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Bandai to Otaku: “Leave IdolMaster 2 Seiyuu Alone!”



Bandai is begging IdolMaster fans enraged by the withdrawal of 4 of their beloved idols in favour of 3 new male characters to stop slandering the game’s seiyuu. Fans for their part have now accumulated over 6,000 signatures demanding the removed girls be restored.

Meanwhile, otaku fans have been even more enraged by Yukiho revealing “I love men”…

Bandai Namco’s statement is polite to a fault:

A group of people have been making posts containing slander about the seiyuu appearing in the game. Please be kind enough to desist this slanderous conduct, as this is causing trouble for the seiyuu afflicted, thank you.

Seiyuu are professionals who breathe life into the characters they voice – please understand this, and refrain from making further insulting remarks.

Whether this will cease the slander remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, over 6,000 fans have signed the petition (original target: 1,000 signatures) demanding the four girls be restored to playability – there is as yet no acknowledgement from Bandai.


As if this were not enough, Yukiho (already the object of controversy due to a change in seiyuu) has prompted her own Hirano-esque scandal – her lyrics in the new “2010” version of the idol introductory song “Danketsu” includes the following lines:


“I’m Yukiho Hagiwara, 17!
I love men! Ah!
I meant to say, “tea”!
I dug the hole, now I’ll be buried!”

For those wondering, the words in question are “otoko no hito” and “ocha.”

The song:

The original version of “Danketsu” (the included fansubs are of the “quality” variety):

Predictably, her fans are enraged and a number of unflattering Photoshop creations incorporating her and the new male idols have merged…



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