Thousands Protests Against China in Shibuya




Japanese anger at Chinese territorial aggression and the Japanese government’s meek response to it has spilled over into mass protests on the streets of Shibuya.



The protests pictured took place on the streets of Shibuya, but reportedly similar protests took place in half a dozen other cities.


Organising the protests was Toshio Tamogami, a former air force general and chief of staff sacked for his hawkish views on Japan’s war guilt, and an advocate of Japan acquiring nuclear weapons as a guarantee against Chinese domination.

He also heads the newly formed “Ganbare Nippon!” demonstration committee, a conservative political organisation formed to organise such protests.

At the protests Tamogami asserted that China’s objective is not only to seize control of the Senkaku Islands, but also to annex Okinawa proper (prominent Chinese scholars have indeed recently been suggesting Okinawa should belong to China). Unsurprisingly he advocates a stronger defence in the face of this threat.

The number of protesters is disputed, although international estimates of 2,000-3,000 seem reasonable. Observers point out that the Japanese media can usually be relied on to completely fabricate numbers and photography to suit its own ends, so accurate figures seem unlikely.





Almost as notable as the protests themselves is the fact that the domestic Japanese mass media has completely ignored them – all the photographs and reporting come from the international media or the people attending the protests, whilst the only “mainstream” Japanese language reporting yet visible is a single report from the Agence France-Presse.

The Internet has however provided ample publicity – 2ch and various social media, along with the websites of the protest organisers, have all contributed to raising awareness of the demonstrations.

The presence of rising sun flags and the involvement of General Tamogami was probably enough to ensure pariah handling by Japan’s servile press.

The mass media’s conspiracy to suppress reporting on the protests has not gone unnoticed – however, with traditional TV and newspaper increasingly an irrelevance to Japan’s younger generations, it is unlikely to prove an impediment to popularising opposition to Japan’s spineless political establishment.



Meanwhile the Democratic party is still vacillating over whether to release the video of the collision incident as it does not want to “stimulate” China or its own people any further. China for its part still holds one of the 4 “spies” it picked up as insurance, having finally released the rest with timing only the most credulous could consider coincidental.

A more assertive policy towards China seems likely to have to wait until the apparently inevitable decimation of the government in the next election – which the Chinese government’s own military threats against the most pro-China Japanese administration in years looks to have guaranteed.

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  • Anonymous says:






  • You weeaboos know nothing of the situation and history and yet are so eager to leap to Japans defence.
    In 2008 a Taiwanese fishing boat “caused a collision” with a Japanese patrol boat in those same islands.
    The Japanese maintained that they were sailing evasively and caused the accident by their recklessness until video footage was released which showed them ramming straight into the fishing boat.

    This time they claim a fishing boat rammed not just one, but two patrol vessels.
    I for one eagerly await their video release.

  • No war will happen. China doesn’t have a large enough fleet to support an over-seas war, even at that close distance. Plus with the American interests in Japan, America -would- get involved. They’re obligated to as it’s part of the pact made with Japan.

    • Yes, Americans are to be blamed because they didn’t do to China what they did to Japan at exactly the same time. It’s always been one of my biggest peeves that the US never took advantage of Chiang Kai-shek’s Guomintang faction at the end of World War II. Had they divided their interests, I’m pretty sure America would’ve had China on their side a long time ago and the Cold War wouldn’t have been so much of an issue.

      Oh well. Hindsight is always 20/20.

      • Kinny Riddle says:

        You’re absolutely spot on.

        The wrong side has won the Chinese Civil War.

        As a result, for 61 years it’s not just Chinese people inside China (communist misrule needs no elaboration) and outside of China (discrimination and branded as “fucking commies” everywhere by suspicious populist xenophobes, like those in Japan) that has suffered, the whole world has suffered as well, both in the past (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia) and the present as well (Burma, North Korea, Sudan/Darfur).

        China has become full of itself just like Germany during the Third Reich, and like Germany, sometimes for it to be reborn as a more respectable nation, it needs to “die” first.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    To PRC government:

    Thanks a fucking lot for causing even more well-intentioned people of Chinese descent to be hated by Japanese beyond 2ch for no other reason besides your being so anal!

    After getting “the most pro-China Japanese administration in years”, they have to go ahead and screw it up, rather than do things quietly like this:

    China: “Psst! Hey, heard one of our fisherman got caught by you guys. Since the islands issue is kinda tricky at the moment, how ’bout you quietly toss him over here and we’ll pretend we never even seen it happen? In return, you just say the captain escaped, we both make the usual diplomatic protesting noises, but at least it’ll never escalate beyond both our control?”

    Japan: “Good idea. Go ahead and take him.” (Tosses the bloody captain over) “Aha! You intruded our waters!”

    China: “No! You intruded ours!”

    Japan: “No! You did!”

    China: “You did!”

    (Repeat x10)

    (After about a week, things die down becoz nobody dies or gets captured, both sides gets tired and goes back to business as usual)


    How else do you expect even this China-friendly government to respond without being labelled as “China-cocksuckers” even more than they already are?

    • It’s not as simple as you make out. Japan is technically a democracy and it’s institutions have to go through the motions as prescribed by law so at no point could the Japanese government simply whisk the fisherman out of the coastguards hands and send him back without a fuss. Although the previous understanding was that neither side would fish or drill in that area, fishermen go where they wish on their own initiative despite government advisories to the contrary. Many here act as if the fisherman was a government agent sent to provoke the incident, but he could just as well have gone there to make his own statement or simply to find an area that’s not overfished already.
      The fact remains that the moment he was arrested, the Chinese government had to lodge a protest or else lose their claim. Japan is equally obliged to protest their protest and both must bicker back and forth until they return to the status quo again.

  • Nationalist protests… never a good thing.The fact that their major population is made up of young males pretty much explain it all: if they don’t end violently, they’ll just pretty much be ignored by the government.

    Once I saw the word “spies” in quotation marks, the author’s credibility just flies out of the windows: it is really up to anyone to decide what is true and what is not?

  • The problem is that most of the top economy countries (the greedy banking motherfuckers to be precise) did everything they could to prostrate themselve before China to get the most lucrative business deals for the future. That’s capitalism for you, however as always, those guys are mindlessly shortsighted with hteir dealings.

    China may be on its way to mimic the capitalistic lifestyle but their government and the mental barricades of the major populace is still stuck in the cold war. They may play nice now but look what they try to pull with their growing economic pull.

    Japan isn’t without fault when it comes to foreign politics, that’s for sure. However, i think it’s about time to take a break from hand-feeding China and come to a conclusive stand of affairs.
    Japan can still play its own economic might despite the fact that most of their “elite” are spineless when it matters.
    China and Japan both need to realize that they are a PART of the whole world and that their actions have to reflect that responibly.

  • I like rallies. In 2008 I joined a rally of Tibetan people in front of our local Chinese embassy. If I were in Japan right now I’d probably join that rally too. At least they got flags.

  • China have a good reason to start a war. Since China is now overpopulated and 1/4 of humanity is now chinese, so this war may be a good chance to reduce the amount of population in China and at the same time fuck Japan up. =)

  • The US have a legal obligation to defend Japan, but what if China just station some troops on top of that island and says to USA “Hey, all you gotta do is tell the world, that from historical evidence, this island belongs to China, therefore we have no legal obligation to defend attacks on such island” and we’ll give you 50% of of the oil we find.”. What do you think USA will say then ?

  • Self-deception, see who wins in the end.actually,is Japan really care about the island?They’re just looking for an excuse to provoke China but nothing more.I think Japanese are not idiot.

  • Of freaking course they want more land.

    With their huge number of population, you HAVE to cut them some slack.

    Japan has very high suicide, and low birth rates. So I doubt their population is growing any time soon.

    But what do I know? I’m on a biased site

  • lol, china is just a big naive baby who thinks because it’s big and have resources it can do what a fuck ever it wants, and people would just somehow suddently like it. china is nothin’ but cranky cranky because it have no friends, and ge’ez wonder why lol~

  • It is unlikely that Japan wants to rearm. Right now, their economy is in a mess. They are facing a huge deficit. Japanese products are losing their competitiveness. They got an ageing population to deal with. Japan is not in a state to fund more money into the military right now.

    If Japan ever rearmed, it would face huge public backlash. Don’t forget it was Japanese imperialism that eventually led to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombing is still fresh in many Japanese mind and Japanese do not want to repeat of that episode again. Japanese people know that if they ever let Japan become a militant nation, an event as catastrophic as the bombing would occur.

    That being said, if war ever breaks out between the China and Japan, China would not have an easy time conquering Japan. An invasion of Japan would most likely have to be done by sea and Japan would not lose their seas so easily to Chinese navy. Japan’s navy are one of the strongest in the world even without USA’s support. They are far technologically superior than Chinese ones and Chinese are still relying on importing Western technology to develop their military. Don’t forget that China still do not have an aircraft carrier(though they are coming out with one soon) while USA would have no obligation providing Japan with one.

    China also won’t go to war with Japan. It knows that its economy is still dependent on USA and Japan investment and buying of Chinese exports. It is heavily reliant on Western economies buying their goods. They cannot ill afford a dent in their economy right now.

    The truth is this. China needs Japan’s technology while Japan needs China’s cheap labor and talents. Going to war would only bring harm to both sides.

    • Funny thing is… China is actually holding a lot of Japan’s government bond, why invade them when you can just sit there and watch them handing over their money?

      Also, you people haven’t realized that this is something the Chinese government can use to divert all the human right, factory strike problem they have on their hands.

      Its a perfect strategy, Japan can’t do shit because the manufacture/export sector get like 90%+ of raw material from China, their current economy is crap, they indirectly own China money via bonds, all the while China can make great news topics to overshadow all the social problem.

  • WTH with these Chinese and Chinese-loving faggots who posted before me?!? STFU and GTFO! This is an anime, manga and news site for all that LOVES JAPAN. WWII has nothing to do with our generation anymore. China is now an oppressor and is deemed a threat to humanity, East Asia, India, anime, manga, freedom of expression and the universe. If you Chinese want to hold some stupid grudge because you FAIL during WWII then you still are a total FAIL! If you pursue your worthless endeavor the world will definitely crush you and your citizens. No Chinese will be left for more Mao-indoctrinated fascism. They shall all be re-educated and become model citizens of the world’s dream of democracy just like what happened to Japan.

    • WW II will always have something to do in any generations to come.

      Chinese didn’t fail WW II, Japan did. Go learn your World history. Just because half a century passed does not justify the war crimes that Japanese invaders inflicted on the Chinese people. We may not hold a grudge, but we’ll not forget what was done to us in order for it to never ever happen again.

      “They shall be RE-EDUCATED and become MODEL CITIZENS…” I don’t know what to say… lol?

      Wait, why am I feeding a troll? Stupid, stupid me…

      • To hell with you guys… all the countries that has been invaded, destroyed and/or crippled are total FAIL! Yes even us Filipinos and you Jews (especially the Chinese and the Jews…. Immolated to crispy BBQ by the Japs and the Germans respectively).

        How were the japs re-educated? The Japs FAILed to win and was totally stripped of it’s army, pride and monarchy, taught democracy and made to bow down to the west. It became US’s pet dog (RE-EDUCATED PART).

        It also became the fastest growing nation of the past century, getting out of the gutters in a mere 10 years (MODEL CITIZENS PART).

        And why the hell would you invade/annex/antagonize a country if you love it’s culture? I’m a troll? Heck, I’ll use a registered account from now on….

        I’m no Jap cock-sucker but I like to all of you see reality as it is and investigate it on your own, not following what the history textbook says. You idiots fail to see that we are not born to follow-up on WWII, were here to create a world far from it! An ideal world with no wars and antagonism.

        If you love a culture, help protect it! If you love Japanese culture then protect it’s territories from China.

    • I thought, for a moment, that a culture of a country can be enjoyed by anyone, without limit of nationality or race.

      So you’re telling me that a Jew shouldn’t be enjoying German made movies or music?

      So what’s so special if a Chinese guy loves Japan animation or manga? Vice Versa?

    • Now Polish and Jews fail?

      You’re a fucking dumb cunt y’know that?

      So everyone who lost the war – Including Singapore among countries, are now FAIL fags?

      You weaboo. You make me sick.

      Sure Japan is great, but that’s no excuse to act like japan-cock sucking bitch.

  • I see a parade of flags and knee-jerk reactions.

    This is all about China saving face rather than invading nations and conquering them.

    Who listens to what China would say? If China doesn’t step out of line in aggressive action, no one even listens. Hence you get China acting like a douchebag because it needs to in order to get people to pay attention.

    And you know, sure thing with the Tibet and Monoglia and etc. border arguments. I mean, they’ve only held those areas as long as the Ryuku Islands (and etc.) before being forcibly detached by foreign powers.

    Shit needs to stop being hyped up, nations need to learn to stop ignoring each other until the shit hits the fan.

  • something tells me that a war with japan and china will come soon and that this will interupt my anime watching. USA will be backing up japan. U.N. might japan if China invades and island clearly marked japan. honestly, it is about time to attack china. I’m Vietnamese and and agree with my former WWII invaders.


  • Japan should YES have a nuke or at least military power at same level of China or more.
    They are now democratic country. Not a imperialist.

    Same to India, Philippine, Brunei, Indonesia and more others what suffer of same thing.(Not only land but sea too.)

    You Chinese can say Japan deserve to lose 99% or more of their territory because of their war-crime(false or not) but nothing can say about them.

    • What I understood from yoru comment is that we should have over nuclear weapons to every country out there in order to have an equalizer? Good luck in the post-apocalyptic wasteland then…

      We never said that Japan deserves that, we just want what take back our possession. The Shinjiku Islands were Chinese property lost to Japan during the first Sino-Japan war. After WW II, it would be reasonable for us victors to claim back what is due yes? But some douchebags decided that they have the right to distribute the spoils of war and that Red China doesn’t deserve them, the same way that they created the clusterf*** mess that they now call Israel. So you tell me who’s the imperialist here?

    • Talk about brainwashed weeaboos.

      You do realise even if Japan has laws restricting their army, they have a “defence” force larger than most 1st world countries.

      You talk about nukes so easily as if it was a game. And those other countries with Nukes, yeah look at the state of them, has India really benefited from them?

      • More: That “”defence” force larger than most 1st world countries.” is 5 times small than a Chinese one in numbers and also technologically updated despite of “China Quality”. And I’m talking only the part of Marines.

        Why Japan should not fear to be “liberated” with a politically communist China’s “People’s Liberation Army” having 5 times more strong and with nukes near the Japan and with hate against Japan that have in his historical the Tibet and Uighur, the most recent genocides on history?

        If the china was a big country near to Brazil I would feel fear too.

  • Essay dude (awesome nickname, no ? :D)
    While I understand what you are saying, it’s not gonna happen. Teritorial or not, there seems to be alot of genuine hatred between the two nations, so normal talks are pretty much out of the question, and if china were to push its economic advantage im honestly not sure where NA and the EU will draw the line… if anywhere

  • To the essay dude above me, while i agree with some of the points, “give the island to China” is a very VERY slippery edge. WHile both Japan and China have shown they are very xenophobic, China has both the military and economic power to cause alot of problems, and therein lies the problem. Give them the islands, whats next ? Give them Okinawa? Then all of Japan? Then maybe America while we are at it? Lets face it, China feels superior to any other country on earth, and the populace shares the view of the goverment, as such they will have no qualms at taking over as much territory as they can, which is why something has to be done NOW and not later

    • China isn’t named “The Middle Kingdom” for nothing… They are quite literally “self-centered”. Between the conflicts with Tibet, Taiwan and now Japan (over the Islands) and the US (over China’s alleged manipulation of the Yuan), the whole world can pretty much see what a douche China is.

      Give a overly nationalistic country too much economic footing and they’ll start flaunting their power like there’s no tomorrow.

      And you know what’s the worst part about all this balderdash is? Said economic strength makes it hard for ANY country to make a stand against it. Especially the US. Heck the threat of losing trade relations with China is enough to make the US and Japan fold like an origami crane.

      If the whole world (at the same time) would just cut off trade with China in a big fat “FUCK YOU” then that would serve to put that motherfucker in its place.

      But that ain’t gonna happen now will it? What can we do?

    • me = essay dude LOL

      Yeah, I know what you are speaking of that giving China an edge, they make want a foot etc etc.

      Well, China has not really been advocating to take back Okinawa and more islands(though they just claim). All this has mainly been about Diayutai Islands/ Senkaku Islands for the longest time.

      This is not really about territorial expansion I think for the Chinese. I think someone pointed out that the Chinese are mainly about pride or ‘face’, and losing this island is more about a slap to the face ontop of the many harms and scars inflicted by the japanese, rather than a stepping stone for future territorial expansion, ie Okinawa.

      Put I think, if Japan just forfeits this one little island and gives it to China, and then makes some sort of treaty clearly outlining the territories of Japan and China for future reference, I think both sides would be somewhat relieved or maybe even happier.

      Can’t we all just get along yall?

      • Unfortunately, you might want to look into Cultural Sinocentrism, and Zhonghua minzu.

        Because considering those, the answer is most likely no. Lest we end up with a situation similar to Europe prior to WW2 with bits and pieces being given to the ravenous rabid dog and with the lack of understanding that it won’t be tamed or calmed down.

        • In other words, let it happen first, then we’ll be correct in our assessment.

          It’s like letting a kid play with matches and not interceding before it’s going to burn itself and the local surroundings, because, hey it might not happen. You got to have some good faith.

          Don’t know about you, but I don’t relish the thought of that kid ending up with burn scars, or him burning the damned house down.

          Oh and China didn’t start voicing up about their claims towards said isles, since the ’60s roughly the same time, when gas/oil deposits were discovered nearby.

          So blaming it on the Japanese, when it all started with some hack of a Chinese Captain who can’t even keep his own ship from ramming a Japanese Coast Guard ship, is downright silly.

        • The essay dude’s reasoning is sound. But we all know what the chance for it to happen in real life is close to zero.

          The rhetorical mistake that you others are making is the “inevitable slope to decadence”: jsut because they can do that they’ll want to do that next. You can blame it to the growing China as much as you want, but your base is not rock-solid as it hasn’t been proved in the past. China has claimed the islands long before this incident, but you failed to realize that it’s Japan that’s moving in right now by trying to assure its sovereignty on the island. China’s just reacting to the Japanese move by putting on pressure.

        • To the essay dude ^_^

          China will take what it wants and not stop just because you give them something.

          China invaded Tibet. The world didn’t stop them. Now China wants those islands. If once again nobody stops them what are they going to want next? Taiwan? South Korea? Japan? The world?

          How long do you want to just watch them? Until it’s too late to do something?

  • Ah Sankaku. I love this site for my daily laughs. Because it’s one of the few sites where you see; Ignorant Weeaboo’s, Retarded Japanophiles, Douchebag Nationalists, Genocidal Maniacs, Hypocritical Racists, Double Standard Morons, Trolls, Xenophobic lulz, Console Fanboys, Moral Panic Gullibles, Moral Zealots and Horny Virgins in a vocal clusterfuck we call debate. Or some kind of attempt.

    There are some decent comments here and there which do warrant a GJ, but the opinionated lot are far from making any decent paragraph without making them look like an jackass lulz. Which usually spikes in numbers when an article about China pops up or when loli ban related articles appears.

    • Go read the other article below this one if you want to see more cringe worthy replies. I honestly wonder if the large majority of the posters here are trolling or just genuinely stupid with no knowledge or perception of the outside world.

      Some of the comments here remind me of my mindset back when I was in the 3rd grade. In other words, LOL WE’LL JUST NUKE, THEM WE WIN! This is the mindset of the large majority of commentators here – elementary school level intelligence.

        • Now that the comment votes has been mentioned. I wonder how many anons created a user account just to down or up vote a comment or comments…and how many users created another account for the same reason…and how many people actually take these votes seriously. Hmm probably some people who have youtube accounts for the exact same modus operandi lulz.

        • Can’t disagree with that. Although more or less I guess the problem is the level of bias and whether it is warranted individually to each person. Frankly most reasons stated here are unreasonable. Though I’m not going to deny that many are also troll and respectable comments.

          Anyone can have more than enough reason to want to kill anyone really. It’s all about perspective. So that would give China and Korea butt loads of reasons to wipe out Japan’s government too, figuratively speaking. We know it’s not going to happen either way. Thus many of such comments fall into a double standard category, hence the type of bias I mentioned. TBH I think all governments deserve one hell of a bitch slap now.

          If there’s one thing I’m perfectly assured of; this recent event has brought upon a moral panic. Pretty much evidenced by the comments here. To the point of how hilariously ignorant some of these comments are. Whatever the case is, this is going to blow over and just become another event in the history of screw ups. Humanity…I…am disapoint.

  • ——————————————-

    Let me break down possible situations:

    1 A WW3 maybe a possibility for the sole interest of bankrupting china and taking most of it by war reparations(lets face it, everyone is getting fucking broke compared to china and reparations can amount to and lead to a lot of money), at the same time relieving trillion dollar loans ie the U.S.

    – whilst most of the developed world would help Japan ie French/Italian/English/American/maybe South Korea, juggernauts such as Russia/North Korea and many Middle Eastern countries would help China just to resolve certain grudge matches.
    This would be an ultimatum, sorry folks, but the Japanese Economy(and most of the developed world) relies heavily on the Chinese.
    Let’s say a WW3 breaks out, EVEN IF hypothetically, if either country wins without the whole world being wiped out off the face of the earth, all the economies are going to crash.
    If it comes downs to nukes, the pollution and radiation alone is going to fuck up all the future generations and we’re not even including the devastations of the environmental and what it could do to our climate.

    2. Maybe Japan should build up their defensive technologies…They can intercept nukes and ballistic missiles right?

    – Dumb fucking idea, how many nukes do you think China has? This ain’t pokemon, you’re not gonna catch em all. Beyond that, Japan is in a huge deflationary spiral and can not afford to put all their money in military research or buying new technologies.

    3. Other countries such as the U.S. should really step in and intervene…

    – Another dumb fucking idea. U.S. has the majority of their army and their hands full in the Middle East. Where the fuck are they going to deploy all their soldiers? Lets not even think about the logistics and transportation costs of moving their soldiers and their military to the other side of the globe. Sorry, the U.S. is broke too, relieving the USD from the gold standard and printing unlimited money is the consequence. Why do you think Americans buy so much gold and silver bullion? Inflation under a currency that is no longer worth anything is a bad idea, the Americans are in one of the worse economic situations right now(talking beyond their recession) and they don’t even know it. Maintaining their current foreign exchange price is not helping either, their currency is on the verge collapsing…and it could make the U.S. recession much much worse.

    * I mean, is this really all worth it? For a tiny fucking island? China is not going to give up, and if Japan doesn’t give up either, this whole thing is just going to escalate. The last thing you want is some Japanese nationalist cunt adding fuel to a fire that could lead to huge consequences.

    **If the Chinese want the little fucking island, just give it to them for fuck sakes. Give up the fucking politics for one moment and think about the consequences.

    To all the weeabos such as schrobby(i don’t remember his nickname)who say that Japanese needs to grow a spine, get nukes, power up and see who has the bigger stick: Growing a spine would fuck up the whole world. I don’t think theres anything more FUCKING IRRESPONSIBLE you could say. Sorry, this is a game that has pretty clear results…you need to learn when to pick your fights, and this is not a fight you want to pick.
    You want the whole world to go into chaos because of your Japophile tendencies? You know how irresponsible it is to say ‘Japan should get nukes’?.
    What the fuck is that sposed to mean? You want the world to end? Hello? have you heard of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty you dumbfucks?
    Seriously, just stick to your hentai and just shut the fuck up. You don’t even need to do this for yourself, you need to do this for your friends and family and the people around the world. Japan has been bossing China around since the WW. China can’t take a tiny fucking island? I don’t want the Japanese to hate the Chinese or the Chinese to hate the Japanese but at this rate who knows wtf will happen.


  • Japan relies far too much on China for imports of raw materials to churn out everything from cars to superconductors for them to take a more aggressive stance against China beyond harsh words. China is Japan’s main export/import partner, not just in the region but in the world.

    Let’s face, it was a fishing boat.

    They aren’t going to jeopardize trillions of Yen in exports over a fishing incursion.

    • Let’s face, it was a fishing boat.

      1: Chinese fishing boat is, techinically, the old military battleship transformed in fishing boat.
      It is a fukken armed fishing boat.

      2: Fuck if it is a fishing boat or not. This ship went after the territory of china to make the fishing.
      Where the respect about territories?

      • It’s a minor incident.

        Japan isn’t going to war over a tiny fishing boat on some tiny islands.

        They would lose all the materials they buy from China to make products sold to the rest of the world. China is also Japan’s biggest consumer of exports.

        The Japanese PM Naoto Kan understands this. What Japan will do is turn to their military partner (the United States) and ask them to stand up to China and defend their territories for them (they’ve already spoken to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about this).

  • GO JAPAN GO! Chinese people are STUPID when their Countrymen was BULLY by foreign nation they react their sentiment and tantrums to them but when their countrymen do some scandal(e.g. Milk scandal etc)to their own kind they only do was to cover-up!

  • If Japan do everything they can to apologies to China properly BEFORE China gain as much power as they are today, thing would have been much more simple as they will less way to make themseleve hate with a reason.

    About the spineless government,people vote for them right?
    I mean sure 2~3000 people protest so what?Should the other however more people that dont seem to care or actually satsify, change because this 2~3000 angry people isn’t happy about the current situation?

    And for those who wise Japan having nuke….you do understand the fact if japan go on a war manga and anime will probably become unavailable to you,right?
    Are you prepare for that?:D

    Also For the chinese guy that post eariler…Wtf?what can you achieve posting that shit in here except making yourself look like a total retard?It is exactly retard like you that make everyone think all chinese people are some brain-wash arrogant bastard.
    It is people like you that make China never able to change from being a total dick.

    An advise for those who read the whole thing or those lazy-bum who just reply by saying tldr.

    Hate the goverment,never the people.

  • Let’s give Japan nukes! Let’s militarize Japan more! You guys don’t seem to understand that Economics > Military Might until a certain threshold is passed, so shut the fuck up and let the big boys who get paid to do this stuff decide.

    • Problem. People going to keep talking about this a lot more. And I know darn well that the big boys are making the decisions around here. The rest of the people on this website are just saying their thoughts and opinions on what’s going on. You can’t just say shut the f**k up that easily and assume people are gonna stop. All positive and negative comments will keep on coming. We don’t know what we’ll happen, but we will make darn sure to keep watching for the end result.

      I’m just saying, I’m not trying to be negative. And the cussing here just happens a lot often. Not that i’m bothered, but not many people will shut up even if you cussed at them.

      • Yeah, forgive me for any grammer problems I might have shown here. I am good with typing, and I practice a few times a day. I just seem to have a problem typing typos when I type too fast. XD.

  • This is a very small problem which could be wipped in to a worldwide frenzy. Treaties or not, greed is a massive factor, and nor the US or the UN will put any political pressure on China because of the economic powerhouse that that country is. However in an open confrontation the US would have no choice but to move, or else be seen as a country that does not uphold it’s treaty. If japan is stupid enough to get a standing army and annul the treaties then the US will have an excuse not to intervene. Also all of the idiots calling for war and whatnot, do you not realise how precorious the current situation is ? War aside, if China were to be isolated that will have SEVERE consequences on the already unstable world economic climate. How would you feel if you can no longer pay your bills? Your rent? Your mortage? Think before you talk you goddamn retards

    • Its bad enough as it is. USA still got our own problems to fix, we’re in a jam over here. If we go through stuff such as this,…even more total economic problems will come our way. This is my own thought though. I knew Japan always had spine within them, but I’d say its a bad time to start this especially when some of them forgot what they are dealing with here when they too haven’t straighten themselves out yet.

      I agree with the guy above my comment.

  • “At the protests Tamogami asserted that China’s objective is not only to seize control of the Senkaku Islands, but also to annex Okinawa proper (prominent Chinese scholars have indeed recently been suggesting Okinawa should belong to China). Unsurprisingly he advocates a stronger defence in the face of this threat.”

    So nukes as a stronger defense means… he wants to nuke Japan to keep it from China!? OMG! Chinese conspiracy!

    • One country with nuke:A
      One country without nuke:B

      A: I want part of your territory and your money.
      B: No, If you insist you will have a war.
      A:- Shut up and obey to my diplomacy.
      Don’t force me to use THIS.
      B:- Ok, here are the territory and mountly billions of dollars.


      B: NO, no and no!!
      A: So get NUKED!!

      If both have a nuke.

      A: Guy, I know you have a nuke, if I nuke you, you will nuke me. So let’s resolve it peacefully.
      Can I participate in extraction of this oil near to my country? I will finance part of it.
      B: Ok, Let’s be friend.

      It is not correct in country like Brazil what don’t have a politically problematic country.
      But with a China as a neighbor, it is right.

      The miss about invasion of Japan is they forgot it is not a low fame country like Tibet(Before the Olympic.)

  • I think is so much Chinese here.
    What do you wait about the Japan with this invasion?

    With a “Thanks!” With a “All hail the China!”?
    With a “We deserve it! Take all our territory!!”?
    With a “Turn me Chinese?”

    Is not just because China made a “Territorial waters law” saying “Territorial waters from China to Indonesia belongs to China.” That it will belong to China!!

    You say Japan is the Nazi of nowadays, but China is the worse!!

  • RaspberryKisses says:

    everyone just need to chill the f’ck out Japan and china too. if WWIII break out the chances of everyone here staying alive is very slim indeed. if shooting starts im fucking grabbing my laptop with eromanga, provisions and escaping to the fucking mountains or some other remote place.

  • You know this is reminiscent of Hitler’s rise to power or at least gaining national support in his early days. Typically this event has becaome a catalyst for the nationalists and those who just wants to rage because they feel Japan has been shafted. What better way to use this uproar as a chance to manipulate the people. As Hitler once said “The masses will believe a big lie, than a small one” or something along those lines. However I will agree that the current government handled this poorly. Honestly I don’t think China really would have done anything, but because Japan government screwed up, it’s just said to China “Fuck it, we’ll do everything you say”. There was hardly any resistance.

    Toshio Tamogami is a fucking idiot by the looks of it. So are the people who are in support of him. This will in no way give Japan a backbone. It’s just typically avoiding the problem of denial. Having pride in your country is one thing, but this is just outright excuse to hate. He doesn’t give a shit about the country or the people. All he wants is confrontation. How is acting like the ultra nationalist douchebags of China any better? I’m going to be optimistic and say that the majority of Japanese there aren’t being manipulated by the nationalistic asshats…They may have negative sentiments to China but not outright levels of nationlistic retardedness.

    If this grudge match continues into the next 30 years, I have no doubt that both Japan and China and possibly Korea will completely forget why they are even hating in the first place. But still continue the bickering. I’m not taking sides with China or Korea (they themselves need to get their asses into gear and stop being assholes), but Japan really needs to sort out its attitude towards their war crimes, which seems to be the main reason of grudges. They have apologized, well to a degree. But if they really meant it like how the Germans was, they would have gotten rid of the fake history textbooks and really should do something with Hirohito in Yakusuni Shrine. Saying sorry while flipping a finger is not very productive haha.

  • Go back to Japan you racist dogs.
    Well I guess it doesn’t really matter considering that in 20 or so years after the current generation dies Japan will be reduced to nothing but hikikomoris, single middle aged women and pedophiles.

    Struggle all you can, you’ll all be learning Mandarin soon enough.

  • I bet most of those idiots protesting on the streets do not even know what the Japanese soldiers have done to China in World War II. They were almost as cruel as the Germans were with their war prisoners.
    You are making me sad, Japan. That arrogance will break you someday.

  • I’m Just gonna say this once.
    You are all crazy people that talk to much.
    I live in Europe and i’m afraid, afraid that war will raise, if China atacks japan, then for sure US will go for they’re own interests, Then some old friends of the US will apear like the Russians and if not some terrorists coming for the help of the country the US is against. The Europe big ones will be involved because we are all going trough a really bad time and war would help our economics if we won.
    World War 3 would raise. Devastated city, Genocides, Familys being killed all over the place because of politics. we are all the same inside, we all die easy we all think for ourselfs, we allways come first and our friends, we all think alike in that way. Yes there are diferences like religion, aperance, skin color, tradition… But even in our own country we have those diferences.

    War will only bring sadness to all you forget you could die, your parents could die, your friends…
    You’ll be sent to war to if your old enough they don’t care if you have milatery training and they send you to war to die.


    • Sometimes war is simply neccessary, thats what people don’t like to accept. Hippies who think that peace is attainable are naive. Peace is for those who have not the will to fight, eternal struggle is for the strong.

      The problem is modern warefare creates too much devastation, I kind of wish we could go back to swords and shields, back then war was purer.

      • In theory peace if attainable, just requires massive changes to the human psyche, or at the least a common external threat.

        Having said that, while peace can lead to stagnation, eternal struggle tends to lead to situations where social Darwinism is practiced, which would mean that folks like Sir Stephen Hawking would’ve never been able to contribute to society, because they would’ve been killed already as too weak.

        Neither situation is all that attractive really.

    • I feel the same way.

      The blabbering over the interwebs get’s old kind of quickly when you put it into perspective.

      If China decides to throw it’s weight around shit will happen and the US will be dragged into it without a doubt. Shit’s already a mess here. This would just make things incredibly tense. The US is not in a position to suddenly be isolationist and we’re also not in a position to aid without repercussion.

      Not to mention the amount of troops already involved in operations in Afghanistan.

      Basically it would suck. It would suck for a lot of people and I hope those with the authority to make decisions in China have the compassion to settle things without resorting to military force.

  • Honestly, all those people here who talks about war and nuking “insert” country should go back to masterbating infront of your japanese, anime, manga pornssssss.

    I pretty sure you are all as useful as used toilet paper to japan if there’s really going to be a war.

  • ok im confused, is Japan is part of the U.S allies? If Japan gets attack will the U.S will have to step in to back it up? Or is there some type of policy that prevent this? Some one explain….

  • 伪满还记得吗?当滑稽政权。看这里貌似很多人都想以同样的方式再被人类嘲笑一次,想当负面教材。



    使劲给我vote down吧~让我看看有多少小狗在这里叫春。

    • cheese_cake says:

      难道说您比他们好吗? post在这网站充满“一群成天冲着电脑笑着手淫的垃圾们”的兄弟

      simplified english translation: “so how are you any better? bro posting on this site filled with ‘hikikomori wankers'”

      • 以前只来过一次这个网站,第二段第一句话就说了这次是被叫来的。真不好意思让您失望了。我保证我比那群败类好,可就算事实如此,你也可以摆出一大堆理由不相信我说,没办法,你们这群人有个特点就是怀疑一切,只相信你们所怀疑的人的对立立场,活得多快活啊~



        • @Eienring

          Actually, smoothing things over and becoming more friendly with S.Korea might be prudent at this point.

          It’s clear that China isn’t interested in playing nice. Doesn’t mean that the same applies to the S.Koreans.

          Considering how interlinked the situation down there is anyway, there might as well be a military pact, and economical partnerships, between S.Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

          This due to the.. less than sociable neighbours the lot of them have.

        • Save your breath people. The Chinaman’s spouting nothing but pure unadulterated crap. And as we all know, you can’t argue with crap… unless you get in the toilet.

          Oh and for the record, I’m Chinese but I’m firmly ANTI-CHINA. Why? Because the Chinese (in China) are a bunch of draconian Maoist oppressors who flaunt their power around like some insecure little BITCH. Shove THAT up your tailpipe and smoke it you Chinese sunnavabitch.


          Oh yeah? I refute your zealous outcry of insecurity and substitute my own.

          “WHO GIVES A FUCK…”

        • Most likely nothing will come out of this. Japan needs China for raw materials, and U.S owes China a lot of money and needs their cheap labor.

          Neither will take action unless China does anything extreme, which is not going to happen because China relies on the U.S to sustain their economic growth.

          Best thing I can hope for out of this is for Japan to realize that Japanese liberals are spineless idiots who’s willing to sacrifice their own country in order to “improve relationships” with China and Korea. They need to boot them out of office along with their mass media drones if they hope to fend off pressures from China.

    • Google translation of the above:

      Puppet remember? When the funny regime. Looks like a lot of people want to see here the same way once again laughed at by humans, want to be negative materials.

      I heard there are groups bastard, I have to look at asshole what type. I am pleased to meet you in here, because there anxious to exterminate the Chinese people in China are basically the dog in the Jiaochun only. Yes, just a bunch of computers all day with a smile directed at the Spam masturbation, simmering just want to see adult content, I need to worry about a whole group of people can do things out of Han? Anyway, no matter which country is the dog only. Maybe you believe in “a betrayal of someone else who can be trusted again,” “betrayed their own people, countries and territories who can get many benefits,” laughing. . . American and Japanese culture that you have been brainwashed it, you still may be quite against it. To learn a foreign language and technology, or Zhongyu Ao succeed to go abroad, and the results used to obtain the whole content of this vulgar. Ye think not influence the lives of their own home? Whatever you hate your government, you have to really ambitious, how not to point the thing in favor of Chinese people? Soak in this jar every day, the mud was stained, as the Chinese belief gone, dog mentally and physically all become slaves, funny what a pity.

      I’ve heard of saving the country, never heard of saving the country by foreign forces. Your mind on anti-government rebels, but did not fellow with you enemy, you actually would like to take external forces kill their own people to satisfy their own desires, animals are eligible to despise you. In fact, you curse in vain, intuition tells me you might be scolded every day, are accustomed to it, and there is almost no you see you Jiaochun like a waste of ears and eyes. Well, the land of China since ancient times has its own ability to purify themselves, no matter how powerful invasion of hostile forces, there will always be cast out. You always non-mainstream, sooner or later give you the power of endless remorse in the death. Who you first become a puppet, I am the first to send you to hell. But you in this Jiaochun Well, then anything you, and you thought about the animals of the addiction only, I can kill you pigs do it? Hey ~

      I vote down hard it ~ Let me see how many dogs here Jiaochun.

  • i see that you are retard, japan can’t win china in new war
    the reason:
    china have the another most powerful army in the earth
    china have allies too
    north korea all misille aid japan and USA
    and outher 100 countries hate japan

    so they can start the hunting fucking japanese in their territory

    USA can’t wont china
    in 50 years USA dont win any war

  • I really hope this doesn’t erupt into an armed conflict. As much as I’m on Japan’s side, there’s no way they can compete in a war with China. China has nukes and way more people on their turf. Japan wouldn’t last long.

  • What’s really crazy is the Okinawans who still want the US marines out of their islands.

    China isn’t going to seize these islands with a US presence there. Make the US Marines leave and China might just think they can get away with grabbing some of the islands.

  • Someone is making money from selling all those flags. I haven’t seen a protest with so many shiny banners in a long time.

    And some retired bum doesn’t know that retirement from the military means to stop being involved in military affairs, especially when they’re the aggressors in the first place.

  • Japan had it coming: they’ve been dicks to China for years and none of you weaboos can deny that the Japanese are arrogant and nationalistic, especially towards China. It’s not like the two countries have really been buddies in a century. Small wonder that China would hit back when they get the chance.

    2-3 thousand? I hope they don’t think they can win an actual conflict like that. Even small cities in China have millions.

  • This is probably the healthiest thing for Japan. China’s blatant retardation is going a tad too far this time around. Hopefully the Japanese people will push this and start on some real action between the Chinese and Japanese.

    Two things, though: The Senkaku islands will always be a problem for all the Asian countries, and Japan will never, EVER have nukes.

    • The real problem is that Japan, Taiwan, and China all claim that the land is theirs. Yet, no of them strongly enforces those territories.

      There is another issue. Not too long ago, a Japanese and Taiwanese boat collided there. The Japanese arrested the Taiwanese on the account that they were in Japanese territory but refuse to give evidence behind the circumstances.

      In the end, there was footage to proved that the Japanese may have intentionally rammed them. The Japanese ambassador made an apology to Taiwan.

      Knowing this, I will not say that the Japanese are innocent until the footages are released.

  • How realistic is the idea that USA would remove its bases from Okinawa due to Chinese pressure?

    I admire the press for ignoring the protests. I’m not saying the protesters here are nut jobs, but if every school shooting and an idiot doing something dangerous wasn’t reported by every news outlet out there, there would be fewer copycats repeating the tragedies.

  • Ironically, China screwed themselves over in this.

    They had a Japanese government that was at least willing to discuss issues and work together for mutual benefits.

    But what do they do? They show their true colors and blatantly provoke a confrontation that has turned the Japanese public further against them.

    Even the current government won’t be able to continue trying to repair relations now. It’s basically set relations back decades.

    • It’s such a pig-headed move it’s possible to think China wants bad relations as a convenient external enemy it can use to continue to rally its people against.

      How else can anyone really explain destroying the credibility of the only administration which was desperately encouraging ties with China, staying out of Yasukuni, making masses of new visas available to Chinese for both work and tourism, offering permanent residents (most of whom are Chinese/Korean) the vote and generally behaving in an utterly servile manner but through sheer incompetence or a deliberate scheme? It would not reasonably be possible to ask for a more pro-Chinese government than the one they received, and they raped it all the same…

      • The key is that this is not the first time something like this happened near the Senkaku Islands.

        The irony is that last time, once all the evidence were collected, analyzed, and revealed, Japan ended up humbly saving their face despite continually insisting to be innocent and warranted.

        This is why China is reckless and calling out bs right from the get go.

    • China’s missiles can’t reach the US.

      The US has missiles that can easily reach China.

      In theory, the US can do whatever the hell it wants with China. In practice they wouldn’t do anything like that due to economic reasons and the severe political repercussions of nuking another country.

      But in a total war, China wouldn’t stand a chance against the US, no matter how big its population is. China is closing the gap between itself and the West, but that gap is still huge.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure. China’s space program has proved that they can put shit in orbit for a while; icbms aren’t exactly exotic tech by now and knowing china, I would exactly hope that their ethical sense stopped them from weaponizing their technology or buying them from russia.

        On the other hand, the misguided assumption that china can’t touch you is far more dangerous since it tends to drive knee-jerk-prone populations to act a lot more obnoxious and over-confident than they should for their own good.

        Even if only 5% of their shit actually lands where it’s supposed to, it’d be reason enough to shove that tough guy attitude where the sun don’t shine. In a total war, everybody’s fucked.

      • Yeah, right! It’s sorry to say that the USA was hitted quite hard by the 911 attacks that was organized by some Muslim extremists with no atomic bombs, or any weapons of total destruction and so on.

        • Victory through large scale guerilla warfare is a myth. The Vietnam War was largely fought against a huge conventional North Vietnamese army, using total mobilisation of the (generally unmolested) North Vietnamese state.

          When the US is fighting strictly limited wars in which it is desperately trying to limit civilian casualties and maintain domestic and international support, it cannot reasonably be taken as an indicator of the success of pure guerilla tactics, and certainly not of the success of terrorist tactics reliant on the enemy refraining from causing large-scale civilian casualties.

          A war against a major nation would be unlikely to involve observing such niceties – as soon as the electorate thinks revenge is justified (“Remember the Alamo! The Maine! Pearl Harbor! 9/11!”) or national survival is at stake all that will go out the window.

      • Ohhh the same super advanced country who got his ass whooped in A-stan, Iraq etc by insurgents with decades old Russion weapons and using donkeys as vehicles ?

        Ohhhhh those united states, nevermind then!

  • war is not going to happen between the two countries. if china tried to do anything to japan or other allied asian countries, usa would be up on their shit within a fraction of a second.

    to me, this is normal sino-japanese display of affections for each other.

  • whenever they think of going to war against china i really hope they would think twice or maybe thrice…

    i really hope they don’t do some meaningless war…
    i don’t want to see any of my idols getting the impact of war…
    i don’t want one of japanese island sink because of nuke…
    i don’t wanna see my beloved japan looks like back in 193X-194X…

    i really hope they read naruto first before coming into any conclusion…

    peace really is the only best way 4 japan…

    • Yes, a civilian protest in their own territory.
      They sure showed them!

      Plus they chose a pretty terrible leader to represent their cause. It’s like getting hitler to oppose saddam; ding, japan just unlocked the ‘international irony’ achievement.

  • I’m wary of what any hawk has to say, and 3,000 is a tiny number of people for a protest in the middle of one of the biggest cities of the world, so I have doubts that this is as widespread as this post suggests. Still, China’s policies are proving quite problematic lately, so some action has to be taken to stop them. I doubt Japan would be able to themselves, but if China started a war of aggression that would get the west all allied against them, that’s a different story.

  • China’s being quite a bastard there. China is pretty damn huge of a country with massive population, what else do they need anyway. Chinese vs Japanese war should end like since a few thousand years ago.. fucking idiots who continue shits from thousands of years ago.

  • WTF the japanese thinking about?
    How many live in japan, and how many in China?
    Do the japanese thinking that they are all Rambo-born?
    There is more than ten chinese on one japanese.
    Japan don’t have any chances win a war!

  • Great the world just needs another war…
    If war breaks out its going to be WWIII and the US is going to have to fight on Japan’s behalf
    I’m Chinese and i think that China is going a bit to far with this land takeover

      • Dumb ass, learn history. The US has a Defensive Alliance with Japan and also with Taiwan. Simply put, were China (or any other nation) to attack either country the US is obligated to fight on their behalf.

        So go ahead China, open up that can of worms. >:D

      • Because Japan and the US signed a treaty, in which the US guarantees Japanese safety in exchange for them not having offensive oriented armed forces.

        And in case you missed it, the US Constitution states that ANY treaty made by the Federal Government on behalf of the Unites States of America should be considered the Law of the Land.

        That would be Article 6 btw.

        “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

        Thus if China attacks Japan, then the US is legally required to intervene, lest those ignoring said treaty commit a High Crime, which is a requirement for Impeachment.

  • This response wouldn’t have happened if there was no stimulus. That retired officer should be taken to military court for reigniting a topic which could have ended peacefully. Not to mention he has his own army of believers, this hurts the Japanese SDF more than the government.

    Note that China just said the disputed islands were theirs, but they have not solidly claimed it and haven’t sent forces there yet.

    This leads me to believe all these people are crying over nothing. The islands are still theirs by proper Imperial claim. Okinawa can never be taken because the people there aren’t Chinese, they’re Japanese!

    • It’s because the islands are right next to Okinawa.

      If you didn’t know, America agrees to protect Japan as long as they don’t have a military, and guess where the biggest American base in Japan is located?

      I doubt China wants to fight a war with America.

      • The islands are also right next to Taiwan and in fact they are closer.
        Taiwan also has a claim on that island, which forms the basis of the PRCs claim since if Taiwan is part of china and those islands are part of Taiwan, then the islands are part of china. Of course, the Taiwanese have been quiet in this recent incident due to the implications for their independence status should they try to take sides by they still haven’t relinquished their claim.

        • Taiwan is distant from China; the only reason they do not go for full on independance is because of economical reasons. For all intents and purposes, Taiwan is not apart of China, and since the U.S. got involved saying that China couldn’t attack and/or invade Taiwan, a lot of unnecessary bullshit has been occuring between Taiwan and China, as well as China and the U.S. President Obama’s meeting with the Dali Lama was met by Chinese officials saying that America and China’s relations would grow worse.

          And they did, since I do believe Obama did meet with the Dalai Lama. Taiwan cannot be attacked by China due to the U.S’ involvement in ‘protecting’ them. Honestly, I see this more as a hopeful chance that China could use the Taiwanese owned Senkaku Islands as a HQ where they can ‘attack’ or suppress Taiwan in an effort to weaken them/assimilate and oppress the Taiwanese

          China is welcome to try and claim the Senkaku Islands; Japan is welcome to dispute those claims just as well. The fact is, those islands technically belong to Taiwan. Japan gave the islands to Taiwan — and since Taiwan operates outside of Chinese influence — they belong soley to Taiwan. China has about as much claim on the island as a Tucan has on Cookie Crisps, and Japan has about as much claim on the island as a seagull passing off as a Tucan on Fruit Loops.

          My point is, the islands essentially belong to Taiwan according to some documents documented awhile ago where Japan essentially gave the custody andor property and contents of the island to Taiwan, and Taiwan is, by all accounts, completely Taiwanese territory, not Chinese.

          Funny thing is to note as well; see how all the prefectures of Japan, many of the residents are called Japanese, the many prefecture’s of China, the majority of the people are called Chinese?

          Yet the Taiwanese are called Taiwanese, and not Chinese. Just pointing it out that Taiwan is in fact it’s own country.

          Not referring to 0:815’s comment; just saying in general that, this whole thing is justa gigantic political mess.

          If I had to pick a side, I’d stick with Japan; China just isn’t a good country, and the fault doesn’t belong to the people, but to the Government.

  • China really needs to learn having extensive borders isn’t really necessary

    It has border disputes with EVERY SINGLE NATION it borders
    except for possibly Mongolia and all that does is create hostility with said nations.

    • Are you serious?
      They have reasonable claims to the island:
      1) Treaty of Shimonoseki
      2) US allows Japan to keep Senkaku islands under the administrative division of Okinawa – but later shifted to the Taihoku Prefecture.

      • But:
        1) Wasn’t this nullified by the Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty?
        2) Why does the US have a say?

        I don’t care. They could posture for all they want. They’re only after the oil and gas there.

        • @TC-man
          Security council means jack shit in reference to World War II
          Indians (Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis) lost more soldiers than the British and they don’t have a position

          let alone both the French, British, and Chinese were saved by involvement of the American forces

        • Because china at that time was a pawn pulled in by the US in order to achieve their goal of limiting USSR’s interest in the far east. Only until the korean war did US realize they can’t control china like they did to japan.

          It all boil down to this: winner writes history, so to all the idiots claming the island belong to japan or china, go fuking do some history research and see what the winners claim.

        • Yes but it was short sighted. Both countries have reasonable(!) claims for the island and the US decision unknowingly set the stage for dispute later on.

          It’s like the UN setting up a Jewish nation in the Middle East in the name of peace and then stepping away.

        • 1) My point was that it acknowledges Japan had history of said territories
          2) The United States was the a victor of WWII and specifically the leading authority in the pacific at the time. Additionally, it was not until 1969 when the oil reserves near the island were found did the PRC start to claim the islands as a separate entity (outside Taiwan)

          Now in relation to Taiwan x Japan dispute might be a little bit harder to clarify, but in terms of the PRC’s claim, it’s absurd.

    • 输入几行中文来吸引注意力。你真的用软件把它翻译了?有趣。

      It’s all government works, people.

      Both China gov and Japan gov knows that if the issue about that island gets serious, neither would compromise. But they didn’t try to put it down and find a way that both could satisfy like they always do, instead, they pushed it forward, or rather, Japan gov pushed it first; they put this event in the light and incite their own people. Now we begin to outrage the other country again, who started this? The two Govs. Who can end this? Only the god knows.

      The thing is, hatred can easily be raised if someone pushed.
      In my opinion, what’s the importance with that island for us normal civilians? Why should we hate each other? Just leave it to the govs, the war won’t start anyway, China is too big as an enemy, so is US.


    • Kitsune9Tails says:

      Yeah, because a new cold war with China is really what the world needs. After all, it was so effective the last time (effective at killing our economies, almost bringing nuclear war to the whole world, and causing political oppression in many countries, especially the US).

      I wonder why so many people automatically think nukes are the answer to every problem. Plus, no one seems to think that China might just be crazy enough to use them.

    • like mao suggested: if we lose 700 million people in nuclear war and they lose everyone…we will have 500 million people left.” nukes are not the answer. china lost the publicity war in the international community while making many southeast asian countries angry. they made a big mistake sending “fisherman” into japanese waters. patience will win. these protesting fools have nothing to offer.

    • Being spineless is one thing, but those protests are led by a hawk.

      That man Tamogami isn’t interested in whether or not Japan has the right to the island. He’s just another ultranationalist with very likely little rationale, that has no respect for history and other race.

      Japan has every right to claim that island as theirs, but getting a hotheaded ultranationalist to back them isn’t the right way.

        • Sorry he has speculated he has Jewish ancestry, but he has great admiration for Israel.

          Muslims alienate themselves, its no ones fault and if thats the way they want to be then good riddance.

        • a) Actually, his kinfolk hail from Indonesia.
          Not that he’s willing to admit to that, what with the lousy dye job.

          b) Was raised a Roman-Catholic as well, currently considers himself agnostic.

          c) I didn’t compare him to Nazism, I said and I quote: “Germany is getting its own version of the PVV unfortunately.” Nothing more and nothing less.

          d) But if you want to go that road. Look at some of his speeches, and replace the word Islam with Judaism, and Muslim with Jew.

          Look familiar?

          The situation in the Netherlands isn’t that dissimilar to the Weimar Republic in its latter years. Barring the whole war debt issue. Splintered political landscape, unhappy populace looking for a scapegoat, and then some Nut appearing on the stage claiming to have all the answers.

          e) He and his followers lay claim to freedom of speech, but woe to those who wish to say anything against them, because they’ll be cussed out and vilified. The Sturm Abteilung had a knack for that too, course they also used violence, which is something that the PVV goons dare not do at this point.

          (Well, barring certain party members that is. Assaulting a barkeeper, because he didn’t want to pour any more alcohol. Assaulting another bar patron, due to a verbal disagreement. Posing with firearms, without having a license for said weapon.)

          f) There’s the small matter that they demand that certain dissident members of the CDA resign their seats, if they can’t agree with the party decision to go along with this farce. Thereby ignoring that the Great Beloved Leader pulled the exact same stunt in 2004 with the VVD.

          Then again, it’s been my observation that most of his followers aren’t that apt, when it comes to history, not even relatively close history, let alone anything going centuries back.

          g) And to finish off this rebuttal.
          His entire stance with regards to Islam is complete BS. The Islam how he portrays it, exists about as much as Christianity does. There is no unity, there is no common voice that decides things. It all comes down to individual preachers and how they interpret things, and to which school of thought they belong.

          No different from Christianity in that sense. Catholics and Protestants also don’t get along in everything, and before you say BS.
          Two words for ya: Northern Ireland

          And that’s recent history, I’m not even going to get into the various wars fought over the Reformation, and how this effected the perception of Catholicism in most of the Western World, including the US.

          Oh and if you want to start with, but the Qu’Ran preaches violence vs non-believers.
          Up to a point, but that would be kafirs, meaning those who do not follow one of the Monotheistic faiths aka Judaism and Christianity.

          In addition, you can counter that with Papal Infallibility and the declaration of a Crusade vs this group or that one, whether it be the Pagans in the Baltic or Serbia, the Cathars in the South of France, Russian and Greek Orthodox Christians, Muslims and political/religious enemies of the Roman Catholic Church from the Hussite Crusade(s), to the Stedinger Crusade and the Aragonese Crusade.

          Or in short, Nutcases, whether religious or not always pose a problem to society in general, and tend to drag everyone down with them into the muck.

          Oh almost forgot, don’t have any problem with admitting that there are indeed issues with regards to integration. But his way won’t resolve them, quite the contrary, it’ll enhance feelings of alienation. Making Western Muslims even more tempting targets by radicals with regards to conversion to their particular interpretation of the faith.

          (Similar issues occurred with Italian immigrants and their kids in the US, which lead to the glamorization of the Maffia, but that’s a tale for another time.)

        • Yeah, heaven forbid Germany tries to protect itself from Islamofascism. The ideology that seperate itself from all things German and despises anything unislamic, how dare they.

          You do realise that Geert Wilders has Jewish ancestry and sees Israel as a second home, so equating him with Nazism is beyond retarded.

        • “Germany is getting its own version of the PVV unfortunately.”

          Oh no, how terrible, Germany is protecting itself from Islamofascism, how dare she! Heaven forbid Germany protects itself from people who do everything they can not to participate in democracy and spit on it and disrespect it every turn, while demanding we respect them. How dare Germany protect itself from the biggots in the mosques who teach Muslim children to despise anything unislamic.

          You do realise that Geert Wilders has Jewish ancestry don’t you? Good, now don’t you feel stupid for comparing his “extremism” to Nazi Germany?

        • That’s why I hope them Japanese politicians would put aside their personal interests for a while(some of them must have some business deal related with China) and work a peaceful way around, while looking neither too arrogant(like China, if the extremists get their way), nor too kind(they should’ve conducted more investigation on the captain who rammed over the Japanese boat).

          They were diplomatically sound enough when they released all the crewmembers before the captain. You won’t see something so generous with Israel.

    • You seem to forget that like certain Middle Eastern countries, China doesn’t really care about it’s own people much. Somehow I don’t think Japan getting nukes would go anywhere towards making China back down – in fact, they’d probably attack preemptively to “protect the borders and sovereignty of our great nation” or something.

      What Japan needs is to build a highly organized and extremely powerful defensive grid/shield/whatever so that it can protect itself from nukes. A nuke can’t shoot down another nuke, so they could get nukes and still be fucked if China opens fire. But if they instead build technology to spot oncoming nukes and laser the things down from space, or missile them down from the ground, they can totally render China’s nuclear advantage moot and useless.

      • China sucks, it’s a fact. Much to the desperation of its population. And the world’s powers lick the Chinese Govt balls because they can use ultra-cheap almost-slave work force. We need to stop buying made in China products. I’m doing my job here, unless it’s something I really need and I can’t find other than a made in China I simply won’t buy. Crush their economics and they are history, after all, it seems it’s most of the ordinary (buying) people are against China.

        • Sadly, if you are not making that much money, your home economy will perish long before China does.

          The other thing you have to be aware of is that
          many nations took lending from Chinese banks to recover from the global recession. You bet all of that aid will have to be paid back with interest.

          I regret to say that just avoiding products that are made in China is not enough to sink them.