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  • i hope to jenova Square turn around and say FU to Enix, (highly doubt it though is it’s probably a partnership by now, unlike with sony) but seriously, after the final square game was made, everything went downhill, i still play FFVII for it’s aweomeness, KH and FF-onwards, i dont play, purely to save myself, a few years if i’d heard this i’d have been like NOOOOOOOOOO, but now i have a bit more understanding about this stuff, they should’ve seen it coming, i believe there owner said there goal was “To spread happiness across the globe by providing unforgettable experiences” that time has long gone and now it’s “To give the finger to happiness across the globe and line our pockets with cash” but in all honesty, i shall continue to play the decent ff games and watch the decent ff movies and hope to god they manage to redeem themselves

  • C’mon people they just have to do a remake of FFVII in hd and put it out just on XBL and PSN, and they be swiming in money AGAIN, then stop making crap to please the americans and do their games simpler and cheaper (no 78 minutes of theather quality CGI goes a loooong wai in cheapening production) that would be of course if they get theyr heads out of theyr asses and start listening to theyr fans

  • Personally, I believe all great things must come to an end. Too bad the FF series just didn’t stop at FFX (which, IMHO, would’ve been a good place to end it). But now, they went and homo is up with an online game that’s damn near impossible to solo (which some of players prefer!) Then came X-2 and XII…then that sorry excuse of a flash video game we laughingly call FFXIII.

    Go back to the unlikely hero/anti-hero who’s stuck in a complex romance. Quit trying to make the FF world seem overly relateable in terms of politics/social relations (it really pissed me the F off when Lightening and Snow didn’t hook up nor when Vaan and Ashe didn’t – though it wouldn’t have saved either game) and go back to some mysterious evil wanting to destroy human/demi-human lives with the Crystals because it’s a Tuesday and Fox News wasn’t on and the neighborhood blacksheep/social shuttin had to step in and stop it, while winning the girl!

  • FFXIV had very little to do with this.

    Investors know the PS3 release will make or break FFXIV. The PC release is like a “pre-launch”, and it is clearly an unfinished product (much to the lament of PC gamers).

    FFXI required 200,000 subscriptions to break even and it only reached that number about 18 months after release. Investors would know not to expect much from FFXIV this early on, especially since the full release has not even occurred.

  • Remake FF6 1000% *FAITHFULLY* = $$$$
    Remake FF7 1000% *FAITHFULLY* = $$$$

    There I just solved your money problems SE.

    Now, where is the ten billion dollars you
    owe me for saving your sorry F*KING A$$.

  • Na man the Enix merger I beleive was to save they’re ass’s from that movie Spirits within. Something about losing a shit load of money for it. but you know what the games started getting bad after they merged with enix. the final fantasy games were just fine, then they come out some cheap cut and past ff games with hardly any good music to go along with it which seems to me they are just not putting no thoughts into there story’s anymore. There is no heart in Final Fantasy anymore, 10 was the last game I ever liked and now i will no longer buy they’re games. No soul in it no more lol.

  • Shocking news.

    A japanese company experiencing one of the worst recessions in the last 50 years, with tepid sales for their last couple of released products has lost share value?

    Woah. Someone alert BBC imediately.

  • The worst hit on the stock graph was the Feb 2009 financial crisis. This was the worst financial crisis in Japanese postwar history.

    Everyone from Japanese auto makers to anime studios were slammed with this and many have yet to recover. The 5-year graph shown for Square Enix is sadly typical for a post-crisis Japanese company. Recovery is slow and painful for everyone.

    Now obviously they shit the bed with FFXIV, but investors are there for the long term. The have seen far more costly failures (For example, Spirits within was a legendary failure that jeopardized the Enix merger).

  • I would die for a ff7 remake, but I don’t entirely trust Square to not fuck it up. I’d much rather they remake ff6 or Chrono Trigger first to show fans that they at least get the ‘spirit’ of these games. If they need to experiment with gaming and storytelling formulas, they should launch a new franchise, while repairing the FF franchise with a couple of remakes. Definitely bring back some of the old developers for the remakes and possibly future FF projects.

    But I guess in order to do that they would have to get rid of their CEO or whichever people who have responsible for the bringing such disastrous games, envision a new direction for the company, and redesign their work model…pretty much start from scratch.

  • I think the biggest problem SE has right now is the lack of the concept “over saturation”.

    Seriously, how many Kingdom Hearts games do they need and on so many platforms? I won’t even start with what they’ve done to the FF franchise. The very LAST thing I’d want to see from them is another Chrono. Not only would they flood the market with it, there’s also no way they could even live up to it’s name.

    I’d like to see them branch out into other IPs as they’re sticking to their FF bread and butter, like they used to. Bushido Blade, Front Mission, Einhander, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story… hell, Chrono Trigger/Cross was created this way and is still considered one of their best works.

    You would think after The World Ends With You, they’d understand this concept. But SE probably just sees it as another franchise to milk.

  • I’ve learnt that there are RPGs and JRPGs out there that are better or at least just as good as FF series during their height of achievement, so I won’t be missing S-E if they get out of business next year.

    FF stopped growing after X. They whitewash ‘shrinking content’ by using the term ‘reinvent’ or ‘innovate’ and similar bullshit, and polish what little that the newer games have into a blinding shine(graphics). Unfortunately, a glowing shit is still shit. You can pack it with colorful wraps and put ribbons on it but it’s still shit. And if you don’t use it as fertilizer(though EEEEW to this kind of practice in today’s world), they belong in the toilet.

    Faggoty fans(or S-E’s PR whores…?) are eating all those up like starved dogs.

  • See what Wada did? If they catered to the PS fanbase whilst catering to the XBox fanbase than they wouldn’t be in this mess.

    But what they did is neglect the PS fanbase and now they hate SquareEnix with a passion.

  • Everyone seems to think remaking old FF games are the way to go, but for me
    who cares only for their offshoot franchises such as FF tactics. And could
    not give a care about the main final fantasy games.

    This is what they should do…
    -The world ends with you 2
    -Final Fantasy 6 remake for both the 3DS and PSP or PSP2
    -New RPG IP banning Nomura from working on any part of it.
    -Port Chaos Rings over to PSN and XBOX live, WTF where you thinking
    when you put it on the Iphone.
    -Kingdom Hearts 3 must be a launch title for next-gen systems.

    and finally…
    – Final Fantasy 15 needs to be the story of the Dark Warriors who brought back harmony to the world. It’s the plot that setup the events for FF3 cannon.

  • Sticking to the old FF formula would have just resulted in even worse fortunes–look at every other JRPG this generation, they’ve all sold like crap except FF13. What SE needs to do is develop more quality original IPs like the “golden age” of the SNES-PS1 days when it seemed they were pumping out hit after hit. I think Enix ruined the company, and they need to get rid of their CEO and top management to get off the course of constant remakes and spinoffs and focus on more original content–of course, an FF7 remake is the exception since that would make a lot of money, but the top brass seem to be allergic to profits.

  • As awesome as a remake would be, everyone here, even the ff fan boys know that since FFX, the series has gone downhill to the point of no return and need to make the next game ACTUALLY GOOD! We all loved the old games cause back then, leveling up and personalization actually MEANT SOMETHING. if i wanted to watch a movie, I’d go to the movies, not play final fantasy XII or XIII!!!!!!!

  • They should do DOA vs FF at the very least. Capcom have already make vs Tatsunoko, marvel (3 times) and i dont remeber if there is other one, but that shows that they character can make more money in other places. SE should bet a little in this or another things, what they can loose? besides more money that they already loose.

  • Final Fantasy IX

    Dragon Quest (the whole damn series)

    these are pretty much the pinnacle of their creative genius in those franchises

    too bad their too busy fucking everything up with poor excuses for games like FFXIII and FFXIV

  • Is SE finally going under? Damn…not that I liked any of their games. But I hope Atlus or whichever company becomes the new most popular RPG maker doesn’t let it go to their head and ruin them like it did SE.

    • Their profit looks fine to me?

      The fiscal year ended March 2010 saw big title releases and record earnings.


      The Group achieved record results including consolidated sales of 192.2 billion yen, operating income of 28.2 billion yen and recurring income of 27.8 billion yen.

  • I’m pretty sure that doesn’t give them the right clue.
    Squenix is the best example for selfish,arrogant CEOs running a successful company into the ground. It’s a damn shame. None of their recent games can even remotely rekindle the spirit of their early games.
    Too many talented people have already left the sinking ship. All my money goes into Atlus,Mistwalker,Konami and Bandai Namcos Tales Division.

    • Those ass-hats of CEOs probably didn’t expect their own stockholders to be the ones to get pissed and leave.
      Their arrogance bit them back in the end.

      Also I believe Capcom and Namco-Bandai are sinking ships as well. They made similar decisions to SE that actually hurt them in the end. Like not being an impartial publisher and releasing unfinished games. Konami seems to be the only big publisher who’s doing it right. Love Plus was a good move.

  • Well, I think is finally time for a FF7 remake to happen.
    The thing with S-E is a global thing among japanese creative market, manga and anime are also suffering from the same sindrome…they can’t create anything good anymore.

  • What if by the time they decide to make FF7 remake, they didn’t have the capital and screwed it up majorly by outsourcing it to china and took out all the towns cause it’d take too long and also made the whole thing linear so it can be rushed out quicker.

  • You guys realize that Dragon Quest is still money in the bank for this company. It’s not all about the Final Fantasy franchise, although that’s probably where the money pit is at the moment.

  • only way square enix is ever gonna make a comebak if they start not making their games like how they do now and unfortunately i kno square enix is into turn based but thats starting to lose its touch

  • ff11 was terrible, as well as that vincent shooter one.

    Crisis core and that OVA about what happened kinda cheapen the plot in ff7. That goes doubly for advent children.

    I heard dawn of mana sucked. What about that shooter for 360…fuckin…project sylpheed. That was universally panned as diarrhea too. Last Remnant was alright, infinite undiscovery was better. FF13 was good. Resonance of fate was excellent. SO4, mixed bag. I’m a lunatic.

  • Square enix wont fall anytime soon…they still can remake FFVII…or create FF Tactics games (i love FF Tactics and i am sure there are millions like me)

    Anyway…they can get on top again just remaking games…i hope this means the new Golden Age of square.

  • The way I see it SquareEnix is handling way too many videogames and products at the moment. This wasn’t like this 4-5 years ago. The company seems to not be able to grasp how many proyects they have at hand.

    If one analizes the latest games SE has been involved with (FFXIII, Kane & Lynch 2, Front Mission Evolve, FF the 4 Heroes of Light, FFIV Online, etc.) and compares them to the games the company released back in the day when Enix and Square just fused, the graph becomes very clear and even obvious. Quantity over quality is the rule at this time.

    I just hope SquareEnix doesn’t end up destroying Dungeon Siege 3, since they are the ones (with the developers of Obsidian) in charge of the game.

  • They won’t go bankrupt. Seriously, there’s got to be a reason why they’d never listen to demands for a FF7 remake; It’s going to be their last resort. The moment they reached the reds, BOOM! FF7 remake announced= Instant god-status and all their ill-doings forgotten.

    • Pray to God that S-E will have enough capital to make that shit when they reach that point. If they keep making losses, there’s a chance they won’t be able to remake FFVII to save their lives.

      Suppose they can or will, there is also this problem about FFVII being a game of REALLY high nostalgia value. You fuck up fan expectations, and a FFVII remake will only serve as the tombstone to their graves.

  • Cause: It started with FF XII = Yawn.
    Then FFXIII wich took too long to make.
    Now the main failure is FF XIV its boring.

    Solution: remake FF XI and make a sequel of it.
    Add some adult content, 3d custom Girl like mod or hot coffee mods in every FF title.


    • Yes, and then we can have the same issue the Anime industry has right now. Ero ero everywhere and not a drop of substantial story telling or in this case gameplay to be found. It would sell like Record of the Argast War.

      • Did you guys play FFXI, honestly? It took a very long time to get to any content besides leveling. Consider that gameplay-wise if you were a DD class you stood there auto attacking for 30-60 seconds every fight, throwing out 1 skill.

        Despite any problems with FF14 they did try to make combat more interactive and interesting, at least.

  • Wouldn’t square enix have made a lot of money anyway even with failure of FF13 ? to be honest I thought the story was ok but the presentation ie: gameplay and especially final battle sucked. But they still made abit of money from that right ?

    I would think it’s their other titles such as Nier and the last remnant etc that failed to sell causing their downfall.

    I am not sure about the kingdom heart franchise, I think they are milking it way too hard at the moment, so it must be doing well ?

  • Why fix what ain’t broken?

    They should have kept the formula for their bestselling games and just revamped them.

    As far as I can tell, Game Freak has been doing that with Pokemon and it’s successful.

    • You’re comparing a franchise that appeals to kids to one targeted at an older demographic. Pokemon also has a strong social aspect to it, compared to single player offline RPGs with no multiplayer.

      In short, there really is no comparison.

  • They are doing fine in the Hand Held Gaming Market the problem is they are not doing great in the HD gaming Market because it’s costing them a lot of money to make games on HD consoles, and not generating much game sells in return, its mostly PSP and DS titles that Square Enix gets more sales from then Xbox 360 and PS3.Some of you may notice the lack of quality in some of their more recent titles they even try the Macho character approach but that didn’t seem to work for them.

  • It seems to be the root problem with SE is at the top of the branch – the decision makers. They need a new CEO, because the current one has his head up in the ass.

    I mean, it actually takes real skill to fail with such consistency. FF13, Front Mission, FF14, CoD:MW2, etc..

    They need to get someone who understands a fun game doesn’t need hours of cinematic or next-generation graphics.

  • Ah, progress is a bad idea sometimes. I mean, sure, a new environment isn’t a bad idea, but sometimes, you don’t need to change completely to please the times. And to those who think I’m wrong I have only these words:

    Legend of Zelda.

    Never changed, never needed to.

  • Maybe they’ll realize that the cash they’d drag in finally making FFVII would make up for all the griping and bitching they do about how hard it would be to create. “ITS HAAAARD ITS REALLY HAAAARD WE DUNT WANT TO DO THE WORK”. Beats the shit out of bankruptcy…

  • do you even listen to yourselves? you complain about JRPGs being stale repetitive and boring, now your solution making better games are repackaging the same shit?

    As for FFXIII sure it’s a horrible game but at least they were trying a different formula. Who can blame them for making it crap, they’ve been doing the same shit with the franchise for decades they don’t know how to make other genre.

    you know who’s fault it is? yours! for buying the same crap every time.

    • Nothing wrong with following the same “formula”, in the case of FF it is a sequel after all – it shares the namesakes of it’s predecessors.

      They just have to change the variables in the formula to keep it fresh, and maybe expand on it.

      Reinventing the whole thing is just plain stupid. If you want to try out a totally new idea, start a new franchise with a new name.

      • There is nothing “sequential” about all the final fantasy games. FFX-2 was a proper “sequel” to FFX, and perhaps Crisis Core can be considered a prequel to FFVII.

        Everything else is just a franchise. To say that the new final fantasy games are sequels to the old is plainly a misnomer.

        There’s also nothing wrong with reinventing gameplay styles, mechanics etc under the same franchise. There’s no overarching law or rule that says that games under the same franchise must follow the same style. But if it fails, it fails. That’s all there is to it.

        • When people buy a franchise game like FF they expects the game to be similar to the previous FF game they bought. People don’t like it when you throw them for a loop, and give them something completely different.

          Just saying.

  • And in the last 2 years, they were nuthugging Microsoft. Anyone else see a correlation? SE still had fans that were supporting them but they are continuously looking the other way to the other side of the Ocean, SE has no shame and are now paying the price for selling out.

  • I wouldn’t say the share price has dropped by a half, comparing closing prices of today and 2 years back there’s been a drop of about 30% (Y1731 from Y2450). If this comparision is considered to be half then Nintendo is in the same boat (Y21490 from Y30600)

  • What the heck happened?

    If they kept making FFX type JRPGs instead of trying to drastically change things (FFXII), and maintained the QC (FFXIII = facepalm) things would have been fine.

    Sequels are suppose to improve on and extend on the original, not reinvent them.

    • they should have stuck with the FFIX type for story, and experimented more with the FFX type of gameplay (though they have kept the shitty story telling from X and FFVIII). Instead they want to be ‘unique’ at the cost of being actually playable.

    • or making a really simple fucking game like ff1, make it fucking huge, and give it dlc game quality graphics, that way they have to focus on style over realistic.

      than they make the main game, lets say 40 hours long with 6 endings, with the best2 being the true end,

      hero + save world
      asshole + save world
      nutural + save world
      nutural + world burns
      hero + fails quest
      asshole + burns world.

      now 5 hours of the game will be princess is captured, save her.

      the next 5 hours is finding out there is an over world and under (in the clouds there is land, and under ground there is civilizations)

      the above clouds will be that we live in tree houses and epic elven castle like ascetic, the normal world will be more midevil, and the underworld will be more steampunk. humans will be the majority of the mid world for most of the game, and by the end depending on your choices, the world could be a near utopia or a burning hell hole.

      after the first 10 hours of game play, it goes into rpg sand box, with at least 100sq miles of land to traverse. (this isnt HOLY FUCK BALLS LOOK AT THAT graphics, this is close to tourchlight level graphics, where style matters more than realism.

      the game will have over 500 hours of content put into it, with side quests that rival the length and complexity of the main quest. in fact the main quest can change depending on how go about side quests.

      see in less than 10 minutes i layed the foundation for a game that will trump anything they have made in 10 years.

      • Bethesda kinda used the HD FF1 formula for Oblivion and it sells.

        SE doesn’t know that players these days prefer personalization in role playing rather than following one linear story that doesn’t have any relation with the players. FTW

        • Simply. Remaking all FFs 1-8 (not that 9 and 10 dont deserve it, those just dont need it) on ALL main 3 gaming platforms (PC,PS,Xbox) would make enought profit to run this corporation for 20 years releasing only crap like FF13/14. They know it well, but have too much pride to admit ‘we cannot make something new and good like years ago’.
          Also Dissidia 2 with more chars (Leon,Tifa,Zell,Seifer) and more arenas (crystal cave, mako reactor). Also team combat mode would be nice (imagine Emperor setting traps while Jecht holds opponents).
          So SE, if u read this, just make my and alidan ideas true. 100% success guaranted

  • One thing to be happy about is that with the company doing so terribly, SquareEnix is almost compelled to do a regime change simply to show the shareholders they care. However, the words business and savvy do not seem to go together regarding SquareEnix so who knows?

  • Good, I’m glad they’re getting a kick in the nuts. Perhaps now they’ll actually listen to what the players want instead of shoving bad games down our throats and expecting us to buy it.

    • That comment about how a FF7 remake would be “to hard” and “require way to much effort/work for us” was the last straw for me..

      “We dun wanna, it’s hard! We’d rather keep shelling out absolute crap because it’s easy to make!” almost..

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Sad as it is, I hope SquareEnix can perhaps pause the Final Fantasy line of games for a bit and evaluate options both for the FF series, other line of RPGs they have (unfortunately, all the excessive attention on Final Fantasy has had a negative effect on other series being as mainstream or AAA in production as the Final Fantasy series).

      Plus, they should re-evaluate how to create quality games instead of feeling forced to churn them out, which was the reason why FF12 was rushed in production, FF13 was rushed without proper feedback incorporated into the game design and FF14 MMORPG has to be one of the most rushed MMORPGs in history.

      They need to take a step back, take a breather and give developers more time and effort and maybe make it so they don’t have to make 3 or 4 Final Fantasy games in a given moment for home consoles, PCs and handhelds. Because right now, the Final Fantasy branding is actually hurting them as far as being able to stand on stable legs as a developer.

      • It’s always a bad idea to rely on one single project…

        If the stocks keep dropping the developers who left Squeenix could soon be able to buy their old employer. Bringing the game rights to the right people would be the right thing to happen.

        • Relying on one project? FF12 was released in 2006 and their stock went up until 2008. Their stock has dropped back to where it was post-FF7 launch, which is still much higher than it was pre-FF7.

          If you want my opinion on what has “doomed” them it is huge, ever increasing budgets for their flagship games which do not have any ROI. There is no sales increase proportionate to the development budget.

    • They should have stuck with the old FF formula…

      What I mean to say is, one that says:


      But nay, they wanted to appeal to the above and changed their FF formula…

      And now their greatest blessing became their greatest curse…

      Ah well…At least the hentai (futa) doujins will never stop coming even if their recent games will continue to disappoint…

      • Since when is the decline in FF anything to do with appealing to Americans? Square was still making great games after they got big in the West (unless you’re one of those “it’s popular, now it sucks” faggots who says that only the Nintendo games were good because he thinks hating everything since 7 makes him look hardcore).

        Don’t blame the gaijin for Squeenix’s stupidity. They changed the formula because they’re incompetent and because they wanted to copy all the other shitty RPGs. The whole genre has been in decline.

        • @HouseLife

          Maybe there shouldn’t be numerous lengthy cutscenes? You are, however, absolutely correct with your supposition.

          Don’t agree with your premise of A. I can say without a doubt that FF1 was incredibly weak, despite having played it during my formative years. I was still a teen when FF7 came out, yet I hardly think it was the best FF ever, either. Despite being leaps and bounds ahead of SNES FFs in terms of graphics, sound, and presentation.

        • PE and Einhander def favorites…

          But I blame it all on FFX… despite it being a square game it started the movement on abundant VA’s and ridiculous cutscene after cutscene. I knew I hated the game for a reason. Cutscenes used to be something that were praised and something that I looked forward to up until I started playing FFX. From there I started DREADING it, I even made it all the way up to SIN and was able to travel around by airship and just stopped playing. I never bothered finishing it. I’m surprised I even made it THAT far.

        • I’ve considered all the SquareEnix titles good. Chiefly, I’ve yet to hear what made the previous games so much better than the recent ones, because there are a few things that are never taken into account during those discussions.

          A) Our generation played them during our influential years. As such, nothing you will ever play again will affect you anywhere close to as much as it affected you then,

          B) The technology jumps that lead to such impressive ‘discovery’ mentality is over with for the time being, where the graphics increases aren’t really doing anything as wonderful as they did earlier, and

          C) Those games wouldn’t have worked in the current format in the way they were delivered. 2D top-down and such wouldn’t be delivered the same way, and thus the experience would be skewed. People complain about cutscene length and watching whole games as a movie. That’s exactly what would happen with FF4, 6, and 7 if the text were turned into cutscenes.

        • Einhander is… Squaresoft, Squeenix has… well.. Squeenix.., as for wanting the old FF formula, kinda hard since they fired the director, pretty much “Lost Oddisey” on 360 should be FFX, while “The Last Story” on wii should be the real FFXI.

          But who cares about what one anon has to say.

      • I know one quick stupid way they could make tons of money real quick and right now.

        Get a hold of the fans who made Chrono Ressurection and go “Okay… You guys can make your 3D Chrono Trigger, but we get the profit and we’re going to make sure it’s HD capable and downloadable for PSN and XBLA, so that we can get a huge cut of the profit instead of dealing with distributors”

        Then suddenly, overnight, every single fanboy and RPG gamer in the world is paying whatever they ask, even if it’s a 30$ Downloadable, just so that they can get their dirty paws all over that 3D Chrono Trigger deliciousness.

        • They’ve been ignoring what people said about their MMOs since FFXI, why do you expect them to suddenly change now? That being said, they’re taking criticism seriously and are working on some issues in Nov/Dec.

          Don’t you think it’s a bit silly to compare a console game company with PC? PC has always been about mods, that’s one of its biggest strengths. Although it was 100% ridiculous for them to shut down a ROM hack when they don’t seem to have any intention of making a game like CR.

        • I do agree with Schrobby though. At least with FFXIV (14), I’ve been hearing alot about them ignoring or even disregarding what the beta testers said.

          Why would you ask someone to test a game for you, then later just shoot down what they tell tell you and even explain why it won’t work. That’s just bad business there.

          I liked FF titles but they are really disappointing now a days.

        • Darkrockslizer>>”Only now games start to purposely concentrate on user added content and innovations, however a point where a large company would actually involve themselves in a fan made project and make it official has still yet to be seen.”

          You’re wrong. Valve did that with “Portal”, there was also some fan made “Half-life” single player mod that was taken under it’s wings by Valve and then sold as normal, boxed game.
          Oh, there is also “Counterstrike”, yeah, you know – the GAME. The whole Source is great place to develop India projects as well, I’m currently developing one strategic turn based game for it.

          Also – the so-hated-Microsoft-corporation created something as homebrew friendly as XNA, where you can distribute your free games for FREE and sell them for small share of profits. On their pages you have even tutorials for various aspects of game developing, working code and much more – for FREE.

          Well, there are many other examples, but I think I made my point.

          So – the idea already occured to many companies. It just didn’t occured to Japanese ones.

        • They could make a proper Chrono Trigger sequel, that would sell for sure. They could even do it with (modern) 2D graphics so it wouldn’t cost very much to develop. An updated version of FF7 would be a fairly simple project too, and it would sell.

          Too bad Square is determined to go bankrupt.

        • Companies ignoring or even fighting against fan works are dumb. Not only are they ignoring possible profits, they alienate the fanbase.
          Fan projects like the mentioned Chrono Ressurection should be used, not closed. Mod packs are another great example.

        • @anon 13:51 they should also share some profit with the fans as it would be their work and idea to begin with.

          I think at that era (2004) a collaboration like that was still unimaginable, companies still only thinking the only benefit they can gain in such situations is huge conglomerate-class compensations from every single penniless teenager accused (which, miraculously, never worked out…!?).

          Only now games start to purposely concentrate on user added content and innovations, however a point where a large company would actually involve themselves in a fan made project and make it official has still yet to be seen.

        • You know, I thought chrono cross’s storyline was fantastic and the music was awesome. Even when they translate the script to english, it was pretty clear that the script was translated to English audiences. A pity there would never be any 3rd Chrono game.