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Internet Voyeurs Charged Over Sex Streaming Suicide


A student who illicitly streamed a room-mate’s sexual encounters live over the Internet is facing criminal charges after the room-mate responded by committing suicide.

The incident unfolded at the New Jersey campus dorms of Rutgers University, where two 18-year-old male students were sharing a room together.

One of the students, Tyler Clementi, used the room as a venue for his homosexual encounters with other men, which his room-mate apparently decided it would be interesting to secretly film using a webcam.

The student accused of filming the incident apparently used a now deleted Twitter account to make live streams of his room-mate available to his 148 followers:

“Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into Molly’s room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay.”


“Anyone with iChat, I dare you to video chat me between the hours of 9:30 and 12. Yes it’s happening again.”

The filmed student is suspected of having complained about the incident on a gay website, becoming particularly upset after commenters expressed sympathy for his room-mate’s having to put up with his homosexual sex sessions:

“People have commented on his profile with things like ‘how did you manage to go back in there? are you okay?’ and the fact that people he was with saw my making out with a guy as the scandal, whereas I mean come on… he was SPYING ON ME…do they see nothing wrong with this?”

After this he was apparently overcome with shame and committed suicide by hurling himself from the local George Washington Bridge – in keeping with the web-centric tone of the story he even updated his Facebook page to tell his friends what he was up to:

“Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

It seems he did not attempt to report the incident to authorities – only after his suicide was investigated did the events come to light. Police soon took action against his room-mate and the girl from whose room he orchestrated the spying.

New Jersey state law criminalises voyeurism as invasion of privacy, and distributing images of nudity or sex without the consent of participants can carry up to a 5 year sentence. Both students have been charged and released pending trial.

The university reports it will be attempting to prevent future re-occurrences by introducing a programme of “civility” training for students, one of the tenets of which will apparently be to not film people having sex without their permission.

Rutgers University already has some notoriety as a leaked sex-tape hotspot – minor Internet celebrity accrued to an earlier vengefully leaked tape featuring a Rutgers student identified as “Julie,” although with no allegations of gay victimhood involved this incident is apparently a non-issue.

Psychiatrists have speculated that the suicide might have been the result of an undiagnosed mental illness, whilst gay rights groups have called it a hate crime against homosexuals.

Online the incident has predictably proved highly emotive, with responses ranging from denouncing the filmers as murdering hate criminals deserving a one-way trip to the gallows, to denouncing the university as a pernicious den of iniquity in which depraved acts of sodomy are lauded as normal behaviour.

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  • I never thought I would say this, but I am very disappointed in many of you….and you all should know who you are that I’m talking about. You people need to learn respect, and a few social skills while you’re at it. Having hatred towards gays, calling names etc, only makes you look childish and keeps up the hate that causes these tragedies.

    Cause all of you calling this guy a “weak minded fag” are all SO much better than he was. Regardless of what you would personally do if the people you had to live with that were closest to you did something so horrible as that, you should at least have some sort of understanding of what might have been going through his mind AT THE MOMENT.

    I feel terrible about this story and really feel for the family, though I doubt they’re reading opinions of their son’s death on an otaku website.

  • hahahahaahahahaha!

    fucking loser commits suicide….lame! his life isnt worth anything if he ends it becuz hes embarassed! lozer~

    feel bad for the kid who filmed it, cuz people are gonna say its his fault! if your car has a crack in the axil, and you drive it and it breaks is it your fault?…no! this lozer had a weak mind, his roommate embaresses him and his weak mind snaps…not the straightroommates fault…

    losers commit suicide.

      • Humiliation happens on a daily basis to everyone all over the planet. This dude killing himself couldn’t possibly have been predicted unless he had a known history of being unstable and many people knew it. If not, it wont stand up in court.

        • [From the New Jersey criminal law statute]

          2C:11-4. Manslaughter. a. Criminal homicide constitutes aggravated manslaughter when:

          (1)The actor recklessly causes death under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life; or

          (2)The actor causes the death of another person while fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer in violation of subsection b. of N.J.S.2C:29-2. Notwithstanding the provision of any other law to the contrary, the actor shall be strictly liable for a violation of this paragraph upon proof of a violation of subsection b. of N.J.S.2C:29-2 which resulted in the death of another person. As used in this paragraph, “actor” shall not include a passenger in a motor vehicle.

          b.Criminal homicide constitutes manslaughter when:

          (1)It is committed recklessly; or

          (2)A homicide which would otherwise be murder under section 2C:11-3 is committed in the heat of passion resulting from a reasonable provocation.

          c.Aggravated manslaughter under paragraph (1) of subsection a. of this section is a crime of the first degree and upon conviction thereof a person may, notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1) of subsection a. of N.J.S.2C:43-6, be sentenced to an ordinary term of imprisonment between 10 and 30 years. Aggravated manslaughter under paragraph (2) of subsection a. of this section is a crime of the first degree. Manslaughter is a crime of the second degree.

          Hopefully the retards posting who think they know criminal law will shut up now.

          What the kid who filmed this did, doesn’t even constitute as reckless nor criminally negligent under the law.

          In New york state this isn’t even considered manslaughter in the second degree, so good luck to the lawyers if they try to pin anything higher than that on him.

          Hopefully he goes to jail for the law he actually broke, voyeurism.

  • If it was straight sex, I bet all the reasonable comments here wouldn’t have been down voted. They’d cheer for the camera guy. But being homo means your special now right? I have nothing against homosexuals. I know 3 of my friends are homos. I’m just confused why suddenly being dishonest about your preferred sex partner became such a sacred topic. Does everyone here expects that students should have sex in their dorms without having to deal with other stay-in student? Wasn’t committing suicide the most unreasonable way to respond? School authority, the cops, even friends could have helped him but for goodness sakes, he jumped… I’m sorry but a person that frail wouldn’t survive marrying another homo person, because if anyone knew he’d also commit suicide right? There are suspicions that the student was unstable at the time. Homosexuality doesn’t factor in anymore when you know that the person died with an unstable mind. If I were a good investigator, I’d learn the other side of the story as well, “the sex partner’s story”.

    • Haha, except if it were a straight person, the person wouldn’t have the pressure in the first place, because straightphobia doesn’t exist.

      Furthermore, people would actually offer sympathy, while human garbage like you seems quite happy he killed himself, and keep on gloating.

      Your deep-rooted fear of homosexuals is showing. “homos”. Your obsession with gay marriage. You’re transparent. Shame on you to be happy for the tragedy of another human being. You’re lower than low.

        • do you know what “derogatory” means? it doesn’t matter if “homo” comes from “homosexual,” it is still a derogatory term for gays. nobody is putting gays on pedestals, if anything is ridiculous it is the utter refusal of so many people to have some basic decency and respect for other human beings.

        • Do you know where the word homo comes from?

          Shut the fuck up faggot.

          The way gay people are treated is atrocious, but putting them on fucking pedestals because they’re gay, is fucking ridiculous.

        • and i’m sure your friends appreciate you referring to them with such derogatory language. this is exactly like someone saying “i’m not racist, i have black friends, but niggers piss me off.” how can you possibly suggest people are overreacting when A MAN DIED? it’s not like the guy thought he was doing his roommate a FAVOR by taping him. he did it with the deliberate intention of humiliating him. that’s called “malice aforethought,” and it has nothing to do with one psychically predicting the victim’s reaction. he intended to hurt this man, and he did, to the most extreme extent.

  • It’s not like he relentlessly bullied the guy, he just posted a sex tape on line. He had no way of knowing that the subject would commit suicide, and it is a very slippery slope to start prosecuting people for murder because someone near them kills himself.

      • Intent is key. For manslaughter to stick he would need to have had intent to cause physical injury that resulted in the subjects death.

        It would also stick if he demonstrated recklessness or criminal negligence while causing someones death. He obviously did not ignore a substantial risk, and he obviously did not fail to perceive a substantial risk.

        Manslaughter ain’t gonna stick guys.

  • This really pisses me off.

    Here you have a young kid who had everything going for him, then some cock sucking faggots had to go and fuck with his mental well-being and now he’s dead because of it.

    I feel for the kid and his family.

    Hopefully the two involved with the streaming get hung or the death chair.

  • The 5 years are for the spying. Other charges hate-crime related can get more. Now, guess what! Since the spyer likes watching gay sex so much he will get plenty of unwanted gay sex in prison.

    • THat is because you are retarded, MechaTama31.

      A hatecrime isn’t called a crime for hatred, it is called a crime because the severity of the crime increases because the crime is about squashing a minority.

      It’s pretty much like terrorism, actually. Or would you argue that a child who throws in a window by accident should be punished the same as a Neonazi who was caught after throwing rocks into the house of a jew…which gets vandalized every day by fellow Neonazis?

      Crimes have different severities. Read the fuckling lawbook. This isn’t new. What’s with you kids not having any idea of how the law works?

      Severity of a crime ALWAYS affects the punishment. Always has, always will.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Um. Did you even bother reading the circumstances of the incident or are you just going on about ‘hate crimes’ now? Public defamation and releasing spy footage of people without consent to all sorts of privacy issues is the problem here. Hate, Love, that doesn’t matter jack in this case.

    • We have terms like “hate crime” to help explain the nature of the crime and criminal involved. We dont just lock people up for the sake of Justice, but also for the sake of the General population. If a man kills a man simply because hes gay,or black, or jewish hes likely to do it again. Thats why the sentencing becomes more severe, to make sure a mindlessly violent person is kept far away from those he would kill. Or at least until he is “rehabilitated”

      • Lots of other murders happen for bullshit reasons that suggest the killer is likely to kill again, but they don’t get labelled as hate crimes and treated as special.

        Some people kill because someone looked at them the wrong way, or because someone stood on their shoes, or because someone told them they shouldn’t smoke in a non-smoking area (I’m not making this shit up). Some people kill for the fun of it. If they kill over such minor things, aren’t *they* likely to kill again?

        I see the need to distinguish between murderers who kill because of a one-off incident and murderers who are likely to kill again, but this should be done on a case-by-case basis that looks at the killer’s personality. You can’t just say that one kind of motivation for murder is special and treat it in a unique way.

  • I like how everyone here is all like “but gay sex is so SHOCKING, no one should have to be SUBJECTED to that and Clementi PUSSIED OUT”.

    I wonder what your reactions would be if your roommate posted screencaps of your loli porn folder to Facebook with explanatory captions. Somehow I doubt that you’d be anything other than crushingly ashamed or paranoid as to what would happen next; the vast majority of this site’s users (myself included) tend to be pasty nerdfaces who don’t know the meaning of standing up and asserting themselves.

    Grow up, kids – don’t be such fucking little hypocrites. This is a community for anime geeks who get off to drawings of (pre)pubescent girls, we’re the last ones who should be judging the situation.

  • the guy who taped it really is an asshole.

    so what if he’s gay? as long as he doesn’t invade the privacy of others.

    though killing yourself is just coward’s way. you should face reality of being gay, of course people will try to make fun of you and stuff. if you truly accept what you are you should not let others get the best of you.

  • “The university reports it will be attempting to prevent future re-occurrences by introducing a programme of “civility” training for students, one of the tenets of which will apparently be to not film people having sex without their permission.”

    Yay~ Free to have sex everywhere and anytime, and you can even ask ppl to film you or not..

    • This is one of the many reasons I’m glad I went to a decent university. There was no PC “sensitivity training” bullshit because the authorities trusted people not to call each other niggers and not to film each other having sex without their permission.

      • Your university probably was a hive of racism of homophobia. By the lack of logic you display in your posting, it doesn’t surprise me: It can’t really have had much quality.

        Your ignorance of the procedure of law undermines that. Was it one of those universities where you bought your degree, by any chance?

        Your ignorance suggests that. I’d expect a graduate of a good university to at least know how the law in this country works…

  • As I would expect, a lot of insensitive replies. I am glad none of you that posted the hate have never been so depressed that suicide started looking like the best course. My sons roommate gave him no clue as to his intentions and one night he came home to find he had shot himself in the head. I hope those two assholes regret this for the rest of their lives.

  • “The university reports it will be attempting to prevent future re-occurrences by introducing a programme of “civility” training for students, one of the tenets of which will apparently be to not film people having sex without their permission.”

    okay, that’s just ridiculous. it’s not like this asshole didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong (in both the moral and legal sense). they may as well have a “HEY DON’T SET KITTENS ON FIRE OR ROB CONVENIENCE STORES OR EAT LIVE BABIES” seminar.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    >Rutgers University already has some notoriety as a leaked sex-tape hotspot – minor Internet celebrity accrued to an earlier vengefully leaked tape featuring a Rutgers student identified as “Julie,” although with no allegations of gay victimhood involved this incident is apparently a non-issue.

    Or, you know, the whole “committed suicide thing” might have had SOMEthing to do with it being more of a hoorah.

  • He freaked out and that was his first choice at hand.

    Gotta say, it was a pretty silly choice. Why? Cause he could have accepted that fact, beat the crap out of his roommate and keep having gay sex like he used to have.
    Suicide shouldn’t be a choice, in my opinion, cause it’s a very selfish choice and it just dodges the problem at hand. Plus, you cause grief to people who probably cared about you and you had no clue about it.

    People like these just make me wonder if we are going on the right road…

  • I don’t think he should be blamed for his suicide, I don’t think he thought he would commit suicide over this. He probably did it out of anger of his sexual encounters in their shared room.

  • I would be pretty annoyed if I was forced out of my room for several hours so that the other person could engage in sexual relations regardless of gender. The fact that the guy posted on his facebook that he was going to kill himself was probably him hoping somebody would show up to stop him. When nobody did because everybody else thought he was an obnoxious, attention seeking cunt; he jumped off the bridge. At least he didn’t blow his brains out or slit his wrists leaving a big mess.

      • i have an idea, let’s film you having sex and broadcast it without your knowledge or permission, and then everyone can point and laugh at your tiny penis and inadequate technique, and when you point out that a CRIME was committed against you and everyone feels sorry for your roommate instead just for being in your presence, we’ll see how glib YOU are about the whole situation.

  • It’s really blown out of proportion. I’m a student there, and it really didn’t get much attention until the local media hit. Just goes to show: throw in a hot topic such as homosexuality, then suddenly you have a national story.

  • I really feel bad for this guy, i would like if the guy who streamed it gets what he deserves, but calling this a hate crime… i dont think so. This is a crime, i doubt it is a hate one. And saying someone had a mental illness without tests just because he suicided… thats retarded.

  • “denouncing the university as a pernicious den of iniquity in which depraved acts of sodomy are lauded as normal behaviour.”

    Do you have issues against homosexuals, Artefact? After all, you constantly post articles dealing with yaoi and traps.

  • You just can’t nowadays commit suicide without updating your facebook account…
    “Psychiatrists have speculated that the suicide might have been the result of an undiagnosed mental illness”
    …he’s a facebook user, doesn’t make it clear ? 🙂

  • “Psychiatrists have speculated that the suicide might have been the result of an undiagnosed mental illness, whilst gay rights groups have called it a hate crime against homosexuals.”

    Both groups are assholes. He was absolutely mortified, not mentally sick. It was not a hate crime. Just because a person is gay, it does not make it a hate crime everytime a straight person does anything illegal to them. It was crime (only because of invasion of privacy) but not a hate crime.

    • rage quit suicides like this, you have to be mentally ill to do.

      people have bad days everywhere, there family gets killed by a drunk driver, they get raped, ect… but you dont see them suddenly off themselves.

      and yes i know rape victims kill themselves, but thats usually weeks after the fact, when they find out that the memory never fades, not in the moment

      • I’d wager the boy had a slight bi-polar problem, enough to actually go through with a suicide attempt (successful at that. =/ )

        I once encountered a girl who took her boyfriends insulin, think it was a month’s worth, and injected herself with it. It was after her boyfriend said “No.” to meeting that night. She lived though.

        As for people suddenly killing themselves after shit happens. I wouldn’t say it never happens, because it most certainly does, but it’s not all that common either. Besides, I doubt it gets any publicity apart from possibly local newspapers.

  • I think the guy should do some time seeing as his actions directly lead to a suicide (unless they can prove otherwise), but at the same time Ihave to wonder where the line is drawn.

    Also, calling this a hate crime without proving the culprit a homophobe is going too far.

    • Kouma, it’s the other way around. You’re innocent until proven guilty.

      Prosecutors would have to show that this poor guy is somehow directly responsible for the death of his late roommate.

      The only reason there’s a case at all is because of the professional victims in the gay rights lobby.

      • he WAS directly responsible for the guy’s suicide. he filmed his roommate without his permission, broadcast it without his permission, humiliated him in front of countless strangers, and to top it all off, everyone’s sympathies went to the criminal for having the “misfortune” of having a gay roommate, rather than the poor guy whose private life was invaded. that you can’t see the role this guy played in his roommate’s suicide is really staggering.

      • i hate them, so i kill them.

        therefor all crime is a hate crime

        therefor no crime is a hate crime.

        only minority’s want the term hate crime to exist any more, because a crime against them not carries a harsher punishment.

    • I don’t think students should be doing “stuff” that the homo was doing inside the school campus.

      The filming done by the roommate is just something you’d expect from dorm buddies. In this situation, the homo was the one who overreacted. How can homo-guys proclaim themselves as a third gender when they have no confidence in accepting themselves. It’s because they know inside they’re just males who like other males, and no matter what they say, there are only 2 sexes – male and female, unless a pure man-girl trap hybrid becomes widespread.

      • Nice missing the point, Pinhead! No one can know what goes on in another person’s psyche. The web camera dude probably thought it was funny because it wouldn’t bother him if he was on the other end. But, the target found it unbearably humiliating. It has nothing to do with taking responsibility, you cretinous schmuck!

        • Other gay commentators on the gay website supported the roommate. I guess they were on equalatative footing when they judged the event and kicking someone out for sex was an etiquette no-no for them or the suicider was an ass in life on the forum.

          The roommate is being charged with invasion of privacy, if he was being charged for instigating the suicide then they’d have to arrest the gay forum goers too. Suicider saw there were more sympathies for the roommate than him and felt he was cast out by even “his own community”. He didn’t felt suicidal enough until after the comments.

          The article wasn’t clear on how many gay commentators sympathized with the roommate. Many Pro and Anti Sankaku commentators missed this point or are intentionally downplaying it and taking it as everyone ignored the plight of a gay guy.

          Gay issues are always an us and them mentality by everyone involved.

        • it’s important to note that it was not only the fact that he was humiliated in front of the entire internet, but the fact that everyone took the roommate’s side – no sympathy for the guy who had his privacy invaded, who was involuntarily made into an amateur porn star, no, let’s feel sorry for the POOR SOUL that has to room with a GAY GUY OMG HOW AWFUL. the comments on this very article just further demonstrate the attitude that caused the young man to take his life.

        • nice doug stanhope reference

          its like a movie, if you dont hated the first half, odds are the second isnt going to turn it around for you and make it all worth while and we shouldn’t falt you for leaving the theater early.

        • no, suicide isn’t just for pussies.

          you have to look at the big picture, this one, had a rage quit reaction to life.

          i tend to look and see whats going to happen if i do this and that.

          my life, i already have done everything i want to do, and for the rest of my life i will be a bottom of the company worker, regardless of where i am or what i do. should i be forced to live the next 60-80 years making 20$ or less an hour and dieing of “natural” causes, or can i just check out before than?

        • alidan, the comments on this article should be enough to show you that, yes, it is that hard. homophobia is a serious problem in this country, and the fact that the people viewing the video were asking the VOYEUR if he was okay simply because his roommate was gay speaks volumes.

        • not all families are the same man,
          I really wish things were that easy, but there some fucked up people out there and some fucked up families too.
          Maybe me and you are lucky in the fact that if we ever outed ourselves (though we both are not gay) our families would still respect us.
          But the world is fucked up and not all people can do that.

        • hay mom dad, im gay, my douche of a roommate filmed some encounters and put them online, thought i would give you a heads up, you ok with me being gay?

          is that really so hard?

          personally i wish i was gay just so i could come out at the most in appreciate family event possible.

        • However, considering the extreme hatred aimed at people even just accused of being homosexual, having someone film you during such an encounter goes far beyond just being annoying. People have been denied jobs, housing, and help, have had thier families abandon them, have been beaten and even killed because of their sexual preferences for other men. With that as a backdrop, perhaps he felt suicide was by far the easiest way to manage the situation. After all, he couldn’t just deny it and pretend the roommate was making this stuff up, there was video proof. And knowing that your family would abandon you, or that future employment would be denied you, you might think of suicide as a viable option as well.

        • here ill give you an example of worse that happened to someone.

          where i live, it was common for people to make up a lie about someone, spread it and watch it grow out of control.

          you know, she slept with him, he fucked her, he fucked that guy, and she slept with her. a few of the lesbian ones were true, started by the people who did it, just so the rumor would spread and they would have a relativity safe cover.

          now one day some people decided to say this kid fucked his dog. now teachers hear these rumors too apparently and we thought they knew better. 3 days after the kid fucks his dog rumors started, all hell broke loose for the kid.

          the family hearing that the kid fucked the dog from teachers, decided to put the dog down, and have there kid see a priest, and a shrink.

          now the kid, who never did anything, had his life ruined by the rumors.

          he decided to kill himself

          family still thinking he did it, went against what there usual death protocol is, as in burr the body and have a funeral. they cremated him, no idea what they did with the ashes.

          we heard they were moving at this point.

          one of the kids, no idea who, went over to where they lived, told them what happens in school, and about how the rumors start.

          the mother killed herself, before the move, no idea what happened after this.

        • Non-empathetic douchbag is ME, fwiw.

          And yeah, I think people watching me have sex ranks rather low on the tragic experiences scale, as well as the scale for roommate mischief.

          If he’d gotten revenge, or he’d gotten a new roommate, I’d support that. This…is something else again.

      • Worse things were likely done after the fact. Not that it matters anymore, as he’s dead now.

        This is a flagrant disregard for dorm etiquette regardless. We had an understanding when I lived in the dorm, where if one of us needed to reserve the room we let the other know, and if there was a tie on the doorknob that meant occupied-o go have a night on the town. Filming your roommate while you’re out is just downright disrespectful. I’d have probably gone after my roommate for doing this before doing anything as drastic as self-harm.

        • or maybe he didn’t report it because he knew nothing would be done? and really, “go whack his roommate”? are all males so functionally retarded that they see violent revenge as a reasonable course of action or is it just the assholes at this site?

        • hmmm… looking at the fact that the jumper didn’t report it or go whack his roomate, makes me think he had more issues with being OUTED as gay. Maybe he thought his dad was gonna whip him or something so he rather jump than go back home.

      • That is a stupid thing to say. A crime is not just a crime, a crime depends on context.

        Example: I throw in your window once. Vandalism.

        The entire town throws your window in, every day, the police doesn’t give a shit, and people parade in front of your house, shouting how they hope the next rock hits and kills you.

        The next rock thrown at your window? Far more than mere vandalism.

        How about this?
        A rich guy steals a piece of bread.
        A starving child steals a piece of bread.

        How about this?
        Someone runs over a person by accident with his car because he didn’t pay attention, jumps out and helps the person.
        Someone runs over a person with his car, on purpose, and then drives off, to escape the scene.

        Crimes are NEVER just crimes, and the same crime may have completely different severities, and thus need to be punished differently. Crimes always have a context, and if you have any idea about our legal system, you should have understood this.

        The people who think that “a crime is a crime” obviously don’t understand how the legal system works, and why such distinctions are important in the first place. Did you flunk basic education? Most people learn this when they are twelve.

      • No, sorry, a suicide note involves some level of remorse that things couldn’t be handled and acknowledging your cowardice in what you are doing because you can’t face reality. There’s nothing special about people who commit suicide, they fail at life, that’s all it really means. If they don’t ask for help, then of course it’s their own fault for not asking at that age. Kids are another matter. As much as I’d call this a tragedy, if this was the level of communication he was capable of in his final moments, then the world didn’t lose one of great intellect.

        And nothing of value was lost.

        • @10:18 – how does this have anything to do with the victim’s feelings about being gay? he didn’t kill himself because people found out he was gay, he killed himself because his privacy was invaded and NO ONE CARED. he killed himself because people were saying the same shit people are saying here – instead of being concerned for the victim, everyone turned to the perpetrator and said “you poor thing, it must be so difficult for you having to share a room with a fag, are you okay?” regardless of how secure you are in your sexuality, that shit hurts. that’s like being raped and then everyone telling the rapist how sorry they feel for him having to stick his penis in someone like you.

        • A suicide note or death note is a message that states the author has committed (or plans to commit) suicide, and left to be discovered and read in anticipation of suicide.

          Its a suicide note, just written on a different medium.

        • Granted their last comment was possibly a bit overboard, the person who decided to KILL himself was himself. In no way did the other student force them to die.

          If the student was proud enough in their homosexuality they wouldn’t have had to worry. So what if people knew. I’m sure everyone knows at least 3 gay people and could care less that they are gay (as long as they don’t try to advance on them… that is assuming they aren’t gay them self).

          Anywho. It was the student who made the choice to kill himself. The other student shouldn’t get more than what is expected of the initial voyeurism crime; however, nothing more than that. If you think they should get more because some other person decided to kill themselves because of it.. just imagine if someone killed themselves because they didn’t have as much money as you.. does that make you a bad person?

          I agree with the person your responding to. They didn’t force this. It was their choice to take their life. And actually, if they were that unstable and didn’t seek help, likely they would have done it eventually anyway for something else.

          I understand that you may sympathize with them and how they’re “opressed;” however, be realistic here. Who REALLY killed him?

        • You ignorant little juvenile prick. How would you feel after the internet community had glared right into your deepest secrets, having your privacy stripped bare. Being nervous every time you set foot outside your apartment, fearing that people might recognize you. No level of psychiatric help could ever fix that for you.

          Now get 10-15 years older and look at this case again, and if you still have the same opinion you deserve the gallows as much as his so-called roommate. You lille shithead.

    • The sad truth is, when victims in this situation don’t kill themselves or someone else, they almost never get justice.

      Shit happens at Universities all the time, and the school would’ve just turned the other way if he tried reporting them. Without him bringing attention to this matter, his Asshole room mate would’ve just gone on with his life, after fucking up someone else’s.

        • weak, gay, suicide or not.

          we’re talking about the voyeurism.
          the roommate still committed a serious crime even if there wasn’t a suicide involved.
          The LAW is up to 5 years in prison.

          If this happened to me I wouldn’t have committed suicide but I’d sue his ass and make sure he had jail time.

        • @11:58

          dude, im chinese

          if someone caught me having sex in my room, i wouldnt go suicide, i’d get even

          suicide is incomprehensable to me and, honestly, i cannot think of one reason why i’d do it

        • haha “i wouldnt expect my sister to commit suicide”

          do you realize that not everything in this world is about you and your expectations, dumbfuck?

          white straight males are the worst, goddamn

        • Anon @ 22:34,

          This has nothing to do with weak mind or suicide or gay. voyeurism is a crime with a maximum sentence of 5 years!

          Don’t be sexist here. If your sister got film of having sex by her roommate and the film got posted online, what would you do then?

          At least sentence to 1-2 years in prison should teach him a lesson.

        • @anon 08:44 so just because the fag was weak minded the dude deserves 5+ years in jail? Go kill yourself. That’s asinine. If the dude could not handle getting taped because it’s bound to happen in a college dorm setting and is so weak he committed suicide then we have one less weak minded scum in the world.

          I don’t have anything against gays, but if you are that weak minded to kill yourself over something so stupid then you had it coming.

          Ohh well if there truly is a heaven and hell he’ll be burning for eternity and that’s the perfect place for him.

        • if you dont like a gay roommate… GTFO!! better off for both of you!

          this guy should get the 5 years + in jail!! and the girl should get aleast a year for aiding and abiding!!

          roommates mean you have a certain amount of trust in the damn person! they have access to all your stuff.. you trust them not to come home and take everything and pawn it! (example) … Burn Him!

          and there not sleeping in the same bed, let alone in the same room… grow up!

        • Likewise, I’m sure it just thrills gay students to know someone surely has had straight sex in that bed before. Grow the fuck up. All dorm beds have had sex or worse happen on them before. Its a dorm xP

        • This crime deserves the 5 years.

          This legal possibility is in the law for a reason (and, yes, his suicide hasn’t much to do with it).

          Fact is, they not only taped (which alone can be fined with some years), they then spread it in public, fully knowing what harm they can cause the victim with this.

          To be honest, they would deserve ten years, if the laws would allow for it. They were cowards.

          Oh, and to the sick fucks calling the person who commited suicide weak: Yeah, try being strong when people routinely state that people like you are vile scum that should be killed, or offer sympathy for the perpetrators (like TenguSan below, look how he is all “waaah, it’s so disturbing to have a gay roommate who, god forbid, has SEX!!!11”), and harass you in public with authorities cheering them on. Let’s face it:
          The only one who is weak here is the people who are disturbed by homosexuality.

        • The State of New Jersey prescribes a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment not just for show. Maximum penalty is made in mind of the maximum harm a crime can cause. Just because typical cases of invasion of privacy is let off with a slap on the wrist does not mean every instance should be be let off with a slap on the wrist.
          To have limited damage resulting from ones crime and a corresponding light sentence should be considered as rare good fortune and not the natural order of things.
          In this case where consequences have been grave, the prosecution is perfectly justified in pushing for the maximum penalty.

        • @anon 09:46 and anon 16:28 I completely agree with both of you. This is complete bullshit. Yes voyeurism is a crime but like you said it deserves a slap on the wrist. Just because the dude got caught being gay he kills himself? I’m sorry but if anyone is so fucking weak that they feel they need to kill their selves then they deserve it. Suicide is not the answer for anything unless something truly horrible happens in your life. Like rape + a beating to boot. Then I could kinda sympathize with someone committing suicide over that. But something like this? Holy shit that dude is fucking weak.

          I don’t believe in suicide at all. In fact even if someone did something truly horrible to you, should not still try suicide. Stop running from problems and face them.

          Plus the guy who setup the camera did not tell him to commit suicide so nothing should be done. Again if your too weak to deal with your problems, and decide to commit suicide. That’s your fault no one else’s. No one can force you to commit suicide unless they just murder you. Then it would be their fault.

        • @Hero of Koridai: No shit voyeurism is a crime, dumbfuck. That’s not the point he’s making. It’s the prosecutors are trying to turn something that would normally be a slap on the wrist into a 5 year prison sentence because this guy killed himself.

          That’s what this whole fiasco is about. “This guy killed himself because of his roommate! It’s a hate crime! Do whatever you can to stick his ass in jail!” It’s bullshit. There’s videos on fucking YouTube of people barging into their roommate’s bedroom being like, “LOL CAUGHT YOU MASTURBATING!”. The person doesn’t go, “QQ, I’m going to kill myself and I hope you spend 5 years in jail because you wanted to pull some stupid prank.”

          It’s basically exploiting a law for voyeurism, which is meant to stop perverts and sexual deviancy (of which this was neither), and pinning it on this guy because the person in question killed himself. That’s the whole point that’s being made, but obviously you fucks are too stupid to comprehend the point of the argument.

          Plain and simple, if this guy didn’t kill himself and reported what his roommate did to the police, at most, they simply would’ve fined him and told him not to pull some shit like that anymore. They wouldn’t be trying to lock his ass up for the max 5 year sentence like they are now. They’re only doing that because the guy killed himself, which is the whole point anon is making, but you’re too fucking dumb to realize.

        • RUTGERS??…You kidding me??- hell, I went to ROWAN University (it’s closest rival) and it was so unsexual I thought of killing myself.

          Then again RUTGERS is near Camden, NJ so I thought that was depressing enough alone.

        • I think in my humble opinion that he should be charged for invasion of privacy but not murder. But since a man is now dead because of his unethical and selfish(since he didn’t care for his room mate’s feelings)actions, he deserve to go to jail.

        • That isn’t what they are being charged for, though. They would be up for five years if he had simply called the police.

          The fact that he committed suicide doesn’t have anything directly to do with the criminal case.

        • To be honest, this guy shouldn’t be charged with anything more than community service or a fine. When it comes to suicide, the only person to blame is the person who killed themselves. Is this guy a total asshole and a homophobe? Yes. Should he spend HALF A DECADE in prison because his roommate was mentally unstable and decided to jump off a fucking bridge? No.

          The unfortunate thing is, people stricken with grief always look for a target to blame rather than the truth. It’s just like 2 kids getting into an argument over a videogame and one kid stabs another, and the parent goes, “That damn Grand Theft Auto!”. But where was the parent? Where was the kid’s self control? The videogame may have been the catalyst, but it’s not the problem.

          That’s the situation here. This guy decided to take his own life for reasons that’re his own. Even if this event was the catalyst, it’s by no means a reason to pin the suicide on the perpetrator. Imagine if some girl was ringing your items up and took ages with lots of problems, so in your aggravation, you made a snarky remark before leaving the store. Then she posts on Facebook, “Can’t deal with these asshole customers anymore. Peace.” and shoots herself in the face. Then the cops are knocking on your door, trying to charge you with verbal manslaughter or some ridiculous bullshit. How is that “justice”?

          This whole story just makes my brain hurt at how ridiculous it is.