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Pokémon Patch Pirates Hit by Hackers



One of 2ch’s notorious blood festivals has begun as trojans distributed amongst prospective Pokémon pirates have seen the illegal contents of many a hard disk laid bare for scores of creepy Internet vigilantes to have their way with.

Patches to remove the secret copy protection of Pokémon Black and White were swift in coming, but many downloading these patches got more than they bargained for – in the form of having a trojan expose the illegal contents of their computer to the prying eyes of the Internet at large.

Whilst the crack itself was an inevitability, the mess created by having to not only obtain it but also run a gauntlet of hackers is surely a boon to Nintendo’s anti-piracy efforts – even a modicum of risk or difficulty is enough to deter a significant portion of pirates, most of whom are likely to be pathetically unsophisticated (as evidenced by the fact that even simple UAC can thwart the virus).


Those tempted to dismiss such antics as mere hacker hijinks may wish to recall the case of a school principal exposed as a probable lolicon by just such a virus.

Whilst a civil servant might be untouchable in Japan, mere NEETs and salarymen desperate for their free Pokémon fix may yet find themselves in trouble.


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