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Senkaku Thief Now Chinese National Hero



The humble fisherman who allegedly rammed a Japanese coast guard ship and then became a pawn in China’s plots to extend its borders into Japanese seas was treated to a hero’s welcome on his release and return to his hometown.

Meanwhile, China still holds 4 Japanese nationals on charges which could result in execution, has apparently blocked exports of certain rare materials to Japan, and since the 24th has been patrolling the waters around the Senkaku Islands with 2 ships despite no less than 4 requests from Japan that they be removed.


Chinese media continues to lambaste Japan for its “insolence” and “lies” whilst insisting that the seas and islands of the area are indisputably Chinese territory.

Even after his release, Chinese retaliation appears to be continuing – in addition to demanding restitution, Japan’s day of participation in an international fireworks exhibition in Shanghai was mysteriously cancelled by the Chinese organisers, despite American, Canadian, French and Chinese participation continuing as before.

The truth of whether he actually rammed the coast guard’s ship is still unknown – the incident was recorded by the coast guard, but Japanese politicians have publicly stated that “the Japanese people will be enraged if we release the video,” suggesting the video contains clear evidence of the fisherman’s guilt only likely to further enrage the public.

The Japanese government for its part is now facing indignation and ridicule from both Japanese politicians and public alike – 72 members of the ruling party have formally protested the Prime Minister’s handling of the matter, a further 12 are demanding a permanent army presence on the isles, and the last (and notoriously incompetent) Prime Minister feels entitled to criticise them publicly.

Even the Prime Minister himself was jeered and denounced as a traitor by the crowd as he presented the victor’s cup at the conclusion of a recent national sumo competition. One man has been arrested for approaching the Prime Ministerial residence with a knife in order to “protest.”

Members of the government daring to support their handling of the case have resorted to lamely blaming the Okinawa prosecutors and the former LDP government for the mess.

Only the most left-wing of Japan’s media is sparing in criticising the government’s conduct, and online the reaction is one of outrage.

It seems only a matter of time before yet another incompetent place-holder Prime Minister is forced to resign.

For Japan the only redeeming aspect of the whole affair is that overseas opinion that China’s “peaceful rise” is in fact merely a cover for the subjugation of its neighbours has been immeasurably strengthened by its crude display of the brute-fisted diplomacy of intimidation and coercion.


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  • Let me get this Straight CHINESE both citizen and government have the TIME to get angry over one island but remember this that CHINA is the 3rd biggest country in the world By land while japan ranked 62. if they have the time to complain then why dont they have the time to complain about other things like idk maybe work standards, health issues, unemployment and etc. bottom line is china is not a sleeping dragon but is a fucking ass, someone who bitches about others but doesnt look at itself first and think that man im worser than this guys

  • I think both Japanese and Chinese have to consider both sides of the story here. Its wrong to go blaming Chinese because it was part of their territory prior to WWII, but “US” here says that they “owned” the island after destroying Japan in WWII who used the islands to stop the US Ships from getting close to mainland. But when did the US took the island from China? Just because Japan used it during WWII doesn’t mean anything about China letting Japan use them and giving them to the US after the war.

  • chinese people are arrogant as fuck, its desame what happen in the philippines, because some chinese tourist got killed now their raging the whole country.. now this time their trying to make fun of japan…

    • First, Hong Kong does not equaled to mainland China.

      Second, it is not a tourist but more than tourist. The tourists were killed in the rescue in which the Pinoy police came completely unprepared. The police repeatedly commit mistakes that aggitated the hostage taker. The mayor and the police chief (who is supposed to be in charge) were having a buffet in a nearby hotel when the action is to take place. During the skirmish, many tourists were prob shot by the police or have to get out of their hiding place.
      Your government had yet reveal to the Hk gov a proper research report and with a proper apology.

      Third, if you think it is bad, our media caught your police and citizens taking pictures with a victory sign right in front of the school bus. The Pinoy media simply dismisses it as part of the “jolly Pinoy Christian spirit” vs “Overly Serious Chinese spirit”. My ass. If that is the tourist bus of a bigger nation like USA, or actually (The real big bad China) PRC, you guys are fucked right away.

      Fourth, stop attacking Hong Kong with the Tenanmen Square, because of almost the entire world, Hong Kong done the most to support the protestors.

      Fifth, your politicians keep on deframing HK for lack of human rights and that is why they won’t come to show us any evidences. You know what, HK Right now is embroiled in a case where large amount of Pinoys are fighting for the right to stay in HK as citizens, and the major HK parties and many of our human rights group are helping them against the PRC dominated SAR gov who don’t want them to stay. And guess what is many Pinoy’s wish to stay in HK, “It is a lot safer here than it is in Philippines.”

      After seeing so many pinoys’ feedback about this incident about this accident as if they had done nothing wrong and we are completely overreacting simply infuriated me. To me, quite a good number of them (including their president) are as shameless as the CCP and PRC individuals we Hkers had to deal with.

    • The Chink government demands so much on everything anyway. When some filipinos got killed in China, there was nothing.

      Before we know it, the whole of Spratly’s is already theirs too. Oh wait, it already belongs to them.

      • Based on your mindset, America, after 9/11 you should smile congratulate the al-Qaeda on a job well done and not attack Afghanistan. Also why did you worry about Iraq? Even if they DID have Weapons of Mass Destruction what are they gonna do with it? Why bother them? After dropping the nukes in Japan, why stop them from rebuilding their army again. What’s the worse that can happen, it’s not like Pearl Harbor’s gonna happen again amirite?

  • China’s gonna get put in it’s place pretty soon if they keep this shit up. One nation can’t get away with this these days… At least, not unless they’re picking on someone poor.

    Freaking politics.

  • Even disregarding the age old argument of which side actually owns the damn island. All he did was wrack his fishing ship. And now he’s a national hero? I thought the phrase “National Hero” used to mean a lot more. Hell the guy didn’t even make it back on his own efforts. The government had to step in.

    No matter how you look at it, the guy is just another idiot who got into trouble with authorities abroad and ended up needing his big daddy to come and rescue him. I don’t see anything extraordinary that’s worthy of being called hero here.

  • You should base your opinions on China on something you didn’t learn from this website; 99.9% of articles on here about China are anti-China and always in favor of Japan. Was it “national hero” or is his hometown just “glad that the man is home safely?” A lot of this is just exaggerated. Yes, there are bad Chinese people, absolutely, and there are many parts of the country that are shitholes. But you can’t blame the billions of innocent Chinese that have nothing to do with messing the country up- it’s the government’s fault. Don’t blame the Chinese people. Blame the government. It’s why we (the US) don’t like “communism” in the first place because it never works due to corruption.

    I am a Hong Kong Chinese, and I am proud of it. But I am not proud of what some mainlanders can and will do. I love Japanese culture and I am Chinese- does that make me strange?

    And some of these comments just make me sick. “Nuke China”? Seriously? What did those people do to you that you want to incinerate them for it? Send snipers? What a joke. The only person that should take a bullet between the eyes is you.

    • @Otohane

      First off I’d like to praise you for your wanting to be a peaceful person. And I can certainly say that Sankaku Complex and it’s user’s views are obviously biased. I will argue though that when a government that throws a celebration for a guy’s return from little possibility of harm yet praises him as a hero of sorts for supposedly attacking a foreign ship in a way that supports political interests… the idea seems pretty clear.

    • Best way like it should be is to wipe out the leaders. Make them surrender like dropping bombs on somewhere important. But China doesn’t scare to lose half billions populate. So, best way is to drop on the capital, vaporize those who commands, end game.

  • China = Wanna Be
    Who the F does CHINA think they are
    just because they think there big and hardcore
    pshhhh they’re just pussies using brute force
    and they’re just putting a bad rep for them selves
    i mean whose gonna want to go too china AT ALL now
    because you might go there and be accused of doing something
    and then they’d (CHINA) expect the country you came from to apologize or something

  • China’s always been a dick in global politics (and yes I’m Chinese and I’m saying it).

    But then again, Chinese hate for Japanese still is present among the population. After all, what can you expect? Japan’s been “battling” (not gonna use the word “attack”, let’s just say even mainland is disputed) China mainland for several hundred years before and during and before WWI/II.

    And this hate is largely passed on by education where in History class students learn the “holy” status of the Chinese army and talk about Japanese like dogs.

    Government controls the education -> Educated believers become government -> terrorize Japan -> wins election in government -> controls education -> …. OMG LOOP!

  • 1. Japan says the islands are theirs, China says they are theirs. Both have good reasons. The islands are far closer to the Chinese mainland than to the Japanese mainland.

    2. The Chinese government would be in trouble if it did anything but what it is doing: the Chinese people hate Japan, for good historical reasons (except when it comes to anime, lol). China is proud that it no longer has to submit to foreign aggression, which it did for a couple of centuries.

    3. You and other Japanese and Japanophile (and CIA) sources are just as stupidly chauvinistic as the Chinese. if they are to blame for this, so are you. I wonder what those videos of the incident actually show. Japanese harassment (justified in their eyes) followed by the captain’s blundering into a ship to try to get away (justified in his)?

    4. Japan does have an army. It it fourth or fifth in military spending in the world. It doesn’t have offensive capabilities any more, but has good defensive ones, and could get nuclear weapons within months, if it decided to.

  • I really feel that this whole case is sending the wrong signal.

    This will only make one side more arrogant.

    It’s like a parent telling a child it is OK to commit a crime.

    China should have just kept him in custody pending investigation and allow both sides to get find a way out peacefully.

  • China 1 – Japan -2


    Think of this as our late revenge for everything you fuckers have done to us, from the first sino-japanese war of 1895 over the unequal treaties and humiliation at your hands up to the countless atrocities of your babaric army in WWII.
    Also, your general arrogance toward Chinese nowadays, still thinking that you are some kind of genetically superior people makes you deserve more punishment.

    Brace your asshole for more dickings. Even your daddy America cant protect you forever.

    Next step: Destroying the Japanese Industry and Economy through export-stops of rare earth minerals and a general boycott of japanese products in China.
    With the US economy in the shitter and noone else to supply you with rare earth minerals or to buy your products, you will descent into bankruptcy and poverty.
    And then, the real Rape of Japan will begin.

    May Japan feel the same pain of humiliation the Chinese felt for two centuries.

    • Are you kidding me?
      China’s economy is based mostly on foreign investments and markets. You think the world will let China do whatever the hell they want to fuck up the world economy even more? I highly doubt that.

      You’re only screwing yourselves in the long run since if you keep doing stupid shit in the near future the world will boycott your products and move to a new cheaper labour market.

      I have nothing against China really but they should at least consider what they are actually doing and how it will effect them in the future. It’s for their own good really.

      Oh and Japan can find rare minerals from other places – it’s just going to be more expensive. Thus that’s not really a good way to do anything except cut off your won supply of money. But hey we’ll see what happens

      • China’s economy is not as dependent on foreign investement and exports anymore as people want it to be. Welcome to 2010. The global financial crisis and the weakening export markets in the west really proved that China’s domestic consumption of a 400 million strong middle class can be strong enough to make the Chinese economy self-sufficient.
        Yes, China can do what the fuck they want to fuck up the world economy: By simply putting a general export-stop for rare-earth minerals (China has the world largest rare-earth deposites) and fuck up foreign high-tech industries with it. There’s nothing the world can do about it (besides invading China as they invaded Iraq for the resources), since it would be just China’s choice to not sell their own stuff.

        And all that shit about boycotting Chinese products is just stupid and pretty much impossible. China is the world-factory for a developed world that has long ago demolished their own productive industial base for the sake of useless service economy and corrupt financial institutes. If someone would boycott China, they could just as well boycott everything and stop posting on the internet, since his keyboard is probably Made in China too.

        • China’s economy is still very much dependable on that. The fact that they have a big market in China itself doesn’t mean they’ll be doing all that well without investments and the world market as a whole.

          The fact that China is the world’s largest (and cheapest) exporter of rare earth materials is nothing extraordinary. It doesn’t mean that all the worlds’ resources are there – it simply means China has a lot of them and other developed countries buy from them because it’s cheaper than developing your own resources and you also save your own for later. I prime example of this is the US.

          In the end it will cost a lot of money and take a couple of years for the other major economy powers to move on but they will. And China will be left alone, not trading with anyone, closed off and forgotten. Is that something normal for this day and age? It sure isn’t and anyone can see that.

          What do you expect is going to happen when China cuts off ties with other countries as the result of “putting a general export-stop for rare-earth minerals”?

          It’s the world’s factory cause it’s really cheap. Was it the world’s factory 60 years ago? Will it be the world’s factory after another 60 years? They moved to China only to earn more money and they’ll move to another place if need be.
          Stop posting on the internet because their keyboard is made in China? So you assume the rest of the world won’t be able to make keyboards without China?!?

  • How the hell can it be that the borders are still not set? Just get some witnesses from un or smt, get a freakin map with navigation tools and set those damn borders and whoever is in wrong place shoot the hell out of them ffs…

      • They have….

        Level 5 Espers of Academy Gakuen…
        10+ year old Mages….

        Just about everything. The only thing that keeps them from doing it is:

        1. NATO Alliance
        2. Old Age
        3. Hikikomori’s refusal to work…

        So sad! We can beat China but were to lazy to bother about those kinky nuke-weilding monkeys….

  • I must say this is so typical Chinese-Government-Style , this kind of celebration usually has no deeper meaning anyway, other than “Look, we can make a good show”, it’s all window-dressing.

    There’s a thing in Chinese culture that makes every event “Grand” and “Epic”, from new year to cultural heritage events.

    Amazing how many people here hates China to the guts, it’s like their life was ruined by Chinese, jobs taken, Girl Friends shagged….Or maybe I’m wrong.

    Think about what you’re saying, lol. “sending snipers”? “nuke the fuckers”? “Kill them all!” Why don’t you kill the Chinese around you? Starting by burning down China Town? Chase out all the Chinese in your country? Plan some Xenophobia actions? Maybe you’ll be a “National Hero” after you destroyed China Town, killed Chinese men, raped Chinese women.

    Oh wait, maybe you’ll be famous world-wide.


    Killing Chinese is Okay but killing other race is NOT? Simple racism in action…I see where some of yours mind is headed, pal.

  • I really hate Chinese people. They don’t have good manners at all! I can feel what Japan felt. They threat Japan like a dog just like what did they did on my hometown, Philippines!

    Communist bastards!

  • I do not understand why does China still insist on battling out with Japan. When you battle with Japan, it means you battle with the US plus NATO plus South Korea. That is so many nations that they are pitting against with. No wonder so many countries want to “contain” China.

    China is still supporting despotic regimes like North Korea. Recently, it established coordination with Thein Shein of Burma, so it can guard itself against US influence in Asia. The main reason is to fight against US influence in Asia. The Asia pacific region and the entire world would be so much more peaceful if China decides to stand with Japan and S.Korea instead.

    There are so many oversea Chinese communities that have prospered all over the world. I believe all of them wants to see a China that respects dignity and human rights.

    Don’t follow the path of the USA and flex their military muscle like the way they doing now in the Middle East. Realize that it is not helping the USA one bit.

    • I’m a guy from 04:36 28/09/2010 again

      For your concern in last paragraph, I’m sorry to say it’s too late. China developed their own real estate bubble along with their sky rocket economic growth quite many years already. It’s just the matter of time before they collapsed and create another global economic crisis again. So brace your self for the impact.

  • China: oooh, whatcha gonna do Japan? Huh huh huh? Oooh, you don’t have army, do ya, bitches?! Shouldn’t have lost the war, lolz!!

    First they give us shit, aka FFXIV, and THEN they give Japan the finger… Ah, to have a nuke at this moment.

  • I am a Chinese and I can tell I hate many aspect of the Chinese culture. Stupid values like “saving face” and developing connections with corrupted officials to get a headstart in life.

    China is a land of hypocrisy. They think they are so nationalistic yet so quick to embrace Western values. Just look at their street advertisements. So many of them are filled with white people.

    • No, Chinese (as well as Koreans) are smart at engaging public relations. Some people call it hypocrisy, I call it a brilliant tactic.

      The West needs the Chinese concept of saving face so we don’t have stupid leaders like Blair and Obama.

  • I just wonder how such a small fishing boat can hit that big coast guard ship? The captain is not stupid, and a giant coast guard ship is absolutely faster and stronger than a ordinary fishing boat——I’ve seen the picture comparing these two kind of ships, I guest everyone ever seen it can reason the real truth by a normal sense. Of course, you can chose to ignore this “unimportant” factor, and continue to claim for that”fishing boat attack our coast guard ship”, that’s also your freedom, to be clever or cheated by the government.

    • If that fishing boat is motor powered (which it probably is if its off the Chinese shore), there is no way that large coast guard ship can hit the smaller fishing boat unless it chose not to move aside.

      Its like the whalefags Sea Shepards claiming they could be rammed by a bigger boat. Things don’t work the same way on water then on land.

  • Scum! All of them! Pieces of trash with nothing better to do. I mean come on! Is that the only country who can get away with doing what ever they please. I mean look China is the only country that can get away with breaking the copyright infringement law. Then if you stand against them they’ll Zerg rush you with all their Bull Shit and and military strength? Are weapons and military the only thing they invest in. Their country is a dump(literary). If Chinese hackers get me soon for this post well… Why am I not surprised?

      • Common, people. If you said about biology, Chinese blood is in your veins since all come from one source.

        Even those who has ancestors mixed with Chinese blood, as long as they feel themselves not among Chinese, they’re not Chinese. If not, every man/woman in this world is relative, lol.

        • Only on the inside, when Indonesia put the ban hammer on Chinese people and kicked them outta the country you think they cared if you don’t think you are Chinese? They’d beat the shit outta you then ship you off on the next boat back. Not proud of being Chinese? well too bad look in the mirror everyday and you are what you are and everyone sees you that way. You’re either willfully ignorant or fucking retarded.

  • You should base your opinions on China on something you didn’t learn from this website; 99.9% of articles on here about China are anti-China and always in favor of Japan. Was it “national hero” or is his hometown just “glad that the man is home safely?” Yes, there are bad Chinese people, absolutely, and there are many parts of the country that are shitholes. But you can’t blame the billions of innocent Chinese that have nothing to do with messing the country up- it’s the government’s fault. Don’t blame the Chinese people. Blame the government. It’s why we (the US) don’t like “communism” in the first place because it never works due to corruption.

    I am a Hong Kong Chinese, and I am proud of it. But I am not proud of what some mainlanders can and will do. I love Japanese culture and I am Chinese- does that make me strange?

    And some of these comments just make me sick. “Nuke China”? Seriously? What did those people do to you that you want to incinerate them for it? Send snipers? What a joke. The only person that should take a bullet between the eyes is you.

  • Its disgusting how everyone blindly jumps in defence of Japan.

    Would same thing happen near the Kurils would Russians be to blame? Its not Chinese that are to blame for being brainwashed, its you for thinking Japan is the innocent on in this confrontation.

  • The Japanese government is good at re-writing history. And they did that literally a few years ago. They don’t even acknowledge that Nanjing Massacre happened despite overwhelming evidence. I would not give Japanese government’s argument much credibility. The fact is, both the Sino-Japanese wars were instigated by Japan’s aggression towards China. Why should they benefits from the wars and keep the ill-gotten gains? Unlike Germany, Japan has never faced up to the history. They have never apologized to the Chinese except a few insincere attempts at expressing “regrets”.

    As for my Chinese friends, most of them admire the United States and are grateful for our role in the Pacific War. China also helped the US during the war by tying down the majority of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA). The IJA killed hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians after some of Doolittle’s crew were rescued by Chinese after the raid on Tokyo as retaliation. The US did make a mistake of giving the Islands to Japan in 1970 without consulting China. I guess that was the cold war and we wanted to drive a wedge between China and Japan. We in the US should take the moral high ground and not get involved when China takes the Diaoyu Islands back.

  • I’ve been living in Australia since I was 5 years old. Born in Hong Kong. I’m not Chinese, I would rather call myself Cantonese, nor am I a supporter of any particular state, but there are a few facts I would like to point out:

    – Most people taken hostage or detained and is then returned to their country of origin become a ‘national hero’ (Think Australia + New Zealand & Sea Shepherd)

    – Those who think Japan ‘apologised’ for their war crimes are mistaken. Japan still teaches a history curriculum where the invasion of China and Korea was an ‘incident’ rather than a ‘massacre’ or ‘genocide’. Same case with the Tiananmen Square Massacre is taken as an ‘incident’ in China.

    – China is the least guilty out of the current world superpowers in terms of conquest and invasion. In the course of the past 2000 years, China has only ever been ridden with civil war and have never been strictly governed by ‘one government’ until the Yuan Dynasty around 1300 AD. Even so, their conquest has only ever spread around neighbouring states which even till now, are being disputed (Such as Taiwan and Tibet.)

    – To ‘fear China will claim more land if they succeed’ is to thing very ignorantly. Taiwan and the disputed islands were originally part of China’s territories. I apologise first to the Taiwanese who are pro-independent as their sentiment is often that Taiwan is not part of China due to a governing stance. Taiwan is part of China geographically but not politically. China is a communist state and Taiwan were formally established by the outcasts of the nationalist party members (known as the Republic of China) during. Taiwan has been governed by the Republic of China (ROC) since 1945 when the Republic of China acquired Taiwan from the Empire of Japan as a result of World War II. It is after the take over by the communist that China was called the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Taiwanese readers – check out your passports. You’re still part of China no matter how much you deny it! The islands north of Taiwan and south of Japan are disputed due to technicality of conditions after WWII. While it doesn’t sit well with myself, China and Japan insists on fighting over these islands more specifically for resource reasons and hidden political agendas.

    – This point isn’t necessarily fact but rather my own opinion (and some of you feel the same way as I do too!) it’s mainly the governing body that makes and shapes the country’s image. The citizens ain’t necessarily to blame when it comes to these squabbles. So I beg you guys, please show more respect to each other rather than attacking a country and it’s people as a whole.

    As displayed, these facts show both countries have not yet come to terms with their own problems and the display of japanophilia in here further perpetuates this fact. I only hope people work towards a more progressive future.

  • “National hero,” or is his hometown just “happy that he’s back home safely”? Don’t exaggerate these articles on China as you always do.

    For those who are making hateful comments on China, I do hope that you are basing your comments on something OTHER than the news you find on this site. It’s almost always in favor of Japan, and encourages you to bash on China. Yes, there are bad Chinese people, absolutely, and many parts of the country is a complete shithole. But don’t blame the millions (billions) of innocent people. Blame the government. What some of you say is just sad.

    “Nuke China?” Seriously? Aren’t you just as bad, if not worse, as the people who are “celebrating” the return of this “national hero” when you want to NUKE a country just because of this? There’s a reason nuclear bombs have been only used twice in history… No one deserves to be nuked, no matter how bad they are.

  • China has never looked at land that it did not want, or feel it was entitled to. It is only a matter of time until China takes Taiwan, and until it takes over Japan herself.

    They know that the west avoids confrontation, and that the people in the west desperately want to avoid entrenched conflicts. China also knows it can easily win a media war since westerners would feel guilty over Chinese blood was spilt, and that if push comes to shove they have more hackers than the US has active defenses. They know they can win–they just want a good pretext like this incident.

  • This is really ridiculous. China is just showing they still live in the dark ages when it comes to dealing with other countries and Japan aren’t really in a position do anything much. However, they could at least stand their ground and not give in to China just like that.
    Claim territories that you lost is all fine and good though every country lost some territories in a one war or the next – just look at Europe. Heck that’s one of the reasons WWII two started. It doesn’t matter who “owned” the islands 100 years ago. If that were to happen UK, France, Spain and Portugal would legally be able to get half the world. That’s just plain funny.

    Sure Japan did horrible things in WWII and so did Germany, Russia, US, and almost every other country that fought on enemy’s territory – war is called brutal for a reason. Like the mongols didn’t rape, kill and burn everything in their path. It’s really brutal but there’s nothing one could do about that especially now that so many years have passed. Most of the people participating in WWII are dead so people need to move on as best they can.

    China is developing at an amazing pace however, if it keeps doing things like these big investors will eventually move on. Just look at the recent past – the 1973 oil crisis. What did the UK and USA do after oil prices went up due to the stupidity of OAPEC? They started developing oil reserves in the North sea and Alaska. Sure it was really expensive in the short term but it was worth it in the long one. China isn’t the only place in the world one could find cheap labour. It will cost a lot of money to move away from there and it will take time but it could happen and if China keeps it’s though act up ignoring every other country out there it’s going to happen rather soon and they’ll be the ones to lose the most.

    • UH if history ever taught us anything, its history repeat itself. Russians starting wars over its formal USSR splits, chinese being aggressive, american doing its world police duty, I guess you are too naive to see the connection between superpowers.

  • American colonists and soldiers who massacred thousands of natives and Iraqis can be called hero in this country.
    Those fishermen catch fish around this island for living for generations. And you call him “Senkaku Thief”?
    Don’t give me your shit. You look guilty.

  • I have a troubling sense that this is part of China’s ploy to invade Taiwan. China has usually been pretty reserved in these sorts of situation, and their actions in this instance is very out of character, since it puts them in direct conflict with a major trade partner. Due to this incident, China has indirectly damaged Taiwan’s relationship with Japan (which has traditionally been extremely friendly). Furthermore, Taiwan now has Chinese warships to the Northeast and West seas. At the same time, the US’ current system of appeasement has given China the best shot of attacking Taiwan without US military intervention. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

  • I have a troubling sense that this is part of China’s ploy to invade Taiwan. China has usually been pretty reserved in these sorts of situation, and their actions in this instance is very out of character, since it puts them in direct conflict with a major trade partner. Due to this incident, China has indirectly damaged Taiwan’s relationship with Japan (which has traditionally been extremely friendly). Furthermore, Taiwan now has Chinese warships to the Northeast and West seas. At the same time, the US’ current system of appeasement has given China the best shot of attacking Taiwan without US military intervention. I certainly hope that’s not the case.

    *copypasta from my earlier response.

  • Now, is it just me but


    Seriously, over the arrogance of one or the others, who really really NEEDS these 2 floating rocks? whats there, a diamond mine? i doubt so, over the worlds theres thousands of such islands, and i think most of the people DONT GIVE A FUCK, nor did give it back then.

    Jeez, sorry but I dont see the point of all these debates and stuff, over ridicolous desert islands middle of NO where

  • China want through this to show off their power to the rest of her people. Boost up their morale to believe in the Party which make US and Japan shut up. More nationalist were created, more trolls were born and they keep growing arrogant until WW3 started.

  • WOW ignorant much.

    There are several different reasons as to why China is acting this way:

    1. Natural resource is just some sugar ontop of the coating, China is the 2nd wealthiest country in the world wtf is this to them? Chinese culture is all about their pride, losing this island to the Japanese would basically be another smack in their face ontop of the many other things Japan has done to them.

    2. WW2 and ie. the rape of nanking was pure genocide(200,000 casualties? rape,killed,pillaged…human target practice – bayonets anyone?). Most old school Japanese politicians deny it was ever a genocide and till this day many ppl still salute and pay respects for these so called ‘heroic/bushido’ efforts.In comparison this is just a very small battle won by the Chinese. People are hating on China for this very small incident?

    3. Big fucking deal the Chinese rammed a Japanese boat. *Yawn* Cry me a fucking river please. Go learn something about World history 101: Neocolonialism. Spanish American war anyone? Genocide in the Americas? British, French, Dutch colonialism? The list could go on forever.

    September 9/11 was just a scratch compared to what the Americans did afterwards, yet the Americans not only performed retribution they profitted on the situation too. 90% of the people here are probably shitting on China right now, but I guarantee the statistic would go way down if this post was about America and their, ‘search for nuclear warheads’ or, ‘implementing a politically stable and free government to save its people’… GTFO hypocrites.

    All you fuckin otakus dun see any relative picture to what the japanese have done to the chinese, you guys just dick ride the japanese all day long.
    News flash, ur just another fuckin fat overweight gaijin. Go move to Japan and go suck their emperors dick or something or just stfu and stick to your hentai. Fuck the Americans and Europeans here that are talking shit when in history all they ever did was colonialise, kill-rape-torture-conquer other places…talking like you guys are heros on this message board…give me a fucking break.

    Unless your from somewhere like yugoslavia, rwanda or from a ethnicity that experienced some sort of genocide to your people, don’t take a moral high ground and say whats right or wrong. If a Jewish guy today went and killed 5 germans, I would say its wrong, but I wouldn’t shit on the jewish guy for doing so, cus I understand that genocide breeds a lot of supressed hate and generation long anger. I wouldn’t began to imagine how much hate and contempt there is. What that Jewish guy did is just a slap on the hand compared to what the Germans did.

    • Wronging someone is not justified because someone wronged you.

      Yes, the Rape of Nanking was horrible, as are all forms of genocide. You know what else was horrible? What the Chinese themselves (specifically Mao and his followers) did to the Chinese themselves during WWII. China was in shreads after WWII due to both Japanese Imperialism and Mao’s forces/Incopetent government.

      But putting that aside, having evil things done to you is no exuse to do something back. Ever hear of the phrase “an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind”? If someone kills your mother, is that wrong? Hell fucking yes it is. But are you justified in killing him or killing his mother back? No. Absolutely not. If you take revenge, what if one of his family members or friends wants to take revenge in return? And one of your family members or friends choses revenge in return for that!? This is not chaos rule. This is not the Dark Ages. This is not the time of Duels to the Death for honor or family vendettas or revenge killings. This is why we have the rule of law, this is why we have crime and punishment. If someone was to kill my mother, and then I killed that person, I would need to be tried and jailed, possibly killed depending on where I am. Whether it be person on person, or country on country, revenge is never justified in real life.

      And expecially in the case of country on country, it makes it even more unjustified. Because then were talking about an impersonal mass of people, most of whom have no personal connection to a conflict that happened decades ago. In that sense, you are taking revenge on people who are unconnected to the original conflict. Meaning, it ceases being an act of revenge, but just plain old assault or an act of war.

      And yeah, America has done a lot of shit that I probably would have never learned if I didn’t do some digging myself. Most Americans probably can’t even name 1 intrusion on Central/South American Governments and/or Politics. But are you going to hold the whole of the American Populous responsible? Are you going to hold me responcible, for the many haineous things that our government has done to many other countries, which I only learned within the last year or so? I’m Italian, Black and Cherokee man. The members of my family in the past were never exactly on the top of the heap. They were more concerned with when the next dollar would come or when the next meal would come, than to be a part of some Coup de Etat in Chile or Panama or to have their way with the populous of some Vietnamese village they just “liberated”. And it’s not like I’m an isolated case. There are plenty of other people, maybe of a different ethnic makeup than me, but in a very similar situation of uninvolvement.

      You have to judge an incident on the current circumstances. Once you bring in old baggage, it becomes revenge motivated, and then it’s just a downward spiral from there.

      • Naruto did a great job explaining that concept and weaving it into it’s plot 😀

        But seriously, I think people know this almost universally on a base-level, however being the unevolved bass-ackwards species that we are, we choose to ignore it in favor of animalistic instincts and our seemingly limitless thirst for revenge :-/

      • Killing is not wrong. People merely dislike it due to the loss of life that can be rooted back from far back into our biological history when we required the lives of other humans to maintain our own survival.

        Everyone just needs to be killed. Nuke the whole fuckin’ world, all our problems are then solved from there onwards. So if people can’t shut the fuck up and solve humanities own instinctive problems, then we should just nuke ourselves.

  • Next: China will send an army of fishermen to all of Japan’s main islands, and, somehow, claim ownership of all their territory, therefore obliterating Japan. An extreme concealed war of attrition if there ever was one.

  • Why is everyone so surprised at this?

    Considering what the Japanese did to the Chinese during World War II, refusing to give an apology after China demanding one for years, okay never mind that but even refusing to acknowledge what they did, and outrageously claiming rights to the island when clearly it’s not theirs to begin with, this is something I expected.

    • I swear do Chinese people get a “Anti-bashing manual” upon birth? Every time when the country is bashed they shout out “Remember WWII? You haven’t apologized!” like a broken record.

      Yes they have apologized many times and they shouldn’t have, because every time they do you ask for more. It’s never ending and Japan knows it, just like this case.

      For once in 4000 years China, Shut the Fuck up.

    • Compare to what China did to her people in the past you should consider yourself as uneducated when talking about Japaneses crimes in WW2. They won’t just accept China demand because they know Chinese will not just stop at this. Everyone know that China gov is something you trust the least.

  • At this point I would drop several H-bombs on this island, until it disapears. Its existence does more damage to this fragile peace than anything else. If it wasn’t there anymore no one would have one less reason to fight over stupid territorial, hystorical bullshit…


    Japan’s getting owned by China.

    Too bad that Japan will never have any balls lol.

    Incase you were wondering where Japan’s balls went: Japan’s balls got irradiated and it shriveled up into prunes.

    Japan: you should expect to be fucked in the ass for the rest of your life.

    • We all wish that would happen, but in reality, China would never STFU about this. They would keep this over Japan’s head. Its China and its for political gain rather than logic. Its more about power than common sense and they have to much power and almost no common sense.

  • why don’t we just drop politics and questionable border territories here at Sankaku? It’s not like we can say anything without researching the conflict over the mentioned territory.
    That and you can never know which side’s politicians lying. They’re all lying anyway.
    I’d like to enjoy my fandom without including politics headaches and trolling people without any idea of the historical background about who should own what.
    I’m not defending anyone. I’m just saying, I think that this discussion is sort of out of place here.

  • What’s worse this guy becoming a national hero in China for tackling a Japanese coast guard ship or Issei Sagawa becoming a national war hero in Japan for going overseas killing, butchering and eating a Dutch girl?

  • Unless you all are currently inhabiting the nations mentioned none of you can really give a clearly reasoned out opinion of what’s going on. People in each country are most likely going to believe the BS that was fed to them their entire lives to a certain extent.

    • I think the Chinese Communist Party’s very crafty to encourage more frictions between the Democratic Party members of Japan and the rest of the politicians.

      As much as I don’t like China Japan’s the biggest loser in this incident.

      • Hey, hold on a minute.

        Are you saying the nationalism is the evil of the world?

        Japan is in this shit because the top of then is traitor of own nation and the only weapon what the people have is the vote. They was fooled when went to vote and this shit happened.

        OBS: The vote is not obligatory in Japan and the most part of japanese is over 70 years old.

    • The land is not important, but the sea territory is.


      It is GAS near the islands, under the sea, not counting possibility to China makes harder to ships with products going to Japan, giving economical impacts, when China wants.

      Yes, the sea have frontiers too. Did You thought the sea belongs officially for every country?

  • Sorry for my language If this is very inaccurate I’m not native English user anyway.

    Not that I support China but according to news report by my local web site. Russian Historian said that those so called Senkaku (Japan) Diaoyutai (PRC) Tiaoyutai (ROC) are discoverd by China dated back to Ming dynasty A.C. 1368 – 1644 until 1895 Japan invaded China and forced them to sign on Shimonoseki treaty which took both Taiwan and Tiaoyutai in to Japan possession.

    After Japan lost in WWII China have regained their right on those Island under Potsdam Declaration A.C.1945 while Japan are fully acknowledged that those Island are part of Taiwan.

    It’s 1945 too that USA took over Okinawa and possessed it under San Francisco peace treaty 1951 and turned Okinawa into their base of operation for war in Korea and Vietnam during cold war. But in A.C. 1972
    When it’s time to return Okinawa to Japan USA just claimed Tiaoyutai as part of Okinawa instead of return it to Taiwan as Potsdam Declaration stated (thus enraged China)

    Other from Moscow Institue (again sorry for I don’t know how to tranlate his expertise or correctly spell the guy name ) also concluded that according to International Law those Islands are legally return to China already after WWII

    • Don’t you see the most new treaty is most concerned in the world? If you ignore that the world will be in chaos.
      It’s futile for China to say “It’s mine because we found it 400 years ago!”

      It’s like saying “Africans have the right to take over the world because we evolved and migrated from them”
      See? damn silly.

    • we still need golgo 13 with plastic rifle to own some nubs.

      but seriously dude. war is war.. if you conquer land / islands on war. you mostlikely wont return all. same happened with some other wars. not all land’s and islands have been returned to their rightful owners but hey thats life.

      also what do you think what happens if china takes that area by force? its war then.

      if they take them with *international law* tricks. its still war or something like that. no matter what they do to get those islands. its going to break into war anyways. might be WWIII.

      also someone said about eu they cant do anything.. well true but in war situation. eu could eat U.S or russia. even china thats if.. they dont have any allies which they do have but lets say japan allies with EU and EU allies with russia. then its like *oknp we join you too* says the U.S they will mostlikely join winning side then. india will most likely be like that too. heck nobody would want to join china’s side in that situation.

      heck if japan would form *economical/political* alliance with eu and other places to not to trade with china. china would be so fcked up. it would go bankrupt in few months if not faster. they would starve etc blablablabla and force them to give islands back.

      sad truth. nothing good comes up from that CTI (Capture the island) game. in the end china’s greediness will destroy it. basicly thats same with all countries… but china and U.S most greedy countries ;3 no offence.

  • Haters gonna hate.

    This stalemate is the only solution to bar either nation from an all-out military offensive.

    If either government officially takes strategic and military control of the islands (and the oil), the opponent would undoubtedly have 1) reason to call for international military assistance in recovering “their” land by force, and 2) reason to blaspheme the island-controlling nation to hades.

    This is obviously on the larger scale extremely unfavorable for both China and Japan, relative to the smaller verbal skirmishes that are occurring right now due to the stalemate. The governments WANT this drama to continue so that no actual political involvement needs to be enacted – they don’t want things to get ugly.

  • This whole affair is just embarrassing. Nothing more.

    For China, it’s embarrassing because they regularly and on purpose miss chances to show that their social/political conduct has improved beyond middle-ages level. They might enjoy an economic boom but they still haven’t realized that this world and the future world won’t solely revolve around them. Cooperation with other countries is still rather alien to them.

    For Japan, it’s embarrassing because for all their own economic/political might, they regularly end up making things worse than they are. Either because of indecisiveness or xenophobia. Add to that the sad reality that Japan doesn’t have the best of reputions in Asia.

    Of course, this won’t go beyond the usual power posing, but still, grow up you two!

  • Why do the Chinese even bother?

    I mean even if they do get the islands one way or another, the inhabitants are Japanese so there’s no way they’ll just accept it and move on anyway. China should just piss off and be happy they have a country at all…

  • Oh silly China, your just gonna get yourself into trouble if you keep fucking around like this. Not every nation lays down and whimpers like a beaten dog at the drop of a hat.

    But on a side note; I finally know what a Chinese person with Downs syndrome looks like.

    Bottom left…. Urg and I thought Caucasians with Downs were creepy.

  • This shit’s gonna get ugly….

    If a Falkland Islands-style war is unavoidable, let it be just at the sea without any civilian getting caught in between and not drag into land war.

    And China’s got too much land mass already! Why bother taking the risk of destabilizing the region for an inhabitable island with some natural resources that isn’t worth the whole trouble?

    Or is the Chinese government unable to contain the ultranationalists and the hawks?

      • The question is whether or not going through all these lengths wouldn’t cause a huge mess that is not worth all that oil.

        Imagine if war breaks out, that drags on for years, causing countless casualties and war costs(ammo, infrastructure maintenance) that goes through the roof, in addition to worsening their international image.

        China has been progressively improving their image since Tiananmen with rapid economic growth and attention to their rich culture, but ever since they reached their Asian top, it’s like they thought, “FUCK THIS SHIT. I’m through playing all-goddie-goodie. I’mma unleash my minions now! MUAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA!”

      • hmmm china occupies tibet…like the same way the japs tries to occupy china and korea 50 yrs ago?

        like how US took the 911 as an opportunity to seize oil in middle east?

        like how the britans occupies northern ireland and still dealing with terriorists?

        You are a stupid fuck, nuff said

  • I look at all the pro-Japan comments and laugh.

    Sino-Japanese relations are a lot more complex than that. China has a lot of reason to hate the Japanese with their attitude of superiority despite the fact that the majority of their language and social conventions were modeled in the image of Chinese govt. and social conventions. Hell, even their kanji are mostly pirated Chinese characters which have slowly changed into a semi-distinct language.

    Not to say that the Chinese are in the right in this case, but basically it makes sense when you think about how much the Japanese disrespect and dislike the Chinese (and pretty much anybody non-Japanese). The Rape of Nanking might not be fresh in the minds of the new generation of Chinese, but it remains fresh in the propaganda and attitude of the Chinese government.

    • Your argument isn’t really valid tho. Because if you say that about Japan and China; then what about every other country that uses a language that originated elsewhere? All of the American continent for instance, where English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French are all used extensively.

      Now if you wanna argue about War crimes during WWII then maybe. But then again every Country did stuff that they aren’t proud of during that time. But then again that was over 60 years ago, it’s time to let it go.

      As an example when I was in High school I had a few Jewish friends, and we had classes with German Exchange students. Anybody care to guess what happened?

      Not a damn thing, in fact most of the Jewish kids were really cool with the German kids, they got along great. Because they knew that they had nothing to do with what happened decades ago.

    • You don’t even know what you’re talking about. You’re either extremely ignorant, or you have been deceived by whatever you have been taught. My guess is that your teachers use materials sanctioned by Chinese goverment. And I’m not even taking sides.

      But will I bother explain? Nah, because no matter what concrete argument I can bring into the table, all you seem to care about is trying to be an outcast in a site you perceive as pro-Japan, to try and make yourself look smarter.

      I can tell you that I’m sure of this: You don’t care about the truth. If you bothered to look into the issue by taking sources from BOTH Japan and China, as well as independent outlets, you’ll know that there is no clear cut for EITHER Japan OR China, that neither side is completely correct in their claims.

    • Yes, Japanese in World War 2 almost completely wiped out organized society in China. But this isn’t the right way to make a payback. Making the invaders suck up to them with today’s economy should be enough for now. No need for these disguised hate events. But if they were to invade each others lands once more, let it be in the future when I am long dead of old age. I will not bear the dis-stabilization of the world by 2 abusive powers. Especially when it already happened twice in the past.

      • They’ve gained independence due to the fact that the opposition of the mainland government fled there and formed today’s Taiwanese government. In the views of China itself, Taiwan is still theirs. Just pick a side.

        • Taiwan is the exact opposite of China and yes, we really think we are independent. Just remember back to what our last president tried to do Chen Shiea Bian (I cant spell his name).

          We wanna declare independence, but we dont want to be nuked and China could to. They already fired missles over the island about 10 years ago. Plain and simple. The fact is, we need China for economic reasons and thats the only reason we aren’t pushing for independence. Everything else about Taiwan is that Taiwan is its own country and really should. We just like to think that China owns us, but they in fact has nothing to do with Taiwan.

          PST: the islands really should belong to us. This is all just a political standoff. No good can come of it other than emotional termoil.

    • This! I have tears in my eyes for the 2 groups of millions of people claiming that the piece of cake belonged to them. When it actually wholly belongs to the people of Taiwan.

      China bragging and Japan hurting over Taiwan’s cake just makes my head hurt.
      [Cake is used here as the Senkaku Islands.]