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Pokémon Pirates Weep – “Aren’t We Customers Too?”


Nintendo’s latest Pokémon title “Pokémon Black and White” has sparked outrage amongst pirates for including a feature which prevents users of pirated copies from advancing in level.

“Majikon” users playing pirated copies of the game soon found Nintendo apparently added a variety of unwelcome additions to the game just for them – including making these players unable to accumulate experience points or advance the story at certain points, a tactic previously used to deprive Love Plus pirates of the ersatz love they so desperately crave.

2ch users discovering the changes for themselves were less than amused, although 2ch users watching their reaction to the discovery seem delighted:

“Nintendo’s getting too serious!”

“We can’t get any experience at all… a bit like our lives really!”

“Nintendo: ‘If you pirate it then try clearing it without any XP!'”

“I can’t get any XP! Doesn’t Nintendo think us pirates are customers too!?”

The western releases are due in the spring.

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