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Usual SC trolling about FF, with some added anti-Chinese stuff added in for flavor. I’d be interested in finding anyone who doesn’t own anything that was made in China. Of course the comments aren’t much better, I’m so sick and tired of the so called old school “I was into FF before it sold out with VII/X/XII” idiots who make scene kids look positively mature.

That’s not to say FFXIV is a necessarily good game. As it is it’s got a lot of problems that I can only hope are fixed by the time the PS3 version comes out. Still, even as it is it’s still better than a lot of other MMOs I’ve played. Despite the constant bitching and hyperbole from the “fans”, I’ve yet to play an FF game that was really bad, but I’ve played some that were mediocre and many that were overrated (FF6 comes to mind on that front, followed closely by 7 and 9). And I agree that as a company Square was much better before Enix got involved and they started pumping out metric tons of remakes, but saying FF is dead or even injured just shows complete ignorance of actual business figures in favor of childish bitching, and XIII shows that if anything they’re more willing to try new things in the mainline games than they were in previous generatons.

Well, this is the internet so I shouldn’t be surprised.

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