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“I Was An Exhibitionist, Any Questions?”


A convicted exhibitionist bares all about his shameful past in the below interview, including the sordid details of his experiences onanising in front of schoolgirls of all ages.

The interview, as granted by an anonymous exhibitionist to 2ch VIP board:

I was arrested and quit.

First put some clothes on!

I’m dressed!

Women – OK. Men – NG.

For violating prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances?

For “indecent exposure.”

When did you start?

First year of highschool.

Why did you start?

Because I’m a hentai.

What was your specialty?

I whipped out my p*nis.

How old are you?


What was the worst incident?

The one where the police arrested me.

You’re that well endowed that you just had to show it off?

Well, it’s alright.

Who did you go for?

Elementary schoolers to high schoolers.

Were you hard when you started?

I started limp when showing it, then stroked myself hard.

How did you expose yourself? Naked under a big coat?

I dropped my pants.

How did the elementary schoolers react?

Most of them laughed.

Didn’t they run off when they say you stiffening up?

No, they kept watching and laughing…

So they liked it! What’s your ideal reaction? Having them run off screaming “kyaaa”?

A middle school girl who I whipped it out on told me I was “laughable” [in “gyaru”] and another said I was gross.

Elementary schoolers? Die! Don’t do that stuff again you moron!

Tell us how high schoolers reacted.

Mostly they showed no response.

Well, I suppose they are just used to seeing penises and the like, aren’t they now!

I think they must have seen plenty of exhibitionists by now…

A serious response – I’m a woman. I’ve only seen an exhibitionist once, when I was in elementary school. Hardly any of my friends from school to uni have seen one, even the cute ones.

The countryside is full of them! My classmates saw them all the time.

What reaction are you happiest with?

When they keep looking back I suppose.

And you get intense pleasure from all this?

Yes, especially with the middle schooler reactions.


Well, elementary schoolers look on in bemusement not really knowing what’s going on, and high schoolers don’t respond at all. Middle schoolers really make a fuss about it.

Describe the middle schooler reaction!

They make a lot of noise going “kyaa! kyaa! o(≧∇≦o)” and fuss over it.

What a crock.

You don’t have to believe it.

You got spotted by police exposing yourself?

No, I whipped it out in front of a schoolgirl and then they caught me.

What did the cops say?

“Enough with getting your dick out!”

Do you masturbate at night in the parks? I did it a lot when I was at elementary school, being outside was exciting!

When I was an elementary schooler I used to walk about outside naked and stuff.

What happened when you were busted?

Charges left on file/indictment suspended.

What. That’s a bit weak.

No, that’s how they do it apparently.

A few years back there was an incident near a school road I pass… the exhibitionist got whipped by a student with martial arts expertise. They got a commendation from police.

Lately some exhibitionists have weapons so I can’t recommend that.

What are you doing now?


Don’t you hide your face with a mask or hat or something?

Sometimes. At night you can’t see faces well.

This is a seasonal occupation?

No, I actually prefer doing it in the winter…

Stop doing that to middle school kids, it’s horrible! Stop it!

I said I don’t do it now.

How did you end up such a pervert?

The first exposure experience I had was in elementary school, but the first time I onanised in front of someone in high school I became a prisoner.

I am still traumatised by the old guy who exposed himself to to me in the CD corner when I was a middle schooler…

I respect the courage it takes to do it in a shop.

You have a girlfriend?

I had a sex friend but she wasn’t as good as the pleasure of exposing myself.

Tell us your most exciting moment.

It was in front of a middle school girl, she mocked me and pointed and burst out laughing when I started jacking it.

You’re a total masochist aren’t you!

Yes, I think exhibitionists are basically masochists.

Other than the police, were there bad times when you drooped?

When the person was ugly…

What can I do to avoid people like you? Is there a trick?

If you have a guy with you I think you won’t be targeted. If it’s only girls it doesn’t matter how many there are though.

Nothing else? Can’t girls avoid it without men?

Only by avoiding unpopular routes. That’s where they strike.

Really. By the way, how come you are able to live with yourself?

Because I don’t want to die.

How did you actually get busted?

Exposing myself to a middle schooler. The school reported me to police and they caught me using a patrol car.

I heard of people saying “it’s so small!” to your kind. Does that put you off? Any other high impact words?

It has the opposite effect – when they said that I know they’ve looked at my penis.

You still want to do this? Are you bearing the urge?

No, I don’t want to any more.

Did you get counselling?

No, but I don’t want to be caught by police so I stopped.

Did you ever splatter someone with your semen?

No, although I ejaculated in front of people.

No touch?

No, I don’t touch them.

Have you been seen by third parties at this?

One time I was showing my butt to a high schooler and her mother saw.

What, an anal maniac. I never heard of one doing that.

That’s what I did a lot.

After you’ve done it I suppose you go home and masturbate.


You stopped it. What fetish are you into now?




I was caught too, and quit. Now I really regret it.


In high school I did it to elementary and middle schoolers. I was eventually reported and chased on my bicycle by a patrol car. Of course I was busted. I was arrested. It was horrible. Of course they called in my parents and the principal… I don’t think my friends knew, probably.

You were expelled?

That didn’t happen – apparently only my homeroom teacher, principal and vice-principal knew. However, my recommendation for university was cancelled, of course. […] I was still able to go to university though.

You got off OK. Your name doesn’t come out on Google. Mine was in the papers, it doesn’t come out now but it did before. I don’t think my current friends know, but my other friends probably all knew. I can’t go to class reunions… but I’m just unemployed anyway.

Somebody castrate this guy, please!

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