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K-ONahole! Yui “Virgin” Dutch Wife


Yui, K-ON!’s moesome lead guitarist, has already received a number of unofficial ona-hole incarnations, but the HIP Onabeat is by far the most sophisticated example, sporting two holes, special “blood lotion” which pours forth as Yui’s simulated maidenhood is taken, special brown lotion for anal maniacs, and a miniature dildo (the intended usage of which is fortunately unclear).

Most of these images come from an article at otaku-oriented maker ホットパワーズ / Hot Powers’ website, which is incidentally recommended for readers of Japanese – the blog-diary format used along with some Japanese Internet-speech makes for an interesting read.


As in all of these sort of parody products, no specific mention of the actual character or series can be made on the product, so the K-ON!-ish logo art and an unmistakable likeness of Yui herself are sheer coincidence.


The packaging itself, the yellow text besides Yui’s twin hairclips shouting “Hymen Hole”!



Also included in the box is a bottle of “blood lotion” (officially called: “血ローション”) in the top right.


Yui’s lower half stands in front of the firing line in this amusingly framed shot.


“Insertion” action.


The aftermath of the dildo’s assault results in the previously applied blood lotion oozing out of the ona-hole.


The higher than average price of this premium ona-hole also allows for a second point of entry.


The front half of the ona-hole is shown opened here, allowing for easy cleaning of the blood lotion and any other liquids that might find their way inside.


A cleaned-up shot with the lotion removed.


Here is a little gag involving Hot Power’s “scat lotion”.


The scat lotion happens to have its own product page as well.



Here is the rear half of the ona-hole being pried apart.


A side-view of the onahole, after the two halves have been fully separated.


A full view of the two halves, clearly showing the two channels.



The hole is of course on sale openly in Akiba, shown here at the Lammtarra Epikari store in Akihabara, with a very marked-up price.

The black text beside Yui’s head goes: “Ehh? Either (hole) is fine~”, and some of the lower blurbs on the right side read: “Emotion-moving Pure Blood Lotion” and “Real Version!!”

The shop stocks many similar products – some of which may be familiar:


A design similar to a certain mahou shoujo can be seen on the left and a character coincidentally resembling Hitagi near the right.


A closer shot of the “Nanoha” box, allowing Fate’s matching product to enter the frame.


Vocaloid (or, Virgin@loid) ona-holes, with Megurine Luka, Rin Kagamine and Hatsune Miku on display.


Lastly, these new “Haru-nyan” ona-holes are included, available in Haruhi, Nagato and Mikuru flavors.

Back to the Yui onahole:


The numbered blurbs on the back of the package are too fun to pass over:

  1. You can be the first to rip her!
  2. Love juices flow!
  3. Her anus is also “a first time”!

One lucky otaku user has even left a review, translated here:

I bought it since it was cheap, but it feels surprisingly good.

On just the first go I really went ahead and burst…

The product is available internationally now.

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