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12-Year-Old Hangs Self with Scarf She Knitted for Mother


A 12-year-old girl has hanged herself with a scarf she knitted as a gift for her mother after being bullied by her classmates for having a non-Japanese mother.

The 12-year-old girl, Akiko Uemura, was a 6th year elementary school pupil at a Gunma prefecture school.

She was discovered dead in her room by her 41-year-old mother, having hanged herself from a curtain rail using a scarf. She had knitted the scarf herself, as a gift for her mother.

The girl had transferred into the school two years previously after moving there from Aichi. In the 5th year, she began to be bullied, with classmates calling her “dirty” and telling her not to go near them.

She was also bullied for having a mere foreigner as a mother. Her mother’s nationality has not been revealed.

Her 50-year-old father says he reported the matter to the school repeatedly, but the school never did anything:

“Since she began her 6th year, we discussed ending her bullying problems with the school more than 10 times, but they never showed any indication of actually taking action.”


As might be expected, the school principal (pictured) denies everything, saying at a press conference that they “had no idea she was being bullied” and that “we’d like to establish the truth of what was happening.”

He also claims that “we wanted to fix the situation [with other students refusing to eat lunch with her], but we didn’t realise it was a bullying issue.”

The local board of education apologises profusely and intends to conduct an investigation.

Her father says she begged him to move away and have her attend a different school, or at least transfer her to another school in the same area, so severe was the bullying.

The family was planning to move to Osaka and have her attend a new middle school in the spring – her father tried to encourage her to put up with it until her graduation at the end of the 6th year. Tragically, it seems she could not endure that long.

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  • poor girl… good thing i endure too or i will be one of ur comrade of suiciding… Elementary school been bully almost everyday get punch get use as a sandbag for ppl…high school also same.. but more have happen.. extorting money,hit,threaten but after 10 year of bully i endure i finally become free from bullies… but i still have a thought that all bullies is mostly cause of the family like if parent is violent,badmouthing almost everyday can cause the child to have all and the child will start bully it own classmate and so on….. there almost no way to avoid bully… try alot like telling teacher,principal,parents in like 1 day to 1week they behave only.. after that they start do again.. i almost wanted hang my ownself but good thing i did not or else i won’t be living in this world anymore
    life is always unfair and always don go as u wanted but endure it…

  • all schools are the fucking same, if you get bullied, the school dont help and then blame you for eithe not reporting it or defending your self, and then reporting it makes it all worse, and you never tell someone to cope if it’s that bad, if it’s a bit of name calling, it’s ok, if it’s school wide segregation from everyone even the teachers, then yuo don’t make them wait, you offer help there and then

  • Go to a search engine, Google because it has a “News” feature, type in teen+suicide, click on News, now look at all the stories happening about teen suicide in your own country, see how generalizations are wrong?

  • …if you kill yourself then your life i endlessly worthless…its sad to see a child who hasnt mattered mentally do this…all the same, a suicide is a suicide…no sympathy from me to her, only to her family and her friends.

  • The only solution to bullying is this:

    Get the local authorities to make SOMETHING against this seemingly-innocent-just-kids-and-teenage-shit-behavior!

    If it don’t work, S&W concealed carry inside your jacket and stalk you kid in school. Someone bully your kid? come out, fire some warning shot, then aim for the legs. Use the .50 HP for greater effect. My friend nearly lost his daughter if he hadn’t done this steps above.

    Legal? Nope
    Morally right? Nope
    Keeping your child alive? Yes

  • Thanks for the regards but there are many ways to communicate displeasure or be literal. Isn’t this abit too unnecessarily vicious? ’12 Points’ is the best way for lost flowers to re-assimilate, as rising suns must best be no brighter than suns at noon. It is nature one goes against.

  • Poor girl. I was the only Asian in an all white school and it was pretty rough for me as well, I can only imagine how bad it must be to be the odd man out in an almost entirely homogeneous nation.

    • Not likely. Part of bullying is to dissuade the victim from reporting the abuse. There exists the possibility that if there had been a shrink or shrinks, the girl would have been too scared to ask for help. That was actually my case in elementary school. I was in a private school that was run by psychologists and was a victim of bullying like beatings, forced to eat dirt and as a foot stand.

      Part of the abuse I was subjected to was to make me feel unable to ask for help or receive an even worse dose of that abuse.

      As a former victim of that kind of abuse, I can attest that I felt unable to ask for help out of fear of further humiliation, which came anyway.

  • Japanese schools suck! Aren’t there any counselors in their schools? Mine has one and still has because it works. Most students can’t deal with all the pressures of life and counseling does help.

  • As might be expected, the school principal (pictured) denies everything, saying at a press conference that they “had no idea she was being bullied” and that “we’d like to establish the truth of what was happening.”

    He also claims that “we wanted to fix the situation [with other students refusing to eat lunch with her], but we didn’t realise it was a bullying issue.”

    what the? how am i not surprised? they just want to protect their “image” of the school. and not help the students themselves. it’s sad something like this happens, but it’s part of school. someone will always be an asshole to you no matter who they are.

    “She was also bullied for having a mere foreigner as a mother. Her mother’s nationality has not been revealed.”

    i wouldn’t be surprised if she was chinese or half.

  • I was bullied a bunch in middle and high school and it never stopped until I fought it out with the bullies. The sad truth is that stuff never ends till they see your willing to knock them in the head then they will find easier prey. And if there is a group of kids you just got to do what a friend of mine who grew up in the ghetto would do, play it cool when your surrounded then jump them from behind when their alone every time you see them until THEY are afraid to go out.

  • Hmm, once in the 6th grd i was hit by in the face by one of the girls due to a misunderstanding with a book bag. I got steamed and marched after her round the classroom in a fury. Only in the last sec did common sense come to mind that id be settin myself up for a world of pain from and extension cord if i hit a girl. So i return to ma seat. Not too long after a fire drill comes up and we start headin outside, now some asian fool starts sholder bumpin me while we walkin outside. Lets just say he didnt get the memo that he wasnt a “girl”.

  • That principal look stoned.. someone should stone him.

    “Ah.. hahaha! What was that? Bullying? No? We never heard her saying she was bullied! My school is the perfect place! Its not our fault!”

    Perfect picture of him to print and paste on dartboard. Then again, what a waste of paper. Someone give me darts and I’ll give you Bullseye.

    Back to topic, if children in Japan are gonna grow up like that, then its small wonder if 20 years down the road another bomb is dropped on them.

    Shitty examples for kids, shitty example for adults. Chicken or egg? Think I give a damn? They’re all shitty either generation.

  • So many parties are at fault here and each party is equally responsible for this ultimately preventable and pointless loss of life. When in doubt, send the poor kid to a therapist don’t wait it out like her parents did and don’t ignore the issue, like the school management did.

  • Again with all that BS. The obviously won’t be doing any shit for the girl, or solve the problem.

    For all the beautiful anime there is about schools in Japan, I will not bloody fucking raise my children there.

    Anon 14:42 – Amen!

  • Its all about the money. And the foreign white kids. My teachers never took interest in talking and teaching me personally because I was local. But they acted like real teachers in front of the foreigners.

    I’m sure many of you readers agree. No offense to foreigners.

  • Whether or not this was based on her being “dirty” due to being mixed, I can only say that Japan is like everywhere else. In every country there are good people and bad people. We can’t assume that all of Japan is consensually racist, but that’s what gets me the most. Not ALL of this girl’s classmates were racist, (although it is still possible that they were) but if at the very least ONE person had stood up for her, then maybe she wouldn’t have been alone. I understand that we can’t live life relying on others but we can’t always live life on our own.

  • I was bullied in school, too, for nearly 2 years. everyday was a nightmare, even former so-called friends prefered to stand by the mightier crowd instead of standing by me, but then i had the chance to change school and there everything went a lot better, found new, great friends and my life became more peaceful and happy.
    So sad, that this poor girl didn’t have the same chance. It’s a pity that Japan does not learn from these terrible incidents.

  • Take this with the combination of Value Dissonance (specifically, read the Fruits Basket entry at the Tropes page) and you just know Japan is heading straight toward a Columbine of its own. The question should be; How many of them will it take before Japan gets the picture?

  • Terrible.

    Kids shouldn’t be hanging themselves, they should be catching bugs and making sand castles. The extent to which bullying can follow kids now is ridiculous. Due to the penetration of technology like the internet and phones it seems like it’s almost inescapable sometimes. It’s no longer just something they have to deal with at recess/after school.

    I can’t imagine what it’s like to have your child kill themselves.

  • Glad that in my country we’re not as dumb/racist than Japanese people .
    If i have to go there then someone will try to harrass me , i’ll beat the crap out of him .
    Japanese people are just weak people with big mouth .

  • Well, i was a genius at school, and those idiots bullied me for that.
    Now those ex-classmates of mine are dirt poor, and looking at them is another form of amusement for me. :p

    Kids reflects true human nature. Humans are easily affraid of things different than them. Fear turns to hate. That’s how it has been and that’s how it will always be.

  • Well I might as well say something on this subject. For me, it’s a bit of both of xenophobia and racism. I know what some people will say about that, however we are talking about how these no good bullies’ actions caused a innocent girl to take her own life. I’m not surprised as this happens everywhere around the world. All I see is ignorance, stupidity, and arrogance, I’m pretty sure there are more words that I can describe about bullying, especially the kids that bullied Akiko.

    When it gets down to it, even though some of us have more common sense, are friendly, and respect people no matter who they are and where their homeland is, unfortunately there are others who still got their stupid mentality of whose superior and inferior or something like that, exactly the kind of attitude that can starts problems with other kids trying to live their childhood all the way in their lives.

    Schools all of them around the world need to pay close attention to what’s going on in the buildings. I mean someone needs to say something and do it to prevent all this. Yeah the victim can do what he or she can to stop it, but everyone that has the mean to help the victims cease and desist bullying needs to fill in and do their part stopping it whereever and whenever. A bit of overexagerration but I’m just saying that if a student or teacher sees or knows someone in trouble in school right now, they can’t just turn away.

    How many students or teachers even act on many instances of bullying. Pretty much some students are scared they’d get bullied too so they walk away. As much as they want to save their own necks, doing that doens’t make it better for the victim. Some teachers can be just as dense in the head too, maybe if you can get them to know what’s going on, maybe they can do something. I know everyone on this site doesn’t like the news and some would want to be a part of some group that can help stop bullying. I give full props to people who can make that happen and continue to fight.

    Sorry for overreacting, I’m a bit tired seeing stuff like this, and we’re losing to many good kids around the world to incompetent scum. Heck, this is is more than a matter of just racism/xenophobia. This is a human rights issue…well it could be.

    Look, not many people including some kids are strong as us. Take that into consideration.

    • Yeah, thats what happened with me. Turns out I’m pretty good at it.

      But we can’t say the same for all the kids that get bullied. Not everyone can snap and turn into an EVA01 at the same moment.

      In her case? Perhaps the best was to NOT go to school. THAT school. I won’t ask for justice seeing there won’t be any, but for a bear to go to that school and maul them bullies, especially the principal, and raep him at the same time.

  • Bullying is the reason i took 3 years of boxing and dual wield brass knuckles and have been arrested 15 times.

    parents should really teach their children that in todays society you cannot be weak minded infront of other people and expect to be felt sorry for and pitied, most kids and some adults are just fucking EVIL, you give them a chance to fuck with your life they WILL take it.

    sucks the little bitch took the easy way out.. 🙁

    • Moqadmodar, the only message i got from your reply was: you assume all otaku on this website are the stereotype. GTFO with that shit pozer.

      I am sorry for calling her a little bitch.. but people who use suicide as an excuse for lifes problems do not sit to well with me…

      P.S- 12 of those arrest were concealed weapon charges (slap on the wrist in my country), 1 was aggravated assault & battery rote off as “self defense” and 2 of them was just regular assault.

    • Moqadmodar, the only message i got from your reply was: you assume all otaku on this website are the stereotype. GTFO with that shit pozer.

      I am sorry for calling her a little bitch.. but people who use suicide as an excuse for lifes problems do not sit to well with me…

      P.S- 12 of those arrest were concealed weapon charges (slap on the wrist in my country), 1 was aggravated assault & battery rote off as “self defense” and 2 of them was just regular assault.

      • “people who use suicide as an excuse for lifes problems do not sit to well with me… ”

        Mentally adults are capable of understanding the consequences of their actions, so an adult committing suicide means they decided to disregard the feelings of all their friends and family over the satisfaction of their own broken emotions. A child (with the exception of child geniuses) doesn’t have the capacity to draw the same conclusions, and a sixth grader is a child. There’s a very good reason why every known society treats children with different standards than adults.

    • a guy reading sancon took 3 years of boxing and dual wield brass knuckles and have been arrested 15 times?

      yeah right. i wouldn’t be so surprised when i see a nerd guy turned out to be navy seal.

  • I’d like to think this is just some sort of Japanese problem, but unfortunately it isn’t.

    And I can say that as a parent and know that I know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen my son dealing with it.

    He’s an ordinary typical white Canadian school kid and in no way identifiable as being unique.

    And the schools offer the same fucking lame response.
    Too much of either the law doesn’t care, or the school is just plain uninterested in getting involved.

    Shootings in schools was non existent when I was a kid.
    Today it seems too common.
    Maybe we’ve taken too much power of punishment away from the schools for our own good.

    But this much I know, the Japanese inability to accept anyone non Japanese is about as fucking retarded as the French in Quebec thinking they’re special. They’re not. Their society is doomed if it doesn’t start accepting the world has changed since the feudal eras.

  • Her parents fell in love and had a beautiful child. But because one of them was not Japanese, the child had to suffer from xenophobic hatred. And no one did anything to stop it.

    Is hatred stronger than love? I sincerely hope not.

    • It’s much easier to hate something then try to understand and accept it. It’s basic human nature to shun and fear anything we doesn’t understand. Just sad we’re suppose to be “evolved” being yet we’re still acting like scared savages, afraid of our shadows and the dark.

  • hmmm ive been bullied cause i just moved to england (not knowing a lot of english) and at the same time my parents divorced, was probably the most depressing 2 years of my life. But i’ve got to say if it werent for those bullies, i would never have learnt how to blend in with the norms and values of a foreign country, if it werent for those bullies i would never think to improve my english so that i can fend for myself. doesnt mean i like them, but they are part of the force that allows me to grow up. now being a big geek i am, i manage to make friends with what people would call “cool” people, i guess, and they can accept me for watching anime, playing wow, foreign… so i guess bullying have both positive side and negative side… not gonna lie, if i am the age i was when i moved to UK, and theres a foreign kid that knows fuck all english and was behaving the way i was back then, i’d probably bully him now. not to say bullying is good, but it happens, but if the cause of the bullying to the girl was PURE racial, then well, i guess it wasnt fair.. if it wasnt PURE racial, the girl should have adapt.

    • you live, you experience many things… whether is good or bad…
      i know what you want to say….but it will be meaningless if the person you trying to tell is dead already…..or what you trying to do is lead them to death…

      or maybe, if the person is dead cause of bully, thats just show how weak he is?

      just talking, and just asking, no intention to pick a fight here….

  • As a Filipino, I can say that she really looks like a Filipino (if not, maybe Malaysian or Indonesian). If her mother really is a Filipino, chances are that the mother was a “Japayuki”, a slang term for club entertainers that came from the Philippines. I see a strong correlation between the word “dirty” and japayuki. In fact, the japayukis are being looked down upon in their home country, even. Now I wonder what is the Japanese’s perspective on us Filipinos. But I can guess they really consider Filipinos to be dirty because of the japayuki thing. Now I also wonder how Megumi Nakajima grew up, considering that her mother is Filipino.

    Well…whatever is a person’s race, he/she shouldn’t be treated badly like that. The thing is our girl here is human after all.

    • Obviously, they see us nothing more than monkey factory workers, cheap entertainers or perhaps even lower.. or at least for some Xenophobic japanese

      No, make it every other race/nationality in the world..

      The world can exist without us filipinos.

      Megumi Nakajima probably grew up with the right crowd that’s why she’s successful despite being fil-japanes.

      Our nationality sucks.. and seems we have no achievements. Just bad things like the Hostage crisis and pinoy passengers causing troubles in Gulf Air…

  • It is really sad, but I must say that if the kids in my country started commiting suicide because of bullying, we would now be extinct.

    I would also be dead by now.

    Yet somehow I live…

  • What a shame!

    We can’t just say it is part of live.

    Yes buulying exists everywhere. In Canada, we do everything to stop it. Any student found bullying will be expelled from school immediately.

    I think the school should feel shame on it’s management. Unless their social concience is lost totally.

    • When you’re surrounded by hundreds of hostile people, with maybe a dozen or more tormenting you at any given time, anything you say or do to defend yourself just makes them laugh even harder because they know there isn’t a single thing you can actually do about it. That is, unless you were a drawing, and then adults would be concerned about your well-being…

    • That’s easy to say, but people in Japan are raised to avoid conflict at all costs, to maintain “social harmony”. I mean, Japanese people will put up with almost anything- things that would get you a punch in the face in the west would get nothing more than passive avoidance in Japan.

      Not to mention ANY 12 year old won’t realise what their options as easily as someone older will. School is your life as a child, and her life was hell and nobody could change that. Hence she took the only way out her limited experience offered her.

  • And this is part of the reason I teach my kids not to take shit from no one. Three step program: 1.) Tell them to stop. 2.) If 1 fails, tell the teacher/principal. 3.) If that fails, start whuppin some ass. As much as I’m not fond of violence, sometimes an ass whuppin is needed. My 9 year old was getting bullied at her new school. She followed the steps, and eventually had to whup the ass of another girl. The bullying stopped, and people finally showed her some respect. Teacher tried to had her suspended, but she got clapped real quick as I had gone to her personally to talk about the bullying earlier and she did nothing about it. This is a sad story, and I wish people would do more to prevent such things.

  • “What? Bullying? No! tchtch what? We don’t know nothing about that heh heh heheheh.”

    Y’know, I hate to be even more of a downer but the school (and every school for that matter) has every child’s parents on record. It wouldn’t surprise me none if the bullies and the school shared the same mentality. “Oh, she’s only a half-blood. Fuck her.”

    Idiots! All of them! And that investigation? Yeah, not happening! OK maybe they’ll go around asking some question but damned if they actually try. I bet if she had gotten physical with her bullies they’d have kicked her out that same day.

    I hope those weapons grade morons get hammered for this. Not just them either, but all the assholes that claim ignorance to bullying.

    You’d think that they’d realize that when the shit hits the fan it’s their asses on the line and they’d want to avoid being an accessory to suicide.

  • any bet the mother is chinese

    foreigner and with all the crap going on between the countries simple bullying became savage

    i was bullied in school for being different

    i was smarter than a lot of other but didnt have the same social skills but the bullying had no hate in it and i went to school in a rough area bullies dont hate the victims just like the feeling of putting others down

    for it to get extreme enough for suicide their had to be some hatred behind it

    • Altair…. It’s not just like that…God, are all Filipinos really aggressive or just Happy-Go-Lucky?

      Anyway…I’ve been bullied so much before, I had someone to stop me from committing suicide, someone on the otherside of this screen, a simple computer with internet access could change her life, but it would either drive her to committing suicide or simply not if she found something else to do, 2Ch would have been a good place tbh.

      Also, Japan and it’s Xenophobic nature disgusts me beyond belief, people love them but they hate them back, it’s just not right.

    • Seem crazy but that is true. You really need to stand up for your self if you want people to stop picking on you. At least that’s how it is in America. But maybe the school bullies in Japan are indeed much nastier than American ones like how they’re depicted in Anime.

  • Bullying is bound to happen in any school for any reason, so moving may not have done anything.

    Especially w/ japan’s well known neo-nazish views on racial supremacy (probably a hold-over ideal from WW2)and their usually weak-minded/gutless response of totally ignoring issues at any cost to avoid dealing w/ them.

    It’s sad the girl couldn’t handle it or stand up for herself it had to be the reason that drove this girl over it edge.

    But this is basically reason #1 why even though I still like things about japan (history,anime,food,women,etc) I would not want to live there.

    • Knowing how society works, no, nothing will change. And then some violence happened, we have moral rights group raising feathers all over the place, give it another decade or two and then the whole thing goes back to the way it used to.

  • How truly sad, this story and other cases of kids committing suicide recently have really touched me and remind me of myself. Every time I see a story of a kid taking their own life I wish from the bottom of my heart I could have been there and told them not to do it, things do get better, even if you have to endure some more pain. If someone is bullying you and the school won’t do anything, and you feel like you can’t endure anymore, try and get out immediately. Even if your parents have to withdraw you from school. That is what saved my life. This story is even sadder because she was going to move soon. I just wish these kids would understand that this won’t help. At a time I thought taking my life would haunt the monsters who tormented me daily for the rest of their lives, but I later realized that they wouldn’t care, in fact they might derive a sick pleasure from my death. I was lucky I hated pain so much. I was thinking of hanging myself, but I knew that if my neck didn’t break I would suffer until I couldn’t breathe anymore. The closest I’ve ever gotten was taking pills, but I was lucky that in the corner of my mind I didn’t want to die and I only took enough to make me a little sick. After I got out of school I realized how irrationally I was thinking. I had always known that suicide wasn’t a good idea, I had even talked a friend out of it in the past. The torment I had gotten from the bullying had caused me to think completely irrationally. I had been bullied all my life, but it got the worst from middle school to high school. Bullies are sick people. They never stop. They won’t stop if speak to them calmly, if you yell at them, if you report it to the school, even if you try to fight them. They need to learn the devastating pain they cause. We need justice for the people how cannot speak anymore.

    • I think if you’ve ever been in that situation, you’d wanna be there for her. To tell her that things would be better if she could just hold on. I guess she just couldn’t wait any longer for someone to save her.
      I would be honored to be her big sister.

  • I’m in utter shock….
    Around the world: black, white, male, female – I don’t give a fuck, do these bullies need a good punch in a mouth, or go to the same cycle of bullyng to them and commit suicide for them to understand the pain of what bullying does?

    When will it end?

    • How about more anti-racism campaign implemented in the educational system? The World is internationalizing, so is Japan, racism is becoming a problem when more there are more non-Japanese residents in Japan. Racism has led to wars in the past. That’s why you need to educate the kids that racism is no good.

  • This is a sad story and I can say a lot about how Japanese nationalism and idealism is to blame, but really this isn’t any different than what we see all around the world. Whether it is Americans hating Muslims or Japanese hating Chinese it is all the same. I read one guy who bitched how the Japanese refuse to teach about or even admit to the atrocities they committed to the Chinese in the 30s and 40s, but is that any different than how slavery gets bullet pointed or undersold in our American text books? We can also look to how the British views their imperialism when they set up colonies across the world. My point, this isn’t a Japanese issue, it is a human issue. The world is fucked and we are all screwed because we are living in it.

  • there is no one country in this world with no bullies or racisme.
    This won’t chance anything.
    i am one of them been bulled in the past what can you do about this .. telling a teacher that 2/3 of the class got problem with you ??

    in reality they don’t care much because im a foreigner in that country.
    give them a hard punishment won’t happen

  • there is no one country in this world with no bullies or racisme.
    This won’t chance anything.
    i am one of them been bulled in the past what can you do telling a teacher that 2/3 of the class got problem with you ??

    in reality they don’t care much because im a foreiger in that coutry

    • True! Even tough I am not aliens I am bully too.
      Ill Bill – Anatomy of a School Shooting
      Please don’t suicidal and be homicidal instead
      But after they know I am into guns and bxxbs, they stop fucking with me. LOL Thank god, I live in Canada where guns and bxxbs are like meat in a store! Might god be with u. Now that I am grown up and come to think of it bullying is a childish game!

  • You dumbass trolls need to grow up.

    I live in Canada, a country stereotyped as one of the more goody goody and more sensitive western nations.

    Please read/watch an autobiography about the life of David Suzuki. Growing up in Canada, he went through much of what I felt, absolutely hating himself, wishing to be anything but his nationality. The thought of high school love was a dream as well, as no girl would want him with his ugly foreign face.

    I was bullied to near suicide back at her age, and I wasn’t even the worst of it. This slightly retarded kid was in my classes for years, and he got picked on day after day after day, more than x2 as worse as I got. I can’t even begin to imagine what a life they lead now, when even I have such hate from my life back then.

    Whether it’s here or all the way across the globe, I can’t believe what apathetic bullshit schools are. Shit happens everywhere you go, why else is the world such a mess.

    • errr, the story about suzuki, is like after the World war 2….
      here we are in 2010, is like 50 years after the war

      i know things still going on, but the problem here
      is the culprit or the victim is a frickin child

      i just think that they are too young to be in racist stuff….
      they dont even know the reason they do racist, in here, is simply say disgusting, simply say different…and that lead to other children to suicide….
      and the parents who should be with them is not doing much….

  • OMG, how many more ppl or children have to hang themselves to end this madness!!!

    even the teacher not helping at all, and not to mention, the parents as well, i mean the bully parents. they also being a jerk for not taking good care their child!!!
    I bet, even after this incident, the bully children will not realize for what have they done…
    worst case, ppl should just yell at the children ” You who bully other child is the same as KILLER!!!”

    although there’s one thing weird….the child hang herself using the scarf she knit for her mother….so is that mean she hate her own mother for not being Japanese? cause is like she saying “Mom, you’ve killed me.” , the mother could receive shock that big enough to kill herself too….

    sorry for bad grammar…

  • A friend of mine was a teacher in a Japanese school. The official policy to bullying? “Pretend you don’t see it”. It’s too much effort to deal with it, so let them get away with it. To the point teachers would walk past kids getting bashed in the corridors…

  • everybody on this site is fucking stupid, including the anon posters flocking from ED too. everybody is racist, stop putting on this self-morality act.

    americans are still and always will be racist. if you live here, you know damn well what i’m talking about.

    europeans hate each other, and on a minor note, they aren’t fond of arabs or blacks still. not surprising coming from a continent filled with albanized apes.

    asian countries will always hate each other. even though it’s not blatant, a lot of asians are subtly racist towards other races too. but it’s mainly the men who perpetrate the racism.

    middle eastern countries have their own ethnicity problems, but most of them are too tied up in religious issues. i know for a fact most of them hate white people, but for other races, i dunno. Oh, not to mention white jews are still afraid of black israelites.

    it’s noble that some people try to eliminate racism, but seriously, those people are fucking inane. racism will always be a problem in the world because it’s human nature for people to judge others based on their appearance. i guess sometime in the far off future racism will be eliminated due to the maturity and advancement of the human race.

  • >> 12 year old
    >> knitted a scarf
    ;_; She would have made a good Yamato Nadeshiko-class wife. Nowadays grown women can hardly hold a kitchen knife or sewing kit right. The principal also looks like a pansy.

  • Stinking Gang Members, they have taken over elementary school here in the USA too. Schools have not only lost all control they only want their free gov. money every 6 months and don’t actually teach, just baby sit. Go to Hell the girls Piece of Crap School and School Officals. Hope you alls kids run into the same thing she did.

    • @Ben

      maybe that’s for the better.

      Despite what the UN or America in particular may have you believe, no country is the promised land. There is no country where the streets are paved with gold. Japan has plenty of problems, but so does America, England, China, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Vietnam, Brazil, and many many others.

      However, I live in New York, and I would like to visit all those countries I listed and more. I would even like to live in Japan. But to think that moving to another country just to escape your own country’s problems is naive. You just trade one set of problems for another.

      People tend to idolize situations and locations which are not their own. It’s the whole “grass is greener on the other side” shpeel. People are dissatisfied with their current conditions, and hold the country of desire in high regard, as a shining example of how things should be. However, when they finally make it to their own version of the promised land, they find that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

      I personally am a person with a great interest in Japan. It started simply with Anime and Manga, but it progressed from there into a great appreciation of Japanese culture in general. However, I believe it is my job and obligation as a Japanophile to learn everything about it, the good and the bad. When you can take the good with the bad, that I believe is a true appreciation, and where the reality lies. When all you reconize is the good, all that is is Idolization, and when it’s only the bad that is mere Demonization. Both are the farthest things from the truth possible.

      An event like this is truely a god damn shame. It’s an unfortunate reminder that Xenophobia is a very real problem that still permiates Japan today. Truely, a god damn shame.

      Though at the end of the day, all countries and places have their problems. What it really comes down to, is which set of problems are you willing to deal with, which set of perks are you able to take advantage of, and which country’s perks do you feel outweighs the problems.

      That’s really all we can do at the end of the day.

    • Join the club =/ I’ve been here for about a year, and despite certain things making me look forward to my future plans of living in Japan, other things piss me off to no end.

      When I’m living there, as a white male, if I marry a Japanese woman and I find out that my kid is being bullied because I’m a “dirty foreigner”, I’ll knock a little fucker out. Sure, maybe it won’t solve the problem, but the bully will remember an angry dad coming after him a lot longer than some shitstoned dean or teacher with his thumb in his ass.

  • “we wanted to fix the situation [with other students refusing to eat lunch with her], but we didn’t realize it was a bullying issue.”

    How could you think that was anything but a “bullying issue”?

    Some people only give a fuck when nothing can be done anymore.

  • Kids can do some horrible and cruel things, often because they do not think far ahead enough to see the consequence of their acts. Some do things because they think they will be forgiven for being underage.

    Truly saddening.

    • Yeah you do, you just don’t read about them, not every single death gets reported on the news, heck would anyone have even cared if this article was not here? No, you’re like the principle, you only care after-the-fact.

  • I’d just thought I’d add that these kids are going to suffer once they’re older, just knowing that they pushed an innocent girl to suicide.

    Wonder how they will live with themselves, probably just deny it was their fault but they will likely always feel they had something to do with it

    • It’s sad but I doubt a lot of these bullies will regret their past actions once they grow up. They most probably will stay bullies or assholes all the way, especially if they look like the kind of people who might fit in the popular social circles.

      Only way I see for them to get some conscience is if life gives them a big slice of humble pie.

    • Listen, I know it sucks. But I think those people who don’t have any guilt right now… only have a low chance of ever developing it. Don’t count on it.

      People always deny it was their fault and they really fool themselves into believing that. Its like if you ask a cheating wife why she divorced her husband, she’ll always tell you it’s because he was an asshole. Very few people internalize their shit.

      • ^^^ This.

        Guilt is one of last feelings most people will ever have, because they’ll rather live in denial most of their life. Most will never own up to the fact that maybe, JUST MAYBE, they actually did something wrong for once.

        Better yet, after everything has been said and done, and a few years pass, these same people will try to look you up on Facebook and wtf/e trying to “catch up on old times”…

        Bullies need to be shown that there can and SHOULD be consequences for their actions.

  • I’ve been a fat girl ever since I was 5. Every single day I went to school, I was laughed at, hit, bullied, and made fun of endlessly. The school didn’t give a shit despite my mom calling them every week, the parents didn’t care. The bullying was so bad that I’d come home crying every day, and I had no friends even though I kept to myself and was nice to everyone I spoke to.

    I started acting out, not listening to teachers and began to fight back against the boys who taunted me, and the school saw ME as the problem instead. I was taken out of school and home schooled, and I owe my life to that decision, as I began cutting my wrists and arms as soon as I entered middle school and even more people began to beat me up. My parents never noticed, though, since I wore long sleeved shirts.

    TL;DR: Bullying should be taken much more seriously, and even lead to suspension and expulsion despite the age. It’s the reason why kids shoot up schools and kill themselves.

  • As expected of the racist Japanese.

    This’d be a hate crime in any other country but since all Japanese universally hate foreigners… well it’s just an unfortunate accident.

    Where’s weaboo master Schrobby when you need him? Probably sad the little girl wasn’t Chinese.

    • It doesn’t happen like that. When you’re beaten up every day or taunted every second that you’re away from the teacher’s eye, and have no friends, you can’t grow stronger from that.

      • I disagree with this. I went through hell everyday at school and at home. Yet here I am. You can overcome and endure you just have to toughen up. Not saying it’s a good thing and no one should be bullied liek that, ever, but you can get an inner strength and a fuck ’em all outlook and live on.

      • of course you can. by being beaten up everyday you gain the stamina to endure pain and be physically stronger. by learning to ignore the taunts you gain self-confidence in that the world is wrong and only you can only believe in yourself. and without friends it just makes you that much tougher in the future when being able to survive on your own is important.

        • ummm.. no. I was bullied from gr3 to gr7 when I moved to a new elementary school. It was not pretty at all. Try having everyone in your grade hate you solely for the fact that they’re being pressured into it by the louder jack-ass bullies. Even though I’m not bullied as much anymore, it never really goes away. I’m still trying to cope with my life and improve my social skills now in gr11. I seriously considered suicide so I know how that girl feels.

  • So first they say they didn’t know there was bullying but after they claimed to have tried to “fix” the lunch situation, which they wouldn’t have done if they really didn’t know about the bullying beforehand.

    Make up your mind, irresponsible chickens.

      • “Is it *really* the chinese that are hated?”
        “the fact that the people seem blind to the propaganda?”

        Comes across a lot like:

        “I’m not hating the Chinese because I’m racist, I’m hating them because they’re ignorant fucks!”

        There’s a reason why a lot of Chinese support the government despite all the bullshit and it’s the same reason why so many Americans support their own government despite all the complaining they do about it: it’s THEIR government, staffed by THEIR people who – for better or worse – serve their OWN interest and not FOREIGN interests.

        Don’t forget that China was an empire for a lot longer than most nations were even nations, they collapsed due to incompetence and arrogance, got shared between the western nations like a cheap whore, and went through a brutal civil war and invasion before finally getting some semblance of unity again. But what happens after that? The same western nations that treated China like a colony refuse to recognize an “evil communist” government and embargo the shit out of them for decades to come.

        The Chinese government doesn’t need propaganda (not that they don’t use it anyway) to instill a mistrust of foreigners in its people, and taking the attitude that the people who support the government because they’re ignorant or brainwashed only further strengthens the perception that foreigners are arrogant, holier-than-thou meddlers trying to reassert dominance over China.

        • My point in comparing the current Chinese government with early Western government is that it’s hypocritical to compare a relatively new government (fifty years is not new for nations) with established governments and holding them up to the same standards. None of the governments of the “free world” today would exist if they were dismantled every fifty years because some impatient idiots thought liberty wasn’t coming fast enough; so why should China follow the USSR’s footsteps and dive into the collapse of society and poverty just to please foreign governments who honestly don’t give a shit about the Chinese people?

          China is changing, in fact the amount it has changed in the 16 years I was gone is positively shocking. 16 years ago government officials, even low-ranking ones, were untouchable; today judges who try to scam free meals out of restaurants or cops who kick people in the face get caught on video, shared on the ‘net, and immediately dismissed from their posts (these are two actual examples). In another 16 years the hip-hp culture kids of today will be occupying low-level government positions and the students who were crying for reforms in Tiananmen Square will be occupying high-level government positions (back in 1989 college students were the children of elites – the government officials, high-ranking military officers, and the such). Yet here you are, advocating actions that will lead to the deaths of millions just because you have some crazy notion China is some stereotypical bad guy hellbent on starting a pointless war.

          As for your “I see no need to list specific events. There are more than enough, you can read about them everywhere” comment: you’ll have to forgive me if I scoff at that claim. In the past two years there have been two internationally covered riots in China (Tibet and Xingjiang) and in both cases photographic “evidence” of Chinese deception and brutality were circulated… and were immediately proven to be photos taken from different times and places, taken out of context for the sake of drumming up support. So unless you have an actual, credible source of the supposed massacres I’m just going to trust one fact: the people doing the bitching are obviously healthy enough to bitch, that’s as sure a sign as any that they’re not starving in a ditch somewhere due to oppression.

          And finally about China’s development of their military: Second Sino-Japanese War (1937), Sino-Indian War (1962), Sino-Soviet border conflict (1969). China has two large nations and one small (but allied with the biggest army in the world) nation surrounding it that have invaded in the past, you can’t say they aren’t completely unjustified in building up their armed forces.

        • I see no need to list specific events. There are more than enough, you can read about them everywhere.

          What are you intending with comparing the chinese government to how others once were? Compare them to how they are now. China jails dissidents [b]NOW[/b]. China kills natives in Tibet [b]NOW[/b]. China is arming for a war [b]NOW[/b].

          BTW, your last paragraph just shows the chinese are not up to the task of removing their government on their own. All the more reason for foreigners to do something about it.

        • Something just occurred to me and I should clarify two things:

          1) The Tiananmen Square incident was not a massacre. It started as a peaceful protest, the attempts in the first two weeks of martial law (issued on May 19th) were peaceful (even forced to retreat from Beijing after being blockaded by civilians for three days), and it wasn’t until June 3rd when violence broke out. The second time the soldiers tried to enter they had live ammunition, and the second time the civilians blockaded the soldiers they had molotov cocktails. There was an intent to use violence on both sides and a lot of people who didn’t want to use violence got caught up in it. A tragedy? Yes. A massacre? Very much not.

          2) The last time a chink thought a Western political system was superior enough to incite a revolution, it spawned the CCP and brought that “wonderful” thing called the Cultural Revolution. It’s been 51 years since this government got started, look at the first 51 years of any nation’s history and you’ll dig up a whole lot of shit as well. If a nation had a revolution because it wasn’t perfect at the end of every generation, there wouldn’t be much of a nation left at all.

          Hell, it took the Japanese 50 years to try something other than the LDP.

        • Schrobby, listen to yourself for a moment: you don’t like the Chinese government, so suddenly you THINK anyone who supports it is automagically uneducated or pressured, and you label the government “mass murderers” without EVER citing specific events. Can you honestly say you don’t sound like a brainwashed sheep who listens to propaganda all day?

          Does that mean you support the destruction of the US government? Don’t forget their early history is full of dead Native Americans.

          Do you support the destruction of the British government? They murdered plenty of Indians and Africans during their colonial periods.

          Do you support the destruction of the French government? Their roots are from a bloody revolution that murdered a lot of innocent French people.

          And honestly, how can you “burst my bubble” when all you do is THINK something’s happening and throw unsubstantiated accusations around like facts? I’ve lived in America for 16 years and I live in China now, unlike you I actually KNOW people here bitch about the central government (which really isn’t any different than listening to a democrat bitch when a republican is president and vice versa), but I also KNOW a fair number of them hate the idea of foreign governments constantly sticking their noses into internal matters. So far you’ve proven yourself to be nothing more than some privileged, opinionated child ranting from the comfort of his home several countries away.

        • Sorry to burst your bubble, but any Chinese who freely [b]supports[/b] that mass murdering bastard government is a retard.

          The low educated brainwashed believers of propaganda aside I think the vast majority in China only tolerates the government out of pure pressure. Or in other words, they don’t want to be jailed or shot for speaking up.

    • In before a bunch of people say the bullies deserve to die or something equally hypocritical. This event is tragic to be sure, but the American obsession with punishment as “justice” solves nothing.

      Taking a life as a reaction to loss of another life isn’t magically going to unkill her. If the bullies don’t already feel intensely guilty/remorseful about this, then they should be educated on what their actions can lead to so they can understand how ridiculously dickish they really were.

      The girl undoubtedly had family and friends who cared for her, and her death has hurt all of these people. Only sociopaths would be unaffected by the grief they’ve caused, unlike asshole kids who are just ignorant.

      As for the v-tech remark, remember that we’re not so different from the criminals, thieves, and murderers of the world, as much as we would like to pretend otherwise. They’re human just like us, and Joker said it best: All it takes is a little push!

      That being said, I must admit it would feel good to get a free swing at each of the bullies’ jaws before they get instilled with soul crushing guilt to the point where they share the family’s grief. No one messes with the lolis.

      • I still think that the bullies should be bullied and driven to suicide. Calling them “murderer” instead of the actual names would be a good start. Also, not letting them eat enough would be another one – “Maybe if you are a bit hungry you will murder less little girls”. and so on. Make them feel what she felt, up to (and maybe including) the rope.

      • >Joker said it best: All it takes is a little push!

        Is that a reference to The Killing Joke? But he turned out to be wrong; he couldn’t turn Gordon into something like himself by abusing him.

      • By the way, the school’s inaction likely played no small role in the suicide. I can say I’ve been in a similar situation in my younger years. Why the principal and teachers ignored the bullying is beyond me, maybe they’re bullies themselves, or at least spineless.

        While I didn’t exactly commit suicide, the experience has certainly made me a little.. unbalanced. :/

        • “After it went on for a while I confronted the leader. He was bigger and stronger than me and I lost the fight – but I still gave him a bloody nose. I was never again bullied.”

          lol, that’s like a story straight out of every coming-of-age genre TV show ever. come up with something more original next time you go all internet tough guy.

        • I have been bullied myself in elementary school by a group of thugs. After it went on for a while I confronted the leader. He was bigger and stronger than me and I lost the fight – but I still gave him a bloody nose. I was never again bullied.

          Parents need to teach their children not to assume the role of a victim. Victims are prey.
          Teach the kids to fight back. Even if they loose the fight they stop being prey and that’s all that matters.

    • i think that its a misguided hate. the hate should be of China as an economic, social, and political body, ie the country of china, rather than the race of people, or their culture. it just so happens that china is comprised of chinese people, so people i assume people blind anger is also twords the chinese people. also china has a hefty propoganda machine working for it. they can really spin a story and convince its people of a lot of things. of course these views are my own, and i still happen to have a sliver of faith left in humanity.

        • look anon, i know its hard to believe, but even on the internet there are level headed individuals that can think before they say something, and act with rational thoughts and integrity, tho our numbers have dwindled over the years. ill admit that there are a lot of people here that flaming away “NUKE CHINA LOLZ” and other shit like that, but you and i both know that there are still intelligent and rational people in the world.

          when i say i “have a sliver of faith left in humanity” i’m refering to my disillusioned view of the world. i know how it works (for the most part, tho i have a lot of learning ahead of me) and i know that it’s a fucked-up-in-the-ass place, and that most people wont think twice about cutting your throat to protect there “assets”, or step on the faces of those beneath them to climb further up the social, political, economic ladder (i’m looking at you, corporate america). But thats only most people, not all. my hope lies in those people who think twice before they say and do things. the fact that there are people like that, who think the same way i do, and share my view, gives me “faith in humanity”

          i am also trying to say that a lot of people have misguided anger built up. for japanese, and i guess,weaboos (or japanophiles, idk what is the politically correct term XD) china is a very touchy subject at the moment. i can say this with absolute certainty, as a japanese-american. many members of my family dont even want to talk about the whole issue with the senkaku islands, japanese appeasement, and many other issues. i dont find it strange that many people are raging on sankaku every time another article is put up about the subject, but, as i stated in my above post, i think this hate is really for the chinese as a nation, not as a race because as a race, the chinses have done nothing to warrant being hated (in my opinion).

    • Nah, racism is alright when the Japanese does it.

      Rape of Chinese people? Well, they’re Chinese! Of they deserve it.

      Ostracizing foreigners? Filthy foreigners should get out of Japan.

      Nuke China? Why not?

      • I can’t talk for anyone here but I don’t hate the Chinese. I sure hate their megalomaniac government, though. I’m all for bringing those massmurderers down hard and fast, even if it takes using tactical nukes – to prevent them starting WW III.

        Nobody with half a brain could call that racism. A chinese race doesn’t exist, anyway.

    • It’s not so much the bullies as is the xenphobic culture of Japan.

      I’m sure the parents of these children (all of them) teach them to not go near those gaijins.

      Sure there are other reasons for bullying but if politicians and parents didn’t encourage the ‘filthy gaijin’ mindset, there would’ve been one less reason for bullying.

      • I’m fairly positive if it isn’t the xenophobia, the bullies would have found another excuse to pick on her either way. The race thing is just the first and most noticeable justification.

        • In America there is a Western Superiority complex about other countries, our education system is entirely based from the American perspective and teaches all about America once you hit that part in history, from there it’s all about how, despite our shortcomings, we’re still better then everybody else.

        • Can you not read?

          “Sure there are other reasons for bullying but if politicians and parents didn’t encourage the ‘filthy gaijin’ mindset, there would’ve been one less reason for bullying.”

          She was picked on because she was foreign. She might not have been bullied for other reasons.

    • Most likely Chinese. The little girl doesn’t look half white or half black.

      Considering how much the Japanese hate Chinese, I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents encouraged the bullying simply because the girl’s mother was Chinese.

        • Yeah, it’s hard to see discrimination when you’re not a minority, it’s one of those things that you only really notice when it’s being slapped across your face. I’m of Chinese descent, don’t have an accent when I speak English (hell, my Mandarin actually has an English accent now), people in the town I lived in were perfectly nice until that spy plane deal happened in China, then suddenly I was the enemy for an entire fucking month.

          So, yeah, I get a little pissed when some know-nothing white boy talks about how little racism is in America, despite never having to worry about the fallout of some foreign country’s fuckup. Unless it affects oil prices, that is.

        • Well lets see comedian Henry Cho he is Korean lived in Knoxville, Tennessee you tell me any other person survive the area?

          Truth is in some areas in America there is racism you be lucky sometimes you won’t encounter them unless they are that stupid.

        • Liberals always resort to name calling when they have been beat. Anon @16:34 provided real life experiences and they hate it. All they can provide is the exact ignorance anon painted a picture of in his post. Way to prove his points.

        • Hey, ConservativeTexasFag, I dare you to get a tan and put on a turban the next time a terrorist incident happens, then you’ll get to see just how fragile your “racial harmony” bullshit really is.

          Always irritating to see some dumbass white boy think everything’s great because he hangs out with a few colored people every now and then. It’s like listening to some retard go “durr hurr, nobody drowns in my country because I never saw anyone drown when I ran out into the desert!”.

        • Aren’t you fucking great? Your neighborhood is not indicative of America, you dumb Texas fuck. This isn’t xenophobia, it’s racism and there is plenty of god damn racism in America. Why don’t you go to a backwoods part of Texas, Alabama, Missouri, or Tennessee and see how it is there? There is no political agenda in a real fucking problem. Take your liberal bashing retardation and share it with your equality rainbow of a community. Stop dancing around the issue. People like you give us Americans a bad name.

        • America is the most diverse place on the planet. Open your eyes and quit buying into liberal fairy tales. I live in Texas, a place much maligned by ignorant yankees as being nothing more than a cesspool of bigotry and racism. The reality of the situation? Well, at my college people of all races get along and hang out. Oh, but that’s just young people, not the old people who have ignorance and hate ingrained upon their very being. Look ag