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Index & Mikoto Official Ita-PCs


Preview images of To Aru Majutsu no Index II-themed “ita-PCs” have become available, showing the conversion of plain, run-of-the-mill Antec PC cases into lovely, limited-edition otaku rigs emblazoned with revealing likenesses of Index and Mikoto.

The cases are being produced by Links International (their website has an entire page devoted to the Ita-PCs), a computer parts retailer, and will be produced in 3 versions limited to a production of 60 each, the versions being one for Index, one for Mikoto, and a mysterious “Special” edition whose details are apparently still top-secret.


Here the side-panel is complete, with the top panel art simply laying on top of the case.


The “Mikoto” version is cruelly named, utterly ignoring cute Kuroko’s sharing a spot two of the three panels!


One scrumptious side-panel from the Index prototype.


The second side-panel.



The second side-panel of the Mikoto version, with Mikoto and Kuroko baking treats for the lucky owners of the Ita-PCs.


A front nameplate that appears to go on both versions.


Said nameplate, as it appears attached to the front of the case.

It would seem there might be more vacant space available on the front for another piece of small artwork, but judging from the images at Link’s website, it seems this is what the final version will be left as.


The Index version will apparently come with two tops, allowing you to choose between the little nun robed in her habit, or…


…stripped down to her cute undergarments. The underwear version is the obvious choice, but the empty space created on either side of Index is perhaps not aesthetically ideal.

The actual functionality of the case, of course, shouldn’t even be a matter for consideration in these matters, but for the curious, the original case is an Antec Solo White, shown here:


Some have questioned the use of such a staid and unattractive design – the selection criteria appear to have been little more than the availability of a large flat surface with a white finish.

The Links International website includes this promotional page for the series:


The third “Special” version is still unknown, but assuming that the blurred-out mosaic covered case above is an actual image of the artwork for the final version, it might be able to provide a hint…


Combining a few seconds of squinting along with a near-perfect memory of all Index official art released to date leads to this old, but gorgeous image:


Using a mosaic version of this image could of course simply be a trick to lead one off-course, but a combined character version would make sense, perhaps including others like Komoe, Uiharu and Saten.

The bouncy GIF from the Links’ site advertising the project:


Those interested in attempting the heady task of acquiring one of these very limited-edition cases should refer to Links International’s website for more information.

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