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“Group Onanism” on the Streets of Akihabara


The recent protest against Akihabara shops selling to Chinese tourists has incited something of a backlash against the protesters, who have been roundly condemned as being akin to bunch of yakuza thugs attempting to shake down retailers.

The video:

Alternative source:

For those wondering, the mob’s screeching is more than a little reminiscent of the sort of speech associated with low level yakuza thugs.

Most commenters do not seem sympathetic at all:

What a bunch of crazies.

Japan’s garbage!

This is just criminal obstruction.

These guys are just a bunch of school dropout crazies, no doubt about it.

I wonder if they’re deliberately trying to worsen their own image…

They’re just a pack of racists who wanted to cause a scene.

They have Korean accents…

Why don’t they protest China directly?

Sea Shepherd…

There aren’t very many of them at all.

However you look at it they are speaking Japanese with Korean accents.

Their pronunciation is a bit strange.

This is the same level as the Chinese.

They’re just like yakuza… aren’t they ashamed to be seen like this?

This is just group onanism.

If comments about their supposed Korean accents proved true it would be an interesting revelation – in Japan ethnic Koreans are well represented in the yakuza, and even in some of the extreme right-wing groups. Whatever the truth of this, that they were a coarse bunch of hoodlums is beyond dispute.

Since (in Japan at least) such a demonstration would only serve to discredit the demonstrators seems so obvious as to cast doubt on the motives of the people organising the rally – either they are even crazier than previously thought, or they had an ulterior motive.

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