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8,500 IdolMaster Otaku Unite: “Give Us Back Our Girls!”


The petition by outraged fans demanding the restoration of the 4 girls removed from IdolMaster 2 in favour of a trio of sexy men has reached over 8,500 signatures, and the petition is to be presented to Namco Bandai in the hopes they will not ignore it completely as in the case of every other Internet petition ever submitted.

The letter actually asks for a chance to hand the petition over in person:


The demands appear to have increased in number:

1. Restoration of the four girls to playability

2. Removal of “Jupiter” from the game

3. Repeal of the “CD unit selection race”

4. Repeal of the abolition of multiplayer

Whilst most are none too impressed with the removal of the girls, the other demands in particular have been countered with a simple “then don’t buy it then?” response.

Considering the fuss being made over the removal and the less than reliable nature of the Internet petition, some actually consider the number of signatures gathered (8,657) to be rather meagre – in response, it has been noted that the original games only sold in the region of the 100,000 copies, although this in turn highlights a potentially risky gambit by Namco.

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