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Election Moe Strikes Fukushima


Even elections are not immune to moe marketing – the image above shows a recently spotted poster exhorting inhabitants of Fukushima Prefecture to vote in the upcoming elections for prefectural governor.

The mascot, identified as “Mirai Fukushima” (translation note: Mirai means future), says “Let’s decide the future of Fukushima together!” The poster appears to be published by the local election authorities.

The text to her left reads “LET’S GO TO THE BALLOTS,” whilst the smaller text contains a rather weak if honest attempt to dissuade the prefecture’s more apathetic voters from staying home and letting the local bands of geriatric kleptocrats fight it out amongst themselves:

“It’s a hassle. You’re not interested. You can’t change anything just by yourself. Don’t think like this – think about the future of Fukushima.”

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