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K-ON! Movie Announced


The final episode of top moeblob anime K-ON! ended with the announcement that a movie adaptation is to be forthcoming.

The announcement:

There are as yet no details.

The actual episode carrying the announcement was hailed as “godly”:


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  • I told you all!!! I don’t care about your “hate for the Moeblob cancer” as a lot of you put it. K-ON! will never die and you can go watch something else. As for me and my brothas and sistas who luvs it all…WE WILL ROCK YOU!!! YEE hAWW!! thank you

  • I don’t think this will work if they do it like the show. Their silly antics were great in 24 minute episodes, not for a movie. I hope they go to Budokan, and have lots of new songs. I will be looking forward to this, but I’m not going to expect much. I hope it surprises me, just like when I first decided to watch this series.

  • I loved the series but I have trouble seeing how they can make a movie work the way the series did. 24 minutes of their silly antics was great. But it won’t really work for movie time length. I can’t see anything like drama happening. So the only thing that seems reasonable would be going to Budokan. I am looking forward to this. But I’m going to try to suppress any expectations, and hope it surprises me.

  • Mixed feelings about this, bittersweet rather. I watch K-ON every week and I’m more than ready for it to end, preparing myself for what KyoAni would naturally be announcing afterwards. I’m gutted for getting my hopes up for Haruhi 3, only for KyoAni’s efforts to be diverted once again, their work is too precious for it’s own good.
    So I’m happy it’s K-ON and excited for anime films instead of this announcement being a brand new series of something I’ve never even heard of, probably running into the New Year.
    Still, I seriously hope they can work on more than anime at once behind closed doors.

  • So, that last gif. Does she not realise that, according to Japanese custom, if you stop and look at someone, when you start walking again you should take your first step with the leg that is further from them, not the closer one? Young people today, honestly.

  • Talk about milking a dead horse. Yea, you read that right.

    I already know how the movie is going to play: Starts with Yui being a retard, as usual, then Ui comes in and comments on how cute her sister is. Tanned Azusa comes in and Ritsu puts neko-mimi on her, going into yet another cat-ears-moe gag. Mio comes in, “hey what’s going on guis- oh no!” trips over, revealing her new shimapan. Repeat the same shit 3 times, ends with some forced emotional scene with sunset backdrop. Join us for season 3, “K-on!?! – same shit, different smell!”

    Oh well, at least it’ll be better than the Black Rock Shooter OVA.

        • The ignorance. Who, in this discussion, ever straight up stated that they hated K-on? I see two things going on: “discussion” about weeaboo involving Actar, and another discussion about K-On’s direction.

          Do you not read and just jump to conclusions? Or does your brain automatically dismiss legitimate criticism and hate? Grow up, seriously.

      • How is not having a story an invalid reason? In anything, there has to be some sort of underlying premise. Season 1 had this while Season 2 had almost zero.

        It isn’t necessarily for any entertainment medium to have a deep storyline. However, as it is, K-on feels contrived, especially because it deviates from the source material. The only direction it has is the moe-factor, which I don’t mind and I honestly actually enjoy, but I can’t argue that it is anything more than that.

        Also, as a 4-koma manga, it wasn’t funny and it was unpopular. At least, not until the anime breath life into it mixed in a high-dosage of moe. Really, you’d have to be blind to see that this is anything more than moe fanservice.

        • @AiEm

          >>And seriously people can nit pick on frames and stills with deformities, othercrap and whatnot. Thing is…

          Nobody watches animation in stills….<<

          Maybe you don't notice stuff while watching. But I do! Yeah, no one watches animation in stills, me neither. But some animations are just _that_ pathetic. As they do not, like animations are supposed to, move. Like mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha for example. It had some bright scenes, but overall it sucked. Felt like a slide show, only that the quality of the images weren't even on that level.

        • Actar:

          While this might sound silly, and probably somewhat conceited, I try to be as fair in establishing my opinion as much as I can. When I like or dislike something that is similar in nature, I have a need to understand why I feel the way I do in hopes that I understand more about myself. I’m glad you responded in the way you did, because it’s always fun to explain my viewpoints in why I came to some of the conclusions that I made.

          For the sake of simplicity(since you probably know how much I love it from my previous wall-of-text), I’ll respond directly to some of your questions/comments using quotes from your post:

          “I find it kinda strange that you didn’t like LS/KO!S2 as for shows like Ichigo Mashimaro and Azumanga Diaoh, they seem pretty similar to both K-On! S2 and Lucky Star.

          Perhaps it’s just the fact that the comedy or characters don’t suit your tastes?”

          I humbly disagree. Starting with the Azumanga comparison, it is similar with LS in ways in which both series are presented. Azumanga and LS both started out as 4-komas, and it’s clear that the anime adapts the way each segments are presented directly from the 4-komas themselves.

          The fundamental difference is the characterization. You’re correct to say that the characters didn’t suit me. However, it’d be incorrect to assume that it’s the characters’ personalities and other traits that turned me off, but rather it’s the way they were developed.

          As you already know, it is not uncommon for slice of life shows to lack in the story department. Because of this, character development rarely, if ever, happens within slice of life shows because there is no place for it, as it is almost always not needed. However, I think majority would agree that character progression is one of the fundamental things that makes one’s story satisfying.

          So in order for slice of life mediums to be satisfying, it can only do one thing : create a well-developed character from the get go and put them in situations in which they would react to according to their developed personalities.

          Azumanga Daioh, in my opinion, does this very well. You always find each characters in situation that is amusing, uncomfortable, and depending on who is paired up wit who, you get a totally different outcome.

          Ichigo Mashimaro does this wonderfully, and it’s quickly become one of my go-to anime. Miu’s interaction with each characters in the series has given me best laughs I had in the recent years. Aside from the cleverly executed jokes, the series touches more on the “life” aspect. Majority is comedy, but there are moments that are akin to Aria.

          K-On season 1 also had good, but not great, characterization. Unlike Ichigo Mashimaro and Azumanga, it had a weak source material to work with. Despite that, season 1 did an admirable job making the characters, at the very least, likeable. My complaint with K-On season 2 is that everything is all the more the same. It almost feels like the characters are transparent.

          My opinion for Lucky Star is almost exactly like K-On 2. You could pretty much replace Lucky Star with K-On 2 in the above paragraph and that’s pretty much how I feel about it. As for the characters themselves, I’ll delve into that in the next section.

          “If possible, could you elaborate on what you meant when you said that Lucky Star was ‘contrived’? By ‘contrived’, do you mean a sense of the show being false/staged/deliberate?”

          Lucky Star feels contrived because of the show is presented so superficially. The anime was created to draw the otaku crowd in, and this is apparent in every aspect of the series; it’s all superficial, to say the least.

          In risk of getting rated down, let me start off by saying that moe is what killed Lucky Star for me. As I mentioned before, I have no problems with moe, and in fact, I enjoy it in small doses. Lucky Star, however, does not pull punches when it comes to moe, and it does its best to let you know that it is what it is. Again, it should be no secret that this show was created for the otaku market, and because of this, I can’t help but to think of it as no more than a merchandise.

          Lucky Star screams moe in not just the way it looks, but the way the characters were designed. Konata is the otaku, and she MAKE SURES that you know this and that you don’t forget. Miyuki is the smart, maganekko, moeblob, and the Tsukasa is the ditzy moe, and the series stabs you with these characteristics just in case you forgot.

          Going back to my first point, I can’t enjoy a show where characters act the same way in any given situation.

          To be fair, there is one character that breaks out of the mold: Kagami. She is probably the saving grace of Lucky Star for me, that kept me watching the show. When I was dying of thirst from the lack of characterization, Kagami’s small story segment would pop in ever so slightly, like water droplet that kept me from kicking the bucket. While she is supposed to be Konata’s manzai partner, and the tsundere of the show, she’s the only character that truly “lives” in the entire show.

          If you look at all the characters, they’re almost all one dimensional. They have no personality other than their set role, and they act like gag props. It feels to me that if they combined all the Lucky Star characters’ personality into a single one, we’ll begin to see a well-rounded character.

          The scene where she hiding her excitement thinking that someone might have a crush on her, only to be disappointed to find out that the situation didn’t turn out as she had hoped. Or when her alone gets put into a different class out of all of her friends. These elements almost makes me want to say that Lucky Star is a slice of life. She’s the most well-developed character out of everyone in LS, and that really isn’t saying much.

          Just to drive this point home, the characters that are introduced in the later part of the series also act this way. Patty is the American who is obsessed with Japan who, I must add, is the stereotypical gaijin with blond hair and blue eyes.

          Going away from the characters, the references they use are also a big factor to why I think the series in question is contrived. They constantly use Haruhi references, which was obviously used to ride the popularity of Haruhi Suzumiya. Konata doing the Hare Hare Yukai is just the icing on the cake. Kagami as the ever-popular Miku in the OVA is just another way this product is marketed.

          It’s not hard to see that the series is catering to the otaku demographic at a force in which I have never seen before. Even more obscure references, like the Gunbuster dentist, to the karaoke songs in the ending, serves as a mean to grab the attention of the otakus.

          These are the reasons why I say that LS is, without exaggeration, the most contrived show I have watched. It’s a product to market, and it’s successful because it did everything, and I mean everything, in order to become a success.

          The runner up for my personal “most contrived show” award would be Seitokai no Ichizon. However, I haven’t gotten past the first episode so I’m reserving my judgment for if I ever decide to jump off that rocky hill.

          I might sound harsh, but that’s my honest opinion. Some people probably don’t care about all of these things, and it doesn’t bother me(anymore) as we all enjoy different things for different reasons. It does, however, make me sad that series like these are dominating the market, giving almost no room for animation studios to flex their creativity.

          “Finally, if you have watched this season’s comedy Mitsudomoe, I would really like to hear your opinions on it due to the fact that it’s a show that does truly base all its humor on the concept of misunderstandings, but I think that the way they execute this is brilliant and in a way that doesn’t get tiresome.”

          I have watched a part of the first episode but haven’t started completely yet. I’ll take your word for it and check it out.

          Hope these answered your question. If anything comes off as insulting, I apologize for I’m not elegant with my words.

        • AiEm, no problem. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion, and my intention wasn’t to put anyone down. Just wanted to clarify that Actar misunderstood the discussion between SJR0531 and I.

        • @ Anon 07:32

          Amazing! While many just hate without substantiation or qualification, I’m pretty happy to see that you were able to clearly put down your opinions for all to see. (^.^)

          Personally, I think that one of the joys of Lucky Star and Season 2 of K-On! is the characters themselves (for me anyways). I find the characters of Yui/Mio/Ritsu/Mugi and Konata/Kagami/Tsukasa/Miyuki really charming and fun to watch bounce off each other.

          I can understand where you are coming from with the ‘focusing on one aspect’ bit of Lucky Star, but I think Lucky Star offers more than just Manzai comedy.

          – Characters
          – Otaku References/Culture
          – Comedy (Manzai/Slapstick)
          – Life in School
          – Live in Japan
          – Observations on small nuances of life

          I suppose another reason I really latched on to Lucky Star is because I could actually relate to many of little things that were depicted in the show. From studying habits to taking a book from the bottom of the pile to opening a chip bag. It was really surprising to see someone else fussing about things that I myself fuss about.

          I find it kinda strange that you didn’t like LS/KO!S2 as for shows like Ichigo Mashimaro and Azumanga Diaoh, they seem pretty similar to both K-On! S2 and Lucky Star.

          Perhaps it’s just the fact that the comedy or characters don’t suit your tastes?

          If possible, could you elaborate on what you meant when you said that Lucky Star was ‘contrived’? By ‘contrived’, do you mean a sense of the show being false/staged/deliberate?

          Finally, if you have watched this season’s comedy Mitsudomoe, I would really like to hear your opinions on it due to the fact that it’s a show that does truly base all its humor on the concept of misunderstandings, but I think that the way they execute this is brilliant and in a way that doesn’t get tiresome.

        • That’s what happened.. Now that I look at it.. S1 was more of indulging interests in the animation. S2 was more quirkier than the first and had a much more fluid transition in each scenario.

          And seriously people can nit pick on frames and stills with deformities, othercrap and whatnot. Thing is…

          Nobody watches animation in stills….

          I really don’t get it that sometimes people getting too nit-picky with saying it’s a damn flaw when really you wouldn’t notice if it’s moving.

        • @AiEm

          Yeah.. those Eps were awkward. Almost destroyed the show for me. But they were solved quickly enough. If I had to point out the best thing about K-ON it’s the animations. God, they actually move. It’s not just a picture with moving mouths. There are anime out there, were I can nearly count the fucking frames and do so out of boredom! Or did you ever think while watching anime: “Oh, this picture was used at 5:32 of Ep 03, 12:05 of Ep 7 and in a flashback at the start of Ep 9”. I do so on a regular basis and it sucks. Animations really help to divert from such blatant recycling. Keep in mind that I read subs in a foreign language (english) and manage to learn some japanese at the same time. So.. K-ON! is really refreshing.

        • Well fuck me sideways. For me S2 is far better than S1.

          S1 was more of finding their place.
          S2 was more being a group.

          IMO I found S1 to be somewhat repetitive and awkward. Azusa’s loldrama episode and Ritsu’s lolconflict jealousy episode.

          I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt the awkwardness of those episodes. S1 nearly made me drop it and S2 did the job flawlessly and kept my anticipation up in the air.

        • I don’t think you understand, Actar. It’s not that we hate simplicity, and in contrary, I’m obsessed about simplicity. For example, I’ve been studying Basho’s haiku for half of my life, I study art and focus on simple beauty, and I’m also very big on Socrates’ philosophies.

          This is one of the reason why I’m also a huge fan of slice of life animes. Some of my favorites include: Aria, Ichigo Mashimaro, Azumanga, Yotsuba&!, YKK, Sketchbook, Hidamari Sketch, etc.

          However, this isn’t about hating simple things. It’s about the direction K-on is heading. If you had read our discussion, you’d find that we both loved the first season of K-on. Because there was a small direction within the series, the characters, in my opinion, had more personality. Mio’s struggle to become a better musician so that they can go to Budokan, for example.

          The series is definitely becoming more contrived because they are focusing only one one of the aspects that made the series enjoyable. I don’t want to use this example because it seems like you’re a big fan of Lucky Star, but just to illustrate my point – I hated Lucky Star. It was one of the most contrived shows I have ever watched. The only thing that I enjoyed in LS was Kagami and her small struggles, which made it feel like a slice of life. When characters make manzai jokes every other scene, it starts to become stale. Some would even argue that Lucky Star is not a slice of life, which I sort of agree with. K-on season 2 feels very much like Lucky Star.

          Not being able to appreciate simplicity isn’t the problem. There are different degrees of simplicity. There are differences between sitting alone on a hill of grass while enjoying the simplicity of nature, and watching paints on the wall dry.

        • You have me all wrong. I don’t hate shows that don’t have a plot. I hate shows that try to have a plot, a very good one at that, then give up to cater to the moe otaku fans. Why? Because of money. But STILL! If you’re going to have a plot, finish it out!

          Azumanga didn’t have a plot. It never did since the beginning of the show! That’s why I like it, even though it didn’t have a plot.

          Lucky Star? Same thing. Never had a plot, therefore I don’t expect one, but still enjoy it.

        • I hope so. The realist in me, however, doubts it seeing how they’ve taken it in this direction, which was obviously a big success to them. The only thing that kept K-on alive is moe, and it’d only be logical for them to add more of what made the series bigger than what it originally was in the first place.

        • Also, I forgot add that it’s not my “point of view” that weeaboos are what I just described. AGAIN, I didn’t make up the definition of what a weeaboo is. You can’t be like “uhh in my opinion the sun is cold” because that is not only stupid, but an opinion can’t negate a fact.

          That’s what you’re doing.

        • Who said anything about being a responsible? The part where I mention the word “responsible” is cut off, because it wasn’t supposed to be in there. I thought I deleted it but the part was left behind, which is why it doesn’t make sense. Your whole argument is based around a paragraph(yes, that was a paragraph) that shouldn’t exist anymore.

          You’re also taking this wayyy too personally. Again, I didn’t invent the word, however it does carry a meaning. You’re just being ignorant by conveniently disregarding the word and the meaning it carries just because you don’t want to be associated with it.

          And who said anything about being “scared”? This is probably the second time you added words into my post(though the first time was partially my fault).

          The anon was talking about cosplaying IN PUBLIC. There is a place and time for everything, and throwing ninja stars with a Naruto headband inside of a public mall is definitely not the place and it’s highly inappropriate. I’ve seen this happen, and plenty of other similar things happen at my local college. Why should we care? Because of them, the whole fan base is reduced to acting in such behavior. Look at the media, look at how anime fans are portrayed. We’re all love scantly clad anime girls/lolis and run around saying “kawaiiiii~!” according to the general public.

          Stop with your strawman arguments, it does nothing to add to this discussion as you’ve pretty much missed most of our points.

          If you want me to be personal, since you already think that I’m out to put you down, here it is: I can see why you are taking it so personally: it’s because you fit the description down to the grain. Not only are you ignorant, but you’re also insecure; you only like hearing things that makes you feel good about yourself. If you really didn’t care about the term “weeaboo” or being called one, you wouldn’t be so damn defensive and would at least try to have a proper discussion rather than blindly respond without comprehending the posts incorrectly.

          How’s that for personal? Note that until this point, I didn’t make any personal attacks. I inferred that you could be a weeaboo, but it was for a sake of putting out an example and nothing more.

          Also, I’m a weeaboo? I guess I could be. However, I’m Japanese, so I guess me wanting to be Japanese cancels out my Japanese heritage, or something like that?

          The only thing I SORT OF agree with you is that weeaboo shouldn’t mean anything. It only means something now because people like you throw a fit every time they’re accused of being one.

        • so wearing an anime t-shirt makes me a weaboo and makes ‘responsible’ anime fans looking bad… Well then, again, I’m fine with it. I’m wearing them everytime I’ve a day off. Just call me a weaboo then, I couldn’t care less because as I said earlier, it just doesn’t mean anything. You get your own point-of-view of what a ‘responsible’ anime fan should be, and everybody else gets their own, so finally ‘weaboo’ ends up being pretty meaningless.

          I don’t know, if you’re too scared that cosplayers make you look back, maybe *you* should be the one to change ? See, I too have witnessed the evolution of anime in the past three decades, and know about japan quite much as well, and I’ve never felt people who cosplay in public place (especially crossdressers walking around in akiba) ruined the thing to me. The older I’m getting, the more I’m starting to think that it’s even the contrary. Freaks like that kind of add some fun about it.

          For ending with this, I’ll just throw here a personal variation of a famous french quote : “we’re all somebody else’s weaboo”. People that you call weaboo in their back (IRL) for their ‘irresponsible’ behavior, probably call you weaboo in your back for your ‘over-responsible’ behavior…

        • Now now, no need for personal attacks. I was directing my opinions at weeaboos in general, not you. Didn’t call you or implied that you are one, neither.

          Don’t look too much into the fat example. I should’ve been more specific but I didn’t want to write a longer post than that. It’s also one example I put in there to get my point across, nothing more.

          You also misunderstood me. I don’t have a god complex, and I don’t think my opinions are the absolute truth. I don’t know how you got that idea, since I’m just putting in my 2 cents just like everybody else here.

          Fact of the matter is, I didn’t coin the term weeaboo, or Japanophile, or wapanese. What I told you in that post is just a direct definition of what weeaboo is. To call me a weeaboo because of what I posted would be be completely wrong because it has nothing to do with the term. It’d be as wrong as you calling me a wigger.

          If I called you a weeaboo, it wouldn’t be that far from the truth because it fits the description. I didn’t invent the word, so don’t kill the messenger here.

        • Anon 21:12:

          The problem isn’t being weeaboo, per se, but it’s how these group of people generally act.

          In an any given group, there are always a sub-group that just ruins it for everyone. This is proven in history, and it still holds truth today.

          An example of this would be Christians who are actually good, verses the small, vocal, radical group that makes the rest of them look bad.

          I grew up on anime, and though this might come off as being an elitist, I know more about anime than the average viewer. I’m not saying this to show off, so stay with me while I explain my viewpoints, if you may.

          I grew up in Japan, moved to Korea, and now I’m in the states. The anime scene here has grown tremendously over the years. Back in ~1994, there was a small burst in the anime popularity thanks to series like Slayers and Ranma 1/2, along with Robotech(lol) and so on. It was still very niche, and with the lack of internet, the only way to get news was to subscribe to magazines such as Animerica. Not to mention, you were limited to what they had at the local video store or what they were showing on PBS. There was also some video fan sub groups, but there was really no way to find out about them unless through word of mouth.

          I’ve seen the anime scene here grow. When it was small, I admit that it was probably the nicest time. When I drew anime characters in class, people would be amazed. Anime was new and exciting.

          However, the state of anime now is much different. With the advent of P2P, especially bittorrent, anime has become mainstream. Not to mention, Naruto anime happened to come out around the same time when bittorrent was just starting to take off.

          Okay, with that history lesson out of the way. The reason why “weeaboos” are looked down upon is because many people feel as though these Japanophiles ruined it for everyone. You can’t turn your head these days without seeing a weeaboo. I use this term, not directed towards anime fans, or even people that a fascinated by Japan. Rather, I use it exclusively for sub-group of people within the anime-fandom that makes everyone else look bad.

          These are the people that cosplay in public(not in conventions), that talks about anime/Japan every chance they get, show up to a proper Japanese class and try to flaunt their knowledge about anime/Japan, people that wear anime shirts and/or put anime decals on their cars, and so on. I’ve run into every type of weeaboo imaginable.

          It’s easier on the internet to be labeled as a weeaboo because people can only perceive you for what you say. However, IRL, there is no way to discern how people are, unless you do the things I mentioned above.

          The term weeaboo isn’t for all anime fans. Rather, if you’re familiar with Chris Rock’s famous “Black people vs. Nigga” standup routine, it’s very similar to what he’s saying.

          If these so called “weeaboos” kept to themselves, they wouldn’t be called what they are. Being proud of being an anime fan is one thing, being completely obnoxious about it, spreading their ignorance, just ruins it for the rest of the fans.

        • I’m the “”what’s wrong with being called a weeaboo”. I still think personally that your point of view sucks pretty much. Basically, it’s just that every anime fan who isn’t like you are weaboos.

          Im living in japan right now. So I can tell that japan isn’t like in rhe anime/manga. I’m getting freaking hard time at getting a job, people gives me weird look sometimes, and lot of other not cool things happen here it would take too much time to talk about it. So based on your so-great point of view, I’m not a weaboo alright.

          At the same time, I’m totally crazy about K-on, went to the Washinomiya shrine 2 times already, and I have even drew an ’ema’ with Tsumugi on it for celebrating the end of the serie. And if I’m not misatking, I’ve earlier here that it’s considered being a total weaboo.

          So anyway, weaboo just doesn’t mean anything. Just a word for elitist jerk like you to call people who doesn’t like anime the way you do (in a ‘responsible’ way). And again, what’s wrong about being irresponsible about anime ? It’s anime, we’re not talking about health, for taking your fatass exemple.

          Now, I see what kind of people you’re thinking about. People who thinks they were japanese in their previous life. Yeah, immature indeed. But what’s the problem ? I’ve stopped hating them since a long time. Can’t be helped.

          On the contrary, I think your elitist attitude is pretty close of what ‘I’ would call a weaboo. In the way that you think you own the ‘truth’ about how anime should be appreciated.

        • There are MANY things that you can do to be not labeled a weeaboo. In fact, there are less criterion that make you one.
          traight, try to be responsible, and keep

          Where did the term(not the word) originate? From 4chan, a board that was originally made for non-Japanese speaking anime/manga fans. It was made to label the obnoxious fans who had an unhealthy obsession to anime and anything related to Japan. These people now mostly reside on /jp/.

          I find that many people are in denial when called a weeaboo. Most of the people that rated these posts down are probably one of those, or just blind K-On fanboys who just can’t tolerate opinions that differs from theirs.

          To the anon who asked the question, “what’s wrong with being called a weeaboo”. That’s like saying “what’s wrong with being called a fat ass?” While you may say none of your business, and say that you love your food so much that you don’t care what others say, to put it bluntly, it’s annoying. Mainly because weeaboos are almost all ignorant. They dream about living in Japan because of how it’s portrayed in anime/manga, but they know nothing about what actually like over there. This is just one example, but you get the point.

          Chen-04, I agree with you wholeheartly. However, I can’t blame the down-raters because of the nature of this website. While I enjoy some of the articles here, some of them are blatantly ignorant, which is done to generate traffic I’m assuming. The sad realization that I had is while visiting this site is that that many people believe inaccurate articles as they were facts.

        • “The term otaku has always carried negative connotations, this is a fact.”
          Not _always_ but probably long enough for everyone to forget about.

          Also, since Anon wrote something bad about K-ON! he lost any chance of not being voted down in further posts in here. Even if those are different Anons. But yeah, I agree with the part about otakus. How did someone from genshiken put it? “You can’t become an otaku by trying, one day you wake up and realize you are one.” If it makes you proud, you are probably what people call weaboo.

        • Actar, while you claim that you are not a weeaboo, you sure live your life as one. I’ve read your blogs, watched your figure reviews, and while I have nothing against you, it doesn’t take an expert analyst to know that you are obsessed with Japan.

          You are an otaku, I agree. You have an unhealthy obsession to, not only Japanese related products, but also to the land that manufactured them. How else could you explain to me about taking a Lucky Star pilgrimage to Japan? Deny it all you want, but I think most people would agree that you are a Japan “otaku”.

        • While the “Go back to hot gluing your figmas, weeaboo.” was uncalled for, why rate down the other posts? Actar fanboys to the rescue?

          I don’t see how ANYONE can disagree with the fact that being an otaku isn’t something to be proud of. It’s almost like being proud that you’re a hikki, though obviously not as extreme.

          Otaku != anime fan. Know the difference.

        • Rated down, lol. Do you people really have that small of an ego that they can’t even put their opinions on the internet in fear of being wrong? If you don’t agree, I’m all for reading your opinions.

          The term otaku has always carried negative connotations, this is a fact.

        • I wrote a semi-long post describing the differences but SanCon seems to have had a hiccup.

          To put it short: not all anime fans are weeaboos, but weeaboos are almost all anime fans. The thing that makes you a weeaboo is when you start to associate yourself with being an otaku, as if it was a title of status. No one sets out become nerds, but weeaboos have the tendency to aim to become otakus.

        • There are very small differences between weeaboo and otaku.

          Otaku is a person who is obsessed about a certain hobby. Most commonly associated with anime and manga, though it encompasses almost all hobbies.

          Weeaboo is normally referred to someone who is obsessed about Japan, almost as if they want to be Japanese, though not all weeaboos will admit to this. However, it isn’t far-fetched to assume that the term includes people who are obsessed about being an otaku. Of course, this is depends on each case because not all anime fans are weeaboos, but almost all weeaboos are anime fans.

          In my opinion, when you refer to yourself as an otaku, you’ve basically branded yourself a weeaboo. Why label yourself as such, when there perfectly fitting English words that you can use? Such as anime nerd, anime fan, etc. Especially when in Japanese, the word otaku carries a negative connotation? From my point of view, it just seems like a way to be associated with Japan.

    • to be honest i hate k-on but a movie like this is what interests me to the series, now most of the hype and fuss has settled down, this looks like it’ll be a good watch, perhaps we’ll get something a bit more serious orientated from the film by the look of yui’s expression.

    • money ? without a doubt they do make money.

      but honestly if they really wanted money, they would have make Haruhi 3 and Lucky Star 2 since a long time.

      KyoAni loves K-on and it gives them inspiration.

    • When originally seeing the announcement for the end of the series and manga, I knew they’d be making a movie. Just knew it, and if they do make it with them a bit more mature and heading for Budokan, then I will be very pleased! ^_^

  • The fact that the voice actress of Sawa-chan was surprised by the announcement may support the theory that no material for the movie was prepared and we should all expect a montage of all tea time scenes and worse, expect the movie to be a blockbuster. KyoAni can draw stick figures and put the K-ON! name on it and still it would be a hit. That’s the current state of moeblobdom