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Final Fantasy XIV “Made in China” Quality Goods


The Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition is proving that things can indeed still get worse for Square Enix – fans have found the included “tumbler” to be encrusted with mould, and the safety instructions reveal the tumbler cannot be filled with most liquids or solids without risk of damage.


In addition to the rotting exterior there is the matter of the product being unsuitable for containing much more than mouldy air:


Do not fill the product with the following materials as they may cause damage:

Items including salt and solid materials, carbonated beverages, milk or other dairy beverages, fruit juices, etc.

A glass which cannot be filled with either solids or liquids (it is not clear whether gases “may cause damage” as well) – possibly a contender for the prize of most useless container ever.

A tumbler is normally defined as “a flat-bottomed drinking glass” – just what it is users are supposed to be able to drink from the vessel in light of the above restrictions is not clear, although it is possible Square Enix was banking on the mould taking care of this problem.

A glass which cannot be drunk from and a game which cannot be played – Square Enix is certainly breaking new ground.


And all are made in China?

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