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Square Enix Recruiting Chinese Speakers…


The controversy surrounding the production of Final Fantasy XIV has further intensified with the news that Square Enix is seeking Chinese speakers to run the game’s servers.

Their Japanese recruiting site has posted new jobs – server, database, and network engineers for Final Fantasy XIV – and alongside the usual qualifications they stress the desirability of being able to speak Chinese, which has added to the suspicion that much of the development was outsourced to China:


Aside from the obvious conclusion about the language skills required, there are any number of questions being raised as to why Square Enix is only just starting to recruit critical system administrators after the game has actually been launched and not before.

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  • The answer is quite obvious – they’re hiring staff too operate the China-only FFXIV service.

    As China requires servers for Chinese players to be in China, it makes sense to hire Chinese staff to operate the servers, run Chinese XIV account management, and act as China-server GMs.

    Wholly unrelated to the servers the rest of the world uses.

  • /facepalm. FFXIV has Chinese-only servers (required by China’s government). Of course they’d need Chinese speakers to GM these servers. This has nothing to do with the “made in China” rumors.

    I’m all for FFXIV bashing, but c’mon, research before posting.

  • Don’t you get it? Its a new way of attacking China, by making China’s people into gaga gamers. Its either to get the enemy to worship you, or to die due to no sleep and food. it’s a slow process, but hey, might work =)

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    squenix blew its wad with the unfortunate release of a CG movie that had NOTHING to do with its title. Close to $130 MILLION dollars(est) went into ‘FF: the Spirits Within’ and it walked away with a piss poor 32 mil out of America. Never mind the ENTIRE STUDIO they had to make on one of the most costliness lands in America >>>>Hawaii! By the By; that studio died unnoticed except for the creditors~ World wide it pulled in 85 million; but you have to take into account how it was sold in the world. I’d bet close to more than half of that went to other companies and NOT to square soft.

    Whatever they’re making now and since 2001, have been to crawl out of that sink-hole of stupidity.

  • Kind of funny how many political science experts pop out of the woodwork in situations like this to point out how japan is kowtowing to china etc based on the actions of a private video game company.

    No matter what the current political climate may be its just hilarious.

  • Shouldn’t the fact that they’re looking for “critical system administrators after the game has actually been launched and not before” kind of be a hint toward your view of the story being a bit off?

    Makes a whole lot more sense that they’re looking to fill positions for something upcoming rather than for the existing game/servers.

  • That sure is some damning evidence in those pictures there… i think…

    Kind of hard to say anything about this “story” when 100% of the evidence for the argument is in a language you can’t read.

  • I swear, Sankaku is the Fox news of video game news lately.

    Take a fraction of the actual story that you figure will most agitate your audience and run it as the entire story.

    SE would have to be a fool to ignore the Chinese market but their experience with FFXI showed them that it couldn’t mix with the JP/EU/NA market without RMT flooding evrything.

    Their solution with FFXI was to try as hard as they could to shut the chinese market and chinese players by extension out of the game entirely.

    With XIV all they’re doing is making chinese exclusive servers to isolate and try and control the market.

    Of course they’re going to be looking for chinese speakers if they’re planning on running chinese only servers.

  • They probably discovered that the gold sellers buy 300 percent more accounts than real single players do and have to open up a whole new market while banning obvious ones and letting the backstreet gold sellers get away with it. That would be quadrupedal the amount of yearly revenue from account generation money made from China than all other countries combined. The way the gold sellers work means they don’t care (the gold sellers) if a few of their accounts get banned as they have so many running per person in a game none stop that SquareEnix can make money instead of losing it. Looks like the world has flipped upside down to me.

  • Actually, isn’t this because China and Korea are going to get their OWN FFXIV servers?

    This would mean that they’d actually need Chinese/Korean speakers to work there in the respective countries.

  • maybe its a ploy to open chinese only servers that way the can buy their own gil and hack their own accounts..

    meh wishful thinking aside.. ff13 sucked, ff14 sucks..

    with japans willingness to “update” their old school rpg style to suit ‘western tastes’ at the cost of selling out to the chinese.. its only a matter of time before they go belly up..

  • Boy, I’m no fan of China. But this whole Chinaphobe stuffs is slowly getting from stupid to hillarious. Square Enix announced they’d run seperate servers in China a while back. Of course they’re gonna need Chinese speakers to handle those.

  • Considering the current issues with China, politically.

    The already less than satisfied stance by a lot of their normally rabid fan base in Japan, and the suspicions of outsourcing to China to even make the game.

    Well.. PR wise this is complete lunacy.

    Last thing you’d want in this situation is to appear to be servile to the antagonist, whether you be a government or a company.

  • My first thought, and it wasn’t all that good, was that they want people who can eavesdrop on gold farmers’ conversations. But it certainly seems reasonable that they’d have a Japanese, Chinese and English sections for admin, since pretty much every player could be depended on to speak one of those.

    And I’d like an answer to that other anon’s question. Chinese “dialects” are more like related languages, you need to learn each one to understand it, like how French and Spanish both come from Latin but you can’t understand one just from knowing the other. I’d assume they mean Mandarin, but surely Hong Kong is going to see a high enough consumer base for them to need a couple of Cantonese speakers?

    • Written chinese. Dialects may be difficult to understand, which is why you write zhongwen but speak hanyu.

      Also: English is mentioned before Chinese as a desirable trait in the ad. Unsuprisingly, China-hating Sankaku doesn’t mention that little fact.

    • Concept artists are NOT coders/programmers or overall director. Concept artists only illustrate shit based on what the director wants him to make and how.

      Of course I admit that China has its own stock of honest artists that do professional, breathtaking works of art without having to plagiarize something else, but they’re not the root of the problem.

      The real mess might’ve started simply by bad planning by the execs. And that ‘horsebird’ shit is probably because they hired the same guy who translated ‘No’ into ‘DO NOT WANT’ in the Star Wars bootleg, to translate for this game.

      Maybe the execs are secretly a part of /b/.

  • Again SC impresses me with its impressive leaps of logic. So SE is recruiting Chinese speakers to run critical game services after the launch for the rest of the world, but before the launch in China. Clearly, this must mean they are somehow currently running their servers with psychic monkeys and has nothing to do with the fact that Chinese servers have to be run in China by Chinese speakers, and they would need localization done in Chinese as well. After all, recruiting Chinese speakers after 5 years of development obviously means that the entire game was made in China right?

      • Do you ever have anything intelligent to say? It’s only “chinese quality” this and “china quality” that with you.

        The Chinese cannot even access FFXIV, all countries outside the North America and most of Europe are blocked from even getting onto the website. They’re looking for Chinese literates to localize the game, not program it.

        Also, These look like a bunch of Japanese names to me.

        • @Schrobby‘s “I didn’t coin the term “chinese quality”. The chinese companies did that all themselves by producing garbage.”

          In every country, there’ll be some people producing garbage. It just happens that China has the largest population, and it’s not the most technologically advanced, especially in villages, so it’s extremely difficult (read: impossible) to manage it all. There will be a ton of Chinese factories that produce low-quality garbage, as well as all the other places (Like that restaurant that used sewer water or something), but there are also tons of other factories, or restaurants, or anything else, that produce decent, if not good quality things. All my life, I’ve used many, many things made in China, and none of it was failure, or dangerous, because there’s not really that high of a percentage that is failure or dangerous. There’s a high number, yes, but not a high percentage. What’s the US’s population? 300 million. And China’s? 1.3 billion. Since the US is so well developed, if China could have a 1:5 ratio for bad products (US:China), that’d already be good. And before you say that it’s no where near that, how many reports of all these dangerous Chinese products are there? A lot, yes. Now, with that 1.3 billion people, imagine how much Chinese products are MADE. Now imagine how China’s products will be when the country is fully developed, to the level of countries like Canada or something.

          Also, I don’t remember who mentioned it, but some people noted how 1) Asians are terrible at speaking English and 2) English should be the universal language because it’s the easiest to learn. I’m a Canadian with Chinese ancestry. Might not be perfect, but I think this level of English can be considered proficient. For the second point, like someone else mentioned, any language that you don’t speak is considered difficult. A personal story, when I was younger, my parents wanted me to study French. At that time, I declined, because I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to learn it. (I was five at the time) Seven years later, I can speak French fluently, and find it easy, maybe even easier than English. (Not to say that I’m better at French, but I feel that it’s more logical in many cases) Every language has its unique rules that are make sense to native speakers, but may be completely unintelligible to everyone else.

          …And so concludes my rant.

          tl;dr version: China makes lots of stuff. A lot is crap, even more isn’t.
          Any language is difficult to non-speakers.

        • I didn’t coin the term “chinese quality”. The chinese companies did that all themselves by producing garbage.

          Localizing the game? Yeah, localizing it for the japanese market. The chinese were obviously unable to do so, considering such “great” innovations like “Horsebird”.

          Listing japanese names is not too hard. Especially if you try to hide the fact the game was developed in China.

  • >why Square Enix is only just starting to recruit critical system administrators after the game has actually been launched and not before
    My guess is that something is slowly going more and more wonky in their servers and they’ve just discovered that all the documentation is in Chinese.

        • ‘If you really saw my comments on different articles you’d have noticed that my opinion considering the USA is not good either. You gained your reputation yourself – and proved it with your post.

          BTW, you describe not how to Schrobby but an easy way to avoid buying jewelry made from toxic heavy metals. There are more then enough examples of chinese fail here at Sankaku, look for them.’

          Don’t take sancom news seriously, though. They are for entertainment. For a long time now most of the cheap stuff is >>made in china<< and cheap obviously means bad quality. So china quality is just another way of saying cheap products suck. But who wants said cheap products? Customers do. And customers pay, because the other products, that don't fail, are expensive. So they rather buy every year something cheap than investing lots of money for stuff that will work for decades.

          So, in a sense people buying cheap stuff are promoting china quality. You get what you pay for.

        • If you really saw my comments on different articles you’d have noticed that my opinion considering the USA is not good either. You gained your reputation yourself – and proved it with your post.

          BTW, you describe not how to Schrobby but an easy way to avoid buying jewelry made from toxic heavy metals. There are more then enough examples of chinese fail here at Sankaku, look for them.

        • If you really saw my comments on different articles you’d have noticed that my opinion considering the USA is not good either. You gained your reputation yourself – and proved it with your post.

          BTW, you describe not how to Schrobby but an easy way to avoid buying jewelry made from toxic heavy metals. There are more then enough examples of chinese fail here at Sankaku, look for them.

        • Schrobby, I’ve seen your comments around on different articles and you have to be one of the most media-addled, brain-washed, ignorant idiot I’ve seen on here. It is because of people like you that Americans have a reputation for being a bunch of patriotic, biased idiots. I sure hope that the growth of China will not lead to the creation of a generation of idiots like you.

          How to Schrobby:
          1. Is it Chinese

  • Let’s see. That would make sense for servers that are specifically and/or exclusively used by chinese players. Either they want to follow a strictly divided regional setup for this game or this is really the ultimate evidence for chinese outsourcing. Either way, it’s somewhat pathetic.
    English is not my native tongue but it is quite obvious that it would be the logical choice for an MMO, besides Japanese that is. In this case, even the Japanese part is already in a sad state (Horsebirds..LOL).

    But hey, i always thought that Japan should get a slap in the face for all their outsourcing stunts. Nowadays you can’t really call games/anime “japanese products” any more because 90% of them are manufactured in other Asian countries.

    • The English skills are the usual set of qualifications obviously. Chinese, however, is rather peculiar.
      I don’t see that ominous “right wing 2ch” correlation to be honest. I would if there was only one tiny little obscurity regarding that title, but by now there are way too many of them.

      Just saying, if shit piles up it’s bound to leave a mountain of stink.

  • Final Fantasy as a production is no longer complete property of the Japanese.

    Sadly, they are Chinese, and since most of them Chinese and especially Taiwan are also faggots that eat up on the principal of feminine male design for popular media, queers will still dominate the posters. What’s worse, the quality of the whole game will go to hell.

    I’m not asking heroes to look like they take steroids, but when they have skin so smooth as if they take Botox, it becomes annoying.

    We need more Western devs who are also not too stuck with Gears-of-War-mentality.

      • “The chinese don’t speak english very well”
        Neither do the Japanese…and also TC-man I agree with you. Many younger Chinese do speak English very well; many of my younger relatives in China speak it quite fluently with the correct grammar. The only problem they have is pronounciation. And “Cheap labour for cheap quality”? Seriously, its just simple supply and demand. The cheaper the labour the more demand for it. The computer you guys are using right now is probably over 70% Chinese made. I challenge you to try to live off non-Chinese made products for a month. Let’s see how fat that goes…

        • The average Japanese can’t speak English any better than any better than a 2-year-old from an English-speaking country. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that have native pronunciation of both English and Japanese (very possible if you sustain an environment where a child hears native speakers of both languages throughout their childhood).

      • Sorry, many new generation Chinese, especially from Hong Kong can speak better English than some Japanese in general. I am not saying this because just like that, it’s more because how the Japanese teach their students to write and speak English language. I am convinced that many Japanese can speak much better English if they change the methods for teaching English in Japan. I hate those people who said that the Japanese can only speak/write “Engrish”. Why laugh at them instead of correcting and educating them.

        • I believe, from what I heard before when researching being an english teacher there for a year, that you’re only supposed to book-read the english and not actually make an effort to explain to them the accents or even really break them from Katakana speaking habits. I could be (and hope what I heard was) wrong, but it does seem that way. Granted, it could simply be they don’t care much about learning it as they don’t quite have a concept of what opportunities will open up in their future because of it. I know none of my friends or myself considered language as anything more than another class, but then again we were suburban white kids… the sad reality is unconsciously we already understood the world to be our oyster, as proven by the fact that I even know that saying…

          Now that I’m mature enough to understand the mental benefits of multi-linqual understanding, I lack the money and/or time to really attempt it.