond with their kid and teach them values if they need to spend all their time working just to get by?
      so in general, its a tricky subject about parents bonding and teaching positive values that have many different points to it.

    • Bullies only bully because of impunity.

      The School has to carry a stiff measure of the blame here, they are in loco parentis. That means they are responsible for the well being of the children in their care.

      Sure bullying is ubiquitous, but, it stops very suddenly when the bullies no longer are immune from consequences.

      I was bullied while I was second smallest in the class, but, hormones hit and I grew, and the bullies became fucken polite fucken quick with me becoming strong enough to punch their faces in.

      Dissapointing really, four years of misery from all manner of fuckwits and I only got to punch two faces in before the point was made, the shit stopped, the rest dogged it.

      The teacher’s inaction condoned the bullying. If the bullying fuckwits had to face consequences for their shit it would die down pretty quick.

      Also, teachers are supposed to be experts in child behaviour, no excuses.

    • I agree according to Freud’s psychoanalytical theory the Id, Ego, and Superego should already be developed and the consequences of good and bad behavior should already be known. They have been living for a decade more or less more than enough time to understand the concept. I don’t have sympathy for them nor their attempt at redemption of their actions. I agree with some of 2ch’s comments about this.

        • @ Schrobby: You must be talking about the Oedipus complex he wrote about. And how he described the Id as having only containing sexual and aggressive feelings.
          @ anon 21:21
          are you referring to how people rationalize their reasons for killing. Still it involves thought processing. They once thought and felt their bullying was fun and harmless. Until after her death, they realized the harm they had caused by the actions. So they felt guilt and remorse. They specifically picked her out as a target for their insults which is logical thinking. Only the end result of their harassment is not what they expected.
          @SOTER: Thats just conformity. She might not have had the chance to have friends that would protect her from the bullying. So some might have bullied her or just ignored her so they aren’t associated with her. Its mostly the loners and outcasts that get picked on. Its not a myth people of their will choose to do bad upon others.

        • Not really. While a single “superego” might not exist, people don’t base their actions on any logical thinking, and if they do, their reason for using logic isn’t logical. That way, a conscience and the like do exist – they’re probably simple remnants of our childhood experiences.

    • hmm i guess japan are really angry at foreigners(not all mind you)

      sad to see this girl die just because her mother was a different race.

      even though i am full blooded filipino, im not gonna be xenophobic againts the japanese. people are just different, some are bad some are good others rotten to the core.

      hopefully this won’t happen again. still i plan on living there since the technology and their culture is very interesting.

      • There’s a racist in each and every one of us, in my opinion. People just find it difficult to walk a mile in another race’s shoes and appreciate the diversity of mankind… Racism and xenophobia in this case just became quite a volatile mix.

        As a Filipino myself, I disdain other nationalities for stereotyping us as tailless monkeys, but come to think of it, those other nationalities have other trolls calling them other names. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

      • i think you have to probe deeper into japanese culture and history to really understand the reasons such ideas came about… I personally plan on living in japan part time, or at least visiting very often in the future, so i have to deal with all the little and BIG things about japanese culture… one of the more annoying ones is the xenophobia and an intense hate for east/southeast asians…

    • @ Myballz

      Ah, but the slivers of youthful ignorance. How simply obtuse of you to say so, for such a statement as yours is simply, and most assuredly, biased.

      2ch is a forum where many people of many types go; fathers and mothers would not be unlikely or even that uncommon amongst its’ ‘netizen’ populace, as such is the case where many a 4channer is/was a parent at some form in their life, or has a social life outside of what you perceive as the ‘small square box’ of their life.

      While some stereotypical statements may be true, it is just as likely that many of them are also ultimately, incorrect in their assessment. That being said, I would redirect you to a smaller, condensed version of this comment.

      tl;dr: Stereotypes are dull forms of ‘witty’ insults you twat. lrn2tr0llbttr. For the more grammatically inclined, ‘learn to troll better.’

      And lastly; if you really want to insult the denizens of 2ch, I suggest you simply go forth to 2ch and say it to their faces. I’m sure they will ‘enjoy’ your company.

      • Your telling me that 2ch has desperate house wives of Japan trading secrets online, such as receipts for cooking fajitas?

        Its not just for women who post naked pictures of themselves just to build confidence from comments from virgin men?

        • No, I am not; I am speaking of your suggested stereotypical portrayal of the entirety of a single forum of people combined by both their likes and interests.

          In more simple terms; grouping people together into a single group is, ultimately, the silliest kind of insult, especially concerning the matters of fatherhood and motherhood. Do you personally know each and every denizen? I doubt any of us can claim that, and to stereotype any particular kind of forum of people where a group of likeminded, thinking and also unthinking individuals, moreover in a day and age where much of that is rendered useless and ultimately futile, is, plain and simple, ignorance at it’s very highest.

          Taking the comment I replied to as ‘srs’ is all in context, but irregardless, in such a delicate matter of fatherhood and motherhood, insinuating they would not truly know the horrors is a stupid statement in and of itself. I’ll leave it at that, as arguing on the internet over a simple issue that I had with your earlier comment and your obvious continued stereotyping, I leave it at that.

    • Ha ha. You talk as if parents are alike, as if you were any different, and as if you actually know that much about 2ch. This is great.

      Sure, losing a child should be painful (otherwise parent = trash) but I’m not really sure about the rest of your comment.

  • Hmm. And now I expect some news in the next week or so about how a Japanese elementary school is blown up by an unknown perpetrator, assumed to be an adult in his late forties to early fifties…

  • Ah, she did look kind of Filipino. I thought that’s what she looked like when I first saw her, and I was right. So either I am really lucky, or there are some differences between Filipinos and other Southeast Asians and I have learned them.

    In any case, what has happened is tragic, whether these people thought ill of Filipinos or not, she is a human being and deserved to be treated like one. It won’t make up for what happened, but I am at least happy that they had the sympathy to do what they did after the fact. And that 2ch, the heartless racists of Japan, even cared so much as to say what they did.

    I hope those children have learned a lesson from what they’ve done.

  • The father not having the balls to tell those little shits to GTFO is hardly surprising, as most Japanese mans who pick MOBs do so because they don’t have the balls to court a Japanese woman.

    • More like the father had the mental fortitude to suck it up and allow the kids to try to apologize (sincerely or not.) Still, I would have done something like go up to the podium to give my final words and told the kids and their parents (which were probably there since they are in sixth grade) how fucked up they are and what they should do with a stick and their posteriors.

  • Seriously, if I was that child’s father, I would have killed those bastards. But then again, if I was that child’s father, I would have done something about the situation before it’s too late. I would have transferred her immediately at least, instead of asking of my daughter to keep it inside for another half year. Blaming the teachers is easy but those parents were clearly at fault as well. Well, Japan is fucked up anyway.

        • 16:44

          Idealism? You ‘thought the same way as I’? I see you’re taking a stance of ‘superiority’ from the start. But funnily enough, your thoughts are largely like mine when I was younger. Such irony…

          How can you determine whether someone is “too dangerous” and completely beyond help? Can anyone even be completely beyond help? As long as we have basic human functions, no one is beyond help, but people who lack them are a bit different. Especially changes around the frontal lobe and the like might be the key here. But if this doesn’t matter to you, your whole argument regarding ‘danger’ is moot.

          You also didn’t see the whole point. Let us contrast ‘dangerous’ people with ‘useful’ people. Are you useful for society? You use energy, perhaps make people angry, stressed, etc. without even noticing it. While you live life normally, many die out of hunger – that you could save. Perhaps you pollute the atmosphere, and are a danger for all people of the future. Is keeping you alive worth it? Is keeping anyone alive worth anything? Do you deserve to live while someone else deserves to die? Of course not.

          Arguing for the death penalty is silly. Do you want to die? No? But if your existence isn’t ‘useful’, should you be erased, just like the “dangerous” people in your delusions? Is that what people are worth? Should society only help those that mindlessly follows its rules, or should it not also protect those it has corrupted?

          Your mindset is that of a potential killer. You are a potential killer, as am I, probably. We are both dangerous, both of us can be made to kill. If you believe in what you’ve written, go hang yourself now. If you won’t, you’re just another hypocrite that believes your life has more value than another’s.

        • @15:13

          When I was younger and full of youthful idealism, I thought the same way as you. Then I grew up.

          Death penalties are, simply put, for people deemed too dangerous to be allowed back into society. Removing the death penalty does not change this fact, it just means life imprisonment – and since life in prison is hardly peaceful, that’s essentially a life of perpetual punishment. Is that really better? Have you improved society or the criminal in any way? Do you honestly believe that replacing a quick, theoretically painless death with a slow, painful one (in the form of rival gang members bearing crude handmade weapons) serves anything other than the pro-lifers’ sense of self-satisfaction?

          That aside the whole “murdering a murderer makes you dangerous” argument is epic bullshit. What makes murderers dangerous isn’t the act of killing itself, it’s how they handle it emotionally afterward – normal people at least feel regret, even if it’s justified or unavoidable, murderers are the ones who don’t.

          Now I would agree with you if you argued that the legal system isn’t perfect and the risk of executing an innocent, no matter how low, is unacceptable. Too bad you didn’t.

        • Killing the one who killed the criminal should, by your logic, also be killed – after all, he’s a potential killer. Then the ones who did that should also be killed. In the end, everyone whose mind can be bended into killing someone would be dead, except the very last one. Everyone else would be the completely sane and pure people… saints, if you will.

          Now if the last murderer committed suicide, what do you think has been gained, now that there are no potential killers alive? Let me tell you: you’d be dead, I’d be dead, everyone except the enlightened 0.0001% would be dead, and the ‘poison’ of society would have been removed. As new babies would be born, accidents and natural disasters would still make some grow into ‘criminals’, and the ‘poison’ (lol) would still come to haunt humanity again. The so-called poison isn’t poison at all, really, and killing someone will only help people if that person is capable of destroying humanity as a whole. Otherwise, never.

          Finally, I don’t know whether you think criminals “deserve” to be killed; if that’s the case, I suggest you look at things from a less judgmental point of view. No one can actually “deserve” anything, or from another perspective, no one can “not deserve” anything. If you think about it objectively/scientifically/philosophically it’s obvious, it’s just that our own lies that stem from our childhood will often give us the impression that silly concepts like ‘good’ and/or ‘bad’ exist. Get rid of those lies, and you’ll see the truth.

    • “They have the girl’s death on their conscience and blood on their hands.”

      It should be written in their school diploma.

      On top of that, I get the feeling they’re gonna nominate another “black sheep” to pass the time.

    • While I don’t doubt the kids are assholes, it isn’t entirely their fault. Kids have no common sense, or if you’d rather, they are unable to see anything in the long term, so to speak. They do not understand the consequences of their actions nor can they help that certain individuals who they bully are bound to be more emotionally unstable/vulnerable than others.

      The real blame lies with the parents who would raise children who would be such little shits and the teachers who would let this escalate anywhere near this point in the first place. THEY are the scum of the earth, not the kids. Bullying has always been, and always will be, part of childhood everywhere. Even animals do it. But it takes a wicked person indeed to ignore someone, especially a child, who is clearly suffering when you are in a position to help.

      • I have to agree with you. Of course, I’m not trying to defend those kids but undoubtfully, it may has something to do with their parents and their way of raising the kids. In my country, rascism is still inevitable. If it’s not because of experience or human nature, it came from our parents ourselves; telling us since childbirth the danger of befriending someone from this race, the fact that this and that race is a threat to us and all kind of shit. Now i’m feeling sorta glad that i’m naturally born lazy to find out my friends’ race.

        • you anon are very smart, you should sign up so you can educate these people. kids tend to do stupid things to look among others. alot of these groups form because of peer pressure. it is very much up to the teacher to seek these signs of bullying.

          however the kid was a foreigner. theres a very big change that the girl was ignored by the teachers. thats why the principle seem clueless as to wat was going on.

        • 12-year olds can be assholes. Bullying happens because of group-think among kids (think/act as a group even doing things you wouldn’t normally do as an individual). I agree with the parents here. The teachers need to know how to recognize the signs of bullying and prevent it before it becomes serious. The kids are guilty but nowhere near as guilty as those who are there to supervise and guide them.

      • true enough, i agree with you totally…
        the question here, if the parents of the kids also coming to the funeral or not…
        if they do come, they should be the one get slap

        not to mention the school teacher, or the school principal for neglecting his job, and even worse he try to avoid being guilty, he should get fired…

        but i do wonder, did the kids simply come to the funeral cause their fellow classmate die, or because they know, it is because of their bully?

        • What about a kid I ever met in school who keep ruining the effort of the classmate and pretend that he is doing fine. He remains cocky and over confident until someone decide to bully and boycott the kid out of the class. There’s always those who desire to be bullied !

        • Which is clearly due to your upbringing. Thank your parents for it. How is someone supposed to know what is right or wrong if no one tells them? And is it really a bad thing to avoid a person you don’t feel comfortable around? Just basic instincts. Even one friend could have made the difference. Or caring parents…