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Top 10 Summer 2010 Anime – Moe Domination


The “Minna de Kimeru” anime ranking for the best series to air during summer 2010 yields a list with a number of unexpected (some would say strange) entries, though of course there are no prizes for guessing which anime grabbed the top spot.

The ranking, with the average scores each received:

1. K-ON!! (4.44)

2. Giant Killing (4.35)

3. Heart Catch Precure (4.32)

4. Occult Gakuin (4.15)

5. Kaichou wa Meido-sama!

6. Strike Witches 2 (4.01)

7. Highschool of the Dead (3.98)

8. Mitsudo Moe (3.98)

9. Sekirei – Pure Engagement (3.97)

10. Amagami SS (3.93)

Anime fans will of course notice some notable omissions…

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