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“I’m a Working Girl Who Doesn’t Sell, Any Questions?”


A working girl who claims she is having trouble selling herself gives a candid interview to 2ch about her life as a prostitute.

The interview, as given to 2ch’s VIP board by an anonymous prostitute:

Tell us your real and business specs.

Real 88-67-94. Business 83-57-85.

Don’t you feel you’re an embarrassment?

I’m used to it. I’d like to quit if I could but I have to continue at the moment.

Why aren’t you selling?

I think because I’m fat and not a very good talker.

Why not try slimming down?

I’m dieting. I was fatter, but now I’m 61kg.

You do delivery health?

Delivery and hotels.

You like being picked out by a customer?

I’m happy, but it is a problem with the stranger customers. I was at a loss as to what to do when a 76-year-old man in a leotard kept picking me.

Are you cute?

If I was cute I think I’d be selling.

Tell us your height or your specs make no sense.


Do you do “gokkun” [swallowing] or “gansha” [ejaculating onto the face]?

Swallowing is fine, but semen on the face messes with your makeup and it takes time to fix it. But it’s not impossible.

What’s your age and business age?

24 and 18. The shop decided my age themselves.

You weigh more than me! You belong in a pigsty, not a brothel.

If you know of a good pigsty then please do introduce me.

Someone who weighs more than me is impossible. Get below 45 and I’ll think about it, human toilet.

I’m aiming for about 40kg.

I like fatties! Put on more weight! Why not work in a place which specialises in plump ladies?

People do say that to me, but as a woman I feel I should be gorgeously slender.

Why do you think you can work as a whore when you’re fat?

I was 46kg when I started…

You felt unhappy and started eating?

Right, food and my mental state are probably to blame. Since I came to Tokyo I really put on weight…

Is full sex OK at your place? I haven’t used one but I read they don’t allow it.

Even in the places which ban full sex, a lot of them tacitly tolerate it. But they have to maintain a pretence of not allowing it, so I for example say I don’t do it.

Did you get fat on the pill?

We mostly don’t take them. Is the pill supposed to fatten you? When I was taking it I actually felt less hungry…

Why did you start? Money?

I wanted to pay off a debt, and after that I did it to cover my living costs.

Why did you start then – what was the reason?

I was tricked into debt by a friend. I wanted to repay it in a normal job but I have a disability and finding normal work is tough…

Do you get regular checks for STDs?

I do, but a lot of people here don’t. It costs $100 a time so a lot are too tight to get checked.

You have a disability? Harsh…

I have a level 3 [mild] mental disorder and Behçet’s disease [chronic ulcers and inflammation] so I often get fevers and can’t really work reliably.

Do you get horny if a hot guy comes along?

That does not happen. If you do this work soon you stop caring, whether they are ugly or handsome.

How old’s your boyfriend? An old guy is he? Does he know what you do?

He’s 30. He looks younger than he is. He knows what I do, but he still stays with me.

You prefer being with handsome guys to the uglies, right?

No, to be honest if he is too handsome I just think “why?” Couldn’t he get all he wants without coming to a brothel? But everyone’s a customer and I want them to be satisfied so I try my best!

My friend is messing about with prostitution, pretending to live like a celeb. What can I do to stop them?

A man or a woman? If it’s a woman, there must be a reason so if you solve that for them they should stop. Everyone wants to give this up at some point.

They just want the money. What can you do but try to right their sense of money?

It’s certainly hard to tell someone things like that. It’s hard to restore someone’s sense of money once it is out of whack. But if she’s important to you, you just have to stick with her.

Do you not like sumata [intercrural sex]? Most of them won’t do it for me?

That’s because you can accidentally put it in if you do sumata, isn’t it? I do it myself in any case.

What do you think of the taste of semen? Nice or nasty?

It’s not disgusting, but I couldn’t say it’s nice to eat. It’s a shame it doesn’t taste nice.

Girls working in the sex industry aren’t normal after all, are they?

I’m often told I’m strange. But I was like that from childhood so I don’t think the sex work is to blame.

How long do you work, and how much do you get?

I work 7-10 hours, earning about ¥7,000-¥10,000, or ¥6,000 at worst.

Is the economy hitting you?

Even in a recession saleable girls sell. Even in good times I don’t think a non-seller (like me) would really sell.

It’s time for me to go to work – thanks to everyone who joined me.

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