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Moe Moe North Korea


As previously established, Japan can make anything moe – the latest unlikely subject to receive this treatment is none other than China’s slave-state vassal, North Korea.


The book, 萌え萌え北朝鮮読本 / MoeMoe Kita-Chousen Dokuhon (Moe Moe North Korea Primer), is part of the “moe textbook” genre – essentially it is a dry textbook on the (admittedly fascinatingly bizarre and horrific) North Korean state and society, spiced up with the addition of cute illustrations, particularly of the goblinesque Dear Leader himself.



The content does however delve into the more salacious details of the Kim dynasty’s lifestyle – including descriptions of the “pleasure company,” a group of performers said to double as sex slaves to the generals.

Other moe content includes North Korea’s “military first” politics and its moe-some Taepodong missiles.

The book is available for pre-order now.

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