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Japan Frees Chinese Captain: “We Were Raped by China”


The crisis over Japan’s detention of a Chinese fisherman accused of ramming a Japanese coast guard ship in a remote group of Japanese islands claimed by China has ended with Japan releasing the captain, after China’s threats culminated in the possible execution of 4 Japanese captured as “spies,” but widely considered innocent hostages.

The crisis centres on Chinese incursions into the seas surrounding the Senkaku Islands (or Diaoyu Islands to the Chinese), a small group of uninhabited islands in the seas around Okinawa.

Japan considers the islands part of Okinawa prefecture and well within its Exclusive Economic Zone, whilst Taiwan claims them as its territory and China claims them as both part of Taiwan and as part of its “continental shelf.” Japan and China are both investigating gas reserves in the area.


As a result, the alleged deliberate ramming of a Japanese coast guard ship by a Chinese fishing vessel would constitute a domestic crime under Japanese law, in this case prosecutable as “interfering with an official in pursuit of their duties.”

The ship, captain and crew were subsequently detained pending charges, with the crew and ship later released, leaving the captain alone in Japanese custody. Japanese leaders assured the public it “would be dealt with solely as a possible criminal case.”

Reportedly the entire incident was filmed, but the video was not released as it was considered evidence.

The official reaction from China included severing official ties, unspecified threats of “further action,” a threat to ban exports of rare minerals to Japan and the suggestion that Chinese tourists should not be so eager to visit Japan.

By mysterious coincidence, after threatening “further action” China also arrested 4 Japanese on suspicion of photographing military facilities, announcing its plans to charge them with espionage, which carries a possible death sentence in China. China claims the events are unconnected.

The unofficial reaction from the Chinese people has been indignant, with calls for the immediate execution of the captured “spies,” a full boycott of Japanese goods and, of course, an outright invasion. Large scale protests appear to have been prevented by the authorities however.

Chinese scholars were also recently reported as suggesting Japan’s ownership of the Okinawan islands had no legal basis and that as a former vassal of China the islands should belong to China, a claim which has been made a number of times over the years, including by none other than Mao himself.

The US has officially assured Japan that its alliance would cover any Chinese aggression over the islands, whilst recently signalling a harder stance against China’s increasingly bold behaviour through naval visits to China’s neighbours. India, whose territory China occupies, was also recently reported by Chinese media to be aiming its new generation of nuclear missiles at China.

Despite the assurances, Japan’s craven leadership apparently decided to release the captain rather than upset their prospective masters – local prosecutors announced it was “due to the influence on our people, and out of consideration of Sino-Japanese relations” and “because he has no prior convictions.”

Unsurprisingly, the show of weakness has outraged many in Japan who already regard the current JDP administration as spineless Sinophiles set on making Japan a vassal of China – a conclusion which seems likely to become increasingly widely held.

Whilst a victory for China’s brute-fisted “diplomacy,” Japan’s humiliation seems set to poison relations not only between Japan and China, but also between China and its increasingly distrustful neighbours – many of whom will doubtless be looking to America for help lest they fall prey to China’s many other claims.


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  • Anonymous says:

    1. Those islands are closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa. And closer to Fujian than to Kyushu. Geologically, they are not part of the Okinawan chain, but lie on the continental shelf.

    2. The US returned them to Japan in the early 1970s without consulting any Chinese government, as it said it would in the Potsdam Declaration during WW2. Japan only annexed them in the late 19th century. Before that, they either belonged to China or to no-one.

    3. It is natural that an aggressive people like the Japanese, who tried to conquer all of Asia, would exaggerate in their own minds the danger that someone else might do to them what they did to others.

    • Poorly Japanese, better learn more about the history and especially world war 2. I don’t think your text books and materials about that one tells you well about what is the truth WW 2. Better learn more about the Cairo Declaration, and the history during Qing dynasty.

      Hopeless otakuns

  • Quote,China is getting very arrogant. Yeah they may be very successful and boycotting Japan will be a terrible blow to Japan’s economics(since they have more than 1.3 billion people) but when the countries around the world(especially Japan and the US) gets pissed off with their arrogance, they’ll be the one boycotting China. And maybe those countries will concentrate on India for cheap labour and China will be nothing.Quote

    China will never forget the rape of Nanjing and all the other disgusting acts of you barbaric Japanese Sub human animals,should you ever try to take on China you will regret it,that is why you run with the Americans like the slavering rabid dogs that Japanese are,Please Japan come try we the Chinese are waiting in antisipation for the thrashing that awaits you.

  • The only reason people here defending Japan cause if Japan gone from world map, they would only get “Chinese Quality Anime” for the rest of their life…

    Ever heard of Payback? Chinese hates japs for what they did in WWII

    And by nuking china, you’ll start WWIII and crippling world economic.

    Read your books people

    • Yeah…. and that means they also hate the Philippines, Malaysia and India. To hell with WWII. That’s done and over. This is our generation. Those Chinese faggots better not start up another conflict because they got neighbors who aren’t so happy with them…. five to be exact.

      It’s ok to have a crippled world…. I’d rather live in a post-apocalyptic world than in a world of Communism and anti-freedom….

      And no we are much less worried about our anime. Original anime will forever be “Made in Japan”. Anything made in China is a fake, is generic or is an imitation….

      “Nuclear missile ready. Target: Beijing.”

  • US invade other countries for whatever-I-don’t-care, but yes , they invaded some.
    China threat to invade some, too. Guest that they want some of the cake. And yes, they eager to,and they never mind playing hard ball.
    They keep criticise each other for that, so that people shall forget the fact that they both greedy.
    Though the methods are different, the purposes are the same. And in the end, small countries are the ones at the bad end of the stick. Ironic, right…

  • Jesus mother fucking christ.

    What the HELL is with the China hate? God, look.

    How about raising more than 400 millions out of poverty?

    Fine, complain about your crap quality barbie dolls when China is using the money to help it’s own people, and become a stronger nation. Don’t be so ignorant and only focus on the negatives.

    Look, China has been through a lot. I mean fucking a lot. You can just go “yay America!” But think of the Negros. Because of what they’ve been through, you can’t even call them Black. Now, think of Japan. They’ve raped, killed, robbed, and was just on the verge of destroying China. And you know what? They’re not sorry for it.

    Try and destroy China. I god damn dare you. But hell, at this point, if all the fit men from there go into war…Well yeah, the rest of the world is screwed.

    Plus, China is achieving academic excellence, so engineers, doctors, etc would be plentiful.

    I don’t give a shit about what you other ignorant bitches thing. I don’t want to mess with them, because hell, Australia won’t be enough protection for me. I would like to stay in my cozy Sydney house and not worry about WWIII KTHXBYE


    • Hate your China-made barbie doll much?

      Sure, I can agree with you that China has more people than some countries have bullets, but the thing is not about who is bigger and better, but how things are done.

      You know, even if its a small issue, people have memories. There will always be people who remember the Rape of Nanjing on one side, and there will always be the guys faced Fat Man and Little Boy. And there are people that don’t give a shit about history.

      So please go stick it in your mind. For each voice that cries out for blood in China over injustice, there is also a voice of reason.

      We Chinese are not friggin war machines.

      We are human, just like you, only with a different skin colour and culture.

      • Try telling that to the people your “ruling legitimate” political party killed over the years. “Not War Machines”? Prove it to me that you can cooperate with any other people of other nations here in the East, especially with the Japanese, without trying to get all the benefits for yourself. The Chinese “may not” be pure psychos but when it comes to Money you guys drops all and lose it. Because when it comes down to it, it’s eternally:

        Chinese = Greedy East Asian merchants….

  • No American, Englishman, German, or Japanese has the right to make comments about China being a bully. Unless it’s true that it takes one to know one.

    As for the uninhabited islands in question, they look a lot closer to China than to Japan. Japan took them in 1895 during a past period of aggression.

    Unless Japan and Japanese people move quickly to be friendlier with China, their future is dark. China is far larger, both in area and in population. Even its economy is now larger.

    Chinese have good historical reasons for their prejudice against Japan. Japan has squandered decades of opportunity to correct their outmoded attitudes toward China, which were formed between 1890 and 1945, when China was weak and disorganized. Times have changed. Japanese attitudes should change, too. Maybe then Chinese attitudes might change.


      Japan tried so many diplomatic resolves EXCEPT for acknowledging the truth about certain historical events, probably out of fear that the ruling government would be perceived as ‘masochistic’ and ‘ass-bending’. In fact, even because of the handful of guilt-ridden gestures they have shown over the past decades, many critics still see those as ‘ass-bending’. Kinda like how certain Americans thought that Obama was being excessively polite when he bowed down to the Japanese Emperor(I thought he was just trying to respect local authorities according to their custom, but you know politics).

      On China’s side, nationalism is on the same extremes to Japan, perhaps even worse. What makes it an annoyance is that many of these ultranationalist, idea-forcefeeding faggots are trained, or sanctioned by their government. See link below:

      Of course it would be stupid to assume that ALL of these seemingly vigilante acts are government-sanction, but why haven’t I heard anyone in the administration even condemning the act? That the Chinese government is doing nothing to prosecute the hackers or prevent this type of hacking from bleeding to other countries? INSTEAD, they’re busy trying to CENSOR other countries by means of intimidation.

      I’m not saying either side is better than the other right now, at least on a universal scale, because both China and Japan have been using petty shit to attack each other diplomatically until now. What a lot of people on the Internet are unhappy about right now is how forces within, or allocated to the Chinese ideals, are becoming a menace to other people. Do you have the right to tell organizers of some movie festival to ban this or that movie? I’m 100% sure that if someone threatens China into banning The Hurt Locker in Chinese cinemas, they’d be pissed themselves.

    • American, Englishmen, German or Japanese used to be bad-asses but they turn out quit civilize nowadays when China is about to become next bad-ass.

      People who used to hate those countries, now their children admire them. And they rather choose the old tyrants than the up coming “under-development” tyrant who tend to bully people around them.

      They all have the right to judge China action. In WW2, England and French ignored German to do what they like and you already know what happened. I would lol if history repeat once again.

  • Fuck damn it! My countryman did the right thing to held HonkKong nationals hostage and killed them after! The Philippines will never be subject to China! We are the proud descendants of the Sea-Lords of the Oriental Pearl!

    Kill China! Kill Communism!

    • No one’s a subject to another. It’s all a Jedi Mind Trick, there’s no such thing as country, no such thing as government, all of them are fabricated lies we feed ourselves to compensate our insecurities.

      • Well we Filipinos were a bunch of pirates long before China…. So were proud of that, and we still are: A bunch of pirates with their own pirate country and pirated culture…. ARG!

        Nonetheless China has no right to claim the whole of East Asia like that. China is just a country with nuclear powered monkeys. They’re becoming so big-headed with their current success that I feel the need for them to have it shortened…

  • I’m wondering if your guys have REALY try to stand on we Chinese way to think about this thing?
    You just believe the opinion Japan hold.
    In Chinese opinion,this island is ours,and is there anything wrong to fishing in the sea near our land?

  • Now China want Japan to apologize for their act. I lol on it when China probably harassing people on South China Sea. To be specific they suddenly claim the ocean to be their to use. Ridiculous reason and they start sending more military remodel to fishing ship there to announce their demands.
    They think they can harass some Vietnamese fishing ships, capture them and ransom their family because their government is “too weak” to do anything but Indonesia, Malaysia won’t just let them do as they like.

      • So, explain why China come from nowhere and claim most of South China Sea is of them ? Is it because their “China” is on it ?

        China just claim their territory , send your people to walk around there frequently to call it your “backyard” is just ridiculous.

        If it’s your historical territory, what take you so long to prove it ? What happen 30 years ago ? Why until now come out of the shell and bully people just because u have the power ?

  • wat an pathetic desperate cry for attention, pedantic trolling of an article. next time you might want to back up your statement with some evidence or just go back to writing about the typical weeaboo faggetory. after reading some of the comment………… jesus fucking Christ, i have never seen a bigger bunch of ignorant idiot shits, how about visiting a real news site instead of guzzling up what this troll writes.

  • Well hey, if Japan wasn’t so high on nationalism and power during WW2, maybe the leaders wouldn’t have to be such pussies today.

    For real, so many East Asians don’t like Japan, which resulted in their isolation and xenophobia.

    Oooo weird little Japan, you.

  • Really what the hell is wrong with China a war in the region would cause the US and Europe to drop all their imports.

    The US can find plenty of cheap labor in India and Mexico if they choose to end relations with China the inconvenience would only be temporary.
    We dealt with far worse inconveniences during WWII and even during the oil embargo of the 70s.

  • highly doubt anyone here can make a comment without bias towards either china or japan. even if one doesn’t, others will say they were bias.
    biased comments and view are for the weak and illogical, emotionally driven humans who cannot comprehend pure logic within their understanding and choices. thus, all that fulfils the criteria of being biased, please stfu and gtfo of my interweb.

    • Well if Japan wasn’t so high on hyper-nationalism and arrogant power during WWII, maybe their leaders wouldn’t have to act such pussies today.

      It’s no wonder they are so isolated from the rest of East Asia and the rest of the world.

      Oooo little weird island Japan you are.

      • I disagree. Japan did the right thing by not allowing a small trivial matter to give rise to a national issue. Sure it made them looked like pussies, but imagine if they had not back off. What choices do you think China will have left? Japanese simply did China a favor by not letting them lose face among its people.

        Hopefully Chinese officials will learn from this lesson and return the favor in the future.

  • no nation can tell what China can do to fix its problem because you dont’ have 1.2 bil people (probably more now) to govern.

    When you have an effective government ruling 1.2bil people then you can talk.

  • Just kill all of them with fire. I’m Taiwanese, so what I say makes sense cause I’m from the country. Oh wait, I should be patriotic and be anti-Japanese.

    My bad. Just nuke everywhere in the world. That solves all the issues humanity has caused.

    • Let’s just continue with the East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere and subject China, after we invade it, to human experiments. That way, any communist who thinks above himself will have China to take as an example of what it means to repress freedom….

      I mean China is now a country built on repression and extortion. It’s the Upper Upper Class Chinese repressing everyone below them. Why can’t we just kill evil people like that in a simple matter of missiles, war and domination? It’s not like an EMP over Beijing won’t be effective. Even us filipinoes are being threatened by that stupid country of greedy merchants….

  • Whoever said nuke China to smithereens,yea only US has nukes, China don’t. Unless your missile defense system is so perfect that it will never miss a single missile,I wouldn’t go out and say nuke any country with nukes capable of reaching your home.

  • The disputes between China and Japan in regard to the Senkaku Islands have been going on since 1970s.

    If some of you are aware of history should know there are evidence to suggest that China has lay their claim over the Island as far back as Ming Dynasty. If you are a Chinese, perhaps you may not be too happy about the Japanese taking over your land as well and passionate about the issue, more so if you born in Taiwan.

    I agree the fact that natural gas reserve was found near the Island intensify the situation.

  • “The crisis over Japan’s detention of a Chinese fisherman accused of ramming a Japanese coast guard ship in a remote group of Japanese islands claimed by China”…

    doesn’t this mean that China also knows that the fisher man is the one rammed into the Coast guard of Japan? Coast guard means that it’s in the Japanese territory. If without permit to fish there, the captain can be legally detained in japan since it’s breach in territory. If the article above is accurate or considered correct that is. The main question here is the ownership of Okinawa?

    I think there is something really going on in their heads…..I’m just disappointed on the backing out of Japan…they didn’t consider it if they were in the right or wrong…..oh well….I guess that’s how politics work. They need to balance out losses and gains. I wonder if they actually gained anything though.

    I wonder what UN is doing right now?

    It’s also disappointing that people in China(people in the article) wants to boycott stuff and war (specially the war) because of this event. Peoples experience can really twist an individuals perspective.

    “unofficial reaction from the Chinese people has been indignant, with calls for the immediate execution of the captured “spies,” a full boycott of Japanese goods and, of course, an outright invasion”

    Things are starting to get personal. I believe something similar also happened concerning Chinaxother country threats. Where the captured “spies” proven to be real spies…I wonder.

    I read the article and all the comments. It was an interesting read.

  • This has me wondering, how will the US respond if this situation had occurred between Taiwan and Japan? The US is bound by international laws and treaties to defend Taiwan against any acts of foreign aggression, but it’s also legally bound to defend Japan. The disagreement/claims over these islands are pretty ridiculous, and has been on-going in one form or another for the past century. I personally think it belongs to Taiwan, since a 1944 Tokyo court had determined that the islands are a part of the Taipei Prefecture (name for Taiwan during Japanese administration).

  • Comparing Chinas tactics to getting a civilian released to Americas I’d say China gives more of a damn than we do. Say what you want but all that excessive brute “Democracy” was to free ONE fisherman. We’re so concerned with politics that if an American is “arrested” on foreign soil it has to be on every new channel before we give a shit. And even then it takes about 2 years to get them out.

  • Gee seems like none of u actually mentioned how a tiny ass fishing vessel is supposed to be ramming a coast guard ship? Those fishing ships are actually the pieces of crap that u can see online etc. While a coast guard ship is an official ship… hmmm…imo and im usually against chinese propaganda, china’s right. like hell a tiny little fishing ship was gonna do anything against a coast guard ship. japan brought this on themselves especially because all china asked for initially was to let go of all the crew but japan had to be a dumbass against super hardball china and now lost its dignity.

  • People here tend to forget one thing: Taiwan and Hongkongnese activists are also protesting against the Japanese in the Diaoyutai-issue, voicing their support for the Chinese trawler-captain.

    This detention is not only a PRC-Japan Issue, but a issue for all Chinese people around the world, no matter if in Taiwan, HK, Singapore or in Western countries – all united in their rightful despise of the illegal mistreatment of their brother by the japanese.

    • Screw off. I am a Singaporean Chinese and I don’t care about what happens between China and Japan. Actually, a lot of my own countrymen hates China people among all the races that immigrate here because they do stupid things like

      1) Not queuing up for things.
      2) Speaking up loudly in trains and buses
      3) Not knowing how to speak a word of English. (Can you imagine going to a restaurant and waiter serving you does not know how to speak English?)
      4) Thinking they are all almighty and powerful because the whole world depends economically on them now

    • The Japanese were right to arrest that man, as he crashed into their patrol boats; I’d expect any nation to do the same. What they did -after- that is debatable.

      Many of those same Han Chinese protesting Japan over this issue are ready and willing to protest Japan on -any- issue, really. Worldwide Han Chinese protests over something the Japanese has done is expected and, as a result, unexceptional to the world at large.

    • This is the proper translation.

      Fuck you, little Japan. Diaoyu Island belongs to China. The later generations of the 西门庆 can go and die.

      西门庆 is a derogatory term used by the Chinese to describe Japanese during pre World War era, just like how Germans were derogatory referred as Krauts during WW2.

  • Never trusted china, never will. Expect we will have to go to war with them soon (us being america) and when we do I will be likely to join up. Their crazy political and economic system is a threat to the world. (and I would do this not annonomusly as zaldar) but for some reason it won’t let me log in.

    • I have a feeling all your hate for China comes from accepting all the bad stuff you hear about them. But you tone and what you said scares me. I’ll see you on TV fighting your war while I stay here at home living ma’life.

      You should know that the US also greatly dis-stabilizes the world, just look at the middle-east. China and the US are both great powers.

  • China needs to be declawed and defanged.

    To put down the threat of the yellow menace, I propose that we weaken china by dividing it. Infiltrate and stir up a rebellion with the aim of granting Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet independence. That should weaken the commies sufficiently for an invasion of the mainland.

    If that fails……unleash the power of the atom!!!

    Remember the words of Liberty Prime : “Death is a preferable alternative to Communism, Communism is the very definition of failure.”

  • Its strange that people have resulted to calling people who side with China “brain washed” and the ones who side with Japan “J-culture dependent”. What I conclude is that the people here are brainwashing themselves with these assumptions.

    Any “media” is “propaganda”. Remember that. That’s why we have opinions. So we can break free of the media with our voices. A voice can be used for propelling a good, evil or worthless cause/opinion. We should do our best not to instill fear in each other in the comment box. ^_^ It sounds hateful and actually increases resentment to the ones who type the comments themselves.

  • This may not serve China well in the long run. Taking hostages, severing diplomatic ties, halting economic activity – providing such extreme reactions will only chill relations not just with Japan, but with its other neighbors as well, not to mention its relations with other faraway nations. The US is already making diplomatic inroads in East and Southeast Asia, and many nations are welcoming it.

    Still, this probably won’t effect everyone’s reliance on China, economically. Such brinkmanship will only continue, and may very well be the norm, as China continues its now-bogus ‘peaceful rise’ and countries around the world allows themselves to become trade slaves to the large nation.

  • This article is pure flamebait + hate against Chinese. Do you see how close to Taiwan the islands they’re disputing for are? It’s way closer to China, and fishermen should have the right to fish are they not?

    On what I know about the incident:
    A Japanese high class warship(frigate or destroyer class) used by the coastguard sent a warning to a Chinese fishing vessel who cast their nets close to the islands. With language barriers and unnecessary aggression from both sides, they each pursued their own goals. The Japanese vessel proceeded to block the present course of the fishing vessel. But the fishing vessel maintained it’s course until they collided. The Japanese then sent 5 destroyers to form a circle around the fishing vessel and and a helicopter to fly overhead. The captain was taken by the Japanese ships.

    -Responses from each sides-

    Held the captain of the vessel. Thought to be guilty of trespassing into Japanese seas and assaulting officers. (Some truth: The islands are within the East China Sea Region. The geography and map says it all.) Japanese government then decided to increase enforcement that the islands are indeed Japanese, just really really far from Japan.

    Couldn’t come up with anything to save the captain due to the racial disputes over the islands, threats were produced and a boycott of international cooperation was suggested. (Japan replied that China + Japan are still economic partners and that this matter wont affect anything.) “Strict action” was then proposed by the mainland government to Japan. This is where things get messed up. The 4 Japanese spies thing is something I haven’t heard of and wont fully believe since it’s from here.

    My take:
    For God’s sake, the Japanese are too harsh on fishermen. The seas are hard to map, because they’re moving. Also the islands they’re disputing over are not hospitable, its a solid rock with no vegetation/ The Chinese are too harsh too. They didn’t have to make this event that big a matter.

    I understand that this matter is now over though. The part of the article to include US intervention is too big a flamebait, not to mention the declaration of war by China. I live in China, and no, it’s still peace here. And Japanese language and culture is still loved by people as a friendly foreign treasure.

    • The two countries are waiting for oil to be found, that’s why those rocks are important. It pissed me off a lot too, seeing two countries fuel hate over rocks with little to no reasonable landmass.

      XD An army battle there would be like an online game. Paratroopers = spawn troopers. They get killed by campers. Campers get killed by a heli – someone got killstreak. And then one got 25 kills. He says “Noooooook!!!! I win!” Everyone dies at the end. All the players, oops, I mean soldiers get pissed off at the Nuke noob and forgets their hate for each other. Then there was peace. Except now that sea is inhospitable to life, and their fish are now radioactive.

  • always wondering why r so many ppl calling for the liberation of tibet while ignoring the fact that many of the ‘developed’ countries do not actually uphold their sovereignty rights which r recognized by all their native residents.

    a typical joke from china:
    Q: Why doesn’t your government give Tibet back to its monks?
    A: Because the monks want to help the Seminoles take back Florida.

    and lets not talk about Northern Ireland…

  • Generally speaking, they’re all Asian and through the eyes of the rest of the world, it doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.(Unless you’re one of them dirty ass “Asians” *COUGH INDIANS* or those damn Mongolians)you’re going to be treated the same. It’s retarded when you turn around and shit where you eat because sooner or later, theres going to be a unity that combines all the greatness of each nation and these horribad past events would have just seemed like a waste of time.
    But yeah, both Japan and China are being gay. At least they’re getting better. Or… trying to.

      • Wait? I thought they already have? Or have they simply been recognized as being independent by some nations?
        I have Taiwain friends, and they all think the government is waked up right now and better off going back to China which they will benefit more economy wise(we didn’t really think about the rest, we were discussing economics).

        • Taiwan has ‘de facto independence’. It’s considered as an economically prosperous, democratic independent nation by many countries, but the PRC has refused to deal with countries that recognize Taiwan as a nation. As a result, official diplomatic ties between Taiwan and other nations are few and there aren’t many embassies in Taiwan. What governments like the US have done is create institutions like the American Institute in Taiwan to act as ‘private’ consulates.

          I digress! Taiwan is independent is almost every way, but many believe that their independence has no weight until its recognized by China. As of right now, Taiwan has a strong reliance on mainland trade (like everyone else…). It’s only going to get stronger.

          I don’t know if Taiwan would be better off if it became part of China, but I honestly hope it doesn’t happen — personal bias. It’s relatively free media, government, and economy would be compromised in time, since SAL agreements are limited and non-negotiable. With the current China-friendly administration, it could be seen as an SAL already, though.

    • No it wouldn’t, cause China will pwn Korea and Japan. It would probably start with either China vs USA, Russia vs USA. Take Europe out since their kinda pussies and don’t really do much. Middle East out since their terrorist and can’t afford/lack the technology to wage a war. Israel vs Arab maybe, both sides are dicks. China vs Russia is unlikely, as well as China vs India, we don’t really have any sort of feud with them currently.

      And if WWIII will happen, it will either be started by China or USA(I’m not saying China will be the starter).

      • China will not evoke war against U.S.A. U.S. is way too far with China, and the war will be extremely costly. In the end, both country will suffer tremendously, may even be the end of the world.

        Leaders of the world are like Kungfu School Masters. They don’t ever want to lose face, but don’t actually want to start a fight either. It’s Testosterone at work.

  • What’d you expect from patriotism? With power, you can talk big.

    Japan claims Dokdo and Diaoyu Island as theirs, competing with Korea and Taiwan respectively. Disregard China, they claim everything to be theirs. Can say the same mentality about any Asian country, or even every country.

    Know what? Fuck all this, let’s just kill it all with fire.

    • One with power decides all. China now has greater power than Japan, so it can use it for it’s own accordance. Is this not the same case during the Sino-Japanese War period? Japan was more powerful than China and Taiwan, and thus, able to use it to claim anything as Japan’s. This was when they claimed Diaoyu Island as Senkaku Island along with Taiwan.

      Just as Dokdo Island had been agreed upon by Japan as Korea’s territory, but what now? They now claim it is theirs. Tell me, who’s right and who’s wrong?

      No one. It’s just the cannibalistic game of pitiful humans.

  • China- humiliated in the last World War, now rebuilding itself into an economic and military powerhouse, all too willing to flex its muscles in the political arena, aggressive in asserting territorial sovereignty…

    Am I the only one seeing many parallels to pre-WWII Nazi Germany here? I fear for us all.

  • Considering the website, I guess I’m going to get a whole lot of people hating on me but oh well:

    As a Chinese person not living in China anymore, I can see why many people have a certain hatred towards China. But rather than hating Chinese people, direct your anger at the decision makers. We aren’t all just “brain-washed”, our minds aren’t “fucked up” and many people are well aware of their oppression. But it is this oppression that scares so many of us into silence.

    I just want to raise the issue that the decisions of a small amount of people doesn’t reflect upon the majority.

    Also, another point I would like to make is about the media. Chinese propaganda is renown for its so called “brain-washing”, and while this may be true, it also applies to the west. People don’t realize how powerful the media is in the west as well, and I would say both Australian (where I live right now) and Chinese media is in fact very similar.

    Considering the past actions of China, it is understandable why so many of you have such a hatred towards China, but please don’t just take everything you hear on face value and hate on China. Corrupt people exist in any country, whether it be in China, Japan or the U.S and the problem here is that these corrupt people have come into power.

    • anon 23:01

      You are perfectly correct in saying that ‘Hate the Government, not the people’ well I agree with you anyway.

      In the 21st Century, growing up in Japan (and perhaps the case everywhere else in the world), culture has become too Americanized (yes with a z). As a result, there is a lot of hate for the people yet the hate should be re-directed at the people who utilise it as a marketing product

    • It’s not just the past actions. It’s china’s cocky attitude right now that’s pissing everyone off. Sankaku is not the only place crawling with china-haters. Most of the non-china people on the net also dislike it even though they may not be too vocal about it. Second biggest economy or not, you don’t know how many non-china Chinese folks loathe being thought of that they are from china.

      Because of the fact that a lot of countries are dependent on it’s large population, china thinks that it can act however it wants. Taking hostages and threatening to kill them off is also just outright barbaric. A shameless action. Even so, if the fisherman weren’t released, I’m sure china would have gone off and killed the four hostages and just a few countries would “condemn the action” at most.

      It’s obvious that china’s trying to become the next USA. Well, I’d say that’s quite natural. But with it’s current attitude and behavior, I don’t want to imagine a world in which china is the super power.

      The good thing that came out of this is that every country in the region, including and especially Japan, would realize who their biggest and baddest enemy is. Hopefully, these countries would do something about it. china has gotten too full of itself and needs to be controlled.

    • I appreciate your response, sir. (or ma’am!). I’m uncomfortable with the decisions of the Chinese government, but that has nothing to do with my view on Chinese people as a whole.

      The Western media is indeed very powerful, but Western media (USA & UK media at least, I don’t know much about media in other nations) are allowed to criticize decisions made by their government. How many mainland Chinese publications are allowed to openly lambaste their government’s policies without fear of arrest? We have propaganda here, but we also have a choice to read news and information from other sources to escape that.

      As a former Chinese resident, what do you think about the Chinese government? What’s your opinion on Taiwan and its government?

      • Being Chinese, the most annoying thing I find about China is that people lack the ability to criticize at all. Nothing at all. At least America you get to see 2 perspective of a situation, China you see only 1 and that’s theirs.

        Taiwain, reminds me of Israel really, though personally apart from losing their identity, they will benefit more to join up with China(could do what they did with Hong Kong, make it a special economic zone). But America will never let that happen cause they will lose a ally. Also the Taiwain government are dicks, really they change the map(flipped) just so Taiwain “appears” to be higher than China, really that is retarded(glad that idiot is out of the office).
        China, becoming more and more like America government, politics and stuff takes too long, people are already dead. The new President I personally think are much better than most previous one.

    • I would like to add that this issue has been around what seems like forever, and this ain’t the first time a ‘chinese’ ship has bumbed into a ‘japanese’ ship around those islands.

      HK and Taiwanese fishermen has numerous times collaborated to protest at the islands, although admittingly that was at least 10 years ago, the last time there was an incident there, in which a chinese fisherman died.

      This time the captain being detained couldn’t get his grandmother’s(or mother i forget) funeral ontime because of this ‘incident’.

      Who knows who is really in the right or wrong here? When you consider both claims who’s right or wrong?

      I mean seriously doesn’t anyone here try to see both sides and not just HATE?

      • This incident is nothing but Hate. China is Japan’s biggest trading partner, yet there are so much racial hatred among the people. This hate cannot be dissolved over night since it didn’t start over night.

        If you can understand Israel-Pakistan then you’d understand China-Japan. Both countries got sucker punched, but when it’s time to fight back, the world says “Halt! stop! World Peace time!”

        How would you feel if you got into a fight in school, and the other kid punched you first, then when you were just about to take on some revenge, the teachers come in and stop the fight. Most likely you’ll find that kid off of school ground and get your revenge.

      • I can’t talk for anyone else, but I don’t hate the chinese people at all. They are humans like everybody else.

        The government and it’s tools needs to be destroyed, though, and fast. Just like some other governments that might end mankind or simply are inhuman in other ways. Russia, North Korea, Israel, Sudan and some arab countries come to mind. I’m sure I missed a bunch.

        • Funny about Schrobby is that he sound like those Conservatives during the Cold War and at the present War on Terror with a few extermination-rhetoric in his comments.

          And he mentions all tools of the government, does it include those that are NOT used for war? Wow.. way to go in destroying a country by “starvation”

          I bet he is one of the few that are fed with information with popular culture and FOX being the sources, eventually have no idea about the real-world

        • You forgot America. America claims they are a free nation, free my ass. The people think they have the right, but the government can deny their rights, remove them from the records, they never existed.
          The difference between China and America is that China fails at hiding it, while America does a better job, people disappear in America.
          Russia isn’t doing too bad for their current state of their country, if America was in their situation, I would expect them to be just as bad.
          North Korea is kinda the only fucked up nation in the world right now, Israel is more ignorant than Americans, and Arab nations simply doesn’t want to be weak, mainly terrorist are the cause.

          Just admit it, your pro American. Your view are extremely bias to one side.
          And also, China isn’t communist, they simply claim to be >.> kinda stupid but it works.
          Trying to lead 1.4 billion people is hard, off course their gonna make retarded mistake, anyone would.
          And if you say that near most chinese, even if they neither like or dislike the government(we are not in China so who cares) we will still get pissed off.

    • Not only do they share ancestors, their culture and calligraphy are also very similar. Chinese and Japanese languages are so similar that a Chinese can read about 50% of Japanese without any Japanese education background.

      Why can’t these two nations get along? Because 2 people walked into a bar. Japanese guy pushed the Chinese to the ground, rapped him and took his money. 20 years later, Chinese guy had a son and wanted to avenge his father. so he goes to the bar but only sees the Japanese guy’s son.

      Ch’s son, “Your dad rapped my dad, appologize >:0”
      JP’s son, “uh, but I didn’t do it, it was my dad.”
      Ch’s son, “I don’t care, apologize or I kill you. >:0”
      JP’s son, “wtf, fuck you, I’m out of here.”
      CH’s son, “Hey! get back here, you fucking wuss.”

      • Don’t you think japan paid enough for it?

        What needs more? To teach at own school to hate his own country.
        (A certain huge group of Japanese teachers is already doing this.Google Nikkyouso.)

        Needs to pay how much more? 99% of territory of japan? Turn Japan part of china like Tibet? Need to be nuked how much?

        • Not really, Japan paid America. It doesn’t give a shit about the Chinese.

          Japs think they’re superior shit anyways. It’s only the government that maintains the cool face to avoid international bashing.

        • Japanese hates Chinese. Not only hate, they also think Chinese’s blood is “dirty.” Many abroad Chinese students are being treated badly in Japan. Japanese will never see a fellow Chinese as their own equal.

          People are not dumb. Chinese being made fun of as 2nd class human beings is not news to Mainland China. You can talk peace all you want, but the grudge remains. It’s like shots of anger being bottled up waiting to unleashed.

          It simply takes a good old fist fight for two guys to become friends. Ladies, don’t try to convince them, it’s a man thing.

  • China do not need any Japanese imports – they just reproduce it and claim as their own.

    Also, I do wish people in South-East Asia stop with this patriotic act – WWIII is near

    And China claiming Okinawa would be the same as the US claiming Hiroshima and Nagasaki because bombs were dropped.

  • I will quote an analysis from BBC.

    “Many in Japan may bristle, saying the country has caved in to Chinese pressure. But Japan certainly had a lot to lose. The economy is dependent on exports for growth, and China is its biggest trading partner. Japan’s government is looking in to reports that China stopped shipments to Japan of rare earths – elements in which it has a near monopoly vital for the manufacture of hi-tech goods like electric cars.

    By releasing the captain, Japan may ease tension, but it looks weak. China, too, may lose in the long run. The events of this month have cast a chill over its neighbours just as China hopes to take on a larger global role.”

  • So the china guys raged and roamed is boat into japanese coast guard ,is arrested (of course..),china arrest some japanese guys,call them spies(wut..?)and threaten to execute them?

    …I’m harshly reminded how “law” “logic” and “diplomacy” never existed in this shithole.

    Anyway this sure is a harsh blow,but i agree that one chinese guys wasn’t worth sacrificing 4 citizen…

    • Did you really think the Chinese government actually value human lives? All their doing was to make themselves look good and win approval by the masses within the country. They wanted to promote the idea that “We carrreeee about our citizens, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring him baaccckkk…”

      Many things in this world are staged. It’s very possible that the real negotiations was taken place under the radar so that a “good show” will be taken place in public.

      The truth is this, “China doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their own citizens. Political officials treat Chinese people like cattle and their constitution like toilet paper. All they want are money and power, and they’ll do whatever they want to obtain it. On the surface, China looks like pretty developed country, but underneath, it’s a very dark, evil, corrupted state.

    • Yes, because suicide ramming a fish boat into a coast guard would be the obvious thing to do. /sarcasm

      Anyways, for you it seems like a non-threatening civilian fish boat getting detained for no reason at all in disputed waters is the logical thing to do; while arresting people filming military facilities without permission is not.

    • and u do think that fisher-boat would so cleverly run into a coast guard?
      to me, it seems more like a tactic the coast guard used while they didnt want to fire afew missiles to tt tiny boat
      rmb all this happened in the stupid DISPUTED water territory…

    • >>China is being a troll, and Japan is being the cool side.

      China is troll but is a winner. Japan is cool but it’s a loser.
      Why? Japan lost Senkaku Islands and all submarine resources on the area of islands.

      Submarine Petroleum, for example…

  • Please, both sides are fighting for the islands because of the possible oil and gas but it not a sure thing it does exist below the island. Both sides are using people of the other nation as chess pieces. Both countries are douches on this. Wait till to you hit gold and then fight over it!!! Bitches!!

    • I always figured North Korea would have started WW3. I can see the dear leader on his death bed… with his last ounce of strength he’ll reach over and press the big ‘FUCK YOU’ button that launches what ever missiles they have to neighbouring countries. And then die, leaving his Son to clean the mess or who ever he decides to replace him.

    • I don’t know which country’s blockheaded leaders may start the WW3, but China’s government for sure gave/gives/and with such an attitude will keep providing *a lot* of ground for an excuse to start one.

        • China won’t start a WW3. China have no need to start a war (at this point), they are already conquering the economics of the world, whipping USA badly. Starting a (real) war would just cripple their growth.

          China is biding it’s time, they are patient, slowly building up their military power with their growing economy.

          USA on the other hand, they are in a economic decline, and they are well aware of that if something drastic don’t happen China will race past them and probably step up as the worlds leading superpower in 10-20 years time. At the same time their whole wealth depends on them being able to bully the rest of the world around, and if China continues to grow with the same rate they are atm, they will sooner or later surpass USA in that field to.

          In other words, the country most likely to start up WW3 is our old USA, it’s after all the nation that’s started and participated in the most, and the biggest, wars in modern times. Or sorry, should that be the biggest “exporter of democracy” in modern times?

        • Oh really, the US didn’t expand? From the looks of your comment, you define expansionist as literally invading the country and occupying it for a long time.

          So I guess you are not aware that the US’ foreign policies during Cold War and the current War on Terror is not expansionist?

          Expansionist policy can be either literally occupying the country or influencing that country.

      • Many countries are in the process of acquiring them or already have them…

        The USA gave Pakistan and Israel nukes. India developed them because Pakistan has them, a bunch of arab countries want them because Israel has them.

        North Korea developed them, so South Korea wants them.

        This is a growing problem that needs to be adressed.

        • @Schrobby: Just for the record, you are acusing the U.S. from a wrong they didn’t do, as Israel got the bomb from the French just because the U.S. didn’t want to.
          Also about your other post about “surgical” N-strikes, I also recomend you to read again all your books about even the smaller yeild N-bombs (but at least large enough to do the job you suggested) and you will be surprised to discover that, the first time you did read those books (you DID read them, didn’t you?), you somewhat missed the fact that there’s nothing surgical about them. It’s a fact that you will condemn to death the not-so-nearby civilians by slow radioactive poisoning (and, surprise, radioactive clouds know no borders and you would get a bunch of happy neighbours too).
          Well, I guess you can always argue back that condemning someone to twenty years of cancer, and giving him or her enough time to breed one or two mutant babies with two heads is not killing civilians…

      • But it’s been stated that if they do feel the need, it only takes them a year to build one, considering all the brains and materials are already there. All it takes is just assembling that shit into place. <–look under "De facto nuclear state"

        And after being repressed for so long by constitutional limitations, you'd think the hawks in JSDF wouldn't do all they can to see that legalized? Especially with the current political climate in that region? All it takes is just a spin with the words and terms in the law('pre-empetive strike'? 'defensive tactical nuclear weapons'?)

        • Thing with nukes, is that you either got them or you don’t. If you don’t have them when you need them, 1 year later you’ll be so nuked back to the stoneages you will be glad to have a spudgun,

    • I though that Chinese economy depended on the capitalist way of life? If you do destroy capitalism then the Chinese economy will also crash…

      I don’t mind the capitamism destroyed, as long as long you don’t touch our way of life…

      • With a government that has a lot of control over the economy and its citizens change happens a lot faster than in a democratic society thus allowing the communist adapt to situations when they lose their capitalist allies the capitalists would lose more and longer than would the Chinese.

  • This reminds me of an incident in 2007 when a British Vessel was detained in Iraqi waters by Iran. Yeah, Iran were being dicks about it. Kept the crew as political prisoners, forced confessions of being in Iranian waters illegally, probably tortured them. They were released after 13 days as a “gift”, even though it was never proven that they were illegally trespassing in the first place.

    I don’t think that’s what happened here. Iran has much bigger balls than Japan when fucking over other countries.

  • What happens when a country experience a sudden boom in economy(many through export of counterfeit products and pirated ideas).

    At least the US was governed under -albeit thinly veiled-democracy, where people are still allowed to talk although they hardly go anywhere. I don’t want such an arrogant and obnoxious country, that betrayed their own communist principals to achieve economic heights, to be a superpower in the Asian region. I hate them just as much as I hate WWII-era Japan.

  • Wow! Out of all the countries that has a claim over the Spratly Islands, china seems to be over-reaching the most. Im sure over time that red line will be over parts of Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines if china has its way.

    • There’s several factions in Japan:

      Chikan Groppers…

      Pantsu Thieves…



      UNICEF/EQ moralfags lead by Agnes Chan…

      Japanese Government…

      Lolicon School teachers…


      This is clearly the Japanese Government’s issue, and not anyone else’s…

      And what about you..? Don’t you fap to hentai..?

      If this was American your talking about, and you were Japanese, you’d probably say something like this:

      “Foreigners. This is what happens when you spend all your time whacking off at 3D FPS cave men game bullshit and flying into fanboy rages about video game graphics and what is and isn’t an RPG. Fucking foreigners.”

      Easy, exploitable, copy-pasta~

    • And what about you..? Don’t you fap to hentai..?

      That said, there’s several factions in Japan:


      UNICEF/EQ moralfags lead by Agnes Chan…

      Japanese Government…

      Lolicon School teachers…

      This is clearly the Japanese Government’s issue, and not anyone else’s…