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Square Enix: “Don’t Review FF14!” Players: “38%”



Reportedly Square Enix is demanding the gaming press hold off publishing any reviews of Final Fantasy XIV until a month after the game’s release; unfortunately, players seem to have jumped the gun and are publishing their own less than favourable opinions of the game.

Review copies of Final Fantasy XIV have been accompanied by the admonition that reviews should be held back for “three to four weeks post launch” – the rubric apparently being that lots of time is needed “to give the online game time to mature.”

The demand is styled as a “polite request,” although review sites can probably be forgiven for suspecting their supply of future Square Enix titles might be in danger of drying up should they ignore the request.

Naturally, Square Enix’s growing legion of detractors (admittedly not necessarily any more reliable than Square Enix themselves) have their own interpretation of this – that Square Enix is attempting to delay news of an impending disaster.

Japanese user reviews are not so sparing – 38% and 1.5 stars over some 160 ratings:



In Amazon’s case the game carries the tags “Made in China” and “Square Enix Fraud”… In response Square Enix Wada is reported as saying “That’s just how the Internet is. I’m even telling the creators not to take any notice.”

The obligatory unflattering Photoshops (shown with the trappings of a Japanese funeral for those left wondering):








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  • SE has the worst customer service ever. They have claimed i need to reset my account information and have provided no help whatsoever.

    i’m pretty much giving up all hope with SE and abandoning them.

    what a bunch of pinheads.

  • Closed and Open beta tester here. The reviews are spot on and it deserves what it gets. Why should it not be fair to judge an MMO when its released? People need to stop tolerating shitty half-finished releases for MMOs. And FF14 is more shitty and less finished than most.

    The UI lacks info and features at many points, while also having extra superfluous info at others. The only “content” in the game right now are the daily quests which are called “leves” and 8 of them can be done every 36 hours. They are all given from the exact same guy in town, and you get around 4-5 every 10 levels. Each new tier is the same leves essentially, just higher level mobs. Kill X, Harvest Y, etc.

    The game world is heavily copy-pasta’d. Check Youtube. And it lacks any sort of Points of Interest or Landmarks at all. It’s just endless boring skymaps and landscape with randomly placed mobs. No castles, no bandit camps, no waterfalls, no dungeons, etc.

    Communication ingame is abysmal too. No Mailbox, no auction house. No chat channels other than Say, Shout, and Linkshell (sorta like a guild, but with no features other than a private chat channel). Group attacks don’t really work. Targeting is clunky and archaic. The con system doesn’t work to know what to fight.

    The engine design is so poor that it won’t even fully use your graphics card for 90% of players. And future hardware won’t even change that due to it only using 2 threads/cores. Turning on occlusion or other special features murders your FPS to below 5, etc.

    I’ve played or followed dozens of MMOs back since Ultima Online and EQ1. This is seriously the most pathetic release I’ve seen from a major developer since maybe Anarchy Online or Earth and Beyond from EA.

  • Having played the open beta, I had predicted that SE would ask reviewers to hold off on reviewing the retail release a month or more after it came out before this announcement was ever made public.

    This is because due to vast amounts of negative player feedback during beta, SE probably became aware that FFXIV would be a critical disaster. So they are attenpting to limit the impact poor reviews will make on sales on the game by pushing the reviews back.

    Had FFXIV been a good game, SE would have never made this request.

  • ONE star ??? Can’t say they aren’t deserve that, soon they can no longer buy game review to trick people into buying their craps, no longer have enough cash to pay their worker and will disappear into oblivion. Only after that Ogre battle series may start again, damn those shameless gold digger !

  • I was in the closed beta and open beta, and regrettably purchased the CE. FFXIV is a failure in my personal opinion. It isn’t fun, and it’s quirky as heck. Some of the game’s design makes you wonder what the directors were thinking. Leveling is incredibly slow and done by repeating the same leves over and over. The graphics are great, but the game performs horribly, and the UI is a pain in the butt.

  • Pffft,whatever.

    The same shit happened with FF13
    Nobody liked it,nobody cared for it.People talked shit about it,this site talks shit about it FOREVER….etc etc.

    But it will still be a huge thing here and a ton shit of people will get it and play it.
    I got FF13 and the shit people talk about it are sometimes huge exaggerations to sound convincing.

    Before I talk shit,I will play this myself first.

  • You can complain all you want, but at least those companies can get sales, quality is subjective, Twilight blows, if you hate write a book to outsell it, or do what those guys who did Vampires Suck did, put up or shut up.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Okay, I’ll bite: what’s the point of Japanese media holding off from publishing their Final Fantasy XIV Online reviews, if the goddamn game is ALREADY OUT?

    This usually works for Western media ’cause, if they upset the publishers, they’ll stop sending them free retail copies early on, hence preventing them from publishing reviews before the game is on the streets.

    But this thing is already out over there! Why don’t they publish their reviews and, if they happen to be negative and upset Squeer Enix, just go and, from then on, buy their games like everybody else in order to review ’em? I mean, they’re “professionals”, unlike random Internet dudes they do this for profit, they more than anyone else could stop being such cheap bastards…

    • It’s the fact that judging an mmorpg at this early a stage is one of the stupidest things you can do.

      These kind of games aren’t like everything else where when it’s released it’s all there to be poked and prodded over.

      Just because someone is a “professional” doesn’t mean they can adequately review a mmorpg in its infancy. I recall one of those shit shows on G4 reviewing FFXI before the US version had even launched or something. They ranted about how the game had no players or economy etc.

  • This “site” has recorded as a laugh-page into ever ffxiv community forum. Hoursebird fake story before (rotfl, “Chocobo” “Chocobo Stable” are in game everywhere) and Surplus exp lame story after. Worst web site ever XD

    ALL the ffxiv community are laughing about all this shit you making on the game XD

    FFXIV is the best MMORPG ever and best MMORPG launch ever (waht about Aion, 2 weeks w/o log-in or with 4-5 hrs in-queue, or just WoW, characters lost after 1 week from the launch).

    Go ahead, Sankaku Complessed!

  • Wasn’t there a little controversy awhile back from the 14team making fun of how slow the 13team were and 14was waiting on 13 because they were claiming that they were ready to release a lot earlier than this?

  • I don’t understand, Square Enix. Just take out the fatigue system (if that’s still around), stop making the maps have no variety… I have no idea what’s going on with the battle system though so I can’t speak for or against it. It’s like they’ve become so concerned with how things look that they forget it’s actually a game; I still look back on the character models and say “Wow, these characters look awesome, I can’t see what this game is like” until I’m disappointed in what I hear about the game. My Xbox was working fine until FF13 came around…

    • The fatigue system is pretty much non-existant, only really is noticable by players that play for over 12 hours a day, so pretty much it’s only noticable to those 12 year old kids that have nothing to do outside of school or those 20+ year old adults who live in their moms basements with no job

    • Wow… seriously?

      The stuff you’re saying they should “fix” is all of the super exaggerated BS that this site helps spread around.

      It’s pathetic that people like you are trying to critique the game while knowing jack squat about whats actually wrong with it and what isn’t.

  • Pretty amusing stuff considering that the had to release a new server the day of launch because of over population and all of the servers but maybe 2 are locked and no one can create new characters on them because of overpopulation

    • This is Sankaku though.

      Tell them something like that and the next FFXIV story will be about how pathetically under prepared SE was with having servers ready for the release and how they’re not really overpopulated but poor quality chinese made servers that can’t handle even the few people willing to play the game.

  • There is only one thing stupider than someone who rates an mmorpg this early in it’s lifetime, and that is anyone who listens to someone else rate an mmorpg this early in its lifetime.

  • Yawn. It’s a good game. Not perfect, it has some strange omissions and a few bugs, but it’s still a good game. And certainly the most enjoyable MMORPG I’ve ever played.

    I would presume if they’re asking reviews to hold off until a month from now that they have a patch coming with some important updates the reviewers might like to know about. Perfectly reasonable.

  • He he he…

    How utterly useless this debate is…

    Just drop Squeenix’s games altogether and play something else, like Demon’s souls.

    Ya all wanna ‘make Squeenix listen to us’? Simple… Stop buying their crap so they get their act together… If they do not, well… Good riddance then.

    • The funny part is the same thing happened with that Ultraviolet movie way back when. They only screened it to reviewers the night before the movie released so the review couldn’t hit the papers on release day.

  • Most copies of games are bought very soon after the game’s release. This is especially true in Japan, and especially especially true of FF games in Japan.

    What Squeenix is asking is for reviewers to not review the game until nearly everyone who might have bought it has already bought it and a bad review would have no major impact on the game’s sales.

    • Amen to that! Seems like for all the advantages of connectivity, in some ways the industry is going downhill as so many people are placing so much importance on reviews instead of simply venturing and trying things out they seem to base their opinions and purchases on the little sugar pill they get from biased review sites.

      I loved Milon’s Secret Castle as a kid. Does it matter that Angry Video Game Nerd trashed it? Not in the slightest.

      • This isn’t about professional reviewers blunder on how some games are supposed to be great when they’re not, or vice versa.

        The thing is, complaints are everywhere. People are saying the same thing for FFXIII, using sales alone to judge if a game is good or not. How can you guarantee that most of the purchasers felt content with the cash they spent? Some people just can’t return it, or when they try to resell, no one would buy.

        Look at all major gaming boards. If you think people are just hating FFXIII because it’s the popular thing to do, you probably weren’t in any of the forums during the early days of the game release. People just go around and ask “Where are the minigames? Where are the TOWNZ? The NPCs? Why has the stats been decreased to just 3 measurements? WHY CAN’T I CONTROL THE WHOLE FUCKING PARTY!?” But this is about FFIV, so I’ll stop here.

        Of course it’s important to play the game to get the best grasp of its feel, but people had to pay cash for that shit. They gotta know if it’s worth it or not. Not everyone’s born rich. Similarly, not everyone has the thick face to ask for cash from their parents.

  • Well it is sad. Really nice photoshops of the in-store displays. Having had the life sucked out of me already by MMO’s since 1997, even if it WAS good to play for a year, I don’t think I have the mental strength to start another. Worst off is the people in the entire world who take advantage of all the MMO companies by playing out of bounds of the intended method (using computer cheats hacks and bots and exploits). If it was a all new method of play like FF12 plus what FF10x2 had plus how FF10 was and a world filled with a zillion things to do it might be fun. I think at the moment I would rather stick to playing everquest1 and everquest2 than start a new game.

  • The only real reason this game was released so soon is that gaming companies who are popular know how impatient for their games their fans are. It’s really just here already because people who want to play it so bad would say “I don’t care if the game’s finished yet, just let me play and update it later!”. And while most companies say “no, sit down and be patient”, Square has actually indulged them.

    The game does still feel like it’s practically still in Beta. And the Pre-Release is indeed a pre-release, I doubt it’ll truly be accurate to be reviewing until around Christmas comes. There’s almost no content yet, and there’s a bunch of stated planned updates that haven’t been yet.

    They assured a massively improved housing system, with customization unlike seen before. But you can’t even enter a house yet, enter entire sections of the town listed on the map, or even ride a Chocobo or an Airship. The Chocobo rental saleman only says something about their demand or high maintenance or the like and does not offer any rentals to any players yet. And the Airship ticket saleman says the services are currently out of order.

    Yeah, it’s not worth reviewing yet. It’s an unfinished game. Players right now are still in the “preview” mode. That’s the price you pay, you play now or you play later. I’m happy to be playing now instead of being forced to wait until every single Tweak is done.

  • Rest in Peace FFXIV. You have done well to have come this far with your Horsebirds, Chinese quality goods, and what-not that I have already forgotten…

    Seriously, it looks like a freakin’ funeral – they even have a tombstone!

  • Anyone ever notice that amazon reviews are more often then not hate reviews? Take a video card amazon was selling, the made a mistake on the price and had to cancel a bunch of pre orders, as a result, the card has 1 star overall review. Just saying with the whole china hate going around and the rumors floating it could be fake reviews.

    • That’s a helluva lot of mistakes then.

      Your theory is wrong though, since every one star review is accompanied with a comment like, “Fail.” “Sucks.” or “Terrible.” making it highly unlikely that the reviewers meant to give it higher marks.

  • This article is stupid. All the real review sites already know to wait on the review because they can’t review an MMO right away. Those 79 reviews are probably people like the haters on sankaku that just need something to hate.

  • They should have stuck to the god damn formula that they kept for ten bloody games instead of messing with this experimental bullshit that have plagued 11, 12, 12 and 14. Go back to turn based games that are driven by character development!

  • That must be why the servers are overpopulated.. the game sucks and everyone’s just logging on to complain about it.

    Yes, it still has issues. Yes, it was rushed out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to watching my Lalafell /sit.

    • It’s called “Final Fantasy”.

      It’s produced and published by Square-Enix.

      Of course the servers are over populated. Just wait three more weeks when the free month of play is over.

      High sales are not necessarily the mark of a good game, especially when it comes to sequels and stale franchises that used to be good.

    • U are aware that china needs a whole different version of the game to comply with their laws right? Square needed to make a new version, that’s where the sankakutards get this china crap from

      • Oh, and that’s the reason why the JAPANESE version is full of oddities and fail? I’m pretty certain that the regular visitors of sancom give a flying fuck about the “chinese version”, to be honest.

        • I KNOW IT NOW!

          You know why shit like ‘horsebirds’ happened? It’s the translators!

          They hired the same guy who translated ‘No’ as ‘DO NOT WANT’ in the Star Wars bootleg! That guy must be from /b/!

        • Ad you believe anything posted here or 2 ch to be real right? Please, I have not seen a single issue, oddity or” china quality” in this game thus far. Get over it. Just cause sankakutard editors said it, does not make it real or the truth

  • Honestly even before it was released, the production marketing and PR for FFXIV was really bad. In E3 for example, the FFXIV booth weren’t very nice to its viewers, some were rudely kicked out for bringing cameras (apparently asking them nicely to put it away wasn’t an option).

    Also it goes without saying that devoted FFXI fans I know actually played the Beta of XIV and hated it. Even their core fan-base is getting alienated. I’m not sure whats happening with Square-Enix now.

  • I’m starting to kind of feel sorry for squeenix, making these mmo’s is no easy cake much less having to put up with trash talk from people, guess the japanese aren’t so polite as was previously thought

  • wow the hate is ever more evident from the editors of this site.

    Cute show a stand from japan with empty place order boxs.

    Oh and 160 reviews…wow, i mean dont ask the other 200k+ that bought the game, cause you know, if they are not against SE, sankakutard editors are not interested.

  • Tell you something. We recently had a press conference by Squenix at a local anime-con, regarding FF 14. They demonstrated some diagrams and videos. No live playing or a deeper look at the mechanics of the game. After the show (15 minutes at most) they handed out beta-keys and all that jazz.
    Let’s just say that the overall mood was very,very awkward in that room. No applause and mostly dead silence. There really wasn’t anything outstanding, anything praiseworthy. I remember how FF 11 never really received a stellar following but if you put both games in direct comparison, FF 14 would still lose in every aspect, even in graphics/world design.

    There are free-to-play games out there that would eat FF 14s heart out. But that’s just our modern world. A truly good game comes up every couple of years nowadays. There was a time when great games seemingly stood in a line for a quick release.

    I blame the fat, overblown gaming corporates for that. Back in the day, gaming was also done with profit in mind, however, nowwadays it’s only the quick buck. Creative minds are gimped because the CEOs don’t care about their company making good games. Or even worse, they don’t know how to handle their funds/profits for the well being of their company. Take a look at former Atlus. That’s a shame before humanity.

      • Try harder. “Atlus” exists in name only. Their new sovereign kindly allowed the old staffers to keep the brand for future games. Make no mistake, every single bit of true artistic freedom they had before is now subject to the scrutiny of a shady, and frankly unqualified superior.
        This won’t change the fact that the Atlus CEO and his bootlickers were incompetent. The creative staffers deserved better than that.

        • Yeah, we can’t predict the future. That’s why we couldn’t foretell the birth of “P3, the cell phone game”. Where did that come from? Certainly not from Index being rooted in the mobile sector, eh?

          And yes, name only. Brand only, to be precise.
          株式会社アトラス, as a separate entity, doesn’t exist any longer, they were assimilated and Index has 100% authority now.

          I love their games and Atlus, but it doesn’t matter how i look at it, being under the total rule of a (frankly alien) entity which admitted of wanting to dabble into something they don’t have much experience with (creating games), doesn’t feel that good.

          Yes, the creative staff still creates games, but their “free reign” is virtually gone. It’s not the former Atlus team that’s “gonna BE SUX NOW”.

        • They’ve always been under the company, it’s just corporate shifting, unless you’ve got a time machine you can’t predict “OH MAI GHAZ THEY BE SUX NOW” really, that’s just being a tinfoling theorist. Name only? They still make and produce the GAMES, the things you all seem to be forgetting to play, rather settling to let others dictate your opinion for you, so sorry if I don’t believe some dude behind a screen like you do, enjoy 2012.

  • oh well at least FF13 wasn’t bad compared to this piece of shit game
    screw future Final Fantasy games
    FF13 shall be my final fantasy

    • Knowing Square-Enix, they’d probably pull the remake card once their sales begin to experience loss instead of profit.

      Sadly, they’d be too late by then because everyone will either outgrow their nostalgia of FFVII or forgot about it completely that the FFVII remake will probably be the tombstone to S-E’s corpse instead of bringing it back to life like the first FF did.

  • You know, there was once a time when Squaresoft, and even Square Enix after the merger, were at the top of the JRPG scene. Now, this is just sad. What I’m left wondering is simply this: what the hell happened to them?!

    • Holding out on a MMO review isn’t so uncommon anyway. In the first few weeks after the game goes live, the developer has to fix the most bugs in the game’s lifetime, I guess. Reviewing the bugs is not gonna cut it, and I’ll avoid any reviews that focus on them. Fundamental design flaws are a different story though, and I expect those to be uncovered in reviews, no matter when they’re published.

    • Hardly. It doesn’t even take that long to review other MMOs. If it was really that bad, they could just tell reviewers not to review the online play yet. But they have no reason to ignore the single-player mode for the time being.

  • The developers should ignore that stupid, xenophobic “china quality” bs that 2ch and SC seem intent on spreading.

    However, the game isn’t great either,so I’d say the reviews are justified. It is, at best, an unfinished product (anyone who’s tried to navigate those nightmarish market wards knows just what I’m talking about). Any MMO with such a ridiculously bad economy deserves to fail. I’ve said it before, I’m not a FFXIV fanboy, I just want it to be bashed fairly and factually, not on ignorant speculation, misplaced xenophobia, and slander.

  • I think deep down, everyone knew this game was gonna be a flop. After the beta and the reviews, SE knew that the game is gonna suck. But with so much time and money invested into this crap, it’s too late to pull out and lose face. So they have no choice but to release their high school computer science project onto the consumers. Very dick move SE, I won’t forgive you for this.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Hironobu Sakaguchi leaving happened. The heart and brain and soul of the Final Fantasy lore.

      Funny enough, Lost Odyssey, which he did after Blue Dragon turned out to be one of the best traditional JRPGs of this generation BY FAR. Also THE most emotionally moving games I have ever played. Has all the hallmarks of a Sakaguchi game.

      • I agree with Lost Odyssey oddly being the only game that actually does feel like a Final Fantasy after 9, even with the huge amount of technical problems or how the game is completely unplayable if played by just the dvd (god those loading times), still think about having FF8 and 9 meshed together and that’s the basics of Lost odyssey, well that and award level novel short stories that make it up for extra content.

  • I played the open beta, and it was just painful. The game had a tiny bit of potential. But you might as well be trying to find a diamond in a sea of shit with how much needed improving.

    It’s apparent they half-assed it and rushed it out.

  • Another object lesson in the dangers of technology outsourcing.

    Unless of course they make money on it because Japanese people blindly buy anything with ‘Final Fantasy’ on it, then it’ll be the wrong lesson.

    Hey, Nihonjin-tachi. That screen glow isn’t bloom. It’s the Chinese devs peeing on your face after that humiliating roll over and grovel move you pulled with the Senkaku islands. Lead poisoned pee.

    If you actually buy this horrible crap, you won’t be able to but a decent Japanese-made video game in five years. The spineless weasels who run your companies will all flock to outsource it, just like our manufacturing companies.

    I like you guys – don’t give up like this!

  • the game is a fail reconsider the rating 38% as 76% because game has no mmorpg factor. it just shows that they are evolving their 2d to ultimate graphics and top textures. don’t go fuss all over those graphics square enix it doesn’t help your mmorpg what you want them to be. its all about the best gameplay. thats all you can offer to mmorpg world.


    god i cant believe i said that, considering how much they fucked this up.

    all mmo games that have end game 12+player raids, need to hold off on reviews, for at LEAST 1 month, to let players come to the game and to let the community mature.

    personal i feal that any real review should have 3 parts for the game. first the initial launch review, like what gametrailers did, a simple walk through to tell you if the game is broken or functional.

    a 3 month review. mainly to tell use if end game group is worth the time invested, and if the community is there to warrant picking it up.

    and finally a year 1 review. this one should be a full nubie to end game to possible raid review, telling us if the company is supporting it with patches and events and content, or if the company is just keeping the game alive because its still pulling in more money than it costs to run the servers.

    like i said, they fucked up bad with ff14, but they shouldn’t be faulted for wanting reviewers to hold off for a month, because with an mmo, a month is bare minimum to get into the game far enough to actually comment on it (in normal situations)

    • Well… when initial launch failed miserably with beta product can you really expect most people to look forward to stick around long enough for end game? Exception of hardcore FF fans or MMO in general with lots of time and friends to play together.

      • beta mmos, for any good mmo, would have been completely close off, separate worlds with accelerated leveling, so everything can be tested. i have no idea what changed from beta to launch, but that said i dont care.

        what i said above is a rule of thumb for any mmo.

        you cant bash the game in a review till 1 month goes by, you cant comment on everything till you experience everything.

        mmos are a different beast than any other game type, but i can tell you for a damned fact that they aren’t asking for reviews to wait till people buy it, they are asking for what every mmo deserves.

        all that said, ff14 is a functional mmo, with little to offer anyone who has played a pay mmo in the last 11 years.

  • Let see this math operation , take the nomber of the Game / 14 then add it to Greed of the company then – Chinese quality then get the Square Root of it add it to the porcent of hardkore die fan then multiple by Enix , what we get? ……. dunno i fail 3 time in a row algebra , Statistics ,but at least i know that this get shorter if we said Square Fail + Enix , lol!!

  • Idolm@ster and FF is dead! And so will come Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach to the graveyard. Five of Japan’s key media icons will die in the next 3 years. Time to hit the drawing board and brainstorm with the group people. Humans cannot advance with repetitions, level grinding IRL is unproductive.

  • So JUST LIKE FFXIII, we have to wait until like 90% of the game progress to get all the good shit?

    I understand that this is an MMO, and time has been a bitch for those, but this only proves an inherent flaw within MMO games: That publishers are become more and more greedy, overthrowing the balance of price versus content way off(hint? towards the price of course).

    • I’m a physical level 20 Lalafell(moar liek Lolifell amirite?) who’s main job is a Level 19 Thaumaturge, I haven’t run into any fatigue or any problem with the leveling system whatsover. I play way too much a day, so if there really is a fatigue system, you have to not be able to go a week without sleep.

      There are already characters past level 30 physical, and they are saying the same thing. Fatigue? What fatigue?

      I am playing more than 8 hours a day, and have noticed not a single problem with the leveling.

      • earlier there was an ‘infinite xp glitch’ (big surprise) article.. sadly though i had more fun playing around with the character creation screen than i did with the actual game itself.

      • Putting that into perspective, I’m behind a lot of players by only being physical level 20. It’s more common to see a physical level 24 it seems like.

        And given that the level Cap is currently level 50, 20 divided by 50 is 0.4. That’s %40 finished with the current laid level cap. With no sign of fatigue. So if you’re meaning the fatigue system by saying that the level up system fails, that’s quite incorrect to me.

    • Pathetic attempts to draw off the inevitable.

      This remark about the bad reviews from players on the Internet “That’s just how the Internet is. I’m even telling the creators not to take any notice.” is truly insolent, trying to make the best of a bad bargain.

      • The real phail here are all the idiots that are listening to Ar_te_fa_cts drivel. Doesn’t anyone remember his flame crusade against FFXIII, which became a great success and one of the most sold games of the year…

        FFXIV isn’t fuck*ng World of Averagejoecraft and has a much more niche playerbase, just like FFXI which has been released for PC, PS2 and X360 and has continued for many years.

        (funny how comments containing Ar_te_fa_ct gets moderated manually…)

        • FallsfromGrace says:

          I consider myself a FF Fan, I’ve played them all and enjoyed most, although I haven’t finished them all for certain.

          I stopped playing XI when I found you just cannot level solo, at all.

          XII was great for 40 hrs then you realise its pretty much playing itself.

          Regardless of what anyone says I enjoyed XIII, I don’t really care about the linearity or the shops, how often does a Lv 40 say, I really need to go bash some rats in the first dungeon.

          XIV has probelms certainly, but it is pretty. It seems that almost any innovation from the last 10 years of online play has been left out, but it also seems intensional. It not incomplete, its like they said ‘we really want the game to feel like real life, if you want to walk to the next city its supposed to take hours, and how many critters really live in deserts, they’re supposed to be empty. Oh and maps just show you an area, they can’t do cool sat nav stuff in real life’

          Its an online game so it may change, but it seems they decided on a game ethos and are sticking to it, regardless of what players may want.

          What I most want is a proper inventory system myself, its just a list, no games done this since the 80’s.

          I’ll play until my free month runs out and then decide, but don’t forget, it is pretty.

        • FF stories were always lacklustre, generally involving collecting magic rocks as you chase a bad guy around the world, always showing up too late, or if you catch them, being too weak and letting them get away. However, in the older days, they did without as much of the shoddily written melodrama, the games would have a few amusing characters, and the gameplay would be excellent. Rather than less story, it seems from X onwards they’ve been trying to infuse more story, without realising it has always been, and continues to be, the weakest part of the series.

        • Good grief…PLEASE don’t bunch guys like him with real fans of Final Fantasy. Actual Final Fantasy fans stopped following the series when they decided to make final fantasy 11 (and pretty much each subsequent game) an mmorpg with a tenth of the story length of previous games. Honestly, with all this unlimited disc space, why aren’t games longer???? j’emmerde ce merde.

        • Umm, I didn’t follow the local ‘campaign’ against FF13, though I’m afraid I’d join with the critics since to my taste the game was very uninteresting.

          As for the FF14 – I’ve tried it already and to my personal feelings the game is a complete failure, at least in the state in which it is right now which looks more as an incomplete alpha version which had to be put on the market because the developing company has depleted all its funds and the only way to finish the work is to try and sell an incomplete product to build up some money to finance project’s completion.

          And yes, FF14 is not a “f*cking World of Averagejoecraft”, at the moment it is much worse, a sane person, not a fanatical worshipper of FF series, with personal experience of playing FF14 can’t argue that the quality of the game is way below average.

        • We got us a FF fanboy here who can’t cope with the facts apparently. Why would you take a game with such a large original fan base and then make it so shitty that only the most diehard fans would still want to play it? It’s not serving to a niche player base, it’s deteriorating quality is what’s creating the niche player base. Niche player base in this case meaning people who don’t mind playing china quality games that obviously the publisher hardly cares enough about anymore to put forth an effort to making enjoyable.

      • They just don’t seem to realise that IF YOU DON’T GET A GOOD IDEA FOR A GAME, YOU CAN’T MAKE A GOOD GAME. Making games whether you’ve got good ideas or not is just pointless and only adds to your haters (lol latest C&C).

      • The problem is that Final Fantasy XIV is worse the mmorpgs I have played that came from china. I was in the beta for Final Fantasy XIV towards the end and thought the game was horrible and after playing for awhile I couldn’t stand playing anymore and quit.

      • I played FF14, and ONLY the graphics are good, the rest is crap.

        I decided to continue to play FF11, but not like I used before, and besides, those new gears quest continue to be as shitty as before, if not more, by shitty it means:

        – Fucking time demanding;
        – Fucking patience demanding (depends on drops);
        – Fucking patience demanding (depends to forming a group/party, and yes you CANNOT do that alone/solo because you need to fight a super NM);
        – Fucking of fucking (you need a RARE item to pop the NM, being RARE it means you can hold only ONE at time! And you need to get eight seals, and the “drop” [keyitem] isn’t 100% at all!)

        This is what piss me off! And I know even with all that, a fucking lot of ppl (who have fucking a lot time and luck) will have those full gear set, in few months.

        • If people play an MMO and its not even entertaining enough to keep people playing in the first 30 min its has already failed let alone 3-4 weeks of testing. After having watched hours of game play hoping for something to shine in my library i have only seen a complete and utter sorry excuse of a game. This is in fact more of a movie with the ridiculous amounts of cut scenes and senior citizen speed of game play. The environment are rehashed and mostly confusing hallways. The game is beautiful no doubt about it but thats about all. This is nothing more then a massive pretentious failure.

        • Shouldn’t surprise anyone.

          No MMORPG should be reviewed near it’s release, and any journalist (or wannabe journalist) that does so simply lacks the credibility and integrity to do that job (or hobby).

          Reviewing a game fairly requires playing at least a majority of it. better actually finishing it.
          Reviewing a MMORPG fairly, as complex creatures as they are, requires even more time. You simply cannot review a MMORPG over the first few levels and a few scrawny hours of gameplay. It’s like reviewing a normal game having played just it’s prologue.

          “3 or 4 weeks” of gameplay are more or less what it takes to know a MMORPG deeply enough to write a fair review of it. There’s no escape from this, and if you find a review written much earlier than that it’s a clear signal that you’re reading a review written more out of hearsay, wishful thinking and hot air than actual facts and experience.

          Also, you simply can’t review a MMORPG fairly based on the usual inevitable launch idiosyncrasies that normally will be cleared a couple weeks or so after launch (actually FFXIV has been fairly smooth in that, with rather stable servers and client compared to the average, but still)

          People that think that the media should review MMORPGs earlier than that should remember the Age of Conan debacle. The game was reviewed hastily by journalists that played only the first few levels (that were fantastic), but were followed by ages of nothingness, boredom and lack of polish. It got chains of 9 and lots of customers were tricked by the revews into buying the game, only to find themselves sorely disappointed as soon as the first few levels were past them.
          There’s an easy lesson to be learned there. Lots of journalists lost any credibility they had with those 9s.

          Oh, by the way, of course if you take Sankaku Complex seriously, you really are in a bad position. They always had a huuuuge agenda against Square Enix and any of their games. They simply have no credibility in any matter regarding them. Reading any of their past articles will show that.
          Even in this case, they’re warping reality to make it look bad:

          Square Enix didn’t “Demand” anyone to hold off review. As a reviewer myself I’ve been contacted with the same message everyone received.
          They asked quite nicely and there were no demands, threats or anything like that. They actually didn’t even say to hold off writing about the game, and suggested to post impressions and similar things before the review.
          But of course in a site that’s intentionally trying to spin it negatively, this simple request has turned into a “demand”.
          Personally, I think it’s fair, and I wouldn’t have posted my review earlier than that anyway. I want to offer my readers something more solid than educated guesses, hearsay and wishful thinking.

          Also, are we really talking about Amazon reviews here? Since when 2chan goons dragged down dragon quest 9 to 1 star (exactly the same thing that the same people did with FFXIV), everyone should know that they ceased to be any form of news.

          Bottomline, Sankaku Complex isn’t exactly a source of fair or honest reporting about this game or any other Square Enix game (actually, any game). Pay it no heed and move on.

      • “some 160 ratings” is a pretty small amount that could have been done by a handful of individuals with several IP accounts.

        In the end, game after its release will probably reach 6-7/10 in its overall ratings, given that most people are dumb sheep.

        • Anonymous

          guild wars 2 will have a place, but its not an mmo, at least in the traditional sense.

          guild wars, the first one, i have factions, has a level 20 cap, and most of the games progression after you hit that cap is upgrading items.

          every game where upgrading items comes from combining seemingly random items into something better always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

          now, guild wars 2… i have no idea what kind of game that is going to be, i havent looked into it to much yet, but if it has a level cap higher than 50, it will be a force to be reckoned with, but if it keeps that model of not leaving anyone behind, its going to suffer badly.

          now there is another mmo, i forget what its called, that is in the same catagory of mmo as guild wars. its possible that both snuff each other out because they are competing for the same people.

          but as a traditional mmo goes, the people who play guild wars will also play another mmo, a more you play it now or be left behind, kind of mmo or not play it at all.

        • sorry, but this sheep was in the beta, and every other alleged detraction aside, the combat was absolutely awful

          and yea, i’d agree with that guild wars 2 comment, except i’m pretty cheesed that they removed healers from the game

          still looking forward to it though

        • The game may be dead before it came out of the womb, but the (futa) hentai doujins of it is bristling with throbbing life..!

          Comiket Winter…

          Come forth and sweep away our sorrows and disappointment (through schliking/fapping) with FF XIV (futa) hentai doujins!!!

          *holds up a poster of a futa Mithra*

        • Anonymous

          only people who can topple wow if they put there minds to it is the everquest 3 team.

          remakeing everquest, the game that got over 400,000 people playing at once, before mmo was even known about by general masses.

        • well thats actually a decent amount of reviews on amazon.
          i didnt really expect much from Square these days anyways, their days of awesome are long over… what happened to making games like Chrono Trigger/SMRPG/FF6/FF7?
          plus they are trying to compete in a market already saturated by WoW, the game known as the “destroyer of lives”. I can really use a great JRPG right now… there has been a short supply of that for a while.