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Ishihara: “Chinese Fishermen Harpooned Coast Guard”


Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara reports that the crew of the fishing vessel accused of ramming a Japanese coast guard vessel in the Senkaku islands harpooned a member of the coast guard who was knocked overboard.

The revelation comes by way of Shintaro Ishihara, the prefectural governor of Tokyo, in remarks made in an interview on Fuji TV (from 2:15):

The remarks in translation, referring to video recordings made by the Japanese coast guard of the incident, and kept from public eyes first with the excuse that they were “evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation” and then after Japan folded with the excuse that “they would damage Sino-Japanese relations if made public”:

The information, well, it’s going to leak out from somewhere. […] I heard from someone with the government (casually) that the coast guard’s man was somehow knocked off the ship and fell in the sea, where the Chinese crew harpooned him.

It’s hearsay, but I’ve heard the same thing from several people. If that’s true, we have to know, and I think we should make the video public, to allow the Japanese public to form the right opinion.


Well, we don’t know if it is true or not. Having these rumours circulating is not good for either country, so it’d be best just to make it public. The video’s there after all.

Whilst Ishihara is a relatively credible mainstream politician, he is known for a variety of outspoken and controversial nationalist statements.

Some have also suggested that his decision to publicise the rumour is a clever bluff – if enough rumours of outrageous Chinese behaviour and a desperate cover-up by the Japanese government start to circulate, the government’s only way (assuming the rumours are without basis) to quash them will be to release the video. Not releasing it will only seem to confirm that its content is as bad as the rumours suggest.

If the accusations are true, they would of course further enrage the Japanese public, spell the end of the current government and completely discredit China.

In response to the story, this anonymous post was made on 2ch, seemingly with insider knowledge:

They’re in talks with Wikileaks. It seems the images will come out from the western media.

The coast guard ship came alongside, and was boarded. Suddenly it broke away. The coast guard left on-board was thrown overboard.

The ship changed course as if to run over the coast guard in the water. He was frantically trying to escape by swimming off, and the fishermen went as if to strike him with a harpoon. The coast guard ship stopped in an effort to pick up the sailor.

The fishing boat came up behind as if to run him down again, but their man was just able to scramble onto the rear of ship, and then the fishing boat rammed into their rear.

Obviously the veracity of this report is as yet unknown – 2ch boasts such a vast user base (including a number of politicians who have at times admitted to frequenting the site), that it is not impossible for the post to be genuine, although it could just as well be an attempt to spread further rumour.

So far, all that is known for certain is that the government is refusing to release the video – presumably either because it would destroy Sino-Japanese relations as they have said, or because it would bring down the government when the extent of the government’s appeasement of China became known.

Neither case seems an ample justification for hiding the facts from the people – a leak may only be a matter of time.

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  • You know what? I say the Japanese government deserves anything and everything the Chinese has thrown at them since the Rape of Nanking, Unit 731, Comfort Women, and their other war crimes.

    You want the Chinese to let it go? Then maybe Japanese textbook writers should stop trying to conveniently forget and downplay the atrocities.

    Better yet, hand us an offering of someone from the Imperial bloodline (Hirohito retained his rule without repercussions from his hand in the war and authorizing the use of toxic chemicals and the scorched earth strategy) or at least get the Emperor to kowtow/dogeza, which no Japanese official has done in light of that event.

    That’s right, the little weaboos here don’t know how deep this thing runs and how the culture REALLY works. Apologies aren’t official till the representative head smacks the ground. And since Japan still has an Emperor (from that bloodline no less), he’s gotta be one of the ones to pay the price and let himself be taken down a notch.

    Let’s have the Prime Minister as well, one of which, in 2007, denied that Japan’s military ever forced women into sexual slavery. Tell me, are their heads worth more than all the Chinese that were killed?

    “Oh dear, let’s not desecrate the almighty bloodline of Amaterasu by lowering them to apologize for Japanese war crimes!” Fuck that shit.

    Japan consistently finds ways to weasel out of bearing full responsibility for their actions, so why should China curb their indignation? This is the Asian equivalent of the Holocaust, people, and they are hardly dealing with it as respectfully as Germany did.

    Stop treating it like it’s some bygone event that’s already been neatly taken care of. Do some research! We’re not even getting close to getting an eye back for this!

    • Fuck you. The crimes of people in the past does NOT make guilty the people of the present. Okay, the history coverup stuff, sure, go ahead and castrate them if you must, but NO ONE, NO ONE, of today needs to take responsibility for SHIT that happened long ago, unless they were directly involved.

  • On a side note, Hokkaido was not part of “japan” until the 1900s and committed something of a “pleasant” genocide, interesting fact 70 percent of People who live in Okinawa say they are “Okinawans” not Japnese. It is such a petty world we live in.

  • To those of you saying how China doesn’t have the necessary navy to invade Japan…

    A fucking fishing boat managed to overpower a Japanese military vessel and kill a coast guard. If the words of this flaming bigot are true, then Japan really would be fucked if war broke out.

    • actually, they are.

      China and the LDP had a secret and low-key deal of mutual understanding. Japan under the LDP administration will stealthily release all trespassers without too much media attention, wheras China will do their best to hold the nationalists back in sailing to the islands.

      Bad thing is just; the LDP never told the Democrats about this deal (maybe intentionally) and so they fell into a political trap, by not dealing according to the established secret-deal.
      China too, fell into the trap, since they presumed that the Democrats know about this deal; and overreacted when they saw how Japan ‘violated’ their mutual contract of not generating too much media-shitstorm, instead of dealing it as “business as usual”, like in the LDP time.

      Now, the LDP-opposition can use this intentionally laid trap to spout propaganda against the ruling Democrats, boosting their profile and gain support from right-wingers and nationalist alike.

      All this is just a cleverly laid political trap of the LDP. This is not really aimed vs. China, but more to sabotage the democratic rule.

  • Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised by the lack of skepticism coming from the comments and the article itself, given the general hate towards China and obsession towards Japan. But it’s quite disappointing nonetheless considering Ishihara’s HORRIBLE track record when it comes to foreign relations and biased perception of China.

    If it were a Chinese politician making a similar statement about the Japanese coast guard attacking the fishermen, despite making more sense, I doubt people would accept it as truth like they have here. It just seems like you’re all digging for a reason to put Japan on the moral high-ground in this matter, even if you have to side with the statements of a xenophobic idiot.

  • whenever something about china comes up on sankaku, a ton of sino-philes come in and start ranting about artefact is a racist japanophile.

    first off, hating chinese people primarily because they chinese doesn’t mean artefact is racist. it means he’s xenophobic or sinophobic if you try to hard to be clever. racism refers to a whole race of people, not ethnicity, even if the united faggots say there is no distinction between the two.

    second off, the only problem here are the chinese patriots/nationalists and they government. they act like brats seriously. boo-fucking-hoo, you got raped by a lot of countries. truth is china, no other countries are going to conform to your wishes if you continue to pose a threat to other countries.

    funny thing is, a lot of nationalists are lower class, and what they don’t realize is that it’s their country’s fault for where they live today. to any chinamen reading this: do yourself a favor, educate yourself and discard all the brainwashing propaganda your country shits out all over you.

    i’m done now.

    • Ahem…

      1. Artefact can only be xenophobic is he were Japanese and he isn’t.

      2. Ishihara is a well known hardcore Nationalist, and are even vaguely familiar with the politics of Japan, you should know. 2chans and SanCom loves him precisely because of this.

      It is funny to rain down on people about intellectualism when you have shown yourself to be ill qualified.

    • The problem is, that both Japan and China are nowhere near innocent in handling the boat collision case. Even to this point, there are a lot of shady behavior going on in both sides. Accusations and excuses have been good enough in diverting attention from them.

      The Senkaku Island dispute is even more complicated. There has been no new evidence or arguments to swing the favor in any direction for years. People are just spouting the same rants that have been voided at one point or another trying to prove they think they know whats up and how this should be handled. There is no way it will work and they have no clue why.

    • “whenever something about china comes up on sankaku, a ton of sino-philes come in and start ranting about artefact is a racist japanophile.”

      whenever something about china comes up on sankaku, a ton of sinophobes come in and start ranting about how artefact was right in spouting racism against China and how much they want to nuke them for producing cheap goods.

      argument reverted.

      and seriously, those ‘sinophiles’ are in the minority compared to all these mindless weaboos who only know how to bleat sinophobic, racist one-liners with their herd.

      and you, dear namefag, arent any different than these sheeps.

      • it seems 20:53 fails to realize that the only ones who propagate the racism are the older generations of both the chinese and japanese.

        i’ve visited both countries within the past two years, and from what i have gathered, the racism is fueled by older generations who want to keep their nation pure. anybody who was born post 1979 are generally progressive and is dissatisfied with how their current government works. new generation japanese and chinese want to work hard to unify the two nations and get rid of all this tension between them. and like i said, it’s only the old people and republicans of their country who want to keep social values like they were 40 years ago.

        the only reason why japan doesn’t want any foreigners moving into their country is due to the population situation. it’s a small island country with 100 million people living there. over population is a problem. the far right wing use the “pure race” tactic to keep foreign tourists out because they dislike them of course.

        china, on the other hand, is a humongous fucking country where the population density is uneven and they can use that land for other purpose. so of course they’re going to encourage foreigners to come over and help out the country.

        you’re no different from schrobby or any other dregs on this site, and that makes you a hypocrite. what makes you different from the weeaboos on here is you post pro-china bullshit while your opposition posts pro-japan bullshit. same fucking thing, just a different country.

        also, when you compared japan to nazi germany and china to austria, i feel on my ass laughing. please, just get the fuck out before you make me laugh myself to death.

        • so how would you know one country is more racist than the other? aside from reading history books that the U.S. government orders publishers to put in bullshit facts.

          aside from that, it still doesn’t mean foreigners and people of mixed race aren’t going to have deal with discrimination in china. flips, for example, are disliked in both countries, but they would be better off living in japan because china treats them worse. and why would they want to go to china if there is a local outhouse in their neighborhood?

          honestly, if anybody should be condemned for racism, it should be the white race. white people have a long history of being racist, aggressive, and controlling other people. even to this day, there is still a significant amount of racist whites. it ranges on from the inbred fucktards living in the Appalachians to the middle class working man living in a cookie cutter suburb. even the europeans are racist. just look at the french, irishmen, scotts, and russians.

          however, unlike the chinese or middle easterns, the whites have changed their game plans on world domination. after the civil rights movement, the U.S. government put out half assed efforts into making our country more diverse. the government figured out that you may as well let everyone have the same rights as whites because it helps us fund the military so we can continue to police the world. however, it still didn’t keep whites from hating on blacks, chinese, japanese, mexicans, middle easterns, and whites from european countries.

          the chinese and japanese should put their differences aside and figure out who the real enemy is: the white man. they can relate to each other because both were put in bondage by the United States. the U.S. government’s mass hallucination has gone too far, and it’s time for people to wake the fuck up and fight against their conquest for world domination. once that’s done, countries can solve their own problems.

        • sorry bud, now you’re just pulling shit out of your ass.

          the whole 2ch community arent made of 80 year old men and still they are the most vocal racist and xenophobic bunch out there.
          Only the most politically apathic young people arent racist, because they arent interested in anything. And those people also wont affect the political decision, as opposed to the racists and nationalists.

          and the reason why japan doesent want outsiders in, isnt because of ‘overpopulation’ or anything, but mainly because they have a long lasting culture of exclusion and isolation, that is still glorified up to this day.
          xenophobia is a vital part in the japanese nationalism, and so they arent any different than nazi-germany. Deal with it.

          china’s problem was Sun YatSen, the one who toppled the last imperial dynasty and founded the first chinese republic in 1911. He invented a nationalism that is consisting of an ‘melting-pot’-ideology, not unlike those in the US or in the hungo-austrian multiethnic empire in the 19th century, that practically forced all races who are living within the Qing-Empire, to become a combined, diverse but unified nationality, called ‘Chinese’. Japan can just be compared to the Nazis, when put alongside the Chinese ideology.

          this has nothing to do with pro-chinese or anti-japanese; it’s just a stated, historical fact. thats all.
          I’m not even chinese, but knowing east-asian history and politics, I really have to say that Japan, beside being a democratic nation and an ally of the west (and therefor ‘always in the rigth’ according to weaboo fucks and rigth-wing neocon-tards), actually has very very low moral authority and legitimacy when speaking out to ‘Communist China’, that is actually more in the right in most cases, than our cold-war pawn Japan, whom we allowed to get off the hook with their genocides and aggressive racism in exchange for being our dogs and unsinkable aircraft carrier.

      • apparently, anon judges every registered user on this site as a weeaboo. i’m sorry, i don’t fap to the latest eechi slice of life anime. the anime industry is dying, and the only thing japan’s video game industry has left to offer are the fighting games and the occasional eccentric under looked game.

        i don’t mouth the chinese nationalists and their government in the name of japan, i say this shit because it’s the truth. i am aware of the racism in japan and other social, cultural issues that are going on. china has the same issues, do the mongolians and tibetans ring a bell?

        • yeah but that’s not saying much princeheir. because in general, the whole gaming industry is in the fucking dumps these days, nothing good has came out in a while. and you never responded to my statement on modern day anime. but seeing as how you never responded to it, i guess that signifies you think the anime industry is going down the toilet.

        • “the anime industry is dying, and the only thing japan’s video game industry has left to offer are the fighting games and the occasional eccentric under looked game.”

          what are you an idiot? it’s not dying in fact it’s getting more mainstream, sure the quality can’t be compared during the 90’s though they are some shows that show some exception(Darker than Black, Bakemonogatari, and some remakes like Rebuild of Eva and Casshern Sins)

          lol just because FPS is the hot topic today dosen’t mean japan is lagging behind. it’s just that they haven’t change their formulas in the past 20 years(they are some exception)

          they already innovated alot of genre to the point you can only add minor tweaks and adjustments. the only thing the west offered is FPS RTS and some RPG’s(good ones like The Witcher.

          well on topic it seems there’s still alot of bad blood between china and japan not that it’s new, is really getting serious this time around. i wonder what happened to the supposedly spies from japan captured by the chinese government.

          what the hell why is “chinese” a wrong spelling word?

        • “china has the same issues, do the mongolians and tibetans ring a bell?”

          china has racial issues. yes.

          but they are inherently different of those in japan.

          china’s racial problems are like those of the soviet union, or any other multi-racial, multi-cultural nation: The mainstream/dominant race wants to include the minorities of different ethnics into their own civilisation and wants them to participate and ‘melt-in’ into their nation-state. By force, if neccessary.
          chinese ethnics like tibetans, mongolians and uighurs doesent want to be included and accepted by the Han, but instead be independent and excluded from the Han-dominated nation.

          japan, on the other hand, wants the definite opposite. japan wants to remain pure-blood and DOESENT want to accept minorities and different ethnics in their nation-state and civilisation. even ‘foreigners’ who are born and raised in japan, will always remain excluded from the japanese mainstream, and noone will invite them to join the japanese nation. the latest shitstorm over koreans and chinese being subhumans in the japanese right-wing media, just shows that japans racial problems are inherently different from those of china, where the mainstream media declares the opposite: that all races are equal within the “Hua”, the chinese civilization.

          China’s nationalism is integrative and including, whereas Japan’s is integrale and excluding. big difference here.

          If China did what the Japanese did in their past; genociding the ainus, koreans and other indigenous ethnics in favor of establishing the eternal rule of the ‘Yamato-race’, China wouldnt have a problem with dissent ethnics and races like the tibetans or uighurs anymore – they would just be dead or marginalized, like the ainus in Japan, unable to voice their wish to be independent anymore, since there are noone left.

          China’s problem was that they want a unified but diverse multiethnic nation, whereas Japan wants a pure-blooded single-ethnic nation.

          Japan are the Nazis, and China is the Hungo-Austrian Empire of the Habsburg-Dynasty, if you want an european image of that case…

    • *mimimi*

      someone’s mad here.

      ‘hurrr y wont chinamen hate themselves as I do?’ ‘durrr dey mussst bee brainwahsed by da evul commies derp’

      this is getting a bit too old…

      protip: low-class chinese cannot speak nor write english.

      those patriots posting here, are mostly well educated and/or foreign chinese who defend their country by their own, rational choice.

      in contrast to most of you weaboo-fucks who are subjects of fox-news.

      I know, you dont always derp, but when you do, you herp.

      like now.

      • you’re a fucking queer. the only thing i care about that comes from japan are the fighting games. Anime is dead, and manga gives me paper cuts.

        if the chinese want the islands. go ahead, they can have it. it will only take 2 months before the island’s oil reserve completely runs out due to a significant number of chinese citizens with cars. it won’t be long before they start purchasing oil from the middle east.

        and i forgot that japan has superior technology, so they can develop an alternative for all i care (even though alternatives will run out.)

        the amount of /b/tards and ED users who post anonymously on this site is baffling. the truth is /b/ is mainstream internet media, and ED is nothing but a wiki for /b/. because we all know anon gains respect when he includes chanspeak in his posts.

  • LOL! If Shintaro Ishihara is a “credible mainstream politician” then Adolf Hitler was a hippie. This guy is a fascist and almost as credible as Sankaku Complex has become = not even remotely …

    • right.

      Ishihara is exactly the kind of fucking racist prick, who would have raped pregnant chinese women and bayonetted their babies, if he was a japanese soldier during WWII.

      taking his words for granted, or even just as ‘credible’ is a typical mad weaboo delusion as expected from Sankaku shit.

  • They don’t really have to make such a big thing of it. If that chinese guy really did attack the japanese coat guard vessel, he should be punished for it. Simple. There’s no reason to make a big state affair of it.
    Of course, of those two opposing sides, it would be China who’d want to escalate this whole thing. They are horribly short-sighted and devoid of common sense.

    I blame the western governments, for sucking up and prostrating before Chinas economy like some second rate whores. It’s quite obvious that dealings with the Chinese CP will end with the other side selling their souls for marginal profits.

  • Lets be realistic here. Harpoon fishing is only done when hunting whales and dolphins. The Japanese fishing vessels have a higher chance of carrying them than the Chinese ones. These harpoon vessels mostly fish the arctic and antarctic for big prey. Not little islands.

  • Ishihara doesn’t exactly have the credibility to make accusations like this judging from the his records of making bullshits. Think about it if one of the coast guard member was indeed attacked by the fishermen with harpoon, you can bet his families would be bitching at the mass media already. Chinese might be a bully in this incident but even them would know that to kill a Japanese government employee at sea would down right idiotic thing to do.

    If it was actually true? I guess that’s hardcore. Now I want the Chinese to start whaling too, just to see how they’d deal with those pesky sea shepherds.

    • This has become a clusterfuck of information warfare. By not realeasing the video, politicians on both sides can manipulate the masses. As you said if the dude was really being harpooned, the family would be going apeshit to the media. However what if the video showed no evidence of actual harpooning? This would only serve the politician’s heads on a platter. Exaggerations are something these people are good at and Ishihara is almost god tier in that respect. 2ch is as trustworthy as Fox news when it comes to politics and countries.

      This is all just mere speculation until the video is released. For all we know that video is long gone, or have been edited after such a lengthy time. We don’t know. You’d think the fisherman would be bragging about harpooning and such by now with the reception he recieved. I’m just completely cautious when any government hides information. So far in history when governments do so, they do it not because it hurts “relations” or to protect both parties. But because they fear it will hurt “their” image more than the other party.

      If the video did show the harpooning. There will be more bad blood than ever. But I doubt that China will cut ALL business ties. However I can’t say the same for Japan’s resolve to keep business going. This really depends on how much the majority of Japanese care about this incident. If this is anything like any other “relation” related matter I’ve seen. There will be bitching, slapping and baaw-ing. Then back to business.

  • Indeed, economically speaking it may be a bad move for the United States. However, if this were to explode into something big, I do believe the US would have to move. They do, after all, have an alliance with Japan. & China being a communist country, the Commie hating US would jump at a chance to take them down, even though China owns them. They’d probably enjoy the chance to kick some ass and drop their debts because of it. Even if the world economy was fucked because of it.

    • Would you lend money to a person who uses any old excuse to kill people he borrowed money from, starting with the ones he borrowed the most?

      Yeah, America can do that, but they’d still have to pay back the new Chinese government in full, otherwise they’ll see international trade and investment vanish as everyone decides to use a less bloodstained currency for trade settlements instead.

    • U.S. debt to china gone.=>Billions of dollars that the U.S. don’t have to pay back.

      U.S. factories in china gone.=>factories back to U.S. (hopefully)=> employment opportunities

      china shouldn’t push their luck, the U.S. has a lot to gain from their downfall

      • Son, you don’t have the slightest clue how the world works, do you?

        If America gets rid of debt by killing off its creditors, NOBODY ELSE WILL LEND TO AMERICA FOR FEAR OF BEING THE NEXT TO BE KILLED.

        Chinese factories gone? Of course they’re not going back to America, THE PEOPLE WHO DECIDED TO SEND WORK TO CHEAP CHINESE FACTORIES ARE AMERICANS, LIVING IN AMERICA.

        Not only does the US have absolutely nothing to gain, they stand to lose a shitload more.

        • Jobs going back to the US? You’ve got to be kidding.

          The reason they were exported to China in the firs place is because of cheap labor. Americans are spoiled, I’ll say that now. We have a minimum wage higher than what some Chinese people earn in a week.

          Jobs aren’t coming back here because it would still be too expensive to hire labor. Factories would relocate to all the other developing countries around the world. Unless of course, you plan to blow those up too.

        • i really don’t think a country like ours should be borrowing such large sums of money in the first place, especially to fund a pointless war
          I don’t think America should be in debt in the first place, we can and should better manage our funds (taxing the rich a lot more) to other areas like education or health rather than war.

          Well I really doubt the Chinese are going to willingly produce, (i hate to even say this but) “quality” products when they will have some feelings of resentment toward the U.S.
          I just don’t see trade happening between China and the U.S. for a long while if the U.S. prevailed.
          We will likely be helping them rebuild and (knowing the U.S.) reform their government to suit our likings.

  • i saw chinese students complain about recently, college and highschool are closed during weekend, and students taking school residency face much stricter check before they could leave campus

    chinese government ain’t stupid

  • The U.S. might intervene but with the troops in the middle-east it just makes it harder for the U.S. and their debt. If China does start invading Japan first thing is it’ll reach the U.N. and of course they’d probably decide on a warning to turn back or the world will intervene if China ignores it and keeps pressing their invasion. And of course if this happens and the ‘we’ as in people enter another World War over the most idiotic incident then say bye-bye to every economy…..well maybe not if China loses which would be likely their gonna lose a lot of territory and I wouldn’t be surprised. Of course if China manages to win which is unlikely….you get my point.
    P.S. I have a nag of not making sense somethings since I do things as they go along.

    • That is try, but sometime there is bad guys and good guys.

      Chinese(bad guys) had slaughtered a lot of my people in the past even after uniting China only because the majority of my people didn’t want to throw away our culture.

      I’m Hmong a race of Asian in mountain area of Asia, better known to most as the Nanman in the 3 kingdom.

      • Let’s cry about how the Americans slaughtered the Native Americans, or the Mongolians slaughtered… well, everyone from Mongolia down to India. Ohh, let’s cry about how all those various ethnic groups in Europe got slaughtered too! Hmm, who else is there? Oh, right, since you can call the Chinese bad guys for slaughtering “your people”, they can call the Japanese bad guys for slaughtering the Chinese! Everybody’s a bad guy, awesome!

        You’re seriously fucking pathetic if you’re digging up ancient history and applying them to people whose grandparents weren’t even born when that shit happened. Too bad they killed the wrong folks, because obviously you still managed to get shat out into this existence.

        • anon 8:48, the argument is about good guys and bad guys, and I don’t think it is fine during anytime, but in wartime you can’t always stop it.

          Ex. Nuke on Japan twice, is a form of slaughtering because the US took a lot of live that day. (No good or bad guys. DID IT TO STOP THE WAR ON US FRONT LINE.) I don’t like this, but it is understandable.

          Ex. Nazi concentration camp is also during the wartime. (Nazi became the bad guys when they started to kill Jews because Hitler told the German that Jews are bad. No real gain from this act. BAD REASON FOR THIS ACT.) I don’t like this, and it is not understandable.

        • You are retarded because those slaughters that you mention are during war time. My people was still being slaughter after the war to unite China was over. Shit, the Hmong are still being hunted down to this day in Vietnam for helping American in the Vietnam War.

          So, yes there is bad guys and good guys. I’m not trying to say my people had it bad, I’m trying to say that there is bad guys and good guys depending on the situation.

          During war NO, during peace YES.

  • It sounds like its adding fuel to the fire if its true then it shows Chinese as the bad guys and it will brings public opinion.

    Japanese will start going Nationalistic again and start raping Chinese women and little boys thanks China now they are going to rape the world yet again!

    • Haha quite the casual way of saying it. Funnily enough you’re right in a sense that Japan did pretty much go to war in WWII because it had problems with China. Well that was one of the main reasons, China was receiving much more trade and business than the Japanese during that time…actually they still are lol.

      Japan just like Germany at that time was in the toilet economically. They was angry that China was getting more business than they were and felt they was stealing their consumers. Just like how Germany felt the Jews destroyed their economy. Of course they cursed the Gaijin too for not having more business relations with them than China. Japan like Germany had the same idea. Eradicate what they believe was the problem and plunder their shit. Japan during the invasion and their war crimes stole shit loads of gold and relics from China at the same time. So they had plenty of cash by the end of the war as is. Though not like an A-Bomb or 2 helped any before the aftermath. Good old Discovery and History channel…and Geographic sometimes.

      Even to this day. When recession and economic downturn happens. A few traits usually rise their ugly heads within countries. People become more easily controlled, they start seeking someone to blame and extremists from all categories rise to try and take charge. It’s sad really…

      • That was the problem Japan never wanted to traded with other country’s in the first place they were isolationist until United States Navy forced the opening of Japan to the outside world they were force to adapt to the Economical changes.

  • japan wont lose.

    It’s would be fool enough for ccp to use the flame of their people to against japan.The backfire already begun and the news had been blocked.ccp now must want to end this controversy as quick as japan wont lose in this round.

  • Are you fucking serious?

    “Whilst Ishihara is a relatively credible mainstream politician”

    MAINSTREAM? He is widely known as an extreme far right, so how is he mainstream and credible again? He holds dangerous and extreme nationalistic views. His views are widely condemn for its xenophobic and misogynistic tones. He also called the rape of Nanking fiction.

    Should have known better, SanCom and political knowledge does not go together.

  • Just a thought regarding the US intervention if ever war were to break out. Wouldn’t it be an economic advantage to the US if they were to go to war since it would jumpstart a wartime economy that would pretty much put everyone back to work and revive the US economy?

    After all, it was the 1st and 2nd world wars that made the US into a superpower in the first place.

    • IMO, the downside can’t be that bad seeing as how most of the American companies would come flocking back to the stateside. Thus, allowing more jobs to return back to American hand.

      Remember this is just my opinion, and that the companies can easily go back to China or the next cheapest labor available.

    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      Well, also keep in mind that it was basically World War 1 that threw the US economy into a downfall and caused the Great Depression in the first place. So, isn’t it also possible that the same could happen here if the US got involved in another war?
      Sure, the wartime economy would fix things up a bit for a while, but it could also screw us over in the long run.

    • My face is stinging a bit from how hard I facepalmed, but I’ll try to be nice.

      What you’ve been told (read: lied to) about the “wartime economy” is a myth. It’s true that there were brief economic booms during the world wars but there were two reasons for that:

      1) The soldiers sent to war were working men, their departure created vacancies in the industry, which helped “create jobs”.

      2) The war created a large EUROPEAN market, to which the military industry was able to sell to – and a lot was bought on credit.

      The “wartime economy” hasn’t worked since then because America has a professional army now and the American military industry isn’t selling to anyone other than the American army: when soldiers are sent out no vacancies are created in the job market, no additional manufacturing orders are being placed because America keeps a large stockpile of equipment, and no additional revenue from foreign countries are coming in.

      The only time a wartime economy will appear is if there is massive conscription and orders for thousands of new tanks, helicopters, planes, etc. Unless you’re expecting China to curb stomp the entire American military, that’s just not going to happen.

  • Did they check the harpoon to see if it was made in china? I Highly doubt china could produce a quality product that could really kill this man.

    on second thought..

    That’s actually probably why he flew overboard and wasn’t simply impaled…

  • This video is the key to world war III : Chinese are discredited, USA leads a coalition, NATO follows suite, WORLD WAR HAST HAPPENED. But despite all the protests, SENKAKU IS UNDER JAPANESE ADMINISTRATION, AND LEAVE IT BE, China has enuf resources. And any attempt to collect these resources by any side will result in a controversy, and by the time it is resolved, Fossil fuel technologies will be obsolete.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        I don’t think he meant to comment on “how much” fuel any given nation has, but the whole situation caused by it.
        I _think_ what he meant is that by the time they get over the whole “this land belongs to me! that land belongs to you! we just want the oil/resources!” thing, it won’t matter any more because, well, the rest of the world has moved onto bigger and better things.

        Atleast, that is _my_ interpretation of it, although keep in mind that it is going on 3 am and I haven’t slept much lately. My understanding and thought processes are very restricted at the moment.

        Basically, I could be wrong.

    • I hate to break this to you, but clearly you weren’t thinking. Its the exact same reason as to why Japan, even if it has an army that can annihilate China(for argument’s sake), won’t be engaging China.

      In a world mostly full of peace in regards to war between two or more nations, such wars aren’t a domestic affair; they are an international affair. The superpowers are still sore after WWII and they are trying to prevent a third one from happening, but if it gets too out of hand i assume they will not stop at anything to get the “offending” countries to surrender.

    • Because there is more to winning than being the one with the most weapons. What is the point of wiping Japan off the planet if it means you have all the world’s superpowers after you when you do.

      Now can China do it in a way where they didn’t start a world war? no.

    • i don’t know about everyone here but I know china is VERY capable of taking out japan quite easily however they won’t because such a thing would invite interference from the U.S., russia, the E.U. and maybe india <-(not sure about the last one though)

    • Japan is an island with a self-defense force. Barring ICMs with nukes that fail to be intercepted by the joint US-Japan forces, any invasion or attack will see huge losses for the offensive force, by sheer dint of the fact that their vanguard has to invade via vulnerable sea or air transport.

      China may be huge, but warfare isn’t a penis-measuring contest. In order for China to secure a victory before US reinforcements arrive, they would have to sacrifice thousands of soldiers. They certainly might “annihilate” Japan, but it would only be “effortless” if you completely ignore the losses they would suffer in the process.

      • US won’t do a shit if China attacked Japan, why you might ask?

        US owns China $846.7 billions and Japan $821.0 billions in debt, so if one attacked the other, and somehow one country or both are annihilated, they US debt problem is gone, US economy (and probably world too) will instantly improve.

        so it is for the best of human population that China declare war against Japan XD

        • While the debt thing might be able to cast some doubt on it, it is still inevitable that the US will help Japan in a crisis simply because they are obliged to. That’s pretty much the agreement that the two countries have. The US has to defend Japan because they don’t have their own military (if you don’t count the defense force). If that isn’t reason enough, there is also the matter of saving their own hides. Remember, the US has military bases stationed over in Japan. The soldiers can’t just be expected to sit there and wait to be killed off by the enemy or something. Of course they would and should want to fight back. and if the lives of those soldiers isn’t reason enough, then the US’s reputation would be the finishing blow. After all, how would it look if the US turned tail and ran when they were not only in a standing agreement to defend Japan, but also had plenty of soldiers stationed there as well? The way I see it, it wouldn’t look very good on the US’s resume for any future agreements/alliances.

          Fact of the matter is that the US will help Japan, even if the reasons to do it are slightly selfish.

    • You will learn someday it`s the right which wants to ban everything they think is sexually immoral. You will also see someday that almost everything counts for them to that category, including sunbathing despite one`s having swimwear on.
      I will strongly resemble Sharia law, if they get full power. In any country.
      LDP clearly belong to political right.

    • I’d like to see how many retards actually believe the Japanese coast guard would LET ALL BUT ONE OF THE CREW GO after ONE OF THEIR MEN GOT HARPOONED.

      Seriously, anyone who thought this was true needs to do the gene pool a big favor and drink a gallon of bleach.

      • And what’s your claim as to why China deserves those islands?

        I mean, sure. If Taiwan gets absorbed into China, then i agree on those islands belonging to China, but no. Those islands should’ve belonged to Taiwan. But since Taiwan didn’t bother to make a claim to those islands until oil reserves are found, it effectively discredits them since they are only after the oil(as much as i really agree that those islands do belong to Taiwan, trust me).

        As with their claims over all other territories that they are disputing with other countries such as the Socotra Rock with South Korea, the Spratly Islands with various South East Asian countries, Scarborough Shoal with the Philippines, Paracel Islands with Vietnam and several other territorial disputes leading to war with India back in the 1960s, almost all of their claims are “We had these islands since the *insert one of the various ruling emperors* Dynasty but they were lost; now we want them back.”

        All of these historical claims lack credibility since no other countries would have much information on them in the older eras due to the lack of technology in the much bigger world, and therefore China and Taiwan can make random shit up. Right now everyone’s looking at the evidence, and China had little to none. Once again, only under the condition that Taiwan gets absorbed to China(which lots of us hope never happens) can China actually make a logical claim.

        • The ones who claimed China and Taiwan wanted the islands due to oil reserves being found was by Japan.

          The counter argument is “isn’t that why Japan “stole” the islands in the first place?” That was enough to clam Japan up all these years. Please explain why this is the case?

        • hmm china already claims taiwan…. to them its already a fact, so er go… what they claim is china’s as well!

          and agreeed,.. resources were found, so they plant there flag… wish somebody would invent free energy already… fighting for land is becoming really really boring!

        • Whenever democratic elections in developing nations vote in parties that America disapproves of, America severs any economic and diplomatic ties they have under the pretense that they believe the elections were rigged. If they really dislike the government, the embargoes are placed on the nation.

        • “Taiwan just doesn’t have the power to enforce such a claim since China and Japan are bigger.”

          That, indeed, is an excellent example of how Chinese (even Tiwanese) are completely cut off from the rest of the world now LOL.

          Don’t you understand that this is why you are cririsized like: QTE―China’s military strategy has rested on the concept of a “strategic frontier.” In a nutshell, this very dangerous idea posits that borders and exclusive economic zones are determined by national power, and that as long as China’s economy continues to grow, its sphere of influence will continue to expand. Some might associate this with the German concept of “lebensraum.”―UNQTE

          Are you Chinese/Tiwanese from the Age of Exploration or something?

          I’ve always considered Taiwan as a civilized country as Japan after the democratic reforms by Lee Teng-hui (who experienced Japanese democracy under Japanese rule era) but what? she’s now de-evolved under the Ma Ying-jeou’s pro-china administration?

        • Here, have some copy pasta:

          The unfortunate fact about the islands dispute is that it has turned into a war of rhetoric with hardly any presentation or examination of the validity of the historical evidence. The academic community on both the Chinese and Japanese sides is also responsible for the misuse and misinterpretation of available historical evidence. Also, most legal scholars on the subject are not historians so they are unable to discern the validity of historical evidence or evaluate them under the necessary historical context. Historians on the other hand aren’t familiar enough to present the historical evidence in a manner that is aligned with the relevant requirements of international law around terra nullius. There remains vast historical evidence that is yet to be presented. New scholarly work is necessary to help legal scholars — and the government themselves — understand the implications of the vast historical evidence.

          For example, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that “Since 1885, surveys of the Senkaku Islands had thoroughly been made by the Government of Japan through the agencies of Okinawa Prefecture and by way of other methods. Through these surveys, it was confirmed that the Senkaku Islands had been uninhabited and showed no trace of having been under the control of China.”

          However, in the archives of the Japanese Ministy of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Records Office, there is the following document dated May 12, 1894 that refutes this claim. The document was written in sorobun-style Japanese so the English translation is provided as follows (along with the original Japanese text to insure objectivity and accuracy of my translation):

          May 12, 1894
          Return No. 153

          Your letter of inquiry, Secret No. 34, concerning the formation of the harbors and other related matters of Kuba-shima and Uotsuri-shima has been received. However, ever since the islands were surveyed by persons dispatched by police agencies of Okinawa Prefecture back in 1885, there have been *no subsequent field surveys conducted*. *As a result, it is difficult to provide any specific reports on them*. Enclosed as attachment papers are the previous investigation reports by the dispatched personal and the captain of Izumo-maru. Copies of the above reports and a general map [from the 1885 survey] are both included in this letter of response.

          [From:] Okinawa Prefecture Governor Naraha Shigeru
          [To:] Director of the Prefecture Administration Bureau of the Home Ministry Egi Kazuyuki

          Additionally, there exist no old records related to the said islands or any transcribed evidence or folklore and legends demonstrating that the islands belong to our country. The only relation [with the islands] is that fishermen from Okinawa Prefecture have since ancient times occasionally sailed from the Yaeyama Islands to the southern islands for fishing and hunting purposes. I hereby supplement this letter with the above information. [Emphasis is mine]



                       沖縄県知事 奈 良 原 繁 ㊞
             内務省県治局長  江 木 千 之 殿


          As shown above, during 1885-1895, there was but one field survey in 1885 — and this very survey in 1885 indicated to the Japanese government that the islands were Chinese. In a document (Secret No 38) written on October 21, 1885, from Japanese Foreign Minister (Inoue Kaoru) to Home Minister (Yamagata Aritomo), Inoue referred to the islands as “islands belonging to Taiwan” and specifically ordered that the government should not proceed or make public its intentions to occupy the islands to “avoid suspicion from the Qing government”. The relevant excerpt from Minister Inoue’s letter is as follows,

          “Most recently, Chinese newspapers have been reporting rumors of our government’s intention of occupying certain islands belong to China located next to Taiwan, demonstrating suspicion toward our country and consistently urging the Qing government to be aware of this matter. At this time, if we were to publicly place national markers on the islands, this must necessarily invite China’s suspicion toward us.”

          These are but a few of the many Japanese historical documents that indicate that Japan’s incorporation of the islands did not conform with the principles of occupation under International Law. Instead, the Japanese government incorporated the islands into Japanese territory when victory (during the first Sino-Japanese War) was in sight. Combined with other relevant historical evidence such as the 18th century map from Hayashi Shihei, along with the abundant Chinese records (Envoy Mission Records and Gazetteers of Taiwan) during the Qing era, it is hard not to reach the conclusion that the islands were Chinese territory up until 1895.

        • If memory serves, Lee Teng-hui (李登輝: Former President of Republic of China) consistently maintain that the land of the Senkaku Islands belongs to Okinawa. I know brainwashed mainland- Chinese and young Pro-China Taiwanese will criticize him synchronously, though.

        • China is as much a Communist society as America is a Democratic one (hint: it’s not, it’s a Representative Republic). If you think China is a threat for “meddling” in people’s affairs, maybe you should take a good, long look at your American “allies” and how much they like to meddle in the affairs of other countries.

          Funny how the governments in every developing nation need American approval every time they hold an election, hmm?

        • ITs actually ours. Taiwan just doesn’t have the power to enforce such a claim since China and Japan are bigger. Technically though, its ours and I think everyone knows that.

          The reason why China is even getting into this conversation is because to most of the world officially, Taiwan is still part of China (I dont agree with this and Im sure a lot of people out there dont either). Anything that is Taiwan’s, China thinks is there’s to, nevermind how small or how unimportant it is to China or whether it will affect them.

          China just likes to meddle in people’s affairs. It solidifies their domination over others. Its really sad, however, it does solidifies why China is such a threat, economically and as a military. Plus, you never know what will happen under communism. (I for one, dont think you can be communist and capitalist at the same time, because they both are complete opposites. I for one, claim China as a communist.)

    • And by saying ‘by the time help arrived’, you mean “by the time the American military members that live in Japan responded with an offensive from the destroyers, carriers, long range missiles on American land both on Honshu and Okinawa”…. right?

      Or did you seriously NOT know that we have a huge American presence here in Japan?

      Yea, it must be great living in mom’s basement, only to emerge for “Sev Runs” (7-11)

    • Its laughable to even suggest that China could pull off a successful invasion of Japan currently. The US navy would bend their fleet over backwards, and Japan itself isn’t defenseless.

      If you’re talking about nukes, well, only rogue nations or terrorists are retarded enough to actually use them on anyone at all presently. Neither of those groups have yet to use them either, as everyone can see. Besides, if China actually nuked Japan, I’m fairly positive there wouldn’t be much China left once the US was through with them.

      • China can’t invade Japan for sure since their navy isn’t big enough to pull it off and Japan is a completely land-locked country. But China packs enough ballistic missiles and what not to blow up all the main cities. They don’t even care sending over a single soldier.

        And USA wouldn’t do shit because lets say if they managed to defeat China, China would be able to inflict enough damage where it would just turn out like the end of WW2 when the USA is the world leader is because they let Germany, Britain and Russia exhaust all their economic and military resources and just ninja’ed the win with zero effort when the war was entering its final phases. Russia would surely secretly provide weapons to China to extend the war for as long as possible to keep the USA working itself to death for as long as possible. Then Russia (possibly Britain but I doubt it) would just waltz right in with full strength against a beaten-up sheriff and call themselves the new king.

        China knows they can’t win against the USA but they also know the USA can’t do shit to them if they really wanted to invade Japan.

      • WRONG

        “if ANY NATION actually nuked ANY OTHER NATION, I’m fairly positive there wouldn’t be much WORLD left once the ANY NATION was through with them.”

        the only reason China isn’t nuking japan yet is that they still want to export cheap labor to rest of world and make profit

        • You are the one that is wrong since if China nuked Japan then the only other country to be nuked would be China by the US and maybe Russia. Other countries wouldn’t allow a country that freely nukes another country without a real reason to exist anymore. Even if China tries to retaliate when the US nukes them with how little Nuclear arms China has everyone of them would be shot down long before reaching the US.

    • The moment China hits Japan, assuming the US ACTUALLY upholds its agreement, it’ll be war. And however “pussies” they are, the United States is pretty much the only reason why China isn’t using its military yet, similarly with North Korea.

      Why else do you think China is trying to grow its military even stronger when its absolutely fine the way it is? First, they want to counter the US and grow even further in terms of influence. Second, with power to manipulate the world economy already at their hands, adding military pressure on top of that would solidify their position even further.

      Its like the time bomb ticking down, with nobody taking any action to defuse it. Reminder of League of Nations anyone?

      • You know that if they attacked Japan, that they would probably strike the US bases first (they being the threat). That would be what motivates the US to defend Japan, because China killed the thousands of military members and their families that are in Japan.

        • 1) Only Americans assume they’re the world police, everybody else relies on their own armies and alliances.

          2) Why the fuck would a country that doesn’t accept America as world police sit idly by and not grow their army then?

        • “Nobody gives a shit regarding America’s military spending cause everyone thinks they are the police. Pointless point much?”

          By “everybody” you mean “Americans”, amirite? Sorry to break this to you, but only America thinks of itself as the world police – if you fail to understand that, think of how pleased you would be if NATO started sticking its nose in US international affairs. How about some nice French and German military bases sitting in Florida, to help you guard against those nasty Cubans, eh?

          “You are missing the point. The point is not how the percentage of the GDP […]”

          That only makes sense if “everybody” did indeed accept America is the world’s police and that America would swoop in like some gallant, magical white knight to defend their borders from invasion. If you’ve failed to notice even America’s allies aren’t so fucking stupid as to stop developing their armies in the blind hope that America will take care of everything, so why should China, who clearly doesn’t?

        • “Unless Canada and Mexico have been secretly making eyes at invading America, you just invalidated your own statement.”

          Apparently you missed the “The reason why everyone is fine with the US spending 6 to 10 times more money in military more than anyone else is because the majority of the general public had the consensus which is “United States is the peacekeeper.” ” part.

          Nobody gives a shit regarding America’s military spending cause everyone thinks they are the police. Pointless point much?

          “Here’s why China spends more than India: they have a bigger economy. China has pegged its military spending at 2% of GDP, since their GDP has been growing, so has their military spending – now compare that to India spending 2.6% of GDP and America that spends 4.3%, China is actually developing their military LESS than your examples.”

          You are missing the point. The point is not how the percentage of the GDP and how it may affect India’s spending power on its military, the point is on China footing out so much money for its military in the first place. You argue that since India had a pretty low GDP, they can’t fork out that much money for their military.

          And you hit it right on the head. India, one of the countries that had problems with China regarding the Himalayan mountains, can’t spend more than this amount due to their GDP. China had no threat, so why should it have such a big army?

        • “In the first place, all of China’s direct neighbours had no interest in invading China, and so far none of these other countries have showed military aggression to China to make them do that.”

          Unless Canada and Mexico have been secretly making eyes at invading America, you just invalidated your own statement.

          “With their military spending already quite high, even if one argues that they had a bigger army to maintain due to their larger population and land mass, its no excuse. Besides, India’s population is comparable to China and its military spending in just one-third of what China spends now.”

          Here’s why China spends more than India: they have a bigger economy. China has pegged its military spending at 2% of GDP, since their GDP has been growing, so has their military spending – now compare that to India spending 2.6% of GDP and America that spends 4.3%, China is actually developing their military LESS than your examples.

          Be less of a hypocrite next time, please.

        • But to an extent where they fly their naval boats out into the waters near Senkaku Islands, and threatened Taiwan with force a few years back when negotiations aren’t going well? I think not.

          In the first place, all of China’s direct neighbours had no interest in invading China, and so far none of these other countries have showed military aggression to China to make them do that. With their military spending already quite high, even if one argues that they had a bigger army to maintain due to their larger population and land mass, its no excuse. Besides, India’s population is comparable to China and its military spending in just one-third of what China spends now.

          The reason why everyone is fine with the US spending 6 to 10 times more money in military more than anyone else is because the majority of the general public had the consensus which is “United States is the peacekeeper.”

          Being more assertive these last few years. Showing military strength. Worrying figures in terms of military spending. All other countries showing no signs of direct aggression to China.

      • When push comes to shove, something has to happen. Currently, it’s the Japanese government bending over ass backwards to please the Chinese. What happens when the Japanese stand up? Chinese nationalism would only let it stand for so long.

        • Its funny that the video in an ongoing criminal investigation hasn’t been released but the suspect has. So what’s up with that contradiction in facts?
          If there’s a crime on that video: prosecute,
          if not: release the video.

          If you call someone chicken this much and they don’t respond, then they’re chicken, it’s as simple as that.

        • And how is the Japanese government bending over backward? Do you actually read the news or do you just lap up the China-quality rumors and “reporting” here?

          Watch NHK, watch CCTV, they both have almost daily coverage on the political fallout from this incident, which includes a lot of diplomatic delegations being snubbed by both sides, on both sides. Japanese prosecutors released the captain, they stated their reasons, and every idiot and their dog ignored it in favor of nationalistic/sensationalistic bullshit.

      • With 100,000 American troops stationed in Japan and South Korea, as well as a couple million that can be mobilized at a moments notice (something the United States is frighteningly good at) I seriously doubt that China will ever get across the ocean.

        • Honestly Schrobby, why do you keep posting this nonsensical bullshit? Everyone knows how much you hate China, but your misinformation just makes you look like an idiot.

          China “invaded” Tibet back in the 18th century, and then reclaimed it under the Communist flag along with the rest of Chinese territory in the 1950s. That’s like getting angry at the Japanese for annexing the Ryukyu Islands. On that note, I do hope you don’t live in the Americas, since your nation would be built on a foundation of thievery and genocide much worse than what the PRC did to Tibet.

          As for the topic at hand, ownership over the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands have been argued extensively for centuries now, and it’s pathetic that people would resort to slippery slope arguments like “China annexing Hawaii?” when the underlying issues are nowhere near similar.

        • Tibet was part of Chinese territory in ALL world maps drawn. If part of any country from within try to declare independence, the country has a duty and every right to send in troops. That’s not an invasion.

        • This is why countries don’t go to war with each other? Bullshit.

          China invaded Tibet. That was a war, not a company fusion.
          Now China wants the Senkaku Islands. That’s no finance coup either.
          China is arming like crazy. What will be next? China annexing Hawaii? Still no problem for you?

        • wow, great to see shrobby once again demonstrating his lack of knowledge. perhaps you have no idea what it means for China to hold U.S. to debt? it means that for all pratical reasons, the u.s. treasure is in China, and that if China wanted to, it could flood the market with the U.S. dollar and inflate the dollar so much that it’d be worthless.
          Of course should this happen, the entire world would be analed.
          This is why countries don’t go to war with each other, why are there still so many hawks in this day and age, thinking nuking a place is the key? it’s such a barbaric thought, worse than the communists

      • That looks like multiple murder attempts, if not outright terrorism. If that’s true (and it certainly seems so) the crew of the chinese trawler deserves the death penalty.

        The japanese politicians involved with the release of the chinese criminals have to be sentenced for abuse of position, complicity in attempted murder, conspiracy and treason.

        Oh, and send some snipers to China to get rid of the chinese terrorists.

        • That country going down causes WWIII.
          You’d be surprised how large a share of the world economic pie China owns.
          In this era of globalization, even if a barely-significant country such as South Africa collapse, the world will feel the backlash.
          Need I mention that China provides rare metals that pretty much dominate the world’s economy?
          No more computers, no more transmission, no more place to store US debt, no more cheap goods…

        • I would seriously love to see your reaction when the video comes out condemning the Japanese. I am seriously questioning why they haven’t yet.
          w.e. the outcome, it would definitely bring a speedy conclusion to this; however I wouldn’t bet my money on anyone, both government have a pretty shady record.

          and death penalty? hm, i’m pretty sure that’s not what the sea shepherd crew got.

      • Not really. I hope the Current China government gets destroyed. I hope some kind of revolution occures soon because I dont know how much of this I can take. I just know one thing: Taiwan will get dragged into this somehow. And Ill tell you one thing, it wont be Taiwan volentarily entering the skrimish either. We will most likely be a scapegoat or be forced to join by China.

        • … the amount of facepalming I have to do everytime I read your comment, it really is astounding.

          1. If a country want to succeed in this world, it better embrace global trade, and guess which countries are the ones you’ll need to deal with?
          2. Independence isn’t self proclaimation – it is the global community recognizing you as independent, i.e. the Baltic states after the cold war, the break up of former yugoslavia, etc. None of those countries were granted “independent” just cause they claimed so, it took the recognition, and eventual enrollment into the U.N. for that to happen. If Taiwan goes to war with China, there’s no way that would happen because China has veto power in the security council.
          Please, keep on being ignorant, it’s quite entertaining.

        • You are wrong.

          China may be sitting on a billion US$ in reserves, which makes it even MORE vulnerable to manipulation by Fed!

          Look at the last few years.

          China kept exporting and accumulating surplus, and putting the US$ aside. Fed just kept steering dollar lower and lower, and this policy of letting dollar loose value led to Chinese having to watch as much as a third of their accumulated money’s worth EVAPORATE. All happening while the value loss kept making the few remaining US exports more attractive on the world markets.

          Of course Chinese tried to counter with the manipulation of Yuan, which right now got them in hot water with the WTO they worked so hard to join to avoid getting tarriff’ed to hell.

          Best salvo to cook China alive? Have fed announce a one-off, 50% US$ devaluation and see China squirm as 50% of their dollar reserves go *poof*. Then add a 1000% import tariffs based on the difference between costs of living to “average worker” between Hubei and California… byebye Chinese growth?

          The french even won at the WTO and got the right to put punitive tariffs on US goods, iirc wines, a few years back. Guess who got hurt more by the whole standoff?

          What Chinese are doing is a crude, silly attempt to redirect a simmering discontent inside to a made-up external foe: a classic move of any totalitarian satrapy. The problem is, they tread a fine line between mere redirection and stirring a real conflict. If they loose control, China will collapse in on itself.

          And that doesn’t account for a risk of remilitarizing Japan. You’re forgetting modern japan is sitting on 55 operating reactors, and stores tonnes of used fuel rods. Not to mention only Japan can build a rocket of similiar capability as the russian Soyuz… heck, even NASA’s own heavy-lift rockets use russian RD-180 engines these days. Do you really think it’d take them very long to build nukes and ICBMs if they decided they needed them badly? They are already building 22DDH, the first post-WW2 aircraft carriers.

      • “[…] including Russia and India. Not to mention, United States would go batshit insane.”
        1) Russia has about a piss poor a relationship with Japan as Japan has with China.

        2) India might take exception.

        3) America can only go batshit, can’t afford to do jack.

        • Pretty much what the Anon 14:38 said in relation to Russia,
          in which I would also add the increased resentment of the Russian military industry over the PLA copying certain Russian aeronautic technologies might push them to lobby for a war in the Duma which already is in a balancing act with a rise in Russian nationalism, both moderate and radical.

          As for the United States: the US public which is already growing more conservative, whether good or bad, will be more tolerant of sending American forces to “counter” the PLA in aid of an ally of strategic importance. Now to what extent will the forces be is unknown but I’d guarantee it’d be nothing like the South Ossetian War in which the United States remained essentially idle.

        • Russia, China, and Japan all have territorial disputes between each other, all of which were a result of the political instability that occurred before and after WW2. Russia has no more reason to side with the Japanese than they do with the Chinese, regardless of what China does to Japan.

        • Regarding argument 1, keep in mind that Russia is having some issues with China as well, regarding illegal immigration into Siberia.

          And considering the whole rare metals and oil there, the Russians are quite aware that this may be a Chinese attempt to legitimize another landgrab.

      • If China had been more diplomatic about this whole mess, and not tried to be such arrogant assholes, things wouldn’t have gone this far.
        But of course, “china quality” politics and grandstanding took place…now things are where they are.

        • Well if China instigates, Japan is the least of their problems because Japan is a well respected Democracy while China is a people’s republic. Should it actually step a single foot out of line, it would draw the ire of a lot of other countries. There is also the fact that despite China’s status, it isn’t surrounded by friends.Outside of North Korea, a lot of the Asian nations around it aren’t too keen on China’s stranglehold in the area.

        • @ Yuuyu:

          I understand the logic behind thinking like that, but the problem is you can’t guarantee a “good” dictator to stay good forever, nor will you ever know how good he really ever was. At least with idiot leaders in a democracy positions of power get cycled out.

        • If there was ever a conflict I doubt China would go the naval route, probably relying first on cruise missiles. Hell, if the rumors are true a single emp attack would devastate Japan. The emp bomb or missile would have to be non-nuclear though, being they have a “No first use” policy.

        • While I do wish the Chinese government reformed into something else, I’d rather it not be the same crippled system the Americans use. The Chinese government is one old beast shitting on its people, the American government is two old beasts taking turns shitting on its people.

          Either way, you’re getting shat on. I’d rather hate the guy shitting on me than love him just because I voted for him.

        • @ Anon 16:48
          The problem isn’t in the way the country is governed, it’s all about who governs. I’d rather live in a Dictatorship with a good dictator, than in a Democracy with morons in the areas of power.

          Still, PRoC doesn’t have a good leader.

        • has noone considered what would happen in china itself if it does go to war? there are plenty of people who dont like the government itself and would gladly break away from the government, sure, central has a army, but a rebellion “funded” by the US can easily be the down fall of china, once china is “downed” russia might feel threatened again and it might quite easily escalate into another cold war

        • I think China doesn’t give a shit about other countries, when China’s politician feel they’re in any danger…. or feel they just need to crush japan, they’ll just do it, the problem is their nuclear capability.
          I wish china was an actual democratic republic instead of what is now.

          too sad to see a nation under such goverment

        • Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but a mere scan from Wikipedia shows a Japanese naval capacity half as strong as China’s, though its ranked 3rd in terms of strength, one above China. I’d figure thats due to more advanced equipment, but still…

        • I doubt the US would do anything. We have interests in both countries. Obama would likely start sucking dick and begging for it to end. And if the US doesn’t get involved, Japan will lose in less then a week.

        • i beg to differ. its cause of the US that Japan doesn’t have a full flege armed force. and besides, the japanese economy has a lot of pull in the US economy, so dont think the US will just sit there watching China invade.

        • @11:59 – Debts would be meaningless if it came to military action. The US would freeze all Chinese debts, block all trade, and deal with the consequences. Sure, we might be in trouble with the World Bank and IMF later, but China would be a lot more screwed in both the short term and the long term (losing the U.S. as a consumer would KILL their economy for good).

          Also, if China initiated a military invasion or attack against Japan, the U.S. retaliation would be inevitable. The U.S. has a treaty with Japan and it’s spelled out quite clearly we will come to their aid in the case of a military action against them. I dunno which backwards nation (*coughfrancecough*) you come from where you don’t honor treaties and run from your responsibilities, but we honor ours, even to the exclusion of common sense.

        • not with the current administration! China’s the one thats buying our debt.. so basically we’re there little sock puppet right now.. so even if it came out… not a damn thing would happen!! not from the US… Spineless weasels..