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3DS “Worse Than iPhone” “Can’t Run Unreal Engine Games”


Epic Games has dismissed the 3DS as being unable to run its widely used Epic engine, whilst the 3DS has been unfavourably compared to the iPod Touch, making Nintendo’s upcoming handheld look increasingly underspecced and overpriced.

Epic Games have said they do not think the 3DS can manage the Unreal engine:

No, it’s below our [minimum specifications], from what we can tell. We don’t have a 3DS, so there’s no way for us to verify that, but everything we’ve been led to believe is that it’s below our min-spec. You couldn’t do a game that looks like [Epic Citadel] on it, for example.


Like I said, we really don’t know enough about it to make a formal comment, but I think if they considered that our engine would be good on it, they would have probably talked to us about it.

The Unreal engine is used widely on modern console and PC games, and a new version compatible with Apple’s iOS has already impressed many in the form of the “Epic Citadel” technical demo:


Compare to the graphics offered on the 3DS.

Modern smartphones and tablet computers now look an increasingly viable mobile gaming platform –
one which conveniently sidesteps the resistance of gamers to mobile gaming devices not reliant on physical media.

Others have pointed out that, aside from its much hyped 3D display, the 3DS is even lagging an equivalent iPod offering from Apple:

iPod: Apple A4 1GHz
3DS: ARM11 266MHz x 2

iPod: 256MB
3DS: 64MB

iPod: 8GB, 32GB, 64GB
3DS: None (2GB card included)

iPod: 20,900 yen
3DS: 25,000 yen

Fortunately for Nintendo, Apple’s hatred for games is only rivalled by their hatred for porn – although Google’s highly successful Android smartphone platform is another story.

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  • Anonymous says:

    So, wait, if they love the iPhone Whatever so much, why not pay the triple premium contracting price to make games for that? If they want to waste time and money, then don’t make games for a game company.

  • Remember how everyone thought the orignal DS was gonna tank, compared to the superior processing power of the PSP? Remember how that didn’t really happen, and UMD went nowhere?

    That’s what this is reminding me of. Nintendo’s handhelds have ALWAYS been weak (compare: Gameboy to Game Gear, Gameboy Color to Neo Geo Pocket), but the proof is in the pudding.

    I don’t care if the 3DS doesn’t run Unreal, because I don’t need Unreal to play a good game. Haters are going to hate, I’m gonna go play games.

  • I don’t even own an iPod Touch, but from looking at all the apps and games on there I’m… not particularly impressed. I mean the specs are good, but if I have the money for either a 64 gig or a 3DS and a Nano, I’m going with the latter. I am not saying that the iPod has awful games(some look good), but overall they don’t capture my attention, and I was sold on the 3DS after they revealed a list of games. I know people that don’t use an iPod for music even, i mean WTF? That isn’t a part of this I just find it aggravating.

  • I wouldnt take anything coming from Epic a direct raival of nintendos to seariously, aswell the Iphone still dosent have anygmaes worth drolling over, i already see 5 I cant wait for on the 3ds,

    Kid ikarus
    Resident evil
    Metal gear solid
    Zelda and StarFox!

    And dont forget about the 3d with no glasses, its like magic!

  • Are people really stupid!? They NEVER said that they will never develop games for the 3DS. They just said that based on what they believe, the 3DS may not be powerful enough to handle the Unreal Engine. They also stated that they’ll give it a test shot before making the final word.

    People overexaggerate the smallest of words when nothing was official. If graphics are really that important, then the first step is to look at the graphics full of words they probably misinterpret. In other words, know how to read.

  • Since when did specs matter in games?

    One of the highest selling games EVER is Super Mario Bros. For the NES. The only spec on the 3DS that really concerns me, is how fast/stable it’s wifi is (because that actually effects game play. The 3DS has already sold more than the PS3/360 combined, more than the PSP, more than the Wii. The 3DS is bound to do the same, too.

    Oh, and Unreal Engine sucks. I’m sorry, but it does. It’s slow and outdated, which means the only thing it’s really good for is FPS games. How many FPS games did you find on the DS? Metroid Prime is the only one I know of. There might be a few more, but none that were graphically intensive.

    Maybe if more consoles make systems that don’t fit the Unreal Engine, western developers will actually get out of their lazy boy chairs and learn something other than Unreal Engine (because that’s the only thing a lot of western developers know).

    So what if Unreal Engine can’t run on 3DS. That’s the engines problem, not the 3DS’s problem.

  • Nintendo’s engineers really could have done a lot better on the 3DS.
    The Tegra chipset from Nvidia would curb stomp an iPhone or even a first generation macbook in 3d performance and media play back.
    If Nintendo used Tegra Epic would be calling the iphone a crap platform.
    But for reasons that defy all logic they instead chose the PICA200.

    • Oh dear… So much wrong with this story…

      First of all, good graphics do not equal fun. I have not yet seen any gameplay of that citadel thing for example that didnt make it look like an empty 3D environment with nothing interesting to do in it.

      Apart from that, Epic never got along with Nintendo because they are specialised in high end graphics while Nintendo usually tries to focos on providing something that’s actually fun (gameplay, new features, etc)

      Also:Has anyone ever considered that an iphone/pod and pretty much anything else people compare the 3DS to run an OS in the background and that the DS has some other specs that aren’t mentioned like the additional vRAM?

  • Let me say it… 3DS is overpriced. 300USD for half an iPhone. There’s no way to deny this, because it’s true. Converting 25000 Yen to USD is 300. But the Nintendo fans say it’s not true even when it’s official.

  • I just saw the video of this “epic citadel” in youtube and the graphics are awesome. I saw the ipad can have very nice details, but the controlls make me feel unconfortable. The iphone looks a little more easy to control, but apparently have a little lag in it.

    But now, we have only seen the citadel, nothing more than graphics in the enviroment (and the unreal engine is for make enviroment, not characters or gameplay), what about the gameplay? its gonna be a gameplay? the characters? its gonna have a story? it will have pvp? its gonna be like surf with the avatars in the xbox? Maybe im a little blind or something, but the graphics look almost like in wow and what will make it diferent from other games or what category it will fall? how much will cost at month? its free?. This is really earlier to said anything just for the enviroment.

    If they have the tecnology to make graphics like this why they havent make smaller the xbox or the play station? (smaller like the game cube or the wii at least) and make them more cheap?, why the next psp only untill now will have touch screen? it gonna be like an ipad or iphone? the psp3 its gonna have 3D? (wich will come in another 5 or 10 years?) Its gonna use glasses or the screen?, it will be like the 3DS when release? (touch screen, analog stick, 3D graphics with on/off slide). There are several questions if some one sits and start to think a little. If some one knows the answer of this and the others i forget, please response.

  • Sure are a lot of nintendo fanbois on this thread. The 3DS has far inferior specs vs the ipod touch, yet it’s more expensive. And Apple are not well known for low prices either. Yet it’s okay for nintendo to overprice the 3DS just because of reputation? I guess if you’re desperate for love plus, you’d pay anything.

  • Despite its “inferior specs”, I’d bet that the 3DS will still get all the actual games, while 95% of the iPhone releases will continue to be glorified Flash games. Specs are only one part of the puzzle – you can’t release high budget games for a system where the majority of the userbase expects them to cost like, $10 at most.

  • yer all overanalizing shit. emphasis on anal.

    this is how its gonna go.

    whichever one has “homebrew” will be king!

    PS1, PS2, 360, gameboy(all) till nds and psp(mostly, so far, so many damn FW)

    its just how it was, it is, and it will be.

  • So what? The 3DS has tons of games that will outmatch iPhone’s games completely.

    Why do people want to compare the specs of the 3DS and iPhone? It’s useless if iPhone games are crap anyway.

    Apple think they have more games than the PSP and NDS and they can talk shit about Sony and Nintendo, but the all gamers know that iPhone games suck, at least 95% of them suck.

  • Here’s what I figure:

    Apple’s iTouch/iPhone needs the kind of power it has, as far as hardware is concerned, because it has to multitask. All the time. Applications, browsing, etc. The 3DS doesn’t need as much because it’s a dedicated gaming handheld: it’s only working when you power it on, and during this time it is using everything it has to do what? Run the game software.

    Also, you ever tried gaming on a touchscreen by itself? Unless we’re talking tilt controls or simple tapping, I got one word for you. Mushy. You’re better off syncing a PS3 controller to the iPod using Bluetooth, and honestly, who the hell’s gonna do that with such a tiny-ass screen? What’re you gonna do, lay it on a table? Buy an iPad? Because that’s WAY over $300.

    So, yeah. iTouches/iPhones CAN game…but you’re probably better off with a dedicated handheld.

  • Truly apples and oranges.

    What good is a “tech demo” that isn’t an actual game? Go ahead and watch your purty tech demo while I play actual games that are fun. No one is buying a 3DS to watch tech demos.

    Auto win.

  • So, they’ll not be able to run a…10 year old engine…? But they’ll sell it at the price of a “Netbook” that’d have a mega bigger screen that COULD?

    I imagine “Failboat” on the level of “Virtua Boy” aka “My Eyes! They Bleeeeedddddd!”

    Join my group,
    Join MANarchy!!!

  • As long, we have the powerful hardware without buttons, everything is great since we just want to show you our crappy games with “beautiful graphics”?

    This just shows more how new games tend to suck..

  • What’s all this fuss about Unreal engine? Why are so many game devs so lazy these days that they have to use engine created by another studio?

    GOOD developers make their own. Then they tailor it to whatever platform they will use to make up for its flaws or advantage. If Epic can’t run their oh-so-great engine, fuck them. Other studios who used to rely on Unreal engine need to grow the fuck up and make their own shit.

      • They’re developers themselves. ‘Difficult’ isn’t a really good excuse when we’re talking about quality. It’s about as arrogant as when Motomu Toriyama said that FFXIII can’t have townz because they’re ‘difficult’ to make when other RPGs with much lesser budget has all the elements it lost.

        When you don’t create your own shit, you won’t know its workings inside out, and so you can’t fit it to your needs when you need to, such as converting to different platforms. It’s that simple.

        Capcom had the right idea by making their own engine(MT Frame). Probably why Resident Evil Revelations is being made on the 3DS with graphics that looks really close to current console’s quality.

  • OMG! Nintendo’s new device isn’t made for hardcore graphics-oriented games! Nintendo sucks.

    GET OVER IT. Nintendo’s DS dominates the handheld market and it’s graphics are shit, because it offers the games the casual-gamer majority want to play, not the games the hardcore-gamer minority play. And that’s perfectly fine.

    • No, the problem is that Ninendo uses hardware that is much cheaper and yet it prices it higher than a higher spec device. You know, just like Apple’s desktop and laptop computers. It’s kind of ironic.

  • Who cares if it looks like console graphics. What about the storyline? How about the mechanics of the game. It’s like developers think gamers have nothing better to do than stare at pretty pictures than play the damn game.

  • not all megahertz/gigahertz are equal. in fact anyone saying that MHz/GHz from different processor lines are the same is bullshitting you 🙂

    What matters is what can be done per clock cycle.

    • You’re right and missed the point.

      You’re still comparing a stock ARM11 to an optimized Cortex A8, the Apple A4 still does more per clock cycle than a standard Cortex A8, let alone an ARM11.

  • Sankaku reporting when they don’t know what they’re talking about? I’m shocked.

    The reason Epic won’t be developing for the 3DS is because UE3 requires OpenGL 2.0 to run, and the 3DS uses the Pica200 GPU which supports OpenGL 1.1

    • Unreal Engine doesn’t play nice with Stereo 3D. At all. That’s part of the reason. (Smoke, particles, and lighting all run at the same depth and appear as if they are in front of everything else, destroying the game experience.)

      On top of that, news flash, stereo 3D is a pain in the ass (cpu) to run and autostereoscopic displays are prohibitively expensive right now

  • Hmm, this is like comparing apples with cement blocks, I mean sue the Ipod/iphone has one fast cpu, but that cpu needs to handle everything, from os to multitask to your game rendeing engine. So raw cpu power it got the 3ds beat, so what ? Will this raw power translate to good games? Or longer battery life ? I don’t think so. The 3ds will probly have a battery life similar to or slighlty less than the DSI, which means 8-9 hours straight use. Which Ipod/Iphone can do that while gaming?

    • iPhones/iPods don’t have multitasking. Sure the newer ones don’t shut the app down anymore but they won’t run in the background, they’re just stored in memory waiting for their turn.

      The new nokia N8 would seem to be faster(if you’re not just staring at the cpu MHz) with better battery life than iphone, also with true multitasking.

    • Er no.

      The Apple A4 is actually a SoC, and it’s not a CPU per se. It contains, within a single die, a variant of an ARM Cortex A8 CPU core and a PowerVR SGX 535, among others.

      So no, the PowerVR SGX is doing the rendering while the Cortex A8 (variant) runs the general computation.

  • I just got the newest version of the ipod touch. It may have the brute strength to game*, but it does not have responsive controls. The touch interface is awful! I wanted to smash the thing on the table for the first half-hour when I was setting up the wifi. It is not meant for high speed accurate input. It is not a gaming platform.

    *I question this too. Every app I have suffers from slow-down. These include the native book reader, a text file reader, and three comics readers distributed by major publishers.

  • All the technical superiority n the world isn’t going to make anyone take the iphone/ipad/anything Apple as serious gaming devices. Mostly because actual gaming systems have a LOT more games and most of them are just flat-out better than anything being developed for Apple.

  • Lol, epic noobs, even if your crappy engine doesn’t run in the doesn’t matter…the 3DS don’t need that crap to sucess…with a Love Plus+3DS=Fuck you all we still sell consoles. The 3DS will have a lot of good games in the release…so i don’t see why they dare compare the iphone specs with the 3DS…when the iphone have the same games as the 3DS, then you can compare in what console the games runs better 🙂

  • There’s way more technology packed into the Resident Evil demo than there is Epic Citadel, its really not up for debate. The polygon count in both is low but Citadel is missing any character models at all, there’s no dynamic shadow maps, no HDR, no depth of field, no per object motion blur (no motion blur at all infact) and no self shadowing. There’s plenty of normal maps, a decent particle system and some nice pre-baked lighting sure, but Capcom’s demo has all of that as well.

    Remember people epic citadel is a tech demo it’s designed and made to look as good as possible. Can anyone name one game that looks even a third as good as the tech demo it’s graphics engine is based off of? Lets also not forget Mark Rein is notorious for his anti-Nintendo comments, so I wouldn’t put too much weight on his words. I mean read what he says, he hasn’t even touched a devkit yet and he’s already making these comments.

  • Let’s all just ignore system architecture and how vague the specs are.

    First, you just compared the A4 processor to a ARM11 Processor.

    Second, you just spouted a amount of Ram.

    Did you know some ram is, GASP, FASTER THEN OTHER RAM?!?!?!

    Kind of like how the RAM in GBA carts was faster then the ram inside the DS, so you couldn’t emulate GBA games unless you had a cart.

    You also failed to mention Epic could give a shit about porting something to a specific architecture. Sure they could make it run on the 3DS, but they just don’t give a fuck.

    So yeah, you should just post your next article saying “MICROWAVE OUT-SPECS GPU!!! IS THE GPU MARKET DEAD?!?!”

    • [quote]First, you just compared the A4 processor to a ARM11 Processor.[/quote]
      The A4 is more than twice as powerful than the ARM11. In fact, the A4 consists of a GPU and an ARM Cortex-A8 CPU, which is a 2000MIPS CPU. Compared to that, 3DS’s <1000MIPS ARM11 CPU is pathetic.
      There is no better performance measure available, but if you really want to argue against the numbers, run a benchmark once the hardware is released.

      [quote]Did you know some ram is, GASP, FASTER THEN OTHER RAM?!?!?! [/quote]
      RAM speed is nice, but RAM capacity is far more important for 3D graphics. Given enough time, a Pentium 1 with 256 MB RAM can render better scenes than i7 with 64MB RAM, if neither are allowed to cache to disk.
      I would wait to see which system has faster CPU-Memory pipe but unless the 3DS memory I/O is at least twice as fast (very unlikely), it won't make up for the differences.

      [quote]Kind of like how the RAM in GBA carts was faster then the ram inside the DS, so you couldn't emulate GBA games unless you had a cart. [/quote]
      Well, it was made by Nintendo…

      [quote]You also failed to mention Epic could give a shit about porting something to a specific architecture. Sure they could make it run on the 3DS, but they just don’t give a fuck. [/quote]
      Porting the engine isn’t everything. You could port Windows 7 to a 60s mainframe, but you would be buried under a mountain of paper punch cards at the end.
      Epic claims that their engine wouldn’t run well on a 3DS. And considering they know their own engine better than you, I’d rather take their word.

      • Nintendo could have used the Tegra which blows the A4 out of the water in fact for some operations it’ll blow the first generation intel video macbook out of the water.
        Tegra 2 can play 1080p while a first generation macbook struggles with 720p.
        The only thing the PICA 200 has over Tegra is PICA is from a Japanese company and Tegra is from an American company.
        This could be a nice opportunity for Microsoft or Sony.
        If Microsoft decides to start pushing the Zune platform as game device Nintendo is going to be in trouble.
        Really they should give it a real dpad and sell at it as the Xbox portable.

        • But how much would a Tegra 200 cost in comparison? It’s a cool concept from a technical standpoint, but good business sense dictates otherwise.

          And even if they put such a powerful chip on the console, it would hardly be of any use, considering how little high-res content can fit in 64MB RAM.

  • A couple things.

    1) Sure, I GUESS you could say that the itouch is better for games…but then you would be assuming that iphone/itouch/ipad games are like other video games, which they’re obviously not.

    Also, if you seriously think that the ipad/ipod touch can run games are too much for the 3DS, you must be joking. In terms of technical aspects, games made for Apple devices aren’t impressive AT ALL. I have no idea what gave them the impression that the 3DS is too weak to run those games. Like others have said, it’s probably just a porting issue, not system capabilities.

    • It’s not just iPhone, it’s every phone 😉

      Phones have becomes so powerful that they are encroaching on Nintendo’s market and anyone can write software for them, Nintendo is a closed platform. They have a lot to lose.

      • I dont think so. Not every phone.
        Iphone, android and some others are still products/gadgets for a big range of consumers, not for a specific target.

        Same as PC, not every person owning a PC use it for games and not every PC can run crysis. Consoles are specific products and are still there, in their own market.

        PCs vs consoles is a good example of how the future will be for phones vs handhelds.

      • Games on phones are also not traditional video games, and they generally don’t cater to core gamers. The 3DS might lose some casual gamers, but looking at what is possibly the best list of launch titles EVER, the 3DS is going to have a LOT of traditional gamers buying it. Third party and small-time company games can’t compete with established game franchises(Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid), which are currently not available for phones.

        Games on the phone and games on the 3DS aren’t even geared toward the same audience. I don’t know a single person who would even think of comparing any game on the phone to a game on an actual console or gaming system.

  • I think people are (for whatever reason) taking this too personally. The Unreal Engine has never run on any Nintendo console. Similarly, Nintendo has gotten into the habit of selling ‘underpowered’ consoles and selling them for crazy prices. It’s business as usual here.

    Epic Citadel looks really nice, but I don’t like portable devices that don’t have expandable storage or easily replaceable batteries.

  • Epic is just bitching about how 3DS is not supporting their engenie/product, after all, it becomes one of the most used engenies.

    Maybe they want to be part of the graphic library rutines, maybe they feel ignored, who knows. Epic Citadel is indeed a very outstanding demo, but MGS and RE on 3DS looks awesome too (and was games, not demos)

    • And the Project Sword iphone demo is just a rolling demo with no NPCs on screen at all. It’s not like Epic is doing an Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion with a lot of villagers on screen at once, while retaining the graphics as seen in the Xbox 360 version. And the Unreal 3 engine has been the limited factor for all consoles since it does work with certain specification, so you can go “overspec” with e.g. the PS3 which got a rather unusual design/architecture than, e.g. a PC; that’s why all PS3 ports which make use of the Unreal engine look so ugly and perform so poorly, because you need to stay within the specs of the Unreal engine!

  • Comparing specs between a dedicated gaming machine and a multi-purpose machine is rather unfair. The multi-purpose machine has the higher specs because it will be doing more with the hardware like running background applications and running an OS. A dedicated gaming machine works without all that overhead and therefore doesn’t need as much in the hardware specs department.

      • Your comment doesn’t make sense. He’s talking about specs comparisons. It really makes no sense at all to compare such minimal hardware data on platforms with entirely different purposes. One’s a gaming machine, the other ALLOWS gaming. It’s completely different.

        And it’s amusing how there’s no GPU reference in the comparison.

        • So what? I doubt iOS has 192MB memory overhead and even a full desktop OS wouldn’t have enough overhead to give the 3DS CPU an advantage.

          Besides, 3DS’s BIOS is a glorified minimalist OS. Programs still can’t directly access the hardware, so any performance advantages are lost on the spot.

        • The iPod is a multipurpose machine. But it’s other uses are playing music, movies and browsing web pages, all things that I think the 3DS is supposed to do also. iOS stuff can’t genuinely multitask, so it’s only running one app at a time, just like a console.

          Also, the 3DS would lose the GPU comparison. It’s pretty clear that it’s frame rates and detail are dire compared to Epic’s demo.

    • Well, you forgot that the 3DS has a 3D screen which even the iPhone 4 doesn’t have. But I am pretty sure Apple will follow suit quick enough. Next iPhone/iPod Touch will have a 3D screen which is even more advance than the one on the 3DS, i.e. more viewing angles (to counter the loss of 3D image when you did not focus on the 3D screen) with better contrast ratio and brightness.

  • 3DS actually has 3 processors not just 2. The 3rd one is just for graphics rendering. Also 2 processors are supposed to work more efficiently than the single on the iPod.

    As for the not being able to run the Unreal engine. It seems to me that rather than not being able to run said engine, it’d just be too much work for them to port said engine over to the 3DS. Much in the same way as it was too hard to port games from the PS3/360 to the Wii.

    • Click on the Epic Citadel screenshots to see them full size, as they appear on an iPhone 4, and say that again.

      It also runs on last year’s 3GS and 3rd gen iPod Touch, minus the high resolution but with full screen anti-aliasing.

      In motion you can see effects like parallax mapping on most surfaces, which is probably the main thing the 3DS is missing.

      To top it all, the iPhone 4 and iPad can’t even boast the best 3D graphics of portable devices anymore. The new batch of Nokia phones boast even higher polygon performance. Nintendo is falling behind even further before the 3DS is out.

      • what did you expect? Nintendo is now known for falling behind when it comes to tech, ever since the death of the N64, they have always had the weakest machine.
        seriously Nintendo, you are known for the GameBoy, Virtual Boy, N64, what happened to wowing everyone with an impressively spec’ed machine? what happened to being years, even decades ahead of the curve? you can only do so much with a weak machine before it really starts to show its limitations, even if you add gimmicks to it like touch screen, motion sensors, and “3D screens”. its cool for a while, but then people will ask, “is that it?”.
        I like how the 3DS has only slightly higher specs than a PSP, which is a line that is reaching its maturity phase, and is to be replaced soon. All Sony needs to do is find out how the 3DS 3D screen works, put it in the new “PSP” line that is due out in a couple years with much more impressive specs with a lower price, and they win.

        • @Anon12:30 You are a Dumbass.

          Bigger memory space only means more options.

          Multi-discs or multi-layering discs sometimes happen.

          If the hardware specs aren’t capable of what both developers and players want, then quality is shit low.

        • @ Anon09:49

          He probably thought PS2’s DVD capacity being higher than Nintendo’s mini-disc meant it’s weaker.

          Obviously he never heard why Resident Evil 4 was DOWNGRADED when it was ported to PS2.

        • Truely the gamecube WAS the weakest in pure throughput. you know why it was actually better? Superior Software. Thats what nintendo specialise in. That and simply knowing their fanbase and also not getting into this strange race we have started to make graphics awesome, and have instead focused on making the things that people actually buy consoles for: Games, and decent ones at that

        • “Nintendo is now known for falling behind when it comes to tech, ever since the death of the N64, they have always had the weakest machine.”

          Really, now? And the Gamecube? That was the weakest console in that gen? No.

      • Klingengeist says:

        Hm, 3DS got real buttons, touchscreen and 3D and you can turn the 3D off afaik.
        So no need for mankind to split. ^^

        Also Apple’s products are just overrated.
        For example iPods and their medicore sound quality…

        • indeed, apple is known for overpriced, under performing products that sell on “hype and hip factor”
          Ipod? HAA. you can get a vastly superior Creative Zen for half the price, AND IT HAS EXPANDABLE MEMORY!
          Ipad? really? just spend $300 for a netbook, does everything an Ipad does better in place of the stupid $800 price tag.
          Iphone? pathetic, get an Android phone, Google doesnt charge you for pretty much every app you download. plus the Iphone’s call quality is shit.
          Mac? i dont know about you but just take a look at the specs of the machines and laugh at their pathetic attempts to sell a machine worth a good $500 for $1500. My $800 build can ravage a $2000+ Mac’s ass and not call it back the next day.
          though of course Apple makes up for its pathetic products with a MASSIVELY powerful advertising campaign. but all in all, if you step back an ignore advertising and just look at the products themselves, Apple really does look quite bad, since there are a ton of better options in pretty much every area that Apple does business in.

  • I have to say that Epic Citadel is really stunning. Running it on an iPad makes the device really epic (lol)
    But anyway, Nintendo has its reputation. Even if the 3DS is (really) worse than an iPod, it’ll not change the fact people will buy and it, and many developers will makes game on it.

        • Of course graphics aren’t important but maybe making a good game besides the next Zelda, Mario, Metroid oh wait Metriod is a FPS now and gimmicky shovelware then Nintendo wouldn’t have slipped from number one with the N64.

          Nintendo is already one generation behind in everything technology wise but Nintendo keeps thinking that if they build it people will come and except whatever crap they pump out the Wii era shovelware proves that Nintendo is still thinking this way.

          The I-phone/pod (damn I hate Apple….)tech is rapidly changing like the poster above said Nintendo 3-5 years timespan VS Millions of Cellphone that are updated every month.

          Those phone based social games ain’t gonna suck forever not with people like Epic and Unity taking advantage of the already superior tech compared to Nintendo’s overpriced soon to be hacked 3DS handheld.

          Sony PSP2 may also lose out in the end.

        • @Anon13:49 And people like you, who unfortunately make up for some of the gaming industry economy is dumbing gaming down.

          Graphics play an integral role, but you act as if it 100% matters. If you want graphics, go play a 360 or a PS3 or a PC.

          And you know what’s REALLY funny: Everything all depends on WHO develops the game based on the specs.

        • haha… graphics can only make a good game better, and serve as an empty excuse for bad games to be bad. if a game is fun, you will play it, if its boring as all hell, then you wont play it. doesnt matter if it looks orgasmicly pretty, if it is a shit game, noone will want to play it.
          …apparently a man dont know how to tap that ass, theres more to a woman than her face, or i guess the only thing you are interested in are blowjobs… and apparently has never played many games before. ah… the days of the SNES were awesome, the games may look childish compared to the “hardcore” shit of today, but man those were fun games. even look at “casual games” they may not look like your grey, black and brown “realistic” games, but damn some of them are addictive and fun as hell. go back to playing your mediocre “amazing looking” games that you hail as pinnacles of game history… 10-year-old halofag…

        • Wow, you seriously need to get your head checked. Graphics arent the only thing that matter in a game. you need a mix of everything otherwise its just shit. For example??? Final fantasy 13 the only thing it had going was it graphics doesnt mean it sold well. and before you say im some nintendo fan boy I own all 3 consoles.

        • You want to know who says things like, graphics don’t matter? Nintendo fans, because they have much of a choice. Eat shit and die if you really believe graphics aren’t important. I don’t give a fuck if it’s sprits, of full 3D, if it looks like a 2 year drew and colored the shit, you won’t buy it. You wouldn’t date a ugly chick who’s face was fucked up by a rabid monkey, no matter how nice of a person she is, so don’t claim you’ll buy ugly ass games, no matter how good the story is.

        • Perfect example would be the FPS genre, it’s the same game with upgraded graphics every release. But people go nuts over it and claims “Best game ever!” Even though it’s still the same game as the previous version.

        • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

          Exactly. It’s like putting a ribbon on a pig. The pig might look okay in its own right, and the ribbon might be a pretty one, but it’s still an attempt to sell you a ton of shit.

        • God knows I rarely care about the graphics. Jesus christ I wish people would stop fucking going apeshit over games that look good, but suck. The playing of the game, and then the story should be the main concerns of the game, not the graphics. The graphics should be like the icing on the cake, not the fucking cake itself.

          Also I just want to point this out, but considering the huge fucking lines for the 3DS everywhere its been shown, I really think that the graphics seriously aren’t going to deter people, because its in Threeeeeeeeeeeee Deeeeeeeee.

        • lol i like how big of a deal “HD” is these days when i had a pc monitor back in 2000 that would display “HD”… as for now, TV is mostly useless, there are a few shows that are worth watching, but you can just stream them online, you buy a HD TV for the exclusive use as a monitor for your PC/game systems. why in the world would you buy a large TV just for a console? unless its a monster PC, which you can use to play blu ray movies and plenty of HD anime while being able to play awesome games…
          another thing, i dont think Nintendo realizes the risk that smartphones now pose to the handheld market, phone makers are gearing towards more powerful phones these days, just watch, just a year or two after the 3DS is out, there will be a smartphone with similar tech but much more power out on the market. smartphones are slowly creeping into the gaming market. I dont think Nintendo is cut out for the future markets, they dont seem to catch onto trends that are defining the marketplace. you see sony and microsoft continually updating and changing their products according to what each other does, for example the inclusion of motion sensing thanks to learning from nintendo, but nintendo just releases their stuff and ignores what others are cashing in on… like for example, good online gaming and online support in general. this is the point where for nintendo, its adapt or die, im sorry, they had a good run, great consoles in the past and great games, but if this continues, i see them going the way of sega.

        • It’s not my Logic, I actually know People who bought HD Beamers and HDTVs back then, because of the new Consoles. Me included.

          Especially here in Europe where HD wasn’t as available as it is nowadays. HD was actually fairly new. We Europeans had to upgrade to a new TV if we wanted to enjoy the “new HD Graphics”.

          It is part of the Cost. Especially if you don’t have a decent TV. Oh and yeah, I just use my TV just for playing Games… my Friend uses his Beamer just for Games as well.

          I was just saying that People shouldn’t complain about how costy the NDS is.
          300 Bucks for EVERYTHING is alright for a Handheld nowadays. Especially when you look at the whole Package.

        • By your logic people don’t by nice tv’s to do anything but play videogames. HDTV’s are important for you know, television, too and I would say are mainly bought with that purpose in mind. If you’re going to try to sound smart, don’t say something really dumb.

        • @obro
          Well, have fun with your PS3. What are you doing with it? Putting it on a Table and watch it collecting Dust?

          People always forget that you have to dish out the Moneys for the TV or HDTV as well, and if you already own one, the Cost of the TV still goes into the overall Cost of the System+TV.
          Besides that, you can’t run around with your PS3/360 anyways.

          Going with your logic, I could buy a Cheap new PS2 or XBOX + Game for the Price of the PSP or NDS.

          Why doesn’t anyone complain about their Prices? They’re just as expensive and compared to what you get (extremly old Technology), they’re overpriced like shit.

        • The price of the DSi and even the DS Lite have gone up in many countries since release, not down! Even the Wii has gone up a little in some places. You can’t trust Nintendo to drop their prices.

          Unless you go back to the GameCube, which was practically given away by some retailers within a couple of years of its release.

    • If you would get your dick outa your PC for a minute, you’d realize that the only advantage the PC has over anything is hardware and Steam.

      In terms of a gaming library, home consoles and handhelds>>>>>>> PC, and that’s where it counts.

      Regarding this article, there’s way more technology packed into the Resident Evil demo than there is Epic Citadel, its really not up for debate. The polygon count in both is low but Citadel is missing any character models at all, there’s no dynamic shadow maps, no HDR, no depth of field, no per object motion blur (no motion blur at all infact) and no self shadowing. There’s plenty of normal maps, a decent particle system and some nice baked lighting sure, but Capcom’s demo has all of that as well. The texture resolution is nice in Epic’s demo and that’s one area where Capcom can’t compete, but only the Iphone 4 has that feather in its cap, and that thing costs the best part of $1000.

      Nintendo doesn’t need Epic or UE3 to reign supreme. =/

      • Absolutely, the PC has nothing on consoles, except superior hardware.
        And better controller scheme.
        And multi-tasking capabilities (no annoying “quit-the-game-to-google-this-puzzle”).
        And faster loading times.
        And no loading screens every 5-10 minutes.
        And customizable interface.
        And you don’t have to buy a PC if you want to do anything other than game and watch movies.
        And free DLC which is paid on consoles.
        And mods.
        And choice in software.
        And wider selection in genres.
        And… well you get the point.

    • Nintendo, behind in virtually everything except profits. I say we take the heads of Nintendo and test them for witchery. Since witches burn like wood, and wood float in water, and ducks float, by logical conclusion if each person who runs Nintendo weighs the same as a duck then they are made of wood. If they are made of wood then that means… They Are Witches!

      • Maybe not, but I recently played Half-Life (the original, not the re-release w/t new engine) with a stereo utility and red-cyan glasses and it looked better than any game I’ve ever played, seriously. Despite the ancient oh-man-I-can-count-his-triangles graphics. Despite the red-cyan sheen.
        And the 3DS will deliver much better than that, and it looks for now like Nintendo has no competition. Perhaps Epic should update their engine so it won’t choke on lower-spec hardware, rather than beg Nintendo for extra clocks which they certainly won’t get.

        • well, actually he was right with the “better hardware =/= good salesnumbers” thing.

          While your Point (N64 “sucked” because of the Modules) is also true, it doesn’t change the fact that it was always like this:

          The (specwise) best Console failed on the Market.

          This is just by the Specs for the past 20 years:

          Megadrive (Genises II) > SNES
          Sega Saturn > N64 > PSX
          Dreamcast > N64 > PSX
          XBOX > GC > PS2
          PS3 > 360 > Wii

          You see? The Consoles with the Best Hardware were always dead last. Especially Sega failed on this Department.
          The Sega Saturn had 8 CPUs (2 CPUs + another 6 CPUs). The Devs back then just couldn’t handle it. It was too hard/complex to make Games for the Saturn thus the System Died cos no one wanted to make Games for it.

          Even the Dreamcast had better Graphics than the PS2 in some cases, and it failed (Porting Shenmue without reducing the Texture Quality by ALOT wouldn’t be possible on the PS2).

          Your argument with the Graphics Whores is BS imo. A true GFX Whore plays Games on the PC and maybe the Crème de la Crème of the Console Games. People like that don’t Play Games on Handhelds/Consoles with that Mindset. At least I don’t and I am actually a GFX Whore.
          I play Games on my Consoles because they’re fun. The Crappy resolution of the Consoles don’t let me enjoy “nice graphics” anyways. Same goes for Handhelds.

          and you are really narrow minded if you think that Games with crap Graphics don’t hold up today. Have you ever checked out all those Indie Games on Steam/XBA/PSN? Have yet to see a visually Stunning Game there, yet they’re Fun as Hell.
          Oh, and the DS Games aren’t as Popular because they’ve got awesome Graphics. They’re just as “ugly” as PSX Games.
          Sometimes it’s just the Artwork/Artdesign which makes a Game look good, even though it has a Low Poly count and shitty Textures.

        • Anonymous

          ok lets put this out there. a graphics whore, will NOT play any game that isnt current because the “graphics suck”

          i still play original gameboy games, and rouge.


          “back in the 90s what good did the graphic superiority for N64? the PSX kicked ass even with “blurry” graphics, it’s no different today”


          the n64 was the console to be on, and was better in most conceivable ways to the consumer, the reason the ps1 was better, and only for this reason, was that discs are cheaper to make and produce than carts. its long load times, and shit graphics, and yes, when jagies are that bad i call them shit, while any other game would have been better on the n64. it was just more costly to produce said game.

          “”blurry” graphics”

          did i say anything that retarded or deserving of that?

          “devs should have learned by now that doing more with less is the way to go, but the “graphix > all” mentality is so ingrained in the big guys in the industry that they rarely do well outside their comfort zone.”

          well lets see here, are you that fucking stupid or are you just pretending to be… its hard to say… waht people dont realize is that graphics are not better than game play, but graphics need to be there to enhance the gamepley.

          lets say that gameplay of uncharted was in a launch ps2 game, would it still hold up today? no, it wouldn’t. there are very few games that without good graphics to support the good gameplay that hold up even today.

          “It’s graphic whoredom like this that’s killing the industry, who cares if it’s the same gameplay we’ve seen for a decade (sometimes not even that but shitty gameplay), let’s just amp up the graphics even if development costs raise so high that a single failure could be very costly and take us to bankruptcy.”

          now i will leave on this final note.

          making the graphics look good costs them the same as making them look good for the ps1, or the ps2. yes, i said it.

          now here is why. when you make a texture, you make it extremely high resolution, you don’t start my making it as shit as you can than add detail. they do the same amount of work now making textures, that they did with pc games 10 or so years ago.

          what really costs them the big money, is programing the engine to make the game push those big textures, models, and to generally work right with the systems they are playing on.

          and fianly, if 1 mistake sinks a company, than that company failed for good fucking reasons.

        • Alidan: “and once the psp2 comes out, the 3ds 3d capabilities will be over shadowed by the psp2 raw power, remember we are thinking a quad core portable cell.”

          Yeah, and that did so much good to the PSP in comparison to DS right? and the PS3? shuit that was just overkill what it did to the X360 and Wii, totally pwnage… oh wait!.

          It’s graphic whoredom like this that’s killing the industry, who cares if it’s the same gameplay we’ve seen for a decade (sometimes not even that but shitty gameplay), let’s just amp up the graphics even if development costs raise so high that a single failure could be very costly and take us to bankruptcy.

          I like great graphics but i prefer great graphics due to lots of polishing like Mario Galaxy 2 to simple wasteful use of resources like Crysis, think about it, back in the 90s what good did the graphic superiority for N64? the PSX kicked ass even with “blurry” graphics, it’s no different today, devs should have learned by now that doing more with less is the way to go, but the “graphix > all” mentality is so ingrained in the big guys in the industry that they rarely do well outside their comfort zone.

        • wow alidan, you seriously need your Meds.

          And of course, the PSP2 will be as Potent as the PS3/360… but think back of what happend like 5 Years ago. The PSP was as Powerful as the PS2 (well, almost) and guess what: No one wanted it!

          Graphics for Handhelds don’t mean anything. Just look at the current Handheld Gen. The PSP is better in every aspect Specwise, yet People don’t play Games on it.

          Why is that? Because People were already complaining about the Batterielife back then and you really need new Glasses if you compare Ipod/Iphone Games to current Gen Games. Seriously. I lol’d. Such a Sony Fanboi, it’s almost unbearable.

          and I never said that Handhelds aren’t consoles. They’re, but for Portable Gaming and not HD Gaming. Like I’ve said, if you want good Graphics, buy a Laptop with a 360 Gamepad and use this as “a portable console”.

          Ok, just to make things clear:
          iPod: Apple A4 1GHz
          3DS: 2 ARM11 266MHz

          PLUS 133MHZ GPU (which got forgotten in the announcment)

          2 Cores > 1 Core. Even if the Clock is not as high. Then there is the seperate GPU, which the Ipod DOES NOT have.

          iPod: 256MB
          3DS: 64MB

          the iPod has to run an OS in the Background and alot of other Processes. You CAN NOT compare that to the 64MB ram used by the DS just for Gaming.

          It’s like comparing vRam on gfx cards with Ram your PC needs to work properly.

          The 3DS (according to IGN) comes with 1.5GB Storage with 2GB extra via SD cards (My guess is, that you can stick in any SD card up to 36GB though)

          then, you seem to forget that the 3DS’ is a optimzed Gaming-plattform (hence the GPU). The Appleproducts aren’t (yet).
          We have yet to see what the 3DS is capable of if used right. Just look at the PS3’s first Gen Games and now (Uncharted 2, GoW3 etc).

        • Dunno about how iPod works but in iphone you can’t change SD-cards, meaning you only have 16/32 Gb of space, meaning you’ll need to install and uninstall your games when you’ve got enough of them, meaning a) it’s a hassle and b) your internal flash will say bye-bye that much earlier -> you’ll lose your games.

          Why epic can’t port their engine has to do with the fixed function pipeline of the 3DS GPU. No programmable shaders for the 3DS.

        • Anonymous

          fuck you, you think they should hold back because you are afraid your battery wont last between charges? get an external battery pack than. they hook into the charging area and can at the minimum triple the battery life of almost any portable device.

          now you also sound line one of those cunts who things a handheld isn’t a console. IT IS YOU FUCKING TWAT.

          this is something that if history is to be remembered, nintendo will tote around for 3 years if it turns out to be a mistake, like the game boy color was, up to 10 years, we are hanging around 5 thong as an average.

          now right now, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, ipod had visuals that rival the home consoles, yea, thats right…

          3ds, no matter how much i want it, and how good it will be, if sony comes out with psp2 with 2-4times the power of the ipod (what we speculate it will have) and have 2 analogue nubs, than Nintendo will lose this handheld cycle. i want you to think seriously, you think sony wont do touch screen, or have a camera in it for game play? if the psp2 can play home console quality graphics on the go, have those bullshit shovel ware games that the ds is known for than the only thing to hold the 3ds up will be first party, and no matter how good that is, it wont make the handheld nearly as dominant.


          because nintendo will tote tat thing around for at least 5 years before a new handheld comes out. and once the psp2 comes out, the 3ds 3d capabilities will be over shadowed by the psp2 raw power, remember we are thinking a quad core portable cell.

        • Zanosuke_Kurosaki says:

          +1 to this. It’s a game system, made for playing games/having fun. Why does it -need- to be high-end? Pretty graphics are not an absolute guarantee of a good time in the gaming world anymore.

        • @8:23
          You didn’t RTFA didn’t you?

          iPod: Apple A4 1GHz
          3DS: ARM11 266MHz x 2

          iPod: 256MB
          3DS: 64MB

          iPod: 8GB, 32GB, 64GB
          3DS: None (2GB card included)

          iPod: 20,900 yen
          3DS: 25,000 yen[/quote]
          In case you aren’t very good at grade school math, apple’s hardware has 300% more RAM and persistent storage and it only costs 20% less than the 3DS. As for the CPUs, Apple is one generation ahead with a 2000MIPS CPU against 3DS’s pitiful 740MIPS CPU. For comparison, a Pentium III does about 1350.

          I can’t say anything about battery life through.

        • No, Nintendo shouldn’t be forced to use Top Notch Technology which would make the Console even more expensive. On top of that, I don’t want a PORTABLE console which I have to recharge every hour because the Device is too Powerful. If you want a good Portable Device, get a High End Notebook, a 360 Pad and run around with that thing… and now don’t tell me a Notebook is too big/expensive.

          I think that the LAZY Devs should work a few things out to make certain Games run on the System, or even develop a totally new Engine.

          It’s a Handheld after all and not a fucking homeconsole.

        • i wish nintendo had a more modern view with handheld hardware.

          put in 1ghz clock cpus, but have games decide what clock they play at, and have the games “rated” for life span.

          that way if you need the power its there and it encourages the developers to use less to have higher ratd battery life.

          that said, nintendo could have really used more ram, considering they are trying to push fairly high res content.