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“My Bride is a Prostitute, What Should I Do!?”


A man who learned his prospective wife had secretly been working as a prostitute whilst he was dating her wonders whether he should dump her, or forgive her and continue the relationship.

The story begins with a 28-year-old man looking for advice – he has learnt that his 21-year-old university student girlfriend, with whom he had been contemplating marriage, had actually been working as a prostitute whilst dating him.

She apparently explained she “had intended to work at a maid cafe” but “ended up working in a brothel,” an easy mistake to make it seems.

His girlfriend offered a selection of excuses:

“I wanted the money.”

“My initial motivation was curiosity.”

“I had to turn it into a mechanical process to make it bearable.”

“I had too much free time and became lonely. It was fun talking to the other working girls.”

“I wanted to quit but I couldn’t as I heard they might expose me to my family. I was trying to think how to quit.”

Reportedly a significant number of Japanese students engage in prostitution ranging from “compensated dating” to traditional sex work – a situation apparently replicated in the nation’s schools.

In spite of the deception, the man doesn’t feel he can take the high ground:

To be honest, I have been to brothels many times myself. To think my girlfriend was doing that is harsh, but what can I say to her, as I’ve been to such places myself? I told her as much.


Part of me can’t trust her. I keep thinking ‘Can I expect to find happiness marrying a person who’d lie like this?’

Unsure as to what to do, the man took the obvious course of action and asked complete strangers on the Internet for their advice.

2ch has its say:

There’s no way you can love her, you idiot!

Impossible. Looking after this trash – give me a break.

Maybe as a sex slave.

Loving a cum-dumpster – what kind of fetish is this?

No. At best, sex friends.

She’s probably a psycho, give it a break.

If she’ll support you financially…

How can you love a sex machine?

If she’s a virgin…

I’d be a bit leery of marrying a girl who can put a condom on you with her mouth.

Whores are completely out. I wouldn’t even be friends with one.

If she’s hot and has no STDs…

Given the choice between a 20-year-old whore and a 30-year-old leftover, I’d take the whore.

There’s no point in asking all you creepy virgin-hunters anyway…

Would you drink from the gutter? That’s how it is.

All of the girls using online dating sites are earning on the side like that. Seriously.

If you handed me a cup which had just been filled with the semen of two of the lowest guys and told me “it’s OK, it’s been washed properly” I still don’t think I’d be drinking from that cup.

Remember – it’s almost certain her sense of money is totally messed up as a result of all this.

Girls as stupidly honest as this are a rarity. Most guys probably never find out what they married.

There’s a 100% chance of her cheating on you and I couldn’t think of her as a woman. You could use her as a ona-hole I guess.

Better than a woman in her thirties. All Japanese women are bitches anyway.

When I look at these brothel homepages and see these women putting that their dreams are to get married I am seriously disturbed.

Maybe their bodies are good, but most of these whores are cracked. Even if she’s just a sex friend she’s probably a psycho who’ll start calling you all the time.

I dated some of these girls. They were nice girls and earned more than I do, and paid for the date too. A bit sad really.

Depends on her motive. 90% just want the money to play around with anyway. No way.

Utterly impossible. Selling your body is the last resort. As if she tried everything before that.

Girls who think this is an OK way of making money have a major character defect. They’re sure to bring down those around them.

Would you fall in love with a toilet?

She sells her body to people. How can you possibly trust her?

I could love her if we shared interests, liked to talk, she had a nice body, was cute, could cook and was a nice person. But a girl like that wouldn’t become a prostitute, would she?

With porn stars and whores they’re all defective in some way – no morals or mental health issues.

Most of them are not OK in the head are they? The ones I went with really didn’t seem to know what I was saying even if they were hot.

First take her with you to a clinic.

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  • Normally I’m a monogamous kind of guy but I can’t judge someone just because they do that kind of thing. It’s just silly.. though cheating is a different matter all together.

    Sure I’d be distraught about it, but as long as she’s open about it(And told you about her profession or habits ahead of time)and the other party including yourself, your wife all agree. Then I see absolutely no problem it. Since one of the main basis of a successful and inevitably a happy relationship is open and connected communication amongst your significant other along with trust. Which if the trust isn’t well bonded between you two

    As for the dating and her “job” behind his back and she’s the one pulling in the money and was told to stop he had better start finding an alternative way to keep he income flowing along if she claims to pull in that kind of money. And then in the other option where she doesn’t stop prostitution and continues to do it behind his back after “claiming” to stop there’s a whole different mess I don’t even want to get into and the answer should be clear as day to him at that point should he pursue the relationship that far.

    So.. all in all it boils down to this(Or at least how I see it anyway), we ask ourselves, rather he would ask(Do note I’m giving the guy the benefit of the doubt since we do not know his full side of the story whether he did it during or before meeting her):

    1. After learning or being told from herself that my future wife is a prostitute, can I see and trust her the same way?
    1a. If yes, did you she tell you early on? If so, talk it over like civilized rational adults.
    1b. If yes, but at the last moment, please consider your options here, but keep your mind open. The majority of things in life never come planned.

    1c. If no, then you have your answer, and I wish you luck and you’re on your own here.

    2. More of a follow up question but, should she decide to stop selling herself and she happened to be the main source of income. You had better be ready to be a man and start pulling in the money. If not, then deal with it or break it off. Because as much as a romantic idealist as I am, we live in a capitalist society(CAPITALISM HO!) and cannot merely live on “Love” alone.

    3.Should I get a check-up before our first marital night together? (No brainer, should you question the cost of said check up refer to Question #2)

    If you can answer these following questions and more to come and or be inspired from without hesitation then you sir at the very least, ready to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

    tl;dr: Communication, trust issues and dealing with it and possible financial interruptions, oh and patience, lots of it.

    ps. Jesus christ, I wrote alot..god dammit…

  • I actually think she might be less likely to cheat on you if you could get the trust thing down (a big if). Prostitutes are usually those least fond of sex, sans the occasional nympho.

    Assuming she’s clean and she’ll stop that shit, a person’s a person. We all sin. Major kudos to the guy for seeing that.

  • If a girl I want to marry cheats on me even before the marriage, what’s the point of marrying at all then? Just to divorce in 2 years? Also, why the haste to marry, he’s not even 30. Besides, if he’s doesn’t know whether he loves her or not, then he most surely doesn’t. His marriage is already dead.

  • He better not damn marry this girl. Doesn’t matter if he found out the hard way or she told him straight up.

    SHE IS NOT WIFEY MATERIAL. Any man that thinks this is a loser.
    “OH BUT SHE’S EXPERIENCED! She can please him!”
    Pfft, experience is overrated. If you aren’t lazy, you can easily teach a girl how to please you, even if she’s a virgin. And if she’s a bumbling idiot that can’t be taught you have bigger problems with your choice of women.

    There are repercussions with her job status. She should damn well know that. And he shouldn’t back down because he wants to “be on the high ground”.

    Damn pussy, at the very least, make it an open relationship where you can fuck other chicks. just don’t marry this girl. EVER.

    • Finally, someone with an ounce of common sense.
      Whores and sluts in general aren’t wife material, marrying one can only end in disaster.

      Also, for everyone here that thinks 2ch = 2chan.
      They are 2 very different sites with a very different user base.

  • I dont know, i think is all up to him, if he want to continue the relationship or not, but seriously is kinda disturbing the fact that a random guy comes to you saying, “ha, your wife was amazing” or “i did your wife” or even worst, to your child “i did your mom” lol

  • Maybe I should have left out the lawyer part. My point is that sex workers deserve just as much respect as any worker. Why is it that so often those fearless crusaders against the oldest profession turn out to be some of its best customers? Or making the most profits on it?

    • Respect sure, but it isn’t a job you should have unless you’re desperate or just don’t give a shit (neither of which should apply in such a strong relationship as to be getting married).

      It’s undoubtedly an ugly market though.

      • It is a tough job in many ways. I’m writing a fanfic touching on some of those ways. My first marriage failed because I failed to bring in enough money to support my family. Maybe if my ex had gone back to hooking we could have held it together. for more about that series I mentioned in the first post on this subject. 都立水商! Toritsu Mizushō is about a teacher in love with a former prostitute, at a high school that trains prostitutes.

  • WOW, this article is defiantly not for the ladies xD
    Ok were to start I understand, why he is worried but seriously this is a matter you handle by yourself, no one can give you the correct answer, they can give handy advice but at the end of the day you chose, THIS GUY IS A MORRON why you ask ? because your asking advice from idiots like 2ch.
    Now then “what happened in the past is in the past”, all he should do is
    1)get both of them tested
    2) think over if he is truly mentality strong(which seems not so)
    3) IF he truly is strong enough to move on, marry her.

    simple as that

    now what is the difference with a girl who is a prostitute and a girl who has had many many many boyfriends or partners ?

  • Well, if she can support herself and actually cares about you… then it should not be a problem.

    However, if he sticks with her, I wouldn’t let her be a homemaker if you get the meaning of that… since boredom with that much experience is a bad combination…lol…

  • I agree and laughed at many of those 2ch comments.

    As for would I, that depends on if my dick has been banging that raw or not and at what point in the relationship she admitted to being one.

    It’s like porn and stripping, I could careless if some whore I was fucking did porn or stripped. I just do not want any whore diseases.

    If the bitch is honest, not a druggie and not bipolar, there’s not much to complain about. Seriously, I’ve met some fucked up bitches.

    If the bitch can make you cum like Old Faithful and sucks dick like a pro, I’d say you’ve got a winner. Just make sure that you’re pussy eating skills and lasting ability are up to snuff or she’ll be fucking one of her friends 6 months from now.

    The best piece of advice I can give you is to follow your instincts and wear a jimmyhat, until the bitch tests clean. Remember, HPV takes 3-6 months before it is detectable in the blood stream. And HIV takes equally as long. After that, if she tests clean for HPV, PSV and HIV, rawdog that bitch til her thighs & knees hurt.

  • What’s with all the fucking whore hate? Seriously. She’s human just like the rest of us. And this guy’s a fucking dumb ass for letting something as simple as this give him second thoughts about marriage. If he wants to marry her, I can assume he’s in love with her, right? Then why should something like this fucking matter? Plus, he has been to brothels too, so if there is anything wrong with either of those things, they are practically equally wrong. Also be cause of this, he’s a hypocrite.

    I say DON’T marry her, because clearly, he doesn’t actually love her. How can he love her enough to want to marry her if he thinks less of her just for being a prostitute? It’s just a job involving sex, asshole. And if, to him, a decision like this is not an immediate, definite answer, he should have never even considered marriage. And since he’s actually leaving decisions like these in the hands of 2chan, he’s even more of a fucking idiot.

  • “Given the choice between a 20-year-old whore and a 30-year-old leftover, I’d take the whore.”

    A dilemma indeed. I’d take the one with the lower
    (STD+wrinkles+diameter of vagina)/hotness ratio. If equal, then take younger whore.

    • You mean the prostitutors? But yeah, that sounds quite fishy to me. Even the Yakuza don’t force their hookers. She’s either in a rather dangerous situation and they should involve the police, or she’s just trying to make up excuses.

    • agree with if she’ll do it after marriage, also recommend they move far far away to avoid the conversation 5-10 years down the track with friends, “hey you look familiar do I know you, oh wait never-mind…”

  • At least she is honest, that is admirable. A man who uses hookers has little right to judge a hooker. I can’t say do it or not. The Question isn’t if I can accept her. The question is, Can her husband accept her? I could not, but I could see how some men could.

  • I think going to 2ch for advice is the most sensible thing you can do. Simply post your question and do the direct opposite of whatever the majority response is and I guarantee it will lead you to a better life.

    The more adamant they are about something the more certain you can be.

  • i think there are 2 or probably more things to check before deciding 1)is she pregnant with my baby?. 2)check her past or ask one of her friends about it. 3)do i have to move to a bigger place. 4)-_- do i have time to play eroge?. 5)is my skills on mmo going to be stable?. 6)going to be awkward if i saw her working at the same place i go to, might as well choose her -_-“. 7)if we both are working the in-law should take care of the kids. 8)if we both work then we got no financial problem or does she got a huge debt?.

  • There is a good chance she goes out to make Some extra money after they get married as if she’s fucking other men while she’s datin someone then obviously something is wrong with her head.also a chance she’s a nympho

  • Um. What exactly would he need to forgive to continue the relationship? I suppose it depends on how it got found out and why it wasn’t known before, though 2ch gives a nice example of why it wasn’t exactly forthcoming information.

    As long as they test for STIs, they can move on just fine. It’s not like people with STIs can’t practice sexually, if very cautiously, as well (it’d be naiive to think otherwise).

    All in all, typical 2ch.

  • 1).fuck her one last time
    2).leave some money and tell her to enjoy her life
    Seems like the prostituting isn’t a problem for him since he said hes done some before.The cheating is and will probably drive him crazy if hes dumb enough to trust her. She already cheated many times for money will she really stop? who knows , but “I had too much free time and became lonely.”doesn’t sound promising and then “My initial motivation was curiosity.” Where does her curiosity end?

  • I couldn’t marry a person that has a relationship with me and is a prostitute at the same time. The feeling of betrayal would never make me forgive.

    It is different if we are dating or getting married and said, hey before I met you I was a prostitute. I would never judge someone for their past experiences, but would never forgive someone for cheating on me with a single man let alone many even if it was for money.

    Is it logical? Probably not but love and logic don’t co-exist since love is an emotion. This is all before the logic of possible STD’s kicks in. Which no matter how safe you are can still happen. Heck I would say most people get cold sores from kissing and while its rather benign could turn into genital herpes if given oral. And cold sores are considered normal for most(especially since it can originate from chicken pox).

  • Wow she has a job and is going to school too! Didn’t mention what his job was or if he had one. Could be the best reason NOT to go out with a pretty girl in High School as well since they are probably doing every one they can too.

  • Anyone, in this day and age, who thinks he’s getting a virgin, must be dating an elementary school girl. If they love each other, I say ‘Go for it!’.
    everybody has things in their past they regret. You’ve got to let that shit go.

  • Honestly, I didn’t need to hear it from SanCom. I know girls in the 21st century have the lowest morals ever. Most girls never run out of spending money. You have to see through to their source of income. If you do not know where your partner is getting her/his money from, it’s best to always put your doubts in front of your trust.

    Personally, if I tried to marry or love a prostitute or a whore, I would only obtain mental problems, and probably take the short way out of life. Prostitution of the mind is a bigger problem for me. It’s not cheating or immoral sex that hurts, it’s the “selling-out” of the person whom you placed trust upon. Just thinking about it makes me want to pull off a “School Days”. But unlike that series and on the real world, women are just as bad as “the guy”. I still wonder why men are 95% the sick assholes portrayed by the media, and women get free passes.

    The news would probably say “the girl was poor” and had no choice but to do prostitution. In reality, she did it because she loved money, had a lot, wanted more and also wanted to have a good time as well. Only at the expense of the love of their partners.

    Reading this article was like watching NTR, something I regret seeing, but sometimes have to see, because seeing it increases awareness, but also increases doubt.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    For starters, she was honest enough to tell him. And as a couple people have already said, that level of honesty is rare enough as it is.

    I’m not implying that women are liars or anything, I mean that even– perhaps ESPECIALLY –well-meaning girls would want to lie about something like that in their past.

    Okay, so she has one point against her for doing it while they were dating…but if she was honest enough to tell him, she’s probably telling the truth saying she wanted to quit but was afraid to.

    If he has some compelling reasons (i.e. not just physical attraction) for being in a relationship with her, I should think it would be possible to work it out.

    If they have an otherwise good relationship– as I imagine they do since he wants to marry her –and she doesn’t have any STDs or anything…then there’s really no reason not to just put it behind them.

    Everyone does things they’re not proud of. Looking for the perfect girl with no flaws is one of the leading causes of dying alone. 😛

    • What many commenters fail to bring up is the common stigma associated with prostitution. Of course, it isn’t really fair since the women whoring themselves always get the uglier end of the stick instead of the men who do them, but that’s just how things go, unfortunately.

      There is no black and white here. The chick didn’t tell him what she does for a living before starting the relationship, and he didn’t tell her he might have fucked some of her collegues.

      Even the guy himself seem to admit it: There are only grays. What he really worries is probably about the complications brought by third parties should he go on and marry her.


      Isolation by family members?

      How it’d affect his employment?

      In our world -the real world-, love alone can’t survive. Other people can still tear the two of them apart.

  • I don’t think I could truly love a person like this. ‘Monogamous sex when in a serious relationship’ may be seen as a close-minded attitude, but it’s an attitude I’m comfortable with. I won’t damn other people for doing it, but I choose not to.

    This guy says he’s been to brothels many times, but he doesn’t say when (or does he say that in the original article?). If he went when he wasn’t dating her, I don’t see an issue.

    In any case, her being a pro isn’t the issue, really. He says he can’t trust her; the relationship is over.

  • Lol, this sorta reminds me of that one Malay/Indonesian joke:

    Husband: Dude, you won’t believe what happened to me last night.
    Friend: Man, what happened?
    Husband: Yesterday, I was screwing my newly wed wife on bed.
    Friend: That’s normal.
    Husband: Well, you do know that I used to pay hookers back before I proposed her, right?
    Friend: Yea?
    Husband: Well…., after finishing our session, I accidentally payed her money…
    Friend: Wha-!? And your wife didn’t even beat you or say anything?
    Husband: Well…….., the ironic part was she eventually replied; “Thanks sir, come again next time.”

  • “To be honest, I have been to brothels many times myself. To think my girlfriend was doing that is harsh, but what can I say to her, as I’ve been to such places myself? I told her as much.”

    He has NO case against her.

    As long as she and him are both clean, it just means when he says give me a blowjob, he shouldn’t need to hold her head and make her do it properly. He should be capable of doing the happy squirt right into her skilled mouth and not need to force her.

    He’s just as capable of being unacceptable for being unclean as she is.

  • I don’t think he should be hesitating like this.Sure,she’s a prostitute but that doesn’t mean she can’t get married.Hell,she even provides opportunities for him to help her!
    “I wanted to quit but I couldn’t as I heard they might expose me to my family. I was trying to think how to quit.”That’s a big enough hint already.

  • “Girls as stupidly honest as this are a rarity. Most guys probably never find out what they married.”

    This is true, surely being a prostitue is particularly bad, but is it that SO much different from a girl whose been with 400guys during hi school?


  • Well since they are married to each other I believe that they are truly in love with each other and love is not an easy thing to come by. I believe that he shouldn’t give up on their love just because of a silly mistake in the past. But I do agree that she should get a medical check up to make sure that she doesn’t have AIDS and the like.

  • Ask for a discount?

    But really..

    I couldn’t make it up from the post but did she actually have intercourse I mean Japan has things like health service that pretty much do everything but intercourse.

    Well if you really like her and she stops doing what she does I don’t see a problem. Especially since the guy goes to places like she works in… would be pretty hypocrite.

    I wonder how he found out… I mean did he go to the whores and found his future wife there? That would be… interesting.

  • Prostitutes are toilets. You just have to pay to use them. Escorts have some class, but the end result remains. If it isn’t you then its someone else because the same rules apply;money.

    You might as well be her pimp if you decide to stay. Forget about being her husband because pimps don’t love them hoes.

    LOL Irony is a motherfucker.

  • I like how rabid the commenters are, but none of them remark on the fact that he’s just as guilty for frequently going to the hookers.

    If a hooker is a toilet, then he’s a sewage dispenser.

    If what a hooker does makes her mentally ill, at least she’s getting paid for it, how effed in the head is the loser who PAYS for it for doing the same thing?

    So yeah, should the cheater marry the hooker? They’re both screwed, so they might as well be screwed together.

    • Guilty? o.O
      Cause he went to hookers while he had no relationship and no girlfriend? Cause he likes to spend his cash to get fun?

      Not saying he is in High Ground, but certainly higher than hers.
      She was the one doing it WHILE they were dating, not mentioning a thing!

      • It’s not states whether this was before or after the relationship.

        He thinks his going to the hookers makes him unable to judge her.

        That means either they both hookered before the relationship, or they both did it during it.

  • Yeah to me this stuff is soul crushing. Even if she loved me, promised me or whatever that she would always choose myself I still could not handle the though of it. Personally I would rather just go without a wife or girlfriend and risk not having one what so ever.

  • In Naples, where I live, they have a lot of sayings about this kind of situation, so the old wives’ wisdom can help this guy.

    They say [i]”E ccorn so comm e rient, fann mal solo quann spontan, aropp aiutan a magnà”[/i]
    In English this can be traslated as “the horns(which in Italy are a metaphor of being cheated from your wife) are like the teeth, they hurt only when they appear, afterwards they help you eating” so STOP feeling down, get over it and think how you can get the best from the situation!

  • What a load of hypocrites. He shouldn’t listen to all this crap they write him. All he has to do is ask himself if he loves her. Everything else is details. There is nothing wrong with prostitutes, they are not toilets, but same human beings.

  • To be honest, once a woman opens up her body to men, she had already lost the right of becoming a wife/getting married. The only thing left is for the man to choose whether he wants to get married/divorce or not after learning the truth.

    If they did get married, I recommend them to relocate.

  • ok here is the deal.

    1) does she have anything permanent? as in a std that currently cant go away.
    2) she has to stop doing this work.
    3) can you satisfy her.
    4) is she still tight?
    5) does she still use her experience, or does she what to be “normal” in bed?

    if she has something permanent, it would really be hard, especially if its something that kills you, but if you are going to spend the rest of your life with her, i could live with it.

    most people hook because its an easy job, very little work needs to be done and if you can pick your clients, than you can have fun with it too, but she would have to stop. a sex craving slut (opposite of most nymphos, most nymphos want it a;lot but only from there significant other, not random men) isn’t someone i would marry, but possibly sex friend.

    if you cant satisfy her, than there is no way this will work sexually. i don’t mean your dick has to be it, but you yourself with toys or with your hands fist or feet have to be capable of satisfying her

    is she still tight? or is she willing to excersize to make it tight again? this is important for moth of you because it squeezes your dick more and makes it feel better for her.

    this can be a sign of derangement, and a possible bad point, if she wants to leave it all behind and take nothing from it, because its a mental bomb shell that will go off at some point.

    in closing if you can get these answers out of the way, than go for it.

    • Virgin spotted ^^^

      Having sex does not make you less tight, otherwise all 30 year old women would be able to smuggle nuclear reactors in their cooch.

      Any person who has had a girlfriend for more then 0 days has had plenty of tight action, each day, every day for YEARS.

      It’s a MUSCLE people, not jello pudding.

      • you fail to realize the difference between normal “iv been with a few men” and i took cock for a living. admiringly i forget it was japan, the land of tiny dicks, blame that on me not sleeping for quite a while.

        now you do know that pussy stretches to accommodate bigger things right? well some times it doesn’t go back to being tight. its why im talking about excersises

        • Stop proving more and more you’re a virgin.

          What is the technical difference between a 30 year old who has had daily sex with her only boyfriend. And this 21 year old ho also has had daily sex, but with different people each day.

          It’s still daily sex.

          The vagina accomodates big things during arousal, by blood flowing to the region and engorging the tissue so it becomes 10 times the size, and it goes right back to normal afterwards.

          It’s pretty much the same thing as a dick.

          Most men jerk off 2-3 times a day. Does the repeated boner make their dick grow longer due to it not snapping back to non-aroused state?

  • I’ve dated a prostitute before, didn’t bother me,
    A. out of hundreds of rich fuckers she chose me
    B. she only worked to pay student fees and rent, very expensive
    C. as a result of having spare money, means she’s not a gold digger
    D. she’s gorgeous, and very smart
    E. being able to put a condom on with her mouth is quite novel 🙂
    lasted 2 years and only ended when her parents found out and thought I was a customer, that sucked

  • I don’t see why so much hate for girlfriend-prostitutes. It’s just a job and the real love should be on a higher level than animalesque sex.
    Whoever thinks his/her partner should belongs entirely to him/her would be better off buying a slave (ops, you can’t anymore!).
    Most men are even fucking hypocrites! They go to brothels or streets looking for whores and yet they rage over their girlfriend doing the job.

    • “It’s just a job and the real love should be on a higher level than animalesque sex”

      That’s not the problem here. The most important problems I see are:

      1. She lied to him about it, though it’s not clear if she eventually did come out to tell him the truth or he discovered it himself.

      2. She said she “wanted the money”. Assuming it was exactly just “wanted” and not “needed”, it means she considers money to be more important to her than his feelings. And she knew he would be hurt, therefore she lied.

      3. “My initial motivation was curiosity” is silly. Curiosity can be satisfied with your love partner and some mock set up of a pron flick, unless it involves more than two participants, which requires a bit more convincing. She, however, thought it was a better idea to do it with complete strangers than with him.

      4. “I had too much free time and became lonely. It was fun talking to the other working girls.” is just really pathetic. If she just wanted to work and/or wanted to talk to other girls there are plenty other jobs she could have done without hurting him. She apparently didn’t think much of selling her body though, which speaks ill of her self respect.

      That said, most male Japanese spend more time on the train rides to and from work than taking care of their relationship with their girlfriend/wife. So I doubt he’s AA+ marriage material either.

      I myself am not sure what I’d do. I would probably try to save the relationship and make up for my faults, but I certainly would NEVER beg for her love.

    • The bigger issue here is she waited so long to tell him rather than admitting it early on. It’d be like if you were dating someone, and right when you were ready to marry them, them came out that they’re gay, but their family is Catholic so you make a good cover for them.

      Tell the shit from the start! There’s nothing wrong with dating a hooker if she tells you straight up she’s a hooker. But to lie about it for so long is low.

  • I have a strong urge to take a moralistic high ground, but seeing as we’re on the Internet….

    Seriously though, the first thing he should do is go see a doctor and take a test for HIV. Everything else can wait.

  • hookers make the best wives for several reasons, the most important being that they will serve you caring like no one else would. (if they truly love you) if you find the right one, love her back in return

      • Eh, the misogyny has been pretty bad around these parts but it’s been getting… slightly better. :\ I don’t think this is offensive though because this isn’t about women in general, just a woman who lied to her significant other and had sex with other people behind his back. I think what’s more offensive is comments on other articles that are all “Oh, women are just greedy whores that don’t notice me” and stuff like that.

      • I see no problem with this. All that matters is that they both get tested.

        She’s had experience, so she’ll know how to please him. She’s saying she wants to quit and she said she doesn’t like doing it. Be a man and provide for her so she doesn’t need to do it anymore!

        Honestly, all of these comments are taking away what little faith I had in men. She is a human being just like all of you, so what does it matter?

  • “I dated some of these girls. They were nice girls and earned more than I do, and paid for the date too. A bit sad really.”
    Nicccee. I personally wouldn’t mind depending on how frequent and who she does it with.
    That is “if” I ever get myself a GF XD.

      • Actually, there is no logic in that statement. It’s pure irrational prejudice. Now who was supposed to be the logical-thinking gender again? (never mind that this believe has always been and will always be complete bullshit)

        • [quote]The only interpretation I can come up with is that you thought I was implying that males are irrational beings simply because one male on 2ch wrote something irrational and one male on Sankaku agreed to it, and that I went on and claimed that because of that females are logical beings.[/quote]
          [quote]My opinion is that both genders are equally irrational.[/quote]
          Then choose your wording better. Your words can easily be interpreted as argument by innuendo, even if not intentional. If your rhetoric question was completely unconnected to it’s context, then maybe you should learn to use paragraphs before lecturing people on their comprehension abilities in English.

          The presence of context implies that the next statement follows the same line of through from the previous statements. Just as I can say “The bitch should stay out of the house” while I’m visiting a shepherd’s farm, repeating the same just after saying something like “I hate my wife” would be interpreted differently.

          To imply that a given boolean state exists, means that at least one element possesses it, and one doesn’t. And since gender contains only two elements, one of them must be assumed true and one of them must be false. Worse yet, “logical-thinking” is only attributed to humans, and when we talk about gender, we are really limited to only two elements. Yes, this is a fallacious logic, but it’s not difficult to be misrepresented, and it’s your own fault for even allowing it.

          To quote Sun Tzu:
          [quote]If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame.[/quote]

          -Anon #379

        • No it did not include logical fallacies, as it was a course on computational, not philosophical logic. The only reason I brought it up was because anon #2 thought he could put words in my mouth by writing a (formally incorrect) counterproof to something I didn’t even claim, which was the first appeal to authority committed in this whole comment string. If, as you said, insinuations are more relevant then wording, you will forgive me for interpreting this part of anon #2’s comment as trying to display professional authority over me.

          As for the rest: I simply was expressing my displeasure over male hypocrisy when it comes to prostitution. And I admit that assuming these hypocrites are the same people that usually proclaim males the epitome of rationality and thereby bringing in an only tangentially related point was entirely emotional of me. But that was never supposed to be a proper argument anyway.

          And in case that still wasn’t clear enough: My opinion is that both genders are equally irrational. Humans in general are irrational. I still don’t see how I was “grouping by tertiary sexual characteristics” when I was actually condemning it.

          Oh and are you sure you know what ad hominem means? I wasn’t even trying to prove anything. Ad hominem ≠ exchanging (light) insults.

          That said, I completely agree with your view on the matter at hand.

        • Your course was incomplete. It doesn’t look like it included logical fallacies as well. What you did was begging the question. It may not be as obvious as other forms but it is still the same as communication is a variable and insinuations are more relevant then wording.

          More so, when you stop to question the state of an entire group and how they compare to another through a tertiary sexual characteristic, that is grouping. More obvious is the ad hominem. Stating your degree is a distraction and does not serve as proof of your statement.

          I’m not the guy from before, I just like to play ref. I think this whole discussion is based on the assumption that certain moral standards are valid. Morals are a buildup of the history of specific cultures, they don’t logically apply to the situation most of the time. This is all based on the assumption that being a prostitute is a negative reflection on her character or that she was hiding it from him. Neither of these have been proven.

        • Nice try, but I had a two-semester course on computational logic in University. I hope you realize yourself that throwing in some random 1st order logic without any connection to what I wrote won’t make you look smart. Tell me where exactly I supposedly applied a predicate to a group based on a subset of that group (because I didn’t), and where I applied it to another (because I didn’t).

          The only interpretation I can come up with is that you thought I was implying that males are irrational beings simply because one male on 2ch wrote something irrational and one male on Sankaku agreed to it, and that I went on and claimed that because of that females are logical beings.
          If that is what you thought, you might want to improve your reading comprehension skills first before lecturing other anons on predicate calculus.

        • Aren’t you the one to talk about logic and rationality. You claim a fact applies for an entire group by examining a very small number of elements from that group. Furthermore, you imply that this fact does not apply for another group.

          If A is a set, a∈A, and P(a), we cannot claim that {x|x∈A and P(x)} or worse {x|x∈B and P(x)}.

      • In all fairness, this is much better than a wife doing nothing at all, gaining over 9000 pounds, and making you pay her to do household tasks.

        The down side is that, it’s prostitution, and when she gets home she may just be too “tired”.

      • “Given the choice between a 20-year-old whore and a 30-year-old leftover, I’d take the whore.”

        I was against the “marry her” idea til I read this. But then I read this :

        “I could love her if we shared interests, liked to talk, she had a nice body, was cute, could cook and was a nice person. But a girl like that wouldn’t become a prostitute, would she?”

        So I guess the major deciding factor in this is the character of the whore in question.

        • Strangely I have to agree with 2ch this time… I don’t know about you low standard otakus, but I could never love a whore, nor an ex-whore.
          Japanese women these days are really fucked up, its quite sad.

        • He should also consider whether or not she’ll get stuff like STDs. I know its kinda unlikely, but its a possibility. And yes, the fact that she sold her body is a huge flaw which comes down to him, cuz I would have dumped her…

        • It’s definitely difficult to hide something like that for a long time, but it could persist until after they’re married and make things worse. Regardless of the reason why she told him, it’s a good thing on her part. And I do agree that it’s a character flaw that is hard to just sweep aside.

          He should still consider everything before making a decision. While most people probably wouldn’t be able to take it, there are few that could make things work. He clearly has history with brothels, so if anything he should be more understanding in that regard.

        • Man’s ideas about a whore is more disturbing than marrying one. I couldn’t read all the comments, I felt my dinner coming out.
          I would say to that guy to hop on his white horse and go into the brothel and release her from the boss.

        • I don’t know about that. Secrets like that have a way of sneaking out whether you want them to or not. That’s probably why she told him in the first place…….or she’s just horribly honest. Either way….the fact she sold her body instead of working honestly is still gonna be a bit of a character flaw to figure around…

        • He shouldn’t bother searching for advice on 2ch, since they clearly cannot dish it out.

          What he has to consider is whether she told him the truth on her own, or if he found out through some other means. Another thing he should take into account is if she is going to quit and do something else now that it’s all come to light. Doing this as a last resort because of financial issues is one thing, but if you’re no longer having money troubles and if he can support he on top of that, then there is no reason for her to be doing it. Emotional scarring is another factor. He needs to consider whether he can deal with the knowledge of his girlfriend having sex with other men. While he may be managing now, he might break down as the time goes by. Marriage won’t change the facts, it will only make things more difficult for him/her.

          Also, depending on how long she’s been doing this for and whether she enjoyed it, she may have built a ‘taste’ for this sort of thing, so she might continue doing it secretly behind his back even though the truth is out. More so if the money was right. Sadly it’s not an impossibility. He could also see some professional help with the matter, if it’s within his reach. Family/friends are clearly out of the question, even though they would likely provide the most sound advice.

          Hopefully he takes everything into consideration, including his own brothel visits, and can get through this with as little problems as possible.

        • Most of the 2ch’s denizens replies are either outright straight to the point or ridiculously the kind given by people who love to dive into a lagoon without reading the “No Swimming,Shark Infested” sign first.A very scarce ones though offer simple yet truthful answers.