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Aya Hirano: “I Hate Thick Condoms!”


Aya Hirano’s remaining “life-liners” are currently flat-lining with the troubled seiyuu’s latest TV interview – she reveals she prefers thin condoms and claims she was banned from a bar for misusing her seiyuu talents in a lascivious manner.

The main bombshell is this remark:

“I wish they’d stop [using] 0.2mm thick condoms.”

She also mentions that she was banned from a bar for unbecoming conduct:

“I was banned from a bar for saying lewd things in an anime voice…”

The show (shown below) was the latest in a long series of variety programme appearances:


Hirano’s latest travails do not end there – in a series of Tweets (she has resumed her Twittering, quickly falling victim to a series of trolls and detractors) she explained she felt uncomfortable socialising with other seiyuu and that she preferred dining alone.

As well as saying again she has only a small circle of friends, she also revealed that her shy temperament had earnt her the nicknames “Sadako” and “Ayanami” at middle school, quite the contrast to the extroverted image associated with her characters and seiyuu image.

Fortunately, her other remarks tend to indicate whilst she might often be stuck dining alone, she rarely has to sleep alone.

Not all of her “life-liner” fans are dead just yet – one of the last shares his latest purchases (multiple copies of her new gravure album, made after the interview above), saying “she’s certainly an expensive woman!” and prompting some rather unkind responses in return:


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