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Atelier Rorona Total De-Lolification


Atelier Rorona‘s English language version has been subjected to a delolification campaign, with the English version’s loli cast getting a mysterious 3-year age boost into nearly legal territory.

Japanese fans spotted the changes, from 14 to 17 and 13 to 16 in the most noticeable instances:



Non-loli (that is to say, male) characters’ ages are unchanged.

As Rorona covers some mature themes, an overreaction from puritanical western publishers seems to be at fault – the same marketing geniuses who struck Rorona from the cover of her own game.

Just how they will handle the even younger – and indisputably young-looking – characters of Atelier Totori may be more problematic.

The game itself has been well received internationally and is otherwise apparently unchanged (and thanks to the miracle of Blu-ray it includes Japanese voicing) – it is generally available now.

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