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Chinese Mob Strips Woman For Wearing “Kimono”


A Chinese mob protesting Japan’s defiance reportedly attacked a Chinese woman for wearing what they thought was a kimono, tearing off her clothes in anger – only to discover she was actually wearing traditional Chinese robes.

The protests occurring in Chengdu involved attacks on cars and shops thought to be Japanese (although in at least one case of a “Japanese” restaurant being ransacked the shop was actually entirely owned and staffed by Chinese).

However, in at least one case the mob also took its frustrations out on a woman spotted at a coffee shop.

Their unfortunate victim, a Chinese woman, was wearing traditional Han Chinese robes – unfortunately the distinction was too much for the mob, which mistook them for a Japanese kimono and attacked her, tearing off the offending clothing.

The type of dress is not specified, but there are a variety of styles of traditional Han robes which resemble kimono:


The woman had to flee to the shop’s restrooms, where she borrowed some clothes and changed into safer attire.

A Hong Kong newspaper reports the demonstration itself was “spontaneously” organised by a student group over the Internet, without state sanction.

No arrests were made, but the government has stressed to the mobs that “they should express their patriotism within the law.”

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