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“Anti-Japanese” Mobs Rampage Through China


Anti-Japanese riots have been reported in China in response to a march on the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo by Japanese opposed to Chinese aggression, with mobs running riot the government apparently powerless to quell the disturbances.

The disturbances arose, apparently spontaneously and without the usual state involvement, in large part due to Internet circulated reports of a planned Japanese “siege” of the Chinese embassy – though in fact the protests were entirely peaceful.

Large mobs formed in several inland Chinese cities and in a number of cases began attacking businesses or property suspected of being connected to Japan, resulting in clashes with police attempting to maintain order.


Reportedly the authorities have begun cracking down in an effort to prevent any further “demonstrations,” with mixed success.




Japanese businesses, who have in Japan been vocally praising the government for its submission to China during the Senkaku affair in the hopes of maintaining their investments in China, are increasingly nervous – one major electronics manufacturer was quoted as understatedly saying “There is a certain amount of risk in conducting business in China in terms of politics and diplomacy.”

With mobs freely attacking police and private property, it appears public anger is boiling over – though whether such discontent is really the result of a few insignificant islands and a grudge against a distant neighbour is an object of some doubt; many now suspect the mobs are merely venting pent up fury at their own pathetic condition at a conveniently presented scapegoat.

The 2ch reaction is instructive:

Great, now just make that into an anti-government demo!

The police there are so weak…

Tanks, to the front!

So, just when will they turn on the Communist Party itself…

Seems they have nothing better to be doing.

With the reds unable to control the demonstrations they manufacture, it looks like the beginning of the end.

Japan is surely just an excuse – this kind of anger must have built up from day-to-day life.

Is this really an anti-Japanese demo?

Why are they attacking police if it’s an anti-Japanese demo? Chinese are seriously incapable of reason.

They must hate the police quite a bit already.

They just wanted an excuse to smash a cop car.

Let’s hope this turns into another civil war.

A government about to be destroyed by the very demonstrations it organised…

What a bunch of idiots. It’s supposed to be an anti-Japanese demo and they start killing their own countrymen.

This was all based solely on Internet reports of the embassy demo in Japan… who needs mass media.

Signs of a civil war? China always collapses in on itself.

This may be anti-Japanese, but if the government doesn’t do anything to Japan, the Party itself could find itself at the point of the spear… hopefully China will destroy itself like that if the riots continue.

Our media calls this a “demo” but in reality this is “riots and looting.”

What a bunch of savages.

The Communist Party can’t control the people any more.

A nation of incompetent beggars run by an incompetent dictatorship.

Get the tanks out there to roll over these people so the international media has something to start on again.

It looks as though spreading a bit of false information through the Chinese populace could incite a major uprising…

This is supposed to be an anti-Japanese demo, so why are they entertaining us so?

As expected, the Chinese know who their real enemy is.

It’s only a matter of time before these “anti-Japanese” riots become “anti-government” riots.

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