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Nintendo Announces $300 3DS Pricing, Stock Plunges


Nintendo has announced release details for its new 3DS handheld, only to witness its stock price drop dramatically.

The 3DS is to launch in Japan on February 26th, retailing for ¥25,000 – this would suggest a $300 US launch price, largely in line with expectations. The US and EU releases are to follow soon after, in March.

The pricing has been widely decried as too expensive – comparing the pricing for Nintendo’s previous portables it is easy to see why:

GB – ¥12800
GBC – ¥8900
GBA – ¥9800
GBASP – ¥12500
DS – ¥15000
DSL – ¥16800
DSi – ¥18900
DSiLL – ¥20,000
3DS – ¥25000

The 3DS was widely expected to launch in 2010 in order to meet the crucial Christmas sales period, but this was not to be. Nintendo has not announced the reason behind the later launch.

Along with the 3DS release, Nintendo also announced that it has more than halved its expected net profit for the fiscal year to ¥90 billion, down from ¥200 billion.

Nintendo laid out its reasons for the adjusted profits:

“The earnings forecast has been modified to reflect the trend of stronger-than-expected yen appreciation, current sales performance, the sales outlook for the holiday season, and the decided release conditions for the Nintendo 3DS.”

The “3DS release conditions” and “sales outlook for the holiday season” phrasing can likely be taken as an admission that the high price of the 3DS and missed Christmas sales are going to make a large dent in sales. The rapidly weakening position of the Wii likely also played a role.

The company’s stock price took a major plunge as a result of the unfavourable announcements:


Just in what measure this is due to the reduced profits versus the missed Christmas release is not clear.

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  • The Iphone can be so powerfull and run Unreal Engine, but without proper controls all his gaming capabilities are useless.

    Try to play an 2d fighting game like street fighter on an iphone, and then try on an old Gameboy and you will understand.

    The Iphone is not a videoconsole; is a powerfull gadeget limited by the lack of buttons. You can´t play most of the best games without buttons, so the iphone will never be a real rival to any real portable videogame console.

    • Just so you know, Droid phones have several good game emulators available, and have the ability to connect with wireless controllers (such as, famously, the Wiimote – and all its available add-ons) via Bluetooth.

      That negates the control issues.

      But, yes, iPhone owners are simply out of luck.

  • Eh. Nintendo has a history of delivering quality after delays of various kinds, so I don’t mind.
    Here’s hoping the delay is so that they can release an Ocarina of Time remake as a launch title; that alone will sell hundreds of thousands of systems.

    My $300 is going to a PS3Slim first, though. 3DS will have to wait.
    Maybe they’ll have an enhanced version of the 3DS by the time I can work up the cash again.

  • It’s worth noting that it’s quite normal for tech companies’ stocks to drop due to people shorting them right after new announcements. Just look at Apple — despite how they continue to pump out popular new products, every time they announce something new, their stock plummets.

  • 300 isnt that much. Sure, some of the older consoles were cheaper, but the games were expensive as well anyway. i remember when i was a kid and i got a gameboy advance for around 160 i think, but then the games would cost like 70 bucks each. plus prices will naturally inflate over time, so the price of the 3ds would naturally be higher than the older ones.

  • I can’t believe people are asking why $300 is too much, so let me put it in perspective. The DSiXL costs $170, so why the hell should the price be doubled for the next DS upgrade? Wiis with 2 pack in games and Wii Motion Plus attachments are only $200. $300 is way too much for a handheld. Does Nintendo not see how the PSPgo is tanking in the US? Of course there will be a $100 trade-in special with Gamestop, but that’s still $200 with no pack-in game, no extras… nothing. Japanese people put up with it because everything is expensive there, but westerners are far less forgiving.

  • By the way, isn’t about time Nintendo announced a new home console?

    Or are they going portable-only for this iteration? Not that it would necessarily be a bad idea, between the more marketeable (if mediocre) nature of portable offerings and Japanese developers’ evident incapacity of exploring more powerful systems…

  • I’m gonna… wait. Most surely the 3DS is gonna cost $500 here, in Argentina, and have not any support from Nintendo (they don’t release anything official here, Microsoft doesn’t either… Sony launches official stuff here but it’s as overpriced as the individual importers so it’s the same), so there’s no rush. Maybe after a while they’ll low the price and the 3DS can be hacked.
    And I don’t give a shit about Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. They’re companies; in the end, all they want is money, and don’t care about fanboys who stand up for them.

  • Missing the Christmas season is not a big issue in Japan. Note most Japanese companies fiscal year begins in April. Thus they are padding their end of year numbers with the big 3DS launch. Square Enix also does this. Christmas isn’t a huge thing in Japan so they don’t schedule big releases around it.

    The drop in stock is mostly due to the weak profit forecasts because of the very strong yen. Halving your profit outlook is very bad and they were punished by investors for it. The 3DS pricing and launch were pretty much in-line with what people expected.

  • Since this is going to be released early next year… I’m guessing come Christmas time in order to drive Christmas sales up, Nintendo is going to have a “Surprise” price drop in 2011.

    Sadly this is probably going to work and a crapload of people will fall for it.

  • Gameboys/DS recently have been generally $30 USD less than the Jap versions…

    So common sense tells me 3DS will be no more than $270 USD for Americans.

    And Speculation tells me they might settle for $250 for the price or some sort of $300 bundle.

  • what’s all the fuss about? you wanted to get the 3D screen for free? and the tactile one for 5 cents?

    if you want a cheap handheld, get a TIGER LCD game, the 3DS can’t be all packed with stuff and under 150$ at the same time, why would nintendo make their 3D machine with 3 cameras and 2 screen cheaper than a PSP that has only one screen and lower graphics capabilities?

  • I am really not a Nintendo fan, I never have been since the days of SNES, but their portable have always been good. This, however, is too expensive for me to buy at launch unless I get a better paying job. it costs as much as a new console for bob’s sake.

    MGS3 is my top priority, although I’m sure there are other good games for it too.

  • It’ll most likely be $250 in the US when it’s released, but I still find that crazily expensive for a device that only really plays games. I bought the PSP at launch, though, so I could always change my mind. The PSP launch pack did have a few nice extras, though (movie, demo disc, headphones, memory card, remote control, pouch for the PSP). The 3DS is coming with a 2GB card.

    Right now, the 3DS doesn’t have much value to me. Let’s see if Nintendo can change my mind.

    • To be fair, it doesn’t just play games. It has a 3D camera, plays music, movies in 3D, will probably have a web browser somehow, and may even see social networking features, as much as I hate that, in the future.

      I can see FaceBook being all over being the first social networking site to support sending 3D pics to your friends via 3DSes.

    • anyone who can call themselves a gamer, sees the line up and dosent want 1 game so bad that 300$ (plus the 50-60$ game assuming) would be seen as well spent should stop gaming because its just not for them

      • All I see in the launch line up is ports, sequels, remakes, and rehashes. The only original game, if you could call it that, is a submarine game.

        Enjoy paying $300 + games for something you already bought several times before.

        The DS had a lot of fresh, original, and innovative titles. If and when I see those for 3DS, then I will consider it. After a price drop.

        • and it took the ds at least 3 years to catch my interest because of all the new “innovative” bullshit.

          this time, they are offering me games i know are fucking good, and in 3d.

          if you can tell me that it adds nothing to a game like star fox, than you either have one eye or are retarded.

          personally, all they need to do is make some classic games i know are good and have them launch and ill get it just to play them again in a new way.

          and what appears to be starfox 64 in 3d would have been enough, but than they put so many classics i know i will love, and ones where i can easily see 3d adding allot to the game, think zelda forest temple, where the room is bendy.

  • I was wrong. I admit I am wrong. Nintendo just pulled a Sony.

    Part of the appeal and success of all Nintendo products has been a low mass market and consumer friendly price.

    It doesn’t matter how amazing the tech or games are if it isn’t affordable.

    Nintendo always released sub $100 handhelds. Then DS came along for $130, which was still half the cost of the PSP. Now we have something that costs more than a Wii and essentially a PS3.

    I don’t know how consumers will react. Probably favorably, but I can’t help but feel this will take a hit on sales.

    I know I’m sure as hell not buying one anymore.


      up till the wii, they had the best looking systems of each respective generation.

      on the hand held side, they were anywhere from 5 years to 15 years behind, thats why they were always so fucking cheap, now the hand held is going cutting edge tech to compete with apple and other bullshit.

      please go fuck youtself.

      • Why are you calling me a twat? I didn’t do anything to you.

        Of course Nintendo was always cutting edge. With the GameCube they suffered a great deal to the competition. They figured if they didn’t do something other than make their graphics prettier like they were doing, they weren’t going to exist soon.

        So they spent the extra money not on graphics hardware, but new ways to interact. The Wii is pretty much a GameCube, but they spent that extra money on making it 1/3 the size, taking a mere 19 watts, including WiFi and internal storage (not even 360 had those), and of course the controller. They even packed in a free game.

        That’s not bad for $250. Sure beats the $400 and $600 the competition was charging for “state of the art” graphics.

        In the end it propelled them to success. They took a huge risk, because they had to. Now Sony and MS are trying to copy it to get their hands on part of the pie.

        Handheld wise, they have never had any competition. Yes, the DS was an N64, but what mattered was the games and how you interacted with them. It didn’t need graphics to be great.

        Nintendo still is and always has been cutting edge. It’s that Sony and MS have been spending BILLIONS and LOSING BILLIONS to make these uber machines, and banking on them making back the money over 10 years. Nintendo has always been profitable from day 1. They are what you call an actual business. Businesses make money.

        You also must take into account diminishing returns. Graphics technology is taking smaller and smaller steps at larger and larger costs.

        Now we have a shitty economy and Nintendo pulling out all the stops on an awesome piece of hardware, which is coming with an large price tag. I don’t think that’s going to help them in the long run.

        The 3DS is like most Nintendo hardware, masterfully created, even if people think it’s a piece of shit. It’s very power efficient, made from cheap parts, while still delivering a solid and quality experience.

        Still, I’m surprised it is costing them this much. They are banking on 3D tech without glasses. We’ll see if works for them or not. The price is too hard to swallow for me. My perceived value of handhelds is that is it always, understandably, going to be of less quality compared to consoles or PCs, so I expect a lower price tag. I’m just not a person that buys expensive mobile gadgets like iPads and iPhones.

        • yay i get to say sorry, im use to dealing with people who forgot nintendo use to be top in tech i assume, and i dont believe that i was wrong on assuming this off initial post, that you were one on them.

          now wii cutting edge is debatable. the controller has tech in it, and its used for gaming now but was it cutting edge? didn’t they make the super scope, which is essentially what the wii mote is, except its a constant on.

          and i dont think they took a huge risk. they took a huge risk on getting a casual market, but there were probably a plan A and B if that failed, at worst it would be a second gamecube console.

          and lastly, diminishing returns is kind of true. on the computer side we defiantly hit it. but on the console, they have a bit further to go before i would say diminishing returns. they still have to push games at 1080p in 60fps for the most part before they hit the dimishing returns wall.

      • The Wii was only good because of the inovative way of group interaction. All hardcore gamers however will say the Wii sux when it comes to gameing, which is why the PS3 and the XBOX360 is favored more than the Wii.

        Honestly, the Wii to me is the ugliest system. It is just a rectangle. The PS3 and the XBOX360 are rectangles, but at least some creative thought came into play when designing the surface. It felt like the designers just said “fuck it” to the designe of the Wii and hope the inovation of the interactive gameplay will soar, which it did. For most hardcore gamers, the Wii has nothing.

        I dont care what creative innovation they have on this or built into this. As long as this is the same price as a home machines, Im sure a lot of us here would agree, we aren’t buying this. Simple as that.

        The Japanese…. that is a different story.

        • the wii has nothing because it offers nothing.

          i haven’t played mine in i think half a year minimum.

          if it offered me what people consider “hardcore” games of a more consistant first party releases of non cash in games i would be useing it more offen.

          graphics only offer so much, gameplay offers the rest, and most of the time, anyone can forgive bad graphics when there is great gameplay.

        • alidan seriously you got to back down i’m the guy who wrote the “im all for the 3ds” im a fan boy too but seriously you got to know when your being trolled and didn’t the ps have better then n64?

        • im assuming you are comparing the gamecube to the xbox.

          where the xbox had the technical power and was technically more powerful, the gamecube still pulled games out of its ass that were on bar with whatever that system had. im talking compare metroid prime to ninja gaiden.

  • I’m all for the 3DS. Now its too bad that it came after Christmas (when share holders hoped it would come before), that it is believed to cost $300 (though I don’t really see how this is correct) and that the whole metroid fiasco (mail in bugged saves free of charge) occurred around the same time, Nintendo is taking pretty hard hits at the moment but the 3ds seems to have a solid build to it. The cost does seem relatively high for a portable but things are costing more now a day that this shouldn’t be too surprising. Yet the things packed in – 3d screen, 3DS music (hopefully mp3 not that fag ACC), 3D movie player, constant connectivity, 3D cameras (possible video), Wii or better graphics (so sad for wii), a charging station, a virtual GB/A console, a “slide pad” (f’n finally), backward compatible DS games, transferable DSiware games and major line ups (paper mario, zelda:OoT, kid Icarus, star fox, resident evil, MGS, Saints row, mega man, street fighter, FF, kingdom hearts) with casual line up (animal crossing, mario kart, nintendogs + cats, pilot wings resort, professor layton) this seems to me quite justified. My only gripe’s would be it looks blocky again… like fuck I thought this was fixed with the DSlite and the top screen looks like it should be bigger its got a LOT of extra room around it also fuck 0.3mp thats just shit quality 3d images


  • Only idiots thought this would release in 2010, especially given that Nintendo OUTRIGHT said that it would launch in 2011.

    As for the price, I’m expecting a US price point of $249.99 – it’s in keeping with how Nintendo tends to do their prices.

    Still not likely to buy this at launch, but only because I’m broke.

  • why do people keep thinking that a pocket system is inferior to a home machine?

    c’mon an xbox or a ps3 eat up over a hundread watts, making a machine small enough to fit a pocket and still have decent functions and graphics while operating from a tiny battery is much harder to do, how can it be cheaper?

    • Ok… heres the deal. Whenever a portable video game machine show the same graphics capabilites and crispness of a massive 52 inch HDTV that I have (Im not even talking about a specific game), then Ill be glad to agree with you. Until then, pocket systems will always be inferior to a say, PS3 or Xbox360. I didn’t add the Wii in there because well…. wii has no graphic capabilities and the games aren’t made for graphix.

      • starsplash: you are mentionning a 52″ HDTV, so you basically paid 3000$ to play at home on your xbox or ps3, the 3DS doesn’t involves buying a TV to play, it’s included, and you have TWO of them, one being 3D, plus the cameras and gizmos , your home machine just didn’t come with them and still, it was pricey,

        i say the 3DS has a better value when you don’t consider you got your TV for free…

  • I have no idea what the halo is about… When PSP was in stores for example with PS3, they cost both the same, and the same goes for x360 and DS, price will probably drop a little after 1-2 years of release. I assume in my country it will cost something around 513.22$ or more.

    • You buy shares (stocks) of a company so that you profit by selling when the price of the stock goes up, or when the company gives back part of it’s earnings to shareholders (dividends).

      When people feel that the company won’t be doing well, there would be lesser buyers and also more sellers. Naturally people would then want to buy only at a lower price, and are willing to sell at a lower price.

  • How are you all so upset? The expectation since the first announcement of the 3DS was that it would retail for $300. I’m pretty sure the drop in stock price is more related to the revised profit expectations of Nintendo, as opposed to the price of the 3DS.

  • 300 for the 3DS is not weird, now 500 for an iPad, that’s funny.

    I’m glad I have the much larger and thus more useful DSi XL.

    I don’t NEED a 3D 3DS doodad. If I had 300 bucks, I would be holding on to it so I could add a bit to it and get a new laptop (my current one needs to be replaced).

    • Hahaha. Yes, because the PSP1 did SO very, very well against the DS, right? Right?! RIGHT?!

      Oh, wait, it didn’t. It sold enough to stay in the game, but not enough to be a true contender. And the PSP Go bombed miserably.

      The PSP2 will have to do a LOT better to ‘destroy’ the 3DS. (And please make no mistake, I have both a DS and a PSP, and I play them both near-equally.)

      • ok, lets take this into consideration here.

        the psp has a 480 x 272 resolution, if they stay even close to that, the psp2 will have ps3 quality graphics on the go. if they go for 720p high rez small screen, than it will be between wii and ps3 quality. probably about 40% of the way between the wii to the ps3 in terms of graphics.

        • How is this, in any way, a response to what I said? Oh, wait, right – I forgot, PSP supporters are all ‘graphics is king!’

          PSP 1 has better graphics than the DS, and did poorly comparatively. Just as the 360 and the PS3 have better graphics than the Wii. Who’s in the lead in both console and handheld sales? Oh, right. Nintendo. By a lot.

          Who’s to say the same won’t happen again? Especially since this seems to be the trend in gaming?

    • yea, i wont hold my breath, because honestly the psp 2 seams like over kill to me if what i read is right. and you WILL pay for that over kill.

      this being 300$ the psp2 will be 500 and even than sony will still take a hit, that thing has a portable quad core cell.

    • you do realise that this is the first 3d screen without glasses that is up to buy… right? i may be wrong.

      you also realize this is as powerful as the wii (kind of, it has wii equivalent graphics)

      this should be backwards comparable with the ds, and this is the initial launch price.

      and with oot in 3d remake, i would be willing to pay 500$ for this (ang game) alone.

      i believe it has 3 cameras on it too, and is a 3d camera.

      • Well, what i meant is that we don’t know if the games will deliver a good gaming experience or not. So far, i’ve just seen remakes of well-known games, clearly a good way to make easy money with just the “hey now it’s in 3D” argument.

        Why do we bother about 3D? Okay, it’s new, it’s most likely excellent, but do we need that to have good experiences? Some old 8bits games still deliver better experiences than some of the new games…

        Comparing the 3DS powerul with the Wii is pointless. The wii is a total failure, i don’t call that a gaming system for gamers… But it’s my opinion

        But in the end, i’m just complaining about the price, which doesn’t follow Nintendo current policy. (even if it’s understandable due to the new technology) I’ll certainly buy it (along with the PSP2), but i’ll wait some months after its release.

      • Hmm what i meant is we do not know what the games will look like, or if the gaming experience will be good or not. I don’t care about the 3D screen. You can have EPIC experiences with with old 8bits games for example.
        Being as powerful as the Wii is a pointless argument too, since the Wii is a total failure. (oh lol, Nintendo fanboys are going to kill me)
        SO far i’ve just seen remake of well-known games… This is not what i call originality. 3rd party companies have just found a way to make easy money. So even if it’ll be excellent (DOA in 3D OMG BOOBIES ^^), but i’ll most certainly wait some months before buying it.

        • wii equivalent on the go in 3d… yea, some how you say thats bad for hand held gaming… and yea, as “hardcore” gaming goes, wii is a complete fucking failure.

          and i would rather have remakes of known games, ones we know will be good, than a company trying to make something new, at least for a launch lineup

  • im here to just give my opinion and ill leave.

    for the first 3d all in one system
    for probably the first portable 3d movie player
    a 3d camera, the first many will own, possibly a movie take too.
    for a hand held that has graphics on par with the wii, but 3d and portable
    and for a system that has a remake of zelda oot, what is considered by many, the best game of all time.

    you know, 300$ seams all right when that is all said.

    look at the ds library, if i’m right the system is backwards compatible.

    now look at what was announced for the 3ds, and is a known, oot.

    like i said, 300 isnt looking that bad

    • You can tell alidan is a Nintendrone.

      When the PSP was $250, approximately $100 more than the DS, alidan screamed and bitched about how expensive it was despite being able to do more than a DS. And now? Well, as you can see…

        • no i was bitching that the psp has no second analogue stick, something im sure as fuck going to bitch about with the 3ds.

          and lets get this out of the way, im not so poor that 3-500$ is going to hurt me to spend on a new gaming device that will probably last me 2-3 years before i decide to get an upgraded model.

          and i do have a psp, i didnt get it day one, because i had to wait for really good games, and not just console ports.

      • yes it can.
        3DS will have gameboy and GBA virtual console

        so basically, you can play every ninty’s handheld based game with it 🙂

        *not to mention that there’s a posibility for nes/snes VC also

        • i have every game boy game worth playing, a snes game boy player, and 2 working game boys.

          i can also emulate gameboy on up games too, even gba, even though i have every gba game i emulate, some games just work so much better on a bigger screen.

          i got a ds because i cant emulate ds games, and even if i could, i would rather play them on a real touch screen than dick around with a mouse.

  • Just more baseless sensationalism

    The DSiXL launched at ¥20,000 in Japan, yet it was $190 in the US at launch.

    How exactly does this suggest that the 3DS will launch at $300 in the US when it is launching for ¥25,000 in Japan?

    • 25000 Japanese yen = 298.9725 US dollars


      20000 Japanese yen = 239.1780 US dollars,

      $239 – $190 = let’s just say $50.

      So expected 3DS US launch price is probably $300 – $50 = $250.

      Still a bit expensive for a nintendo handheld when its software library isn’t proven. We could potentially be told of these core games on 3DS only to end up with shovelware.

      • The point is that simple currency conversion isn’t the whole story.

        Videogames and consoles flat out cost more in Japan than they do in the US.

        This is like when they made a big flipping deal about Disgaea 4 costing ¥10,000 for the special edition and ¥7,000 for the regular edition. It’s all bluster without any context meant to rile up people who don’t know any better.

        • Shovel-ware is inevitable. Even with 3D, it won’t be hard to develop on compared to consoles. It’ll just be the same games as the DS, but with better graphics and 3D.

          The only difference is that some of the developers who favored the PSP, and some console-only developers will put their games on the 3DS until the PSP2 comes out. Once they’re both in competition, the software lineup will look the same as it does now.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the PSP2 has 3D. Sony is invested in 3D on their other products after all. The PS3 has 3D capability, and Sony sells 3D TVs, so no one can really call Sony copiers if the incorporate it.

          I would expect the PSP2 to be really powerful, and cost $400 – $600 USD.(possibly subsidized by Sony like the PS3) That would be perfectly reasonable compared to the non-contract price of new smart-phones.

      • I’m going to take this comment as sarcasm by the derp at the end. Because it’s too obvious if it were to be troll. Because typically even though Sony had the largest fanbase during the PS2 times, the PSP and PS3 bombed in terms of total sales. Though fans being fans still emptied their wallets regardless of price. That’s my take on this possible troll comment.

        Though I have to say this site seems to be overrun with Sony fanboys looking through the console articles. Particularly the users here. As if the + and – votes to comments aren’t plainly obvious to show bias. Well everyone has their place I guess.

        Gamefaqs = Nintendo
        Gamepot = Microsoft (or so I’ve been told)
        Kotaku & Sankaku = Sony

        Not so sure about IGN and Gametrailers.

        Anyone favoring a console, or shall I say brand, these following generation is pretty silly. Fanboys should stop being pissy and just buy the dam console or handheld that has a game they enjoy if money is available. Also I suggest keeping your handhelds and consoles even they aren’t being used…currently. Because I’ve seen alot of ‘Dam I shouldn’t have sold my Wii/PS3’ all over the place this year.

        • you’re dead wrong about Kotaku.

          Kotaku, for as long as I can remember, is obviously inclined to Nintendo. There were even a lot of times when they tried to ‘pronounce’ the PSP as dead.

    • I’m sure this will be released for $300 in the US, because Nintendo always does direct price conversions when bringing their products overseas. Oh wait, THEY NEVER DO (they usually go cheaper than direct conversion)! It will probably be $250.

    • The Wii. priced at $299 for motion controls. It is a gamecube 1.5 + motion controlls.

      The 3DS priced at ¥25000. It is a NDSL 1.5 + 1 analog stick (which functions exactly like the D-pad) + 3D gimmick.

      Nintendo knows they can get away with this pricing. They did so with the Wii.

    • You know what, this being priced at 300$ makes me wonder this “what is this thing” too.

      I wonder why their stock price dropped. HOW ABOUT HOW FUCKING EXPENSIVE THIS IS. I dont see any justification why this should be anywhere near 100$

    • At roughly $250-275 (considering inflation) for the US market, that’s still close to getting a PS3 or 360 Slim. I was angling for a 360 Slim (tired of my ancient 360 and I want another Slim to complement my PS3 Slim), so yeah…

      Also, considering Wii is cheaper now… lol

      Wait 2 years, the 3DS will become revised, it’d be $100 cheaper and it’ll have more great games by then.

        • …You’d “gladly” give away your sight for something that typically requires sight to play? Also, all the options you listed above for restoring vision also cost money…money you already spent on a 3DS.

          We didn’t think this one through, did we? Hrm.

          But I’m getting a 3DS. Damn right I am if Megaman Legends 3 is gonna be a title on it. I’ve been waiting on this game for TEN YEARS.

        • who gives a fuck about sight

          corrective surgery, glasses, contacts, worse come to worse cornea transplants or otherwise.

          id gladly give my sight for the sake of 3d gaming and a 3d camera and a 3d damn near anything else it can do.

        • Shippoyasha

          except with the slim you dont know for sure if the system red rings, im not saying that to be an ass, but its true.

          and there is also major bugs with the system too, halo reach couldn’t play on it… was that ever fixed, and will it happen again.

          another VERY good point i failed to mention, not directed at you but everyone. people who but a hand held console, ARE NOT IN THE MARKET for a home console, or HAVE THERE HOME CONSOLE OF CHOICE ALREADY.

          300$ fot that hand held s well worth it, considering that the cellphones in the same market cost 800+ or cost 3-4000$ after the contracted time is up.

        • You know, Nintendo could easily manage to sell a 3DS and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in a pack ( no limited edition or anything) for 500$.

          Yes, that’d mean the game alone was sold for 200$

        • $300 is too much for Nintendo. PS3 and 360 cost that much now. Plus, missing the holiday season will be a huge loss for them.(Who’s buying a 3DS as a gift in March?)

          Then there’s the fact that it’s been years and they’re only now on the tech level of the PSP, with a PSP2 on the way, possibly by Holiday 2011.

        • Try fitting a netbook in your pocket you deteriorated and loose asshole.

          If you want the ability of a netbook but with better portability, get a Viliv N5. If you are on a tight budget, try the openpandora console, which I already have.

        • Answering “what the fuck can a netbook do? i means seriously? a netbook?”

          1) be a kindle
          2) connect to the internet
          3) get email
          4) open attachments of all sorts

          and oh yeah, plays games made for windows….there are several netbook enabled games if you just stop playing fapping all the time and get out once and a while!

        • Screw that you can get a used low end laptop and run roms, hacks, and full PC games for less it’s upgradeable too meaning you won’t have to shell out extra dough when Nintendo decides it wants some more money with 3DS lite/advanced.

          Or “gasp” a black colored 3DS model.

          Same old scam different day,

        • might as well spend a little more and get an iPad. I mean geez, u get internet browsing, some kind of ability to do word processing, facebook, twitter, myspace, porn, access to sankaku, you already have some NDS games on the ipad app store, and you guys know there are 3D games on the ipad too right? And don’t even argue about “it has no buttons”.

          It does. They’re on the f#cking screen. They’re just not tactile. If you’re gonna argue that it has no buttons then sh1t, the Kinect is much much worse. Absolutely no buttons! Not even tactile feedback.

        • what the fuck can a netbook do? i means seriously? a netbook?

          but anyway, they do realise that that was net proffit, not gross right?

          gross = before costs and labor is payed,
          net = what is left after everything is payed for

          they made 90 billion net thats over $1,075,779,000 usd

          they took no loss what so ever. the fuck did people complain about, they didn’t make 2billion in pure profit lets fucking bail?

          granted i would have sold all my stock before the conference, than rebought because everyone knew there hardware sales are down and so are software, would have gotten even more money

        • well, the thing is, $300 will get you either a pocket device, or a massively powerful home console, personally, i dont see the $300USD price tag appropriate for such a device. as far as i know, the strategy used by game console companies to make money is to sell at under the production cost and make money from the sale of games. I am definitely not going to consider plopping down $300 for a handheld, i would rather buy a netbook with that kind of money.

        • I’m curious when 300 became so much for a console. It IS a console… I guess people forgot that. They’re walking around wish hand-held consoles and the expect higher graphics capabilities, just like regular consoles, will lead to yet another drop in game creation capabilities for the handhelds. Everyone is making games for handhelds now because of production costs, so maybe now we’ll see what that trend means for the future, as 3D will be a bit tough to do in general, and better graphics capabilities will be expected.

          If they’re smart, they won’t push the graphics too quickly, and give the handhelds a little bit longer life in being in the lower end graphics so the pathetically over-extended gamer expectations for graphics will remain slow to increase.

        • I blame the Other M

          but seriously, 300? You’re all mad about that?

          the thing is 3D, with no glasses, is housing graphics tested to be just under 360 at best and at worst late PS2 and the thing is going to have improved online and battery life. yeah, it’s expensive, but only because it’s much more expensive to make them.

          also, anyone notice that the prices have always been going up (except the GBC)? Why is that surprising?

        • I would say this stock plunge is mostly due to the company’s halved profits, which in turn must mostly come from bad sales timing and strategies.

          Kudos to whoever shorted them. Tho not unexpected, really, their stock has been going downwards like this for half a year now.