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PlayStation Move vs WiiMote


The PlayStation Move controller may be a flagrant copy of the Wii’s WiiMote, but ping-pong aficionados playing both consoles side-by-side have compared the two and found Sony’s imitation does actually deliver a rather upgraded experience.

“Wii Sports” vs “Sports Champions”:

The “waggle test” – the motion sensing of the Wii is sufficiently crude that in some games little more than the illusion of control is offered, as exemplified by the finding that waggling the Wii’s controller randomly from side to side assures victory thanks to some rather generous assistance from the console itself… the Move controller is however a different story:

All that remains to be seen is how Kinect performs under similar conditions.

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  • XD My my, so much love in here from all the Move-tards and Wii-tards.

    Established fact; Sony pulled a shameless poser move that works slightly better than a Wii-mote WITHOUT Motion Plus, while adding a plastic light-bulb to flash and distract you to the end of it.

    When the next Nintendo console comes around[Not the 3DS; that’s already breaking records for awesome], it will probably match up to, if not beat, what the Move has done in terms of tech specs. Whether or not they’ll act as shamelessly as Sony did and copy looks on top of everything else is still up for debate, but let’s not put it beyond them.

    Then Sony will come around and pull off the same thing.
    Then Nintendo will do it.
    Back and forth for the entirety of their company’s respective lives.

    Honestly, the industry thrives off of people taking ideas away from each other, altering them slightly, then re-marketing them.
    I mean, take a look at Call of Duty VS Modern Warfare debates that have been flying around lately for an example.XD

    Nothing’s gonna change about how shameless all three companies are going to act in the future, so we all might as well just go with the flow by picking what suits us instead of arguing about it incessantly over the net.

    After all, as the saying goes,
    “Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics; even if you win, you’re still retarded.”

  • I got a Move and it’s 150x better than my WII. The WII is a kids toy compared to the MOVE. Simple as that. People that post negative comments on the MOVE obviously don’t own one or they’d actually talk some sense. You only have to stand back far enough that you don’t smack your TV. I don’t know what people are bitching about.
    It’s not “perfect” but it’s 96% perfect and as close as any hardware is capable of delivering for under $100. The disc with the bundle has enough proof on it to shut up detractors and games next year are going to explode with motion control I’m 100% sure. I got a 360 also so I’m not a fanboi of any system but you can’t deny that the MOVE is going to be impossible to beat. It’s just a fact of reality.

    • No, it’s a Move fan raving about their love for a Sony-made copy of the Wii Motion Plus with a flashing bulb on the end and toting its over-rated glory as a “fact” when it’s clearly not.

      Everything that the Move does, the Wii Motion Plus does just as well.

      I own both and haven’t seen a single difference in response quality. Because there isn’t one.

      What really matters is the quality of the games used on each respective system.
      If you had focused on that area and started pointing out the fact that the Wii needs to dump the shovel-ware being thrown onto it and start focusing more on the quality titles people WANT on the system, you’d have had a fair point.
      But you didn’t.
      So you don’t.
      Try again when you’ve widened your narrow PoV.
      You don’t have to be a Sony fan-boy to be a narrow-minded Wii-Hater.

    • I owe move too, and Im a bit disappointed with move.
      Maybe is a novelty for the majority of ps3 users, but playing the disc bundle and the sense of deja vu is horrid, is like go back to 4 years ago but in HD, so I dont feel it like “it changes everything”, feels more like another WAGGLE game. Did you tried wiimotion plus? the sense is almost the same 1:1

  • WHat you ALL have to realize is that this site has crawled up SONY’s ass soooooooo far that I’m surtprised that they say anything bad about sony at all…. oohh wait they dont LOL. But anyway good luck trying to get sony’s attention while the fact remains that a 8ms delay is far long that a 2ms delay which is what the nintendo wii has.

    Sorry to be the person with bad news but BOTH Sony AND Microsoft are still a few years behind nintendo when it comes to actual sensing devices. The move (although great) is basically a copy off of all of the stuff nintendo couldn’t patent then new software was written in to cover up where there were holes. As for play, once you get a move you’ll realize how bad a 2ms response time is when your character not only doesn’t represent you on the screen but moves about .5 seconds slower making it almost impossible to play su7ch games as fighting and FPS’s.

  • Nobody ever seems to mention how far you have to stand away from your T.V. for the PS Move camera to be able to see your entire swings. Thats a big draw back and every review I watched just glanced over the issue. When I first tried the move at this years TGS that was the first thing i noticed. Just look at the videos posted, theres a reason why the PS move videos always have a second window to show the player.

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but in the 2nd video they dont even try to swing the move controller like they did with the wii mote to show that it in fact wouldnt register the same. that you would indeed mess up if you didnt do accurate full arm movements on the move.

    Also in the 3rd video I noticed that they only show the wii mote and the tv at the same time…but when it came to the move, they only showed the tv and didnt let you see the controller movement to game sync..hrmmm

    They should make these comparison demonstration videos show things equally. =>_<;=

  • I work in the games industry and have it on good information that when put into practice the wii’s system is more accurate (or at the lest identical in that respect) and more reliable (less prone to decalibration). when it comes down to it though, the difference is actualy very small. PR and misinfomed fanboys can do a lot.

  • Can’t we just let motion sensing games stay where they belong.. in the arcade?

    yes id rather just sit on my fat ass and use a controller.

    In reality i could care less if they make these products or games, i’m sure lots of people like them. As long as it doesn’t become forced upon me to use them ill be fine.

  • All i want for Move Compatible games is No More Heroes 2 Paradise, Resident Evil 5, Demon Souls, Monster Hunter PS3, Beat-em Up Games(still waiting for a God Hand Sequel), FPS Games(like Resistance 3).

    i really like the wiimote design though, especially it has built in speakers sadly they took away the feature from no more hereos 2.

  • wrap up

    1- Move offers more, its improved!
    2- Wii doesnt you did all you could, just some blockbusters to wait now

    3- Move is seen by a casual consumer perspective like a rip off
    4- Wii was the first, came and took the market place. Kicked Ass! Impossible to deny.

    4- Final Fantasy 5 and 6 beat 12 and 13, so obviously the eye toy can look better than kinect, but lets wait on that
    5- “The improved ps2” did what Sony coudnt at the time plus the gimmick that by itself is irrelevant if people buy it and enjoy it

    6- There shouldnt be any discussion at all, Wii kicked ass, ps3 didnt. Move comes out to catch the casual market. Casual market is already owned

    7- “Move” on * teheee i make a pun i did i

    • Sounds like your trying to convince yourself the Wii is better than it actually is.

      Also, is it so wrong for another company to use motion controls other than Nintendo. Not to mention PS2 had the first successful motion control device that sold millions. The PSEye. The Power Glove was a joke so don’t use that.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    “All that remains to be seen is how Kinect performs under similar conditions.”

    Like people playing air guitar, I would imagine playing table-tennis on Kinect would look like someone practising “air bitch-slapping” lol

  • Anyone here cared to look at the videos objectively? the 2 ping pong games practically have the same technology, only that the PS3 version has a faster pace & needs more exaggerated movements to register movements.

    Look at the movements in the videos again, the players just swung the paddle aimlessly at an arbitrary direction & the ball connects. The only difference here is that instead of waggle control, PS3 gives you swing control. Well, maybe it’s good if you want more exercise, but then again, I though people here are too lazy for motion control anyway.

    • If you read the review from people who played both, PS3 version definitely track the motion and Wii version only track gesture. The caveat is that at the easiest level, PS3 version have lots of assist (basically making it more like Wii version, but with a bigger freedom in movement). Higher level have less assist and basically track 1:1 movement.

      The problem with Wii don’t track 1:1 movement is not only because it made the game easier but the original Wiimote simply can’t do it! Only with the Wiimote plus attachment (or the newly announced Wiimote+) that Wii can track 1:1 movement. Even then, PS Move is better for absolute positioning because the ball can be seen almost from any angle, whereas Wiimote led strip can only be seen when you pointed the controller to the front. And another trick that PS Move have is that it knows its own orientation (because of the magnetometer).

      Basically PS Move is what Wiimote should have been.

      Kinect is a different beast though. Basically Kinect is to EyeToy like Move is to Wiimote.

  • don’t forget that when the wii was first shown and up until the first years sales figures were known sony and microsoft both ridiculed the wii as a toy. now we see them both trying to get that motion controller market pie. microsoft went innovation and released the kinect. sony between trying to force a new type of media on the public, simply made a copy with better bits. what ever the move has that makes it better is due to the fact that sony techs had years to tinker with wii controllers.

  • Wii came out ages ago and table tennis was in like one of the first 3 games. The fact that sony only ‘improved’ on it isn’t anything spectacualar. They’ve certainly had time to do so.

  • why is it that every time someone comes out with a new item “ps move” its always compared to a similar item “WiiMote” and automatically classed as a copy or imitation?….

    like damn that means the the Nintendo ps1-3 xbox and so on are rip offs of the odyssey console.

    • Because when it comes to Sony, they copied Nintendo since forever. D-pad with 4 face buttons, rumble, analog stick, and now a strangely familiar motion controller(note: I’m not saying Nintendo is the inventor of the previously mentioned technologies but that they were to first to utilize them for a home console). I don’t know, their track records is pretty glaring.

      Not that I’m complaining since competition between companies is almost always good for the consumers.

      • >analog stick
        >Nintendo(…)were to first to utilize them for a home console

        Aren’t you forgetting something?

        Like Atari 2600? That one had a stick too, who cares if it wasn’t really analog. It worked just like those we use today. If we followed your logic, Nintendo has been copying Atari for years.

        Really now, just because Nintendo put a d-pad, a stick and buttons on their controllers doesn’t mean that they have some sort of monopoly on them and anyone putting such on their pads is a naughty copycat and an idea thief.

        • First, was the 5200 joystick, not 2600. Second, was a total failure. Third, the control can no registrate aceleration and movement, only the eight basics posible positions, nothing in between. Fourth ¿what games, please?

        • what do i have:
          sony ps1-3: yes
          xbox: no, sold it
          wii: no

          i have a sony cos i like the games.
          i sold the xbox cos the games were crap “to me”
          never bothered with the wii cos it just looked like crap and it has no good games

          so….when did the point of “we own these cos we play games” disappear?

        • if you want to compare a joystick with a analog stick, why you don’t compare the Wii with the PS3? Both use disc for media, have WiFi and have motion control, ergo, they are the same if we use your dumb logic.

          … oh, wait, Sega CD uses a disc first… ergo, Nintendo AND Sony copycat the concept too.

          One thing funny about fanboys is they alterate reality far beyond to the point they can warp time and space around their minds with the power of theirs child beliefs….

        • I guess every car company in the world is lame because they copied seat belts from Volvo then.

          If it’s a good idea then what’s wrong with copying it?

          It’d be pretty sucky if Nintendo had exclusive rights to a D-pad design for something as trivial as left, right, up, and down.

  • I tried this the other day, it kind of sucked. It didn’t feel like a game, and it wasn’t realistic enough to delve into. It just made me want to play the real thing.

    Not that I’m saying that Wii is any better. I’m just not interested in virtual simulator more so than games that are actually creative.

    • it’s cos the wii is essentially self depricating

      honestly, if the table tennis is that realistic, why not just go and play table tennis?

      the point of the wii is to mock your friends as they fail

  • Wii Sports Release Date – November, 2006
    Sports Champions Release Date – October, 2010

    While we’re at it, why don’t we compare Blakestone and Modern Warfare II to see which FPS delivers better shooting mechanics…

    • That’s irrelevant actually.

      Nintendo could release a Wii 2 right this moment and it would be the same.

      You know why? Because Nintendo uses inferior technology to make a quick buck.

      To date, Nintendo is the only console making company in history that actually profits from console sales instead of software sales. They use inferior technology and mark up the price.

      Sony already had something called the EyeToy which is far superior than what Kinect offers.

      EyeToy: 2004
      Kinect: 2010

      Your point = Nintendo’s dick in your mouth.

      • Eyetoy is in no way ‘superior’ to the Kinect. It simply isnt in the hardware. There may be better games, but get off sony’s dick, it’s inferior hardware.

        As for motion controls, those have been around since nintendo era. Konami pioneered a lot of that stuff too. Sony really did just rip off a lot of ideas from other sources. Again, sorry, get off sony’s dick. You’re deluding yourself.

        Nintendo has pretty much always done something innovative with their consoles. You know what, it might not be cutting edge, but they try to do something different.

        Also, the Wii made money on /all fronts/, holy shit, wii sports alone outsold the entire PS3 library for years.

        Do I fucking love Nintendo? Not at all. Do I think idiotic fanboys who like to crawl up sony’s dick are right? Never. Sony is the company that had to bye out competition to compete with Sega back during the PSX era. They’ve always been con artists and thieves, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. That’s how /BUSINESS/ works.

  • Motion controllers are gimmicks. Nothing more. They may offer some fun with casual “games” but they are essentially superfluous. Dual Shock is way more essential for gaming.

    Besides, are there even people who still believe in the “sportive” nature of those things. Anyway, my only qualm would be the flood of ultra-bad casual games being released for those gimmicks.

    • I think the problem with the motion controller is that they don’t realize that we don’t want to move if we don’t have to, so as not to tire ourselves out. Gaming isn’t a sport, it’s a hobby.

  • Considering how long after the Wii’s debut the Move came out, isn’t this supposed to be expected?

    And in the same amount of time Nintendo could make something even better than this…few more years past, Sony beats, that, and so on…

    • Seriously, did you even watch those videos?
      If all you have to do to win Wii Ping Pong on it’s hardest setting is sit there and wiggle the wiimote back and forth, what in God’s name makes that superior. Get off Nintendo’s dick.

      And, for all those that have been saying that Sony is just copying Nintendo with motion control, please do your research. Sony was researching/developing the technology that would eventually become the Move controller LONG before the Wii was ever even announced or released.

      • Anyway it’s not copying if it’s better,nintendo tried,they have been bested.

        End of story.

        Cooking contest:
        Two cook both bring you steak,one latter than the other,you won’t accuse him of copying the first cook if the first steak was poorly cooked right?

        • Still better than eating the wall with hasty rip-off…

          I say if the product is good/better than it’s predecessor,people shouldn’t ditch it just because “someone did it before”.

          If people weren’t copying at all,we wouldn’t see many of the (good) things we see now.
          I’m not saying people should copy,but i don’t see why people should stop themselves of making thing somebody else made if they can make it better.

          It’s called improvement.

          oooooor you could also kick out the second cook out of the kitchen while you wait another 2 year for the first cook to realize what he did wrong…if he does because hey,if it sell,then it must be good!

          But that’s just my opinion.
          Competition has always been a good way of improving things.

    • I hope they simulate running after a fleeing anime girl (or guy) and then capturing her/him then putting her/him inside a room with not-so-nice-looking instruments of pain and suffering…

      I can think up of so many potential possibilities with interactivity and enjoyment in mind…

      And I’m not talking about sports/family/or party games…

      • What else is there, besides party and family games..?

        We need something violent that involves using the human body and at the same time something more profitable to certain groups of people on the market…

        Family/party/sports games can only go so far before they become stagnant…

        We need some violent interactive games, and not just the above mentioned…

        At least I have ideas for more profit from the puritanically ignorant fools running the ESRB and the ones making games…

  • Shippoyasha says:

    I’ll just take the first gen 360 title Table Tennis by Rockstar, thank you (yeah, I know right? It’s THAT Rockstar).

    But wow. What is UP with launch titles and ping pong? Is that all that jams up in a developer’s brain when making a launch title? To play it safe, they revert to… PONG?

  • Sure, compare them all you want, but the fact is that the Move is the 2nd generation Wii

    ….although i’m not quite sure how N1ntendo missed the fact that it’s easier to track a moving object with a stationary camera, as opposed to tracking a stationary object with a moving camera. I mean srsly.

    • The Wii’s sensor bar does not have the same purpose as the Move’s camera and colored ball system.

      Sony’s move system is better at tracking movement because The Wii doesn’t have a way of tracking physical location. The remote can tell things like how it’s tilted and which way it’s moving, and how fast.

      The sensor bar Has nothing to do with motion control, it’s used for the pointer function. Incidentally, This means no pointer FPS for Playstation.

    • The Wii is a slightly upgraded PS2, you can’t expect it’s features/components to compete with the PS3 to begin with..

      Production costs and price tags are more important to their business model.

    • That’s irrelevant actually.

      Nintendo could release a Wii 2 right this moment and it would be the same.

      You know why? Because Nintendo uses inferior technology to make a quick buck.

      To date, Nintendo is the only console making company in history that actually profits from console sales instead of software sales. They use inferior technology and mark up the price.

      • what fucking crack are you on?

        the NES, SNES, N64, and gamecube were all built with latest and greatest hardware in mind.

        gameboy, gameboy pocket, color, advanced, and virtual boy.

        all built with latest and greatest hardware in mind.

        but i spose with children like you who started playing games with the ps3/360. nintendo seems that way.

      • Why would Nintendo release a wii 2 right now? That is just dumb marketing. They know right now that people are tired of the motion gimmick. And how is the technology inferior? It was made more then 4 YEARS ago and no other product had the same technology.

        So far the Kinect is selling horribly because it is basically the wii. But it is a wii you have to pay around 400 dollars for all together.

        Nintendo right now is most likely focusing all their efforts to make a new HD quality system which will surpass the 360/PS3 in graphics and have motion control with it in one package at one price.

        The fact that you have to buy the console and the motion control supplies separately is why the Kinect and move will fail even with better motion technology and graphics.

        They are both a VERY similar experience but the wii is a lot cheaper.

      • I think the software part is being completely ignored

        the WiiSports is meant as an entry level game to show the Wii motion capability and it was an experimental thing, so they wanted to make sure everyone and anyone can win if they try

        Now I think if they were to make a more serious ping pong game for Wii it would be similar to the PS3 one we saw

      • They’ve been the cheapest consoles for the last 2 generations though. They have to deal with the most pirating do to using “dated” tech and their 3rd party stuff is the only thing that seems to have problems selling.

        The western business model that Sony in particular keeps taking IS NOT WORKING. Being on top of latest tech is not entitling you to sales if it 1) Not affordable and 2) Wide represented through the media. There were people in 2006 that didn’t even know what a Dual layer disc was let alone a blu-ray disc. Have 4 models of one console holding 2 separate sets of specs didn’t help either. X360 and Wii were very straight forward and access with budget. Let your costumer get they want for the money they can and are willing to put out is how you run a company.

        Sony hasn’t learn this with the PSP yet though so oh well.

        • It’s a thing of balance, really. Consoles must balance fun with not-extremely-expensive. Sure, the Wii could have been a Move HHD 5 years ago, but probably at >$599, in which case, it wouldn’t have sold nearly as many consoles as it has.

          On the other hand, I’m under the impression that the Move’s and the WiiMotionPlus’ hardware has the same capabilities, and that the difference lays in the software

        • Yup, and I know why. It’s quite simple, really. The Wii is intended for casual gaming. Casual gamers prefer easy controls, and the WiiMote delivers.
          Move sure is better, but also makes gaming harder, something Nintendo obviously doesn’t want for the WiiMote.

          The Wii, it’s controllers and it’s games are perfectly geared towards the intended target audience, and that’s why it sold like hot cakes. A real stroke of marketing genius.

        • You don’t seem to understand.

          Nintendo could have 10 years to “improve” the “motion control technology” but it would amount to nothing because Nintendo has no desire to improve.

          Clearly this was possible as far as when Wii was released, assuming Nintendo put in any effort developing some decent motion control technology but they’d rather release things with old technology and mark up the price by slapping their name on it.

      • Yeah, sure…

        That is the reason why Tales of Symphonia is better in PS2 and have superior graphics and less load time that the GC version… oh, wait…

        Resident Evil 4 look much better in GC and Killer 7 too. The N64 have better in-game graphics that PSX in more cases and the SNES wins over the Genesis.

        The real fact is this: Nintendo make a profit for the simple reason that they sell their hardware expensive. They cover the production cost from day one and they don’t lower the prices in the same pase that other companies.

        Microsoft and Sony have multiple departaments and have profits for the sales of another products and services. Nintendo don’t. They only sells games and licensed products (t-shirts, figures, plushs dolls, etc.) about their owns games. If they don’t make a profit of hardware they go right to the bankruptcy.

        To date, Nintendo is a company that makes the things in the unique intelligent way: making money with the things that they do.

        • 08:36 Christ you’re a fucking idiot. Or you have amnesia and can’t remember anything from a decade ago. YOU know nothing. This is not a matter of opinion. You’re just wrong.

          The difference between the PSX and the N64 was equivalent to the difference between software and hardware rendering on the PC.

          Things that the N64 had that the PSX lacked: bilinear filtering, proper z-buffering, perspective correct texturing, anti-aliasing, and its polygon construction was wobbly as hell. All this made PSX graphics a complete fucking mess to the point where you sometimes couldn’t even tell what things were supposed to look like.

          You know why there are no games on the PSX that feature a large full-size world like Zelda OoT or MM? Precisely because of that. Even the very best looking games on the PSX can NOT show graphics that can convey the illusion of a “solid” world because the console’s rendering is too pixelated and can barely hold its polygons together. 3D objects that break up, shiver all over the place, show polygon gaps, or just disappear, floors that seem like wobbly jelly beneath your feet, all that made the PSX a console that was unable to construct any world as immersive as Zelda.

          Oohhhh but it had CD media, so developers could show a pretty intro FMV to hide how fugly all the games looked. Ever wonder why ads for FFVII only ever showed FMV cutscenes? Even publishers knew the console’s graphics looked like shit. Where as the N64 Zelda games were advertised in their full epic in-game glory.

          tl;dr: the PSX looked like shit, even its best games.

        • In no way shape or form does N64 in-game graphics beat PSX. To claim so means you know nothing. If anything looks better it’s because you’re comparing a crappy PSX game with the best N64 game. After that the rest is fanboyism or just… lack of perception.

        • That is true. Basically their market was ‘toys for families.’ It’s been written in several articles before that basically many more people have the Wii, but on average they have far fewer games, and most people I’ve talked to outside of old folks homes tend to leave it collecting dust for long periods of time like any other toy (old folks use it for exercise in their generally samey lives these days, which I actually love). Granted my 360 is doing the same, but mainly because I just have less time to play anything, and I’m working through my backlog of PS2 games ^^

          Anyway, Nintendo would have had an even bigger overlapping market probably should they have even done standard tech for that time, but they decided not to. Either way though, experienced gamers seem to be aware that there are severe limitations on what can be done with the Wiimote effectively. Everything can feel very uncomfortable when not handled right, hence why only first party games really get acclaim. Really I can’t see the controller being ousted anytime soon as the most direct and intensive control over a videogame.

        • @21:18
          actually, when nintendo announced the wii, they were in danger of going bust because of the gamecube’s failure (still think it’s a brilliant console imo, it just lacked 3rd party support)

          it was a massive risk

        • I wouldn’t say that Nintendo likes being original at all.

          How many DS’s have been released and they’re how different from the previous model? Right…

          After the Gamecube failure Nintendo realised they couldn’t compete at a technology level and decided they had to find a new market.

          If the Wii had failed as well then that would possibly have been the end of Nintendo in the Console business.

        • Um, as Shigeru Miyamoto said, Nintendo makes games so people can have fun playing them.
          Simple objective.
          They don’t go overboard with emulating the latest technology like the PS + XBox does.
          Nintendo likes being original.

        • They have a lot of financial “power” now but remember that before the Wii came the Gamecube, which unfortunately didn’t do well at all. it made a profit but that’s about all that can be said. They had to do something to shake things up while at the same time being very careful. They pulled it off, and as usual the rest of the industry followed in their steps.

          The Wii was released half a decade ago. People often seem to conveniently forget that. Things were different, mainstream motion control was new, and they didn’t have the benefit of hindsight.

          It would actually be pretty pathetic if, after all this time, the move WASN’T an improvement.

        • Great risk, yes, but with their financial ‘power’ they could make a console equivalent to PS3/360 in terms of graphics with a dedicated motion controler that guaranteed good movement recognition. Instead they decided to release an improved PS2 with a motion controller that works, but could work much better.

          In other words, they went for a platform that’s cheap to manufacture, yet sells for a good amount of cash, which translates to nice profit if it sells well.

        • “Making a Console thats both a media Server and a Console. Making it possible to install third party OS on your Console. Making it possible to put in any 3.5″ HD you wanted in your Console (at least in the FAT PS3).”

          My PC did that years ago

        • One other thing. Sony did not approach Nintendo with the SNES CD drive idea. Nintendo actually contracted Sony (and apparently Phillips as well) to develop it for them. But then, for reasons unknown, Nintendo completely abandoned CD-Rom as a viable option touting that longer load times and a complete hardware overhaul was necessary and stuck with the ROM based cartridges they used for N64.

          Ludology 101. Get yer facts straight fanboy.

        • So you won’t give them credit unless they make it…? That’s pretty shallow… I give Nintendo credit for its innovations, but most of them aren’t even their innovations, just taking the tech from other companies that did the research anyway and made it for gaming. So Nintendo isn’t really original either, so it’s all moot.

        • Sony and original? Like their controller which both nintendo and microsoft copied.

          Or pushing 3rd parties instead of just their own which made FF7 the big success it was. FF7 sold more copies on the first weekend then all previous FFs on Nintendo did together in their whole lifetime. And it wasn’t because of square, but because of the incredible marketing campaign SONY made arround it.

          Making a Console thats both a media Server and a Console. Making it possible to install third party OS on your Console. Making it possible to put in any 3.5″ HD you wanted in your Console (at least in the FAT PS3).

          Its the fault of Nintendo entirely. Sony asked them way back to make a Console with a CD Drive, but shortsighted as Nintendo is they refused. And that nearly killed them for sure, because that was the birth of the Playstation.

          Oh, besides, best name ever. People who aren’t gamers often call every console “the new playstation”. At least here in europe.

        • I tested the Wii a few years ago with a few games, and honestly most of the fun I had was trying to make it respond to the movements it said it would. The games were small and uninspiring with the exception of the first party games in general. I was hoping that it was because the game I tested was in early development that the controls were so unresponsive. I mean they were smaller movements, sure, but still, it was designed for this kind of thing, right? Even at release nothing had really improved. Functionality that was based on the motion controls had to be cut because frankly the Wiimote is a piece of garbage to me. I guess it’s good in first party control perhaps, but even when I played those games it just didn’t feel like I was really in control.

          Either way, Nintendo DEFINITELY spearheads the use of these innovations in the gaming industry, with the power glove, the gun, etc. but spearheading an effort can only go so far. Just because they used crappy motion control doesn’t mean they should be praised specifically for using motion control. They need to be praised for their attempts, and held accountable for their failures.

          If it took Sony to make improved motion controls before Nintendo could fix its crap, then Sony doesn’t deserve heckling, they deserve credit where it’s due for showing Nintendo what their innovative asses should have done to improve on their motion controls over time. They may be innovative, but they never seem to aspire to ‘perfect’ any of their technology.

        • Here is the thing Nintendo Wii Consoles sells on the casual gamer market because a lot of people grown up playing Nintendo consoles when they were kids, Wii-wifi network offers old games on DLC even the Sega collection which I was surprise.After looking at the Specs they use on the Wii they were using cheapest technology they can find back then you be surprise you don’t see Fall Out 3 on Nintendo Wii because it didn’t have the best technology to put that game on there system because I don’t think 729 MHz processor is going to play that game.

          The only reason why Nintendo is making 3DS is because the Hand-Held Market is big in Japan and other country’s. Most game sells on the DS are higher then then the Wii’s Mario Galaxy 2 the reason why they are selling 3DS for $300 is because the technology they are using on that thing is better then the Nintendo Gamecube and PSP.

        • This is getting amusing now… We keep repeating ourselves.

          When Nintendo come up with a new way to play games (examples being the Wii remote and handhelds) it always suck. Based on sony and microsoft fans. When sony and microsoft then decide “Fuck, Nintendo made success with their new stuff. Let’s try something similar.” whatever they produce, doesn’t suck. And this is despite bugs.

          Nintendo is now going for 3D, which many experts say will be greatly imporved in a few years. It will most likely be a success, because it is the first 3D handheld. When sony or microsoft again decide that “Fuck, Nintendo made success with their new stuff. Let’s try something similar.”, they will have access to the improved 3D tecnology and know if the marked likes 3D or not. At which point sony and microsoft fans will step up and claim that the 3DS suck and whatever is better.

          At this point, Nintendo will have another thing going… Possibly Head tracking:

        • The Kinect itself is also a copy of Sony’s Eye Toy, they just perfected it (or at least were supposed to do so). In the end Nintendo has had the most impact with it’s innovations, despite not having the best graphics, wether people like it or not

        • @ anon 22:12

          i bet they’ll be pushing it all to primesense now that kinect’s looking to be flopping so hard

          but anyway the market still looks to wii as the original despite the different technology. and why? because their controller designs are the same

        • Wow really?

          Move is just an improved Wii remote design but, built from scratch using completely different technology? Beyond appearance I’d say they’re nothing alike.

          Kinect a prototype wholly developed by Microsoft? I guess Microsoft didn’t admit that they licensed the technology from an Israeli company and turned into a product after-all.

          For all your words, you should probably make sure you get your facts straight first.

        • You have to know that, at the time of release 4 years ago, people don’t see Wii as inferior. It was actually considered superior since Nintendo decided that having the game directly interact with the audience(albeit in a pretty lazy manner like waggling) would be better than to just release a HD console. Hence DS’s touch screen and Wii’s motion controller.

          And it became the quick buck only after its released. Nintendo marketed it with the casual people like celebrities and only then that they knew it can be a quick buck is when they decided to just let the cash flow in. Before its released, Nintendo only had direct reference from their DS released 2 years ago at the time of launch as well as the fail innovative technology they did back when its the NES age.

          Now the thing is, as much as i like the Move, Wii is still the original. Sony just took the Wii design and improved on it since they are building a new one from scratch.

          Its the same case with Kinect. Kinect is the prototype of what’s out there in the market just like Wii was back then; albeit more like the NES Power Glove. Microsoft didn’t take their motion system from anyone else except for themselves, and therefore its really natural if it turns out to be very buggy.

          Finally, the move is not perfect either. You should see the gameplay for Kung Fu Rider; its a pain in the ass to jump at certain crucial points that may mean progress or a death. Ultimately, in some games like Sports Champions Move is perfect, and in other games its probably just about as awesome as the Wii motion controller.