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80% Agree: “3DS Too Expensive”


Surveys of gamers seem to back the reaction of investors – the great majority of gamers seem to think the 3DS is overpriced.

The survey, based on 1,000 responses:

Is the Nintendo 3DS expensive? Or cheap?

It is set to be released on the 26th of February at ¥25,000.


As previously observed, the 3DS does indeed appear to be the most expensive handheld Nintendo has ever released, despite hardware some are accusing of being significantly inferior to smartphones and other devices at a similar price-point:

GB – ¥12800
GBC – ¥8900
GBA – ¥9800
GBASP – ¥12500
DS – ¥15000
DSL – ¥16800
DSi – ¥18900
DSiLL – ¥20000
3DS – ¥25000

Just whether Nintendo’s formidable brand and game development expertise makes up for the pricing remains to be seen.

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  • People often miss out on these things:

    Home consoles comparison- Though the price is close to the cost of a 360 or a PS3, the 3DS have everything you need on the go to play. Current gen high def consoles requires a very expensive setup. Add the cost of an HD TV and you are looking at at least $1,000 more..not to mention these things use up more electricity in the long run.

    Smart phones or any jack of all phones comparison- It won’t be practical playing games on it since it wasn’t primarily designed for gaming. They often have poor battery life, and mediocre controls for these new types of portable games. These phones won’t be getting the triple AAA titles that will be coming out on the 3DS.

    Even though the 3DS is reported to have a shorter battery life than the DSi I think it will be more efficient compared to a PSP since it does not have moving parts to read the game.

    Backwards Compatibility – This is what the next PSP would severely lack since I highly doubt they’ll be using the UMD format ever again. Your entire UMD library will be obsolete once PSP2 comes out, while every DS game made can be played on the 3DS.

    This pricing thing is just a marketing strategy to sell more DSi/LL before the 3DS launches. And by that time comes most of you would have saved enough money to buy it and a couple of games. ^^

    • Wow, your really trying to sell this thing.

      I’m sorry, but I’d rather wait for a PSP2 annoucement before I go anywhere near this thing. The fact that a 3DS slim of i version will come soon after, the fact that Nintendo is known to not lower the price of anything, and the fact that Sony will probable sell the PSP2 at a loss to make up ground, is enough for me to be cautious with my purchase.

      Nintendo played catch up, that’s it. They didn’t do anything to secure the lead, will they sell alot of units, of course because Nintendo has alot of people eating out their hands like dumb animals, but I can’t drop $300 knowing they could have just as easily released these games on the current DS, minus the 3D.

      • Uh.. Do you even remember the launch price of $250US for the original PSP? Sony even jacked up the price for the PSP Go! for $250US launch price again, which was $80US more than the regular PSP price at the time. Are you seriously thinking the PSP2 will be cheaper than a 3DS launch price, especially when Sony tried to sell the PS3 at launch for $600US? I can guarantee you that PSP2 will be a lot more expensive than $250US.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Who gives a shit about this silly survey. Nintardo releases One 2 bit of a Pocket Monster in “THREE Deeeee” and them whiners flock the week before it comes out for it~ Months before if its that “romance” game!

  • I didn’t realize this site was a cover for the SDF, misleading title (Only 19.2% think the 3DSis TOO expensive) and the vast majority just fall in step with the Nintendo hate? This is some “Fair and Balanced” reporting if you catch my drift.

  • How can you even compare smart phones and a game system? Of course everyone will say it’s too expensive. That won’t stop them from buying it though. Rarely will you ever see people say a price is too cheap. Especially for expensive luxury items.

  • 3DS is too expensive, what about Microsoft’s joke of a Kinect which practically doesn’t have any uses at all. Casual gamers, hardcore gamers, won’t be buying it.

    At least 3DS has a good game lineup, people will buy it.

  • Its relatively “INEXPENSIVE” when you remember the fuktards, that put them down and wander off on a whim,… Then its simply free!

    There are still lots of parents of spoiled rotten brats as well as lazy clueless grown ups that put out the euros for these things. And still leave them laying about.

    Geeeze,… expensive, my ass.

  • Stop that stupid anti-Nintendo propaganda!
    250-300 USD is too expansive? Really?

    A good camera?
    1.5 times the 3DS price!

    A smartphone?
    Twice the 3DS price!

    A gaming laptop?
    5-10 times the 3DS price!

    • We won’t be so “lucky,” because despite any kind of specs the system may have, Nintendo still has its market cornered. The extensive library of A-level franchises Nintendo has to draw from, paired with the great gimmick of a 3D screen will make this handheld run like the wind in the way of sales.



    You must only play PS3, 360, & Wii games. You must have never watched TV before, because TV has always displayed things at 30 fps (for interlaced stuff), but nobody ever whines about a SHOW’S fps. ALL games are just fine at 30 fps, & most play well even when the fps takes a swan-dive. There are some games that are bad, but NONE of them are bad because they’re 30 fps.

    For everybody’s info, there has been a way to display 3-D on ALL TV’s (including the old ones) WITHOUT GLASSES since the early 80’s. If you ever saw an early 80’s show called “That’s incredible”, you may have seen it yourself. Google this word.

  • its a new handheld that does something no others can yet. Sure its expensive, but i dont think its overpriced.

    everyone looks at the specs and gawks, my comment to that is there is no data representing its Graphic Card capabilities to my knowledge at the time of posting this. And it doesnt take a computer science nerd to know that ALL gaming consoles come down to the sheer power their Graphics Chips can produce.

    Don’t like the price? just wait itll prolly drop, or the wait at ur local gamestop or used game retailer for the kid who gets everything trades it in because they were “bored” and buy it used. used within the first 2 weeks will prolly be $250ish so have fun.

    The remakes and new kid icarus are more than worth it for me.

    The price is based on the fact that its new, they need to look ahead and see what price will cover the abundance of the new screens for launch, not to mention everything else in there. Nintendo has ALWAYS been affordable except right at launch, except for the wii, that was totally worth it. when you are “first” you get to set the prices. that simple

  • ITT: A bunch of fucking idiots predicting the doom of Nintendo, same as they have been for the past ten years now. IIRC, Nintendo is kicking ass right now. The 3DS is going to sell like crazy. The DS/Nintendo brand, coupled with the very novel gimmick of no-glasses 3D and Nintendo’s awesome marketing assure this beyond a doubt.

    Nice troll wording for the headline, too, Artefact. “80% say ‘too expensive?'” That’s weird, because the fucking chart says “19%!” There’s a huge difference between “expensive” and “too expensive.” Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about all the parents who cry “this is expensive!” seconds before shelling out for one for their kid. They care about the 19% who refuse to buy it, though I doubt they’ll have enough to go around for the first year or so, anyway. I really wish you’d stop letting your ridiculous bias seep into every article you post. All the morons here seemingly refuse to read past your headlines, so it makes the comments here pretty annoying when you post such ridiculous headlines.

  • Nintendo is fucking smart. Remember the Wii fiasco? They were selling for more on ebay than retail, because everyone fucking wanted one. If they had tacked on $50 to the initial price point, they would have made a shit ton more money. They’re trying to avoid that with this console.

    You can’t say something’s too expensive before it even comes out. Until you understand its capabilities and how much people want it, there’s no way to judge. Of course people will say it’s too expensive, because everyone wants to pay less for their electronics. Also, a 1,000 sample is hardly enough to judge consumer opinion.

    I love you Sankaku, but sometimes your blatant attempts to create controversy wear on me.

  • 80% agree its too expensive? you should double check that… it is 19.2% and Y , I read the “Expensive” and “Quite Expensive” but still you don’t sum that up in order to get the % higher on “Too Expensive” :/

  • Will you PLEASE stop posting this kind of bullshit? This is not news, this is “reporting the results of an open poll that anyone can find if they want.” Or do you guys just get off on calling every video game and game system the death of the industry?

  • Let me guess, these same people don’t have a job & complain when they can’t pirate anything? Get a better job or hang yourselves, poorfags. You can’t pay for luxuries, not anyone else’s problem except yours.

    • I’m guessing that you might be the “I’m the best so fudge the rest” when you are just a spoiled child?. Not everyone is spoiled like you.

      Some people don’t have money because they don’t have a job. And people that don’t have a job do so because of 2 reasons:
      1- Even tough they have finished a university or two they just can’t find one because either every workplace is occupied or they won’t go to garbage disposal when they can be a doctor.

      2-They don’t want to work because they don’t like it and think that life is easy(Well to some lucky people life is easy and they just inherit everything from the parents/relatives).

  • Nintendo should have ditched all the extras like the 2GB SD card and the charging cradle, and anything else they could have to reduce the price.

    Include a coupon to get a few bucks off an official SD card, and include a bare-minimum charging solution, if there’s even a port on the system, and sell the charging dock separately.

  • Sankaku (and Epic) are just looking at basic numbers and underestimating dual processing and what ever the 3DS’s dedicated graphics processor will be (I forgot, has that even been conclusively revealed yet?) Plus, even at its alleged underpowered level it’s said to have the worst battery life of any nintendo handheld.

      • Unreal can’t render hair? Last Remnant & Lost Odyssey say hi.

        Besides, why do people bitch about lack of hair in military shooters? No one wants to look like Fabio & having their hair tangle up the magazine insert in real life, it’ just looks stupid as hell in a video game.

        & shaving bald is much cleaner plus less maintenance.

        • Dude, it’s a joke; chill out.

          Silicon Knights and every other developer having a hard time doing hair aside, the engine is generally ugly with it’s poor use of shaders, and inability to use anti-aliasing.

  • Are you fucking blind? Only 19,2% of surveyors said that 3DS price is “too expensive”. You shouldn’t sum it up with answers like “expensive” or “quite expensive” becouse they are stating the obviuos but it isn’t neceserily bothering them.



    you have to look at it this way.

    a high end graphics card is 400$ about, that is expensive, but its not too expensive.

    at 300$ yes its expensive, but is it too expensive?

    and only 20% of the people think that way.

  • Those little electronic things with screens are all trying to compete with Mircosoft on making a new version of the exact same thing that just has the screen in a higher or lower resolution. Its the same thing as the last one you had quit buying all that crap over and over and over and over again.

  • It is certainly interesting and has a great launch lineup, but I can’t justify the price they want at launch to myself. Especially considering that they always release a better version a year or two later. I have a DS phat from way back in the day, but only because I received it as a gift, otherwise I likely would have waited until at least the DS lite to buy one.

    • the only way im getting a 3DS is if they drop the price to something acceptable(~200USD or 18000JPY), as are many others, i just hope Nintendo learns about pricing, after a certain point raising prices has an exponential effect on reducing the number of customers, especially when most gamers are pretty cash starved in the first place.

      • they don’t aim at gamers. they just want to milk the lambda masses, using gimmicky features to lure them.

        it’s barely better than psp (not to mention there’s always some catches with nintendo hardware), won’t probably do the half of what psp does beside its console duty, offers mainly ports as lineup…

        Just wondering : everybody in my house is unable to see clearly stereograms. who else here ?

      • Once that happens, Nintendo can lower the price to ensure they fulfill the need to sell.

        If they oversell even at such high price, they can’t simply just jack the price up and would have to endure selling for that price until profits start to stagnate for a duration of time.

    • yes, and if you didnt notice, the PSP had somewhat dismal sales compared to what was hoped, I personally would have loved to have a PSP when it came out, but the massive price tag prompted me to settle with only a DS. you also have to realize the timing of the release as well. the 3DS is being released in SPRING, so less people have a willingness to spend on expensive items like consoles since they just spent a ton on Christmas presents, both in Japan, the US and much of Europe, also the fact that the world’s economy is kind of still in the crapper makes people less willing to pay more… i thought the general way of doing things is selling consoles at a loss and making up that loss with sales of games?

      • ^^ exactly, but the spring argument, can be seen as the 3ds stablishing the grounds, and having a viable game catalog for the holiday period making it much more apealling (contrary to what happened to the psp, wich took a few years to have a good selection of games)

        • as far as i know the launch lineup of games is actually quite good, so launching it in time for the holiday season would give the 3DS an epic boost in sales, but since they decided to delay the release till spring, it wont have that holiday push that is crucial for making maximum sales.
          Just imagine this, mother goes to game store to buy the 3DS for her kids, will she be more willing to spend $300USD during the spring as a normal purchase or during the holiday season as a “Christmas present”?

  • I’d still buy it. Yes, $300 is a lot of money, but the way I see it, I’m going to be playing this for hours on end so it’s entertainment value is better than going to watch say 30 movies(@~$10 per ticket) for example.

      • Shippoyasha says:

        If you ask me, that’s not the biggest gripe. It’s that in around 2 years later, they will inevitably release a much superior 3DS.

        Also, 3DS supposedly has a shorter battery life than the current DS’s. So obviously, they will improve that and more with the second coming of 3DS.

        • “GUESS WHAT? WE GOT THE 3DSi COMING OUT NEXT YEAR :3 WHATS THE PRICE? WE CANT TELL YOU OR ELSE YOU WOULD NOT LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO BUY IT FROM US DUE TO STICKER SHOCK!” is what im going to guess is going to happen in about 1 to 2 years time. I can only imagine that the price tag of the future versions of the 3DS are going to hover around 30000jpy.

          they still havent announced the prices for the 3DS games have they?

    • Every handheld up to the DS was pretty affordable.

      And yeah, I think this isn’t just a lot of money, it’s actually expensive. You’re paying too much for what you’re getting. I’m hoping for a 220 euro price tag or lower at this point.

      • Shippoyasha says:

        It doesn’t help that the Nintendo Wii is a laughably cheaper $200 pricepoint, the 360 can be $200 if you get a 360 Slim without a harddrive (even with 250GB harddrive, it is $300 now), PS3 Slims go for the $300 neighborhood too.

        Comparing that, it is somewhat preposterous to spend the same amount of money or MORE when you can get a high end, high definition console with the money.

        • at this point, with things piling up against the 3DS including, higher price tag than expected, and poor launch date decision, the only thing they can do to really save sales is to pull an “Apple” with marketing.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          I don’t know. Both the 360 and PS3 had huge spikes in sales in recent years ESPECIALLY after the slim releases. Casuals supposedly want more ‘mature’ gaming too in many polls in the beginning of 2010. Also, the way the 3rd party feels shunned or overshadowed by Nintendo on the Wii isn’t helping matters. Also much inferior ports (Dead Rising) or just not having the games the HD consoles do. I think more people are warming up to it now that they’re finally beyond the $300 threshold.

        • the cheapness in price of the wii, is what made it so succesfull (beside an exelent marketing campaing), compared to the 360 and ps3, the casual gamer demography, would have never expended as little as 300 for something they have never used and never cared in the first place

    • I think it’s more likely that the title should have read ‘80% [who want to buy a 3DS] Agree: ‘‘3DS Too Expensive’’ [i.e. not gratis]’
      Polls like this are seldom honest and I’ve never seen any such poll yield an outcome that the shiny new toy is too cheap.
      As long as Nintendo makes a profit from this, it wasn’t too cheap. And I think they will, extrapolating from the new gimmick, the price point, and previous launches.

    • actually you are quite right, and if you analyse the history of handheld, all the revolutionary ones where overpriced, and failed (nintendo triumphed, because low priced, durable battery, and good selections of games).
      also it depends, the first handheld 3d console can be considered the the virtualboy, not this one.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      The technology is new and all, but other comparable devices like the iPhone having more processing power and all… it’s an iffy trade in a way.

      It will surely sell and all, but if people don’t buy it for the pricing, then they might be making a PS3-esque mistake. Especially if PSP2 comes out and costs $200 or even something shocking like $150.

      • The 3DS costs ¥5000 more than a DSiLL. We have no idea how much the 3D screen costs compared to the old one, but I kinda doubt it’s that much more.

        Nintendo, unlike Sony and M$, wants to earn money selling their consoles. To me it seems they are trying a bit too hard. If they know what’s good for them they’ll cut the price soon after the rich otaku who buy no matter the costs got their devices.

      • Apart from the 3D, this device is just an attempt to catch up to existing technology.(and push more shovel-ware)By the time it even hits the shelves, we’ll have more new line-ups of smart-phones.

        Nintendo will just use remakes of existing franchises to get you to buy a hand-held that could be obsolete by 2012.(and at a higher price too)

        • @Elc
          Lol, smartphones replace laptops. Yeah right. I look forward to writing a 20 page long essay on a pocket-sized device! That sure will be comfortable and will not kill your eyes for sure!
          Browsing flash-heavy webpages that won’t scale on a small screen properly sounds good too!
          Hey! Maybe smartphones will replace microwave ovens and refridgerators in the near future as well! Man, I love technology.

          Now seriously, with the current size of cellphones and mp3 players, I really see no problem carrying them separately. I can fit both into one pocket and they don’t even stick out. Besides, it’s cheaper to buy a good cellphone and a mp3 player than a smartphone that you’ll never use to it’s full extent anyway.
          Also, smartphones are multipurpose, yes, but gaming on a handheld device that has no buttons and requires you to instead press stuff on-screen isn’t particularily welcome in my book. Besides, button configurations will be limited, on a DS you have 2 bumpers, 4 buttons and a D-pad +start/select. Please tell me how would you fit those on a small screen without obstructing everything and making controls horrible.

        • i never said anything about the PoS known as the iPhone. and people that have a smartphone no longer use an MP3 player if they have a half decent phone, my Android phone replaces pretty much everything i would normally carry around with me, watch, camera, mp3 player, PDA, etc… seems like you are a couple years behind the loop here, the trend is integrating everything into fewer objects. think about it, would you rather carry around 10 devices or just one that is the same size as a single one of the 10 and having that single device able to do everything those 10 individual devices can do just as well? efficiency is a good thing, and with microprocessors and electronics in general getting more and more miniaturized, eventually smartphones can replace even laptops in the foreseeable future.
          there will be phones geared towards gaming in the near future, just look at the newer Samsung smartphones right now, they have crazy power both processor/memory wise and graphics wise. so if you have any idea how the markets are shifting, you would see that Nintendo needs to rethink their strategy. come back to me in 10 years, i say theres a good chance Nintendo would have gone bust by then the way Sega did. its not me hating on Nintendo, its just what i deduce from looking at the market and predicting likely future trends and how Nintendo is handling itself right now.

        • Oh, yes, I love playing games on my iPhone. I gotta cover up 40% of the screen with my fingers to be able to actually control what’s going on and constantly worry if some jackass is going to interrupt my gaming session with a text message or a phone call.

          Dedicated handheld gaming devices will never die off, for the same reason MP3 players haven’t, even though every single cellphone can play mp3 files nowadays.

        • just watch, in 1-2 years, you will have smartphones that can do everything the 3DS can, but with more power and versatility(well not on the dual screen issue). I can imagine a smartphone with a 3D screen and very powerful parts in it. Nintendo really feels like a dying company, it doesnt feel like they are really taking a look at the big picture.

          That just reminds me of “The Conduit” that Wii game that they touted as “having graphics that can rival a 360/ps3 game” its sad when you put that as your selling point… and the game wasnt even very good… and they never lived up to their claims on graphics either, the windows just had pictures put about 2 feet out to make it seem like there was stuff outside… come on… its not like they were even trying at that point… a very sad attempt by a Nintendo game to get back into the hardcore genre and back in line with the rest of the competition. true that graphics is not everything that makes a game, but the graphics in this game just made it feel like the developers werent even trying hard at all, plus the game wasnt even very fun either. the game just disappointed me so much that i just gave up and put down the controller after about half of it, i was getting a headache from how annoyed i was at the game.

          RIP Nintendo, you had a good run, we will remember Mario, Link and other iconic video game characters.

      • As if Nintendo cares, because, despite the price, otaku will still buy. (Assuming the right games are released on the plattform, of course)

        Btw. the 3D effect goes “into” the screen, and not “out of” it, right? That’s too bad, because if it were the latter, there could be cool interactions between 3d boobs… err holograms and the user through the built in camera.