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Final Fantasy XIV “40%” – “A Step Backward for the Genre”


Echoing the sentiments of players, even the western gaming press is hammering Final Fantasy XIV – the worst example of which being a Gamespot review giving the game 40% and calling it “a step backward for the genre” and commenting that “Final Fantasy XIV isn’t fun; it’s work.”

The executive summary:


Impressive visual engine
Flexible class system lets you be what you want, when you want.


Absolutely miserable interface
Does a poor job of communicating important information
Limited questing means you’re always looking for something fun to do
Everything about the economy stinks
Every aspect of the game is filled with dumb obstacles.

4.0/10 – Poor

In other comments there are telling complaints about the game’s new casual mission structure – “bland, repetitive, stand-alone missions that involve killing a certain number of creatures or harvesting resources” which “the game inexplicably limits […] to eight every 36 hours.”

The game is further panned in conclusion:

Final Fantasy XIV is a notable entry to the genre but only for what it lacks.

It lacks character; bare-bones quests and audiovisual repetition fail to instill a sense of fantasy wonder.

It lacks cohesion; communication failures, economic oddities, and stringent limitations leave you constantly directionless.

And it lacks joy; the abysmal interface and boring monsters make it a struggle to stay invested. The open-ended classes, the stunning graphics engine, the focus on story–these elements deserve rightful praise.

It’s a shame they weren’t put to use in a game worthy of the Final Fantasy brand. Certainly, Final Fantasy XIV will improve as features are added, yet the failures go beyond the superficial.

Updates may address a multitude of flaws, but “fun” is not a feature that can be added with a simple patch.

Whilst Gamespot is hardly a paragon of reliability, their comments do seem broadly in line with the generally unfavourable reaction the game has so far inspired (not to be confused with the surprisingly rabid reaction of both Square Enix fans and detractors).

For those wondering, Gamespot gave Final Fantasy XI 8.2 and World of Warcraft 9.5.

Little wonder Square Enix was keen for reviewers to wait until after everyone had the chance to rue the purchase themselves.

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  • I have to admit, the game isn’t so much fun starting off as of yet. They’ve shown a slew of the potential the game holds, and that has been exciting. If you kept up with the videos, a person like me who was considering XI another go, was promised so much from the next installment and it promised to be wonderful.

    And you are dropped in some of that from the videos and interviews when you play. In Gridania, or whatever town, you are treated to a real introduction to a place. And not only that, you have to linearly, but certainly not over-linearly go on a quick group of instances. For instance, Gridania you immediately have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild, and your next missions are not by any means bad.

    Unfortunately, after the first mission, you’re left to do levequests and just grind until your rank is high enough in one class to do another story.

    So while the current content and content promised in the future are something truly epic to be marveled at, something that makes you want to hurry up and get a good computer, the game, a subscription, and log in to be a part of this world so you don’t miss out on some epic development, right now it’s far to spread out, and you feel more like Goku training in a Time Chamber waiting for the world to truly “come alive” and you’ll be prepared for all that content that’s coming.

    And as much as I’m still on edge and dying for my Shantotto, I could only hold out grind for so long, and have eventually had to take longer breaks, playing for a lot less a day and a lot less a way, using my new rig and all the effort I had made to play the game earlier and get ahead in the game so I don’t miss out on being one of the players to conquer Absolute Virtue XIV instead of late or not even reaching many of the things I wanted to in XI, to emulate PlayStation 2 games. In which a computer that is able to handle playing Final Fantasy XIV seems to even easier emulate the PlayStation 2.

    I think that we should all hold them to their promises for this game, in which have been massive and indeed worth being a part of. But I can understand many people no having fun, yet. They haven’t even released a fourth of the content that they’ve promised, which is much more massive than that promised of XI, and content is important. The Roleplayers have already pushed out twice the content of Square Enix. If not many times more than that.

    The only real reason to play right now is if you’re gotten your hands on a good roleplaying group to make full use of your beautiful Lolifell, Miqo’te, sprawling worlds, beautiful lands, and other immediate immersion benefits, and occasionally grind, or completely grind waiting for possible player created(roleplay) or Square created content in the future, so that you will be level capped and all ready for anything that’s thrown at you instead of being late to the party.

    The latter of which most people are doing, and is, indeed, much like a painful job, and “addiction-forming” in some of the worst ways. I’m becoming addicted to preparing for my promises, and I already hate grinding, but one you start getting past ranks and levels further than 18, that grind that was kind of less than horrible at first, becomes something you’re, or at least I’m, really pushing myself to do just relying on the promises I’m given. And even those aren’t enough to keep me going for too many days at a time, even I have a threshold.

    As much as I want to be fully prepared for my promises, I want the content to hurry up and get here.

    I firmly believe in those promises, again. But it’s certainly not very fun yet, now.

  • I really dont get it. Some people here are saying “It’s like reviewing a game 1 or 2 hours after it’s been released. How could one possible get a full grasp of the game in a short amount of time.”

    I suggest u go read the Users Review. They HAVE invested ALOT of time on the game since release and in my opinion those reviews should not be ignored just because u are fans.

  • Have most of you even played it yet?! So many, “I agree” posts, but I’m willing to bet most of you haven’t played it. Hell from what I read, it’s just like every other MMO, boring as hell and a waste of time. But that didn’t stop most of you from playing any other MMO. Most of you seem to be Mr. Me Too’s, agreeing with what the majority says (which is the norm here).

    This will be like every other MMO before it, a bunch of people spending days together, trying to kill a boss, and fat guys blowing their brains out, when some chick refuses to marry them in real life (actually that only happened with a WoW player, sad and funny at the same time).

    • From Cheat Code Central’s closing remarks:

      “We can’t recommend that you spend $50, and then $12.99 a month after the first 30 days, on a title that has as many flaws as FFXIV does. But we can recommend that you keep an eye on the news to see how this game evolves. If the developers can make it easier for new players to get a foothold in Eorzea, work out the lag issues, keep a good-sized community around, and tell a compelling story through the main quests, this could be the best MMO the world has ever seen.”

      WTF is this shit? We can’t recommend buying this game and paying the monthly subscription fee, but we’re gonna give it a 4.2/5.

      I guess CCC’s “review” score is based entirely on the game’s hyped potential.

  • Seems gamespot rated it too early. IGN said they were going to wait to review it because you can’t make a good review of an MMO this early after it’s release. I’m not saying the game is good or bad…I haven’t played FFXI and I probably won’t play FFXIV (unless I’m making money then I might think about it)

    • How is it “too early” to review a released game? That statement is such a contradiction, it’s like admitting the game shouldn’t have been launched yet.

      To all the comments that FF14 should have been like FFXI, bullshit. They finally did what everyone wanted (made the game progressive) after 5 years when their player population started spiraling. Imagine, if you will, how awesome the game could have been if they had devoted this much thought and effort years ago.

      Also calling BS on reviewers saying there’s nothing fun to do in 14. You can do leves with your friends every single day. What in the world did you do in FFXI? Just form XP groups and mindlessly grind the same mob? The first thing I did with my friends in FFXI was BCNM40…that’s 40 levels of grinding with a few quests (RSE gear) and like 5 missions for FORTY levels.

      • It’s like reviewing a game 1 or 2 hours after it’s been released. How could one possible get a full grasp of the game in a short amount of time. MMOs require a lot of time, more than normal games. But I guess the quality of the review doesn’t matter to you. I don’t mind if there are bad reviews…just as long as the proper time has been spent before coming to that conclusion.

  • Shitty retainer system, no implemented use for Guildmarks as of yet, and have you tried the main quest lines yet?

    I believe when someone commented in-game that the release was Beta 2.0, they hit it right on the mark.

  • TriangleComplex is going to jinx itself with all this anti SS/FF reviews. When the game really does take off, all these hateful posts will just point to the fact that most of the people at this site are trolls. Fact.

  • im soo disappointed by square-enix nowadays 🙁
    seriously as a fan i say, make up for it in ff13versus and ff15. if they dont just stop the final fantasy series. keep it from being more degraded

  • I can’t argue with the negative aspects listed here.

    The game is better than made out to be though. Especially with regards to the fatigue system which is actually not bad. It is limiting, but it takes a lot to limit it. Even after a few hours of play per day, I haven’t hit the threshold. But should you hit that threshold, you can play as another class with a separate threshold. You should be doing this either way to gain additional skills to make a solid character. Something every hardcore gamer ought to be doing.

    But the lack of content is definitely there and needs to be taken care of. It still feels like a beta, but not from the usual everything is buggy standpoint. It just needs more.

  • aww man square is slowly degenerating from it’s former glory, we need sakaguchi to save the company. please hire him back.

    on topic hopefully after a year they should be fixed by then, though first impression is always the last nowadays.

  • A completely justified review. As a longtime FFXI player, I really really really wanted FFXIV to be good and gave it the benefit of the doubt regarding a lot of things. I also ended up having to defend it from rather inaccurate posts on this website a lot, for focusing on things that either didn’t matter over things that did, or for outright lies.

    However, this game has a lot of fundamental problems, and there are too many fanboys defending it as “well, gamers are just lazy” or “just because I didn’t have a problem with the market wards, therefore no one does.” A game shouldn’t feel like you’re paying for the ability to have another job, it should be *fun*. However, that fanboy attitude will keep the problems from being fixed since SE will feel justified in their crappy decision making by hiding behind fanboy comments.

    Also, the FFXI Dev team DID work on this, that’s a large part of the reason that FFXI’s development slowed to a crawl years ago. The problem, I believe, is with the new director, as well as Japanese attitudes about the propriety of subordinates suggesting that there are problems with company direction. I find it hard to believe the team that developed FFXI would have left so many obvious problems that were already addressed in that game left in otherwise. The fact that they completely ignored beta testers when we were SCREAMING at them to fix the biggest issues listed before they released the game means it’s SE’s own fault for being stubborn, as well.

    • Implying that the devs knew what’s wrong, but their execs ordered them to let it be the way it already is?

      Well, there are a lot of factors that would make such a thing happen, but if you’re smart, you’ll realize that most of it is rather selfish and only benefit the company and not the players that paid for their shit. Oh well, this kind of story isn’t unheard of in other big Japanese gaming companies. For example: Capcom and Namco-Bandai.

      I hope to God that Konami never will stoop this low…

  • meh dunno why its gettin a bad rep im playing it right now and im having fun but this game is not for people with shit PC’s and its not like WoW where everything is easy so if you want a challenge try it out =P

  • One should also recall that when XI came out in the US it was a year after it had been released in Japan which gave it more time to flesh out, if they were to review XI at the same time in which XIV was reviewed they would most likely have given it the same rating as XIV.

  • Seems to me that Square Enix need to take a look at what they do well and what they do poorly. I miss the games like 3, 9 and tactics because the game play was unique and could have been easily turned into an online game.

  • Microsoft learned from their mistake with Windows 7’s release. Everything about Vista was absolutely shitty, and was beyond repairable even with the updates. When 7 came out, it was already great as an OS, and the later updates are only patches for security threats that didn’t exist at the time of release.

    Since FFXIV lacks so much features that makes it terribly shitty, I won’t pay a cent until the later patches come out to fix it, and hopefully turn it into a great game it’s supposed to be.

    The question is, if so many people are saying it’s shitty at the moment, then why are there still sheep-minded faggots playing the game right now? They’d be better off waiting a year more to get the most value out of their money.

    Oh well, their money(or their parents’…?), not mine.

  • It’s very clear now that the game is in fact not a good game, and the reason why these articles are being posted is so that we can all point and laugh at this horrible game. I agree that Gamespot is a horrible gaming site. The list of bad things about a game are true. Just because one review site gives the game a low score and other sites give it a high score, does not mean that high reviews have refuted the bad points seen in the low review. They simply chose not to see them as being bad points.

    These articles certainly have helped me in making my decision not to buy the game. Maybe the game will get better as they start fixing everything, but if you accept that then you are a damn fool. There are MMOs which have been good from the day 1. Why should you accept anything less? For that matter, we can sell you a game case filled with horse shit, and an access code that says you will be able to download a decent game in a few years. Slippery slope may be considered a fallacy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true in all cases.

  • For those hating, Gamespot is one of the most credible gaming review sites out there.
    You cannot become a reviewer there if you don’t have a degree in journalism. At least that’s what I’ve heard. They also cleansed all the bias fanboy reviewers from their site. The new management team, while still growing has had no blunders.

    GT, Eurogamer and especially Edge are the really bias ones.

    *By saying a version of a game is infinitely better than the other, they make it sound as if the other nearly equal version is unplayable.

    *I predict Gametrailers to give “Game of the Year” to Call of Duty again this year because no game can possibly come close or be better than it.

    *These websites are also full of game developers who can gauge graphics performance of a game on any console. Yes they’re that smart. Example: These sites 100% agree that the strength of a video game console lies purely in it’s GPU, excluding the CPU thus the PS3 whilst having better looking exclusive released games cannot be declared to be even a teeny bit more powerful than the competition.

    • Gamespot is credible because they have requirements? I’m sorry, but that is fucking retard logic. You didn’t think that a Journalism degree might be required so that reviewers can write like they are competent in the English language?

    • Dude, Gamespot gave Civ5 9.5/10 … players gave it 6’s and 7’s like it deserves. I could name 10 other games that got way too high scores… they got it right with FF14 though.

      I usually double-check the user reviews on GameFAQs (same company as Gamespot but whatever). If people put in effort to write a review, they usually don’t do it to bullshit others.

  • “Whilst Gamespot is hardly a paragon of reliability, their comments do seem broadly in line with the generally unfavourable reaction the game…”

    What nonsense. So who is reliable in the opinion of the author- definitely not IGN. Gamespot is one of the most reliable major sites out there.

        • All big reviewing sites are the same. They operate like Famitsu. Why wouldn’t they? It’s more profitable for them and it’s very hard to check their credibility. Integrity is only a brand-word and will only be around when it has to be enforced. I trust reviews from consumers much more than a website like Gamespot. Just have to watch out for the drivel reviews like, “ZOMG THIS GAME ROX000RZ LAWL!!!” or “This game is crap because it is! Period!”.

        • I hate to bring facts to an Internet discussion based solely on rumor, but Gerstmann’s firing had nothing to do with Kane & Lynch or the score that he gave it. Why was he fired? The truth will almost certainly never come out. GameSpot isn’t allowed to say why, and Gerstmann isn’t likely to because–despite him being one of the more questionable reviewers out there–he’s ended up with something approaching martyr status just for sucking at and subsequently losing his job.

        • Kane & Lynch: Dead Men got similar review from IGN Gamespot, and Giant Bomb.

          Electronic Gaming Monthly awarded the game a 7.2/10, saying it had “great story, pacing, and variety” yet complained about the absence of online co-op and poor aiming.

          So I guess all these sources are being payed off?

        • Be more specific? OK.. One of the reviewers that worked at Gamespot gave Kane and Lynch a really shitty review/score, because it was a shitty game. The company that owns Kane and Lynch had payed huge money so the review would be awesome. The reviewer gave it a crappy score, Gamespot fired him, and everyone learned just how BS Gamespot really was, if you hadn’t already known by then.

  • Pretty easy to see this kind of response come for this game before it was released. They practicly shot themselves in the foot when they announced the limited experience system. Just goes to show that no matter how good a game looks, if the gameplay, controls, and features arent spot on then it will not turn out so good. Thats why people will still play games that are years old because at the end of the day graphics mean nothing unless they make playing the game impossible.

    Oh well I still have star wars the old republic and vindictus to look forward to for new mmo’s. Now back to playing enslaved.

    • You mean the great big Hatewagon ruined it right? When 10 speculation articles come out before anyone plays the game it doesn’t even matter if they’re true, like the crap about “the fatigue system”, it can a bunch of misinterpreted bull, but hey now all the haters can mass and “HAH I KNEW IT” when they don’t know jack, so when they do play the game, they go in with the attitude of a whiny little prick LOOKING for problems and things to pin on the game instead of actually TRYING and realizing that many things that bug them are probably because of user error.

      • I agree 100%. Most of the haters here havent even played it and are just going off what they “heard”. They need to actually try the game with an open mind and have their OWN opinion.

        How many of these same haters are gonna try the star wars mmo or guild wars 2 with an open mind ? im better 90% of them but they somehow instantly hate ff14 just because of over exaggerated articles on here and other places.

        • i played most ff games, but i only remember the 3d ones because i played the 2d ones so fucking long ago that i cant remember them much…

          now 7, it wasn’t bad, i loved the materia system, but dammit some more direction on where to go would have helped. i got lost for about 30hours at one point.

          ff8, there isnt a single aspect of this game that i like. aside from all the porn it inspired.

          ff9, i remember that this was the first final fantacy 3d game that i played to the last disc without realizing i was playing the game that long. thats how much the game compelled me to play it.

          ff10, i cant fucking stand that god damn grid leveling bullshit. i hate the main characters, and almost every character the game throws at me.

          ff12 was fucking great, sadly the stry was forgettable. and for people who bitch that the game plays itself, dont use gambits, and manually control all the shit thats going on, for everyone else, customize the ai to do everything you would do, i was fucking amazed at how customizable the ai was and that was a great thing.

        • Noodlestein says:

          VII’s 2 girlfriends? Other than Tifa who would you be refering to? Aeris[sp?]? I don’t ever recall there being anything saying she was dating anyone.
          Though it’s the same with Tifa but then again It’s been ages since i played VII also I played it when I was in my early teens…

        • FallsfromGrace says:

          What always surprises me about the VIIs fans is that both of the main characters girlfriends had a previous boyfriend and in fact it was the same guy. In a manga this would cause a storm of shredded paper. Maybe its just that we all like Zack, enough that he got his own game.

          That being said I loved VII at the time and still do, the materia system was so flexible with stacking effects. Also I will never get over realising that it was a True Death for my always Aeris to me.

          What surprises me about VIII fans is that the main characters girlfriend…..yadayada, except we all hate Seifer. Loathed drawing though.

          For X there were great characters and interaction, we just won’t mention the whistling scene. I never had a problem with Tidus and the Sphere grid was sublime.

          In XII I only really liked Balthier. Vann and Penelo were complete bolts ons and irrelevent, which may help for an anime but not a FF game. The grid was a big step back too and as Penny Arcade said, the game played with itself…

          XIII I liked, except that there was no real point in trying to change to a class a character didn’t start with, way too expensive. Any game that can get me to not hate Snow by the end has to have good points.

          XIV has 19 jobs in it, the 18 in the game and the other playing it

        • ive played ff7-10 plus 10-2. tiny bit of ff12

          ff12 didnt have a good enough start for me and all my toons on auto got boring fast.

          ff13 had so much potential imo. I liked the characters and the story could have been so good.
          therefore, my opinion is:
          ff10 > ff7>> ff8> ff9 >>> ff10-2 >>>> ff13 >> ff12

        • Seeing all these comments I think the FF series’ biggest issue is that it’s fans can never agree on what’s good, so SE runs around with the series like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

          You’ve got half the fan base who realize that FF titles like 2, and 13 were shit, and understand that a game needs to be FUCKING FUN above everything else, seeing as it’s a GAME, so they can realize that while titles like 5, 3 and 12 were weak on the story aspect, they still had some of the best new ideas the series has seen. 3 gave you job classes, 5 tweaked them to near perfection, and 12 had the best use of AI I’ve ever seen in any game with Gambits. They just want SE to stop fucking around, take all the good mechanics they’ve made over the years, throw out the shitty ones, and make a good game. Then with the next FF installment, keep on tweaking any more issues that come along, rather that dropping EVERY good idea they always make and creating some new shitty mechanics that no one likes.

          But then you’ve got the other half who think 7 is the second coming of Christ, and ignore whether a title was good or bad solely based on raving fanboyism. They scream that “EVERY FF AFTER 7 SUCKS!” but then forget that shit like 2 existed, and that 12 and X-2, while having stupid plots, introduced awesome gameplay aspects that really needed to be kept with future titles. Of course, ask them if they’ve ever played EVERY title before 7. Guarantee they haven’t, or they’d realize that there’s a reason the director of 2 was taken off the FF team FOR GOOD (and made the shitty SaGa series), or that 9 is like a 3D version of 4, so when they bash the aspects of 9, they forget that 9 is nearly an exact copy of 4 with gameplay style, and pacing. And worst of all, while they’ll defend a current generation of a shitty FF title (13 fanboys, talking to you) as soon as the next FF title comes along, they’ll champion that as the next “BEST FF EVER!” and jump on the bandwagon of calling the previous title they once defended a piece of shit. (See former 8 fans for best results.)

          Too bad Square Enix likes to listen to the 2nd half of the fans more often than the first.

        • I, for one, enjoyed ff13, but not ff12 that much. I enjoy ff7 and ff6, but not so much the earlier versions.

          I’ve never played ff8, 9, or 10.

          I think it’s an off and on series, myself. :/

        • I feel that FFIX was the last Final Fantasy that fit into the rough outline of a FF game. FFX was good (as was XII) but they were different. I feel the introduction of voice acting and other elements caused a change in how the series is produced. I started noticing deviations from the standard FF series (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) in the series that continues on from X to XIII, some of which I like, others I don’t. I just think the brand loyalty that I once had for Squaresoft that carried over into SquareEnix is now gone. I will now have to look into SE games more thoroughly before I buy.

        • I would just like to correct your correction of a correction. Or rather, it would not be correct to call it “correcting” as It’s incorrect to call voicing my self-resolved correct-opinion correct. Not to overuse the word “correct” but it’s rather incorrect to voice your own opinions as if they were correct facts not even when correcting someone else or when correcting someone else’s correction of a correction.

  • Will say it again, it’s a damn shame the folks that made FFXI didn’t work on FXIV.

    They really learned form their mistakes and outside of a crafting revamp, FFXI in the last few years was getting much better.

    • Are you an idiot? Tanaka said time and time again that both games were made by the same devs. This is exactly the problem with these games, they don’t subscribe to the western tastes for MMO’s.

    • Gamespot is horribly bias.

      They gave Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days a 8.0 out of 10, and bashed Birth by Sleep to a so called “deserved” 7.5.

      I swear the lack of credible reviewers these days is astounding. (Gametrailers where are you)

      • Gotta love how people down rated your post for posting something positive.Most of these people havent played it and are just regurgitating others opinions and passing them off as their own.

        I played from the first alpha test to the end of the open beta and it was a good game and the UI isnt bad its actually decent. Reminded me of White Knight Chronicles a bit lol.

        Only reason i didnt buy the game was due to the restrictions on exp,leves and lack of real FF jobs. When they change those things,Im in.

        I keep reading a bunch of “i read”,”i heard” and “someone told me”…. Just try it and see for yourself. There are NO reliable review sites or magazines these days. Gamespot,IGN,and Gameinformer being some of the worst.

      • You’re even worse than those people who say “FF13 gets better after the 20 HOUR MARK!”

        I’m not going to buy a game that’s boring as shit for the first 20 or so hours, and I’m sure as hell not going to buy a game that MIGHT get good at some indefinite period of time.

        How many times does Square Enix need to bend over their fans before they finally realized they’re screwing them?

        • It will obviously get better as it would be hard to make it worse, but what’s your point? That people shouldn’t be paying for it now? Or that they should funnel money while they wait?

        • it is probably going to be like the promised DLC for ff13. they say “we’ll add DLC to keep the game alive” but once they got their ill gotten sales they dropped the gamers on their heads and said “what did you lea~rn?”

          they will promise patches and fixes to make this game better, to get sales. then, when they have the subscribers, “oops, you never learn do you? we gotta work on the next big game. i assure you it will be better AND it will definately have DLC.”

          i have abstained from buying square products for a couple years now. if they don’t get the passion back, more people like me will run them into the ground.

        • im not looking at it as a FF game. im looking at it a regular mmorpg. maybe thats why the reviews are so crappy. square enix is obviously not the way they were before. so the only choice is for them to start over fresh. the name square enix sounds its becoming a curse for them.

    • actually FFXI was the same, I played it when it came out and it was also work.
      You got nothing for free and you where punished for every mistake.
      Thats not what a Game that supposed the be fun and you pay for each month should do

        • There is little to no work in FFXI. Ive been playing since NA release and have found it fun the whole way through. Its so easy to get things done and level. CoP can for the most part be solo’d barring maybe 2 fights where you may need a small group of 3.

          WoW i found dreadfully boring,didnt like the UI and wasnt a fan of the community.The battle system very simple which isnt that bad of a thing as anyone can just jump in a play.I just found myself missing the skill chains and magics bursts on top of the norm of spells,weapon skills and abilities found in ffxi.

          FFXi is a great game and while i didnt purchase FFXIV because after being in the closed alpha to open beta i realized i needed better classes and less restriction on leveling and quests. All that will surely change within a year.Ill probably pick it up when the game shapes up a bit. Its no where near as bad as you guys make it sound or have heard.

    • And that was 5+ years after it’s release

      FFXIV does alot of things new and is trying hard to differentiate itself from being just a FFXI-2, and is going to have to go through the same premature birthing precedures…

      • What I was getting at is that the new team seems to have not taken some of the lessons learned from FFXI to heart.

        I was in the beta for FFXIV and believe me one of the first things they should have learned is that the controls were unnecessarily complicated and clunky.

      • when the fuck did we expect games to be good YEARS after it’s released? that’s like thinking this car will run good five years later. or this girlfriend will give me good head in ten years. or maybe this hamburger will fill me up 12 hours later.

        • Pretty much with every MMO? It’s quite simple that one would compare their old, mature MMO with a new MMO and find the new one lacking in terms of content, polish, whatever.

          Some things are obviously not excusable, like crummy interface.

      • Not to actually compliment FF XIV, but in the beginning, the review is constantly on bashing that the tester has no clue what he is suppose to do and in particular where he is suppose to go.
        Apart from that, there are a couple of other points that makes me wonder what the review wants to prove: how fail FFXIV is, or how ridiculously stupid and lazy the modern gamer has become.

        I bet that guy loves starcraft 2, not because of the graphics, sound or gameplay, but because he can “use” the AI to play against another AI.
        If he wants to play as a terran against zerg for example, he’d let a terran AI face a zerg AI, and lean back and proudly watches how “his” terran crushes the zerg (or maybe not).

        • lol, maps? with how long i played in greater faydark i’m able to tell where i am by the mobs around me and the possession of the trees, i never once used sense heading.

          and try going from faydark to erudian as a level 1 monk just to see if you can actually do it.

          i played from when the game came out and i still play it now, however i was on and off again after luclin came out.

          everquest made combat fun, something that videos of ff14 seams to lack

          everquest made a world that wasnt reused, ff14 failed at that MAJORLY

          everquest, though it gave you nothing, was still fun as hell if you were willing to get into it. and ff14, fails at that, unless you are retardedly devoted to the game.

          an 11 going on 12 year old game, kicks a modern games ass at damn fucking near everything.

        • FallsfromGrace says:

          Ah the Faydwer/Qeynos run too, then having to get a bind so you didn’t loose the last hour.

          Especially tough for necro gnomes as the guards aggroed on you, really tough to do a cr

          Now that was a boat you didn’t want to fall off, unless you wanted to raise swimming.

        • Yanno, I played EQ from the point that scars was released. Starting out, you -really- had that feeling of being immersed in the game world. Nothing was handed to you, and when you leveled up (aka:dinging, because of that wonderful sound effect) you really felt like you earned it. You didn’t know how much EXP until you leveled, you had a bar, and it filled up. You earn EXP from something? You didn’t get a number, you watched that little bar as you struck the killing blow. Monster higher level and tougher? Not necessarily more EXP. Need to know how to get back to town, better have been practicing “Sense Heading” and know which direction town was in. Map? No you’re not a goddamn cartographer. You die? Say goodbye to not only a good yellow (20% to level) or so of EXP, but all your items if you cant get back to your corpse and -safely- drag it out (or pay a necromancer to come out and cast a spell to summon it for you, but that was -expensive- ). All of this added to the mystery, and exploration. You could look online for maps, but they were mostly crude, and akin to what you probably made yourself. There were a lot of things in the beginning that were word of mouth, personal experience and such. A whole bunch of things were pretty cryptic, and the developers were pretty stingy with what they told players, all in all it was a game that you had to figure out how to play. In a good way.

          By modern terms (WoW, XI such on and so forth) the game was horrible to you, but it was so much damn fun figuring stuff out.

          Now we have XIV, and they I suppose sort of want to recapture that…..perhaps…or not really, it’s actually quite horrible. And I enjoyed the hell out of 12ZJS and 13. What does that say about this game?

        • ok, i dont know how new mmo’s handle noobs, so ill just write what ever quest was like, at least for me at launch.

          you started off with a note and thats it, no idea who to give it to but damnit you have to give it to someone, this quest was to find your guild master, and the reward, possibly the shittyest chest item ever to hit an mmo.

          from there there may have been a second quest, but dammit i want to kill. so i fo to the noob side of the city and kill. and kill till i cant level off those monsters anymore

          i than proceeded t zone, and kill in north ro, or east commonlands

          and than reguardless i went over to owasis of mar for level 18-25 (up to 30)

          i will tell you this, original eq gave you no clue what you were suppose to do, and it was damn good.

          quests were there mostly for lore and faction in early eq and sometimes for items.

        • FallsfromGrace says:

          The review is pretty much spot on. Reading the manual is a must, the ingame tutorial for combat is –

          If you click on a monster you can attack it

          Not much more on any thing else either, its very much like they want people to spend hours learning each part of the game.

          I did this with EQ when it first came out, started loads of characters and tried a bit of everything, knowing that mistakes would cost, accepting it as a learning experience.

          But I didn’t mind it for EQ, XIV is not fun.

          Item handing is the worst for me, trying to sell a bunch of stuff can take 10 minutes.

          It is pretty though….

      • Agreed. From what I’ve read FF11 was awful when it was released in japan. The NA market got it a year later, a year worth of fixes. FF11 is a great game, but it isn’t a instant gratification WoW style game, niether is FF14. They are both non-traditional MMO’s, you either like them or don’t. FF14 has a great foundation, just needs tweaks. Chat system and Economy suck atm. More quests need to be added. The rest just needs minor adjustments.

        • I’ve been getting bad vibes from Square games since FFXI. The idea of Final Fantasy MMOing bothered me. Probably because I always felt the FF series was, and always should have been, a good story with good characters with good plot development, a classic battle system evolving a bit with each new game and graphics ahead of its time. Since X-2, I haven’t bought another SE product outside of KHII. Which is a really sad fact for me because Square made up a rather decent portion of my childhood. Even if FF has succeeded on any MMO ground, that’s territory I’m not really up for exploring. And XIV is definitely no exception.

        • FFXI was traditional in the sense that it had forced grouping ala EQ. This is probably why the game wasn’t hammered in reviews (I also doubt said reviewers played the game to high level as there was no mention of horrible genkai quest at 50, but I digress), that was the norm. Also terrible game mechanics like world bosses that force you to play the game on its schedule, as instancing only really took off with WoW. But this is stuff that people in the genre were used to.

        • Actually the only work you need to do in FFXI is the Expansion storylines and line up for R/EX gears. Everything nowadays is easymode compared to back in the days. Hell you can go from Lv40 to 80 in a day’s work if you have a reliable and competent group to do Abyssea with. Not sure about 85 but I don’t think much will change in terms of exp gain. You can kill just about every monster in the game with a group less then 6 barring AV and PW.

        • FFXI is about work too, A LOT WORK, you need to do a lot shit to get something good. Level up there got super hard now, no seeking players at all, only after lvl 70 is somehow easy, due Abyssea.

        • I just read about 20 user review on gamespot and it was worse than I thought…., there’s so many mad user with “I’m closing my account” end of line, and all user that giving 8.0++ review are spewing the same review “this is for dedicated gamers” or something like that…, for the first time in my life I thank goodsmile company for sucking my wallet and preventing me to pre-ordered this shit…

        • I think people forget that WoW was a bit of a mess when it first came out.

          The Hunter? Completely worthless. Pets had like 2 functions and the whole class barely made it in. In beta they basically STARTED to get them ready for launch and then launched the game with them half done.

          I’ve never experienced a great MMO launch except maybe WAR which had really no problems.

          But what people are saying goes beyond the usual. FFXI didn’t interest me at all and this doesn’t either. Looks horribly generic. A few chocobos does not make it Final Fantasy. I guess FF died after 10.

        • The problem with this line of thinking is that you get into a cycle of “Well, the original game was bad at release, but it got it better. So will this one!” This way of thinking is bad. A release for a game doesn’t need to have WoW’s qualities, doesn’t need to try and keep pace. That’s just not going to happen. What it needs is a solid release, where such gratuitous and obvious flaws are not present.

          You don’t need to have a perfect game at release, patches can help smooth out the corners – but you do not want to release an abomination and then say “We’ll fix it later, maybe”.