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“Anime is Running Out of Ideas”


The anime industry has completely run out of ideas of its own and is being forced to plunder manga at an ever increasing pace to make up for it, runs a recent critique.

An abridged translation of a Taiwanese editorial on the subject:

The editor-in-chief of Tong Li Comics [a major Taiwanese manga publisher which famously started out by pirating Japanese manga titles some decades ago] says “The speed at which Japan’s manga titles are being adapted into anime is increasing. Even titles which haven’t concluded are being picked up and turned into anime, if publishers consider the title to have latent potential.”

Lately even titles like “Beelzebub” and “Bakuman” are having anime adaptations announced, despite barely having 5 volumes out.

The anime industry can’t generate enough new ideas itself, but it needs to produce new titles and supply the associated markets – as a result it has had to rely increasingly on ever faster adaptations of manga.

The same thing seems to be happening with Hollywood – many novels and anime titles are being taken and adapted into Hollywood movies, and there are also a great many remakes of previous titles.

In both cases it looks as if they are running out of ideas of their own.

A recap of recent anime releases does seem to reveal an overwhelming majority are based on manga, light novels and eroge, with most of the successful original titles occupying the distinctly staid giant robot genre…

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  • I don’t know if they do or not but I doubt it wouldn’t be so bad if they just expanded their market and looked outside of Japan for ideas. I’m sure somewhere out there is an idea worthy of turning into an anime and would pull the company some money.

  • … Thats just silly… did Lupin the 3rd, Space Captain Harlock, Doraemon, Ranma 1/2 or Orphen wait until their “source material finished printing”? I get that they are waiting less time to pick up popular mangas and turn them into animes, and what does that have to do with creativity? They’ve almost always turned popular media into animes, its kinda what their based on! Hell, with Gainax making alot of anime-first series, I’d say that Anime is acually coming up with more new ideas than the industry used to! And give Hollywood some credit, I mean yeah, the do tend to just do the same thing over and over, teal and orange posters this, write a melodrama about an popular person/company that, but for all these constant reprints and reprints, they do still make the occasional movie that stands out, and those are the ones that we should be focused on!

  • Its sadly too too true,… Unfortunately there are huge problems when a title is rushed into an Anime format.
    1] Bad Writing (of character dialog)
    2] Horribly Animated, as in some cases “Mutillated” by the Animation House, of a title.
    3] Background music sux, as well as the Opening & Ending Themes.
    4] English Subs are a joke.
    5] Producers are not as dedicated to producing a good product, so the series runs for 12 episodes (or less) and then it get abandoned. There are hundreds of 12 episode series as well as a few with only a few episodes. That are interesting and rather quite good, unfortunately were abandoned for various reasons.
    It really sux when you’re left hanging at the last episode with so many lose ends unresolved.

    I was really bummed that there are only 7 eps of Candy Boy, its a really sweet story.
    On the other paw, Candiate for Goddess had cute characters, but the story was weak and the music sucked monkey balls!

  • I believe that this has less to do with an industry running out of ideas as it is an industry less willing to risk a loss on something that may fail
    When everything must turn a profit to be of any intrest, those titles that would be of any risk will not be produced. The ideas are out there they are only waiting to be discovered.

  • Still waiting on sequels to Full Metal Panic!, Ghost in the Shell (though SSS was still a fairly recent release), and wish someone could take anime to a new dimension, but that would be asking too much right? Manga is still fun in its original format, but anime can seem to be more one dimensional imo.

  • i see this happening not only on anime but also on cinema and television shows…

    example, all the marvel movies comming out, that crappy twilight movies, or even lord of the rings

    all of those arent original ideas, but ppl seem to enjoy them anyway

  • No wonder.

    However Hollywood has a slight advantage over anime productions. They do let foreign talents to take a chance (FTW Chris Nolan and Quentin Tarantino). But truly, anime can barely be imitated by overseas producers, so they’re in some kind of ideal gridlock.

    All I can say is try harder.

  • You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing… Most anime only animes are pretty goddamn uninspired and shitty.

    That being said, i don’t know of too many good mangas that hasn’t been turned into anime yet, i hope there are some good i don’t know of, i would like to see Vagabond and Vinland Saga though… and a remake of Berserk that runs up to date, i hope i live to see the day.

  • I believe it has less to do with running out of ideas and more so with the increased cost of the media it costs much more to make at an acceptable quality now then it used to which means less risks are going to be taken with their choices so when they have the choice of creating new ip vs adapting a proven winner the choice is fairly obvious. At the very least on a monetary and business standpoint innovation is risk and generally in business you need to balance risk with profit and normally most businesses will take the small risk with small profit over large risk large profit.

  • Since when is an inductry “running out of ideas” news?

    Hell look at the american film industry and it’s practically nothing but sequels, prequels, remakes, retcons or the same old themes reused over and over.

  • Shit was bound to happen, its simple fucking logic.
    Unless manga is producing titles at a faster pacing than anime adapts them at some point this would happen. This might be that point but still some Taiwanese pirate’s is far from a reliable judgement.

  • I don’t think Anime should be so dependent on Manga like a lifeline. The Manga industry is already declining cause of many factors like said originality or lack of.

    It’ll only be a chain reaction then and the same will happen to Anime not being original either. Every generation or so there has been creators creating some new revolutionary ‘concept’ in some kind of media.

    Lots of originality was flowing in the 90’s and early 2000 and even way back before then. And so far no new concept, nothing revolutionary has been created from Anime or Manga….

    Maybe except for “Moe”? Idk but if that’s what are generation is known for, then that’s pretty fucking sad.

    But in my eyes all kinds of media and industry around the world seem to be declining from their once golden age and need to accept it.

    (IMO) Sucks to be born in the 2000’s, kids will come of age and realize all the stupid shit they grew up with is far inferior then what was made in the past.

    The age of downfall.

  • Remake all the good anime from 10-20 years ago in HD, nothing else changes except the awkward animations (still cutouts of character shrinking in size to signify moving off into the distance)

    There, you just saved anime from the moe hellhole it’s become.

  • Kinda sad because there are a lot of non-manga material that can very well be turned into anime.

    VN such as Little Busters!, your average and not so average RPG… Persona 3 comes to my mind. Light novels… Light friggin’ novels.

    Hell, there are even long and popular mangas with a short anime adaptation, I know of people who would weep of joy if they saw Kenichi being animated beyond the Ragnarok arc.

    There is material, the problem lies with the industry.

  • As long as Gianax is still making anime,Anime wont be completely un-original.
    I blame the other studios for being lazy.
    Some manga are just better as manga and while some of that like naruto and bleach depends on which you were exposed to first,Typicaly animes should not be made out of books that are short.

    Whoever did chobits stretched out four books to near 30 episodes.This is a habit you cannot do.
    ALso trying books that arent done put unessassary problems
    Strianing the manga artist to hasten his books,Useless filler animation inbetween book releases,all of that equals horrible waste of money and time.

  • It isn’t like new manga is some huge source of ideas. A lot of it is just the same as anime, a copy of older and/or ideas.

    I wouldn’t mind an anime adaption of some overlooked stuff though, such as Enchanter, ID or mirai nikki.

  • So that’s why Supernatural is been adapted…
    Saying that it might be good that the Japanese Manga and Anime start to explore other horizonts… There is still a lot of space for new and imaginative stories.

    • Exactly, the people dont notice that the reason why anime is running out of ideas is because the japanese themselves are becoming more stagnated as a population with the pass of the years.

      You can say that based on their own economy, that is dropping every year and now had lose to China the title of 2nd bigger economy of the world.

      Imagine how bad this should have been to the japanese pride…

      The japanese youth now are raising without dreams, without the hope for a bright future in contrast to the youth of the 70s and 80s, they are still the remanescents of the ”lost decade” of the 90s…

      IMO the best solution to it it’s like you said, explore other horizonts, if the japanese doesn’t have more ideas surely the people from other countries, that have lived much different lives and have much more experience in certain subjects that most japanese dont, have.

  • >implying that wasn’t the case fifteen years ago
    Almost every “classic” from the ’90s — the anime everyone had seen back in the VHS age, Kenshin, The Slayers, etc — was from a manga. After that Love Hina, Excel Saga and the like had been animated before the manga ended. Fuck.

  • Let’s see, what’s their plot…?

    “We will produce bland, PC sh-t with MOE and Boobies, vapor thin stories to not challenge social convention or intelligence, and ram it down the throat of the people we despise, our customers…”

    Yep, even that plot will run thin sooner or later.
    And I have no sympathy for them. They have the public voice, stolen from “The bard”, all these rich elite vermin filth that own the media, and all they do is use it to make money, destroying/debasing any story they touch. I wonder when, like in America they’ll try to make more $ by suing the fans that in an impoverished state download their “Intellectual Property” though they should be flattered anyone would “Steal” their crud…

    There’s a lot of cool things that could be done, but they’d have to:

    1. Take risks, challenge, innovate.
    2. Let writers and artists have their way and their pay.

    There’s lots of cool stuff that could be done. James Cameron is already working on a new “Battle Angel Alita” movie (her Motorball period) that’ll be far better than any anime studio. But, oh, Gunmm is too “Non PC” for them…

  • This is a simple overreaction to trends that (largely) don’t exist. The percentage of anime series released every year that are anime originals has remained more or less the same for the past decade.

    Besides, completely original ideas are risky because they have to entirely earn their audience rather than relying at least partly on an established fan base. Being original doesn’t necessarily automatically make the series good, either.

  • As long as it’s entertaining and not 80% to 100% the same as other stories it’s fine.
    There are lots of manga titles that would be fun to watch as anime like goudere, onidere, mysterious girlfriend x, subeteni iya garu, medaka box, etc.
    Even some mangas already have a 1st anime season with ongoing mangas like nagasarete airantou, seto no hanayome and rosario+vampire II. This last one should be done to replace the not-so-good capu2 adaptation.
    Anotherone I’d really like to see continued in the anime is Kenichi, and many more!

    So yeah, I think there are enough anime ideas, maybe not enough awareness from the studios of these ideas.

  • FUCK YOU YOU TAIWANESE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! so what It just mean we see our favourite works animated sooner bakuman and beelzeub are superb manga and deserve their animes dead man wonderland too as well as Mirai Nikki and most mangaka ‘s dream is that their work be turned into an anime If studios are more open to it then turn off your jealous butt hurt and get over it and I hope Psyren is the next to get its anime

  • No surprise really.

    That’s why I rarely watch new anime. I’m more likely to re-watch series like The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Bubblegum Crisis 2030, Mazinger Z, or Jungle Emperor over newer fair like Naruto, K-On, and Full Metal Alchemist.

  • I’ve never thought much of it, I always thought that working off a manga or a light novel was a good way to go since the story was proved popular enough.

    Then again, original titles like Eden of the East did show how effective originality on the part of the animation studios can be.

  • Okay, here’s the deal most people don’t understand. This was explained to me by people in the entertainment industry a long time ago when I made similar complaints.

    Let’s say you’re an exec at an anime company making US$100,000+ a year. (Heck, you don’t even have to make that much, just enough to keep your family fed.) Your job is to greenlight new shows.

    Now you have two projects sitting on your desk to make into a show:

    a) An amazing new proposal from one of your company artists for an original show that’s one of the best things you’ve seen in years.

    b) An adaption of a manga title with a decent following in some secondary magazine (not even JUMP) that’s got a few chapters out. Not bad, could do well, but not even in the same league with the original idea in a).

    So which do you choose?

    “b” will win 95% of the time, maybe even more.

    Why? You ask? Don’t they want to produce quality shows?

    Sure they do, but the most important factor here is fear, not quality.

    Anime are expensive to produce, and each one requires a lot of time and effort. A big show can make or break the company, and most of all- it can break your career.

    If you choose “a” and it’s a success, you could literally be set for life as a genius producer who saw the talent for what it was and made it reality. Your name could be remembered like Yoshitaka Amano and Hideki Anno. However, if “a” flops, it’s also 100% your responsibility, and you will accordingly have to explain to your wife why you didn’t get the promotion, got demoted, or even lost your job.

    On the other hand, if you chose “b” and it succeeds, you’ll get a job well done, and a promotion. (You’re still a wheel in the system, but your company will be happy with you.) But, if it fails, then when you face your bosses you can say you did everything safe, and didn’t take any major risks. You took a previously successful story and you picked a good crew to adapt it. Clearly the audience wasn’t ready for it. Everyone will shake their heads sadly and things will move on.

    But you won’t lose your job, and likely won’t be blamed unless they really really need a fall guy.

    Which would you choose if you were them? With your wife, kids future, career, and $100,000+/year job on the line if you pick the wrong one?

    This, by the way, is also happening in Hollywood (in fact, it’s the RULE in Hollywood) and that’s why so many books and comics get adapted. It’s also why so many focus groups are used with movies, so the producers can show the studio they’re not to blame.

    Almost nothing good will come from the entertainment industry establishment for this very reason. It’s the independents that take risks because they need to in order to get noticed, but once they’re “in” they fall under the same system.

    • I’m sure back in the day before money was invented people told good and exciting stories around lets say a campfire or before children go to bed. Now with money in existence its either your life or your creativity/audience/etc in the ever-suffering entertainment industry – this is what we get for inventing currency as a way for living.

  • A logical conclusion, but perhaps the truth is anime is now so much easier to produce/market/distibute, that paper forms are simply unable to outpace it any more.

    Video has been copying paper since film became a viable market. Anime is not doing anything unique.

  • Tong Li Comics = stupid and retard are taiwanes like this. Why is he complaining when he is just pirating manga to taiwan.

    anyway TAIWAN is still China its people are still chinese so no wonder they are like that even though they refuse to be with china

    • You know that 1) Tong Li doesn’t pirate anymore and 2) the last legitimate legal ruler of the island of Taiwan was Japan, not China. If you don’t believe the ROC is a legitimate government, it’s actually more correct to say that Taiwan is Japan than to say that it’s China.

      So, you’re wrong. Try again next time!

    • yeah thats actually happening soon. So I guess the Japanese are running out of ideas for what could be successful if they need to adapt a american tv series. But then again I don’t blame them, its a great show.

  • So damn true. I dont get it why they only do all these shounen animes with girls as main characters thats all cute and shit.

    Why cant they make animes of more seinen and darker stuff? god damn it! I dont even remember the last time I saw an anime and thought it was good. Well yes I do that was Shigurui.

    And with darker I dont mean High school of death as its the same shit. Little sombies with girls and shit loads of ecchi…… ffs!

    • >So damn true. I dont get it why they only do all these shounen animes with girls as main characters thats all cute and shit.

      You seem to forget one important point : anime ARE actually made for shounen (young boys) and shoujo (young girls)

      You see, in japan, seinen are busy WORKING (don’t tell me about the hikikomori, they’re still a minority whatever you can say) so they don’t think it’s so important to make anime for them.

      Yeah, people tends to forget that, but even in japan they think that ANIME ARE FOR KIDS

      and it’s not like they were making anime for fat gaijins watching free anime on their computer, you know…

  • Ummm this article is pointless… The anime industry currently wont fund making anime that hasn’t already succeeded as a manga, movie, etc. because of the economy. They’re being conservative about who gets their money before funding a potentially bad idea. I was recently at a panel where anime director/producer Dai Sato spoke and he even said:
    “The industry would much rather pay to create a show based off of a successful manga than pay me for a creative new idea. They won’t risk spending money on an idea that hasn’t seen any previous exposure. This limits us in what we can create… I’m having to write and draw my own manga just to get the industry to look at my work before I can get it made into an anime these days.”

    Nobody is running out of ideas. They just aren’t allowed to use them unless proven successful prior to licensing.

  • Just remember 90% of everything is crud. Always has been, and always will be. People think Anime and other mediums are going down the shitter only because they only remember the good stuff from older times and not the shitty ones.

    And that goes for human imagination too, it has always been shallow 90% of the time.

  • The same could have been said around 10 years ago. It’s not that easy to come up with something fresh and unused nowadays. Our world is already flooded with tons of repetative media, be it books, movies, comics/manga.
    Also, the anime industry has always picked up manga stories that enjoy a certain following in the bigger anthology collections. The spped is increasing because there are so many new series churned out every season.
    Most of these stories aren’t that great, but there are cases where the anime adaption can turn something mediocre into something big.

  • I’d say it’s right on about Hollywood movies.

    On the other hand, when have most anime NOT been based on manga? Since the beginning of anime, the majority of titles released have been based on manga.

    Very few titles come to mind that were not based on a manga.

  • I think we should have a third season of K-ON!!

    But just before the four girls go off to college a virus breaks out, turning most of Japan into zombies.

    Yui could have a rifle and call it RAIFORUU~

    K-ON of the DEAD!!!, fund it~

  • Well, i sorta need to agree with this. At least Anime that are created on their own instead of adapted from mangas, games and novels have the least tendency of getting the “WTF!? This doesn’t look anything like the original manga/games/novels!” unloyal result.

  • Writing a good story takes time and thus money and even then you don’t know if they story will interest the public.

    So they play it safe and let the manga writes do the story making, see if the manga is popular then adopt it. Fairly logical.

    And this is not necessarily a bad thing either the main problem with it is that jump on the hype of a manga way to soon instead of letting it finish first.

    Then you have the whole story and you can plan the production of it properly and you know what is next so you can spend more time and effort in artwork and animation.

    Another problem is the public… low quality anime like Naruto and Bleach are immensely popular. So why should companies improve the quality at all.. people seem to accept it just fine.

    • @ Anon 16:57:

      Companies should improve the quality because “milking the cash cow” (making animes of moe manga, etc.) is just stalling for time.

      If they’re not using that time to raise more cows, then they will starve when the original cow dies of old age.

      There are tons of “good” base material out there in the form of books and short stories. I’d love to see C.J. Cherryh’s “Chanur” series or “Foreigner” series as an anime (or live action movie). Same goes for Timothy Zahn’s “Cordon Sanitaire”, and Stannislaw Lem’s “Pirx the Pilot” series. I read a French science fiction (translated into English) book which was written in the 1960s, and it was awesome! I can’t recall the author or the title, but I vividly recall the images it made in my mind as I read it.

      As others have pointed out, conservative executives _trying_ to “play it safe” are, in part, causing animation houses’ downward spiral.

      Another factor is (what I perceive as) poor use of computers in the anime production process. Is there something wrong or lacking in the software that the animation houses don’t use them to produce the in-between frames (“shots”, “cels”, “cuts”, whatever the proper terminology is)?

      Or, is the computer-use thing totally bogus? Maybe it’s actually faster/cheaper to have artists draw and ink by hand — has anyone actually timed it? (You need to compare experienced computer-assisted animators to experienced manual-mode animators.)

    • The reason why the Big Three is so popular is because they target a large demographic. I might have gone tired of them now but they were my gateway to anime on the internet. Been watching anime(along with tokukatsu) on TV for as long back as I can remember though.

  • That’s why, IMO, they should just let people from other countries work on their anime without much trouble, in recent years many cartoons (japanese or not) are adapting themselves into an ”anime style” of doing animation and some of them are resulting in very good materials.

    Like the Scott Pilgrim comicbook, the Avatar: The Last Airbender show of Nickelodeon, the recent Sym-Bionic Titan of Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky and the many and many good comics from Korea, China and France.

    And WTH, I presume that the japanese themselves already notice that, since the number of semi-production anime between Japan and other countries increased in the last years, just remember of Heroman, Basquash, First Squad, El Sistema, Oban-Star Racer and Tekkonkinkrett.

    This is called the ”Global Anime” these types of animation are still in small number compared with the big picture of the animation in Japan, but IMO, when the time comes and the japanese animation turn out to be just a market for otakus/fushojis in Japan it’s gonna be the global anime the saviours of the industry, not only just in Japan but in the whole world of domestic animation.

    • Anime not produced in Japan is categorised as cartoons. And somehow… I’d rather the world not try to copy Japan. Every country should do things their way and try to work things out, not copy more popular styles ‘cos it’s already been show to fail given enough time.

      • Whoa, Dude!!

        It’s like this whole circle of life thing, man.

        Japan after World War II recovered, in part by focusing it’s economy and manufacturing on making cheap knockoffs of western stuff, and taking western cartoons and morphing them into anime. By adding moe and schoolgirl panties they localized and improved the art form.

        Now, years later, as Japan’s economy craters, westerners are co-opting anime styles and turning it into something different and better, by removing moe and schoolgirl panties. We are keeping the giant robots, those are cool.

        What goes around, comes around and around and around.

        Don’t worry there Japanese guys. You still, and will always, make the best cartoon porn ever. Hentai rulez!

  • This is idiotic!

    There are still a lot of great manga titles that doesn’t have anime adpatations. There are also anime adaptations of manga that sucked so bad that it disgraces the manga. It would be a good Idea to remake these anime adaptations and give the quality that the manga deserves.


  • Ahem,there are THOUSANDS of manga and light novels out there.I can think of a ton of manga series that deserve an anime adaption.There’s nothing wrong with adapting manga to anime.It’s NOT a sign of anything.In fact,most of the anime produced has always been from manga.

    The problem here is that only series that the producers “think” will sell well are being made.The fact is,the people in he industry just don’t know what the public want right now.Instead of making big risky bets,they’re clinging on to ecchi,moe and shounen to survive until the next big thing comes.

  • The real problems is that Japanese business culture discourages new ideas. There would be plenty of original anime coming out if the studios weren’t run by stuffy old men who don’t want to lose face if a subordinate comes up with a good idea.

  • You may correct me if im wrong but the majority of the best rated Animes have always been based on Mangas/Novels.

    Iv’e never seen Anime as something very original. It was all about “how well can you animate/voice this manga/novel.” Some turned out better than the material they were based on but most didn’t.

    So i don’t think they really have a problem, there are still tons of good sourcematerial. I just wish they’d stop screwing so bad with the original plots for the sake of the otakus. That killed so many potential good Animes.

  • Just draw more camel-toes and grins of others near the one with camel-toes pictures. Set them on a table and start writing up new original ideas as to how those 2 got in that situation and the views of 3 others who they didn’t think saw it. Thats 4 seasons right there.

  • Its not so much as the anime industry is running out of ideas but rather they purposefully taking on less risk by adapting establish franchises. Anime is increasingly more expensive to make with little returns. Taking on new unproven stories could prove disasterous for the studio should it fail.

    Take Ghibli for example with The Borrower Arrietty. They know that their latest film could make break them should it flop. Thats why as contigency they have a dissolution plan in place to protect their IP even if they stop producing anime completely. Unfortunately not many studios can’t afford being that risky.

    • Howl’s Moving Castle was based on a book by British author Diana Wynne Jones, published in several countries including Canada and the United States.
      Nausicaä was first a manga. The Borrowers is a book series. I wouldn’t call them risky at all at this point, Mononoke Hime was the last good one to come from them. Besides, they are in cahoots with Disney, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we would see a Donald Duck in Japan kinda thing at some point. At least not yet they are not whoring like Square-Enix with it’s Kingdom Farts.

  • What about anime movies then? We’ve had a couple of good original titles like Summer Wars and Redline, but hardly anything like that with regular shows.

    I don’t mind them using concepts from manga, but rather this haphazard rush to commit them into studios can only mean rushed endings and terrible pacing .

    • I have to disagree Dr Morph. Even if anime isn’t quite what it used to be, it’s still infinitely stronger than American animation (counting out the uncanny valley that is the CGI/animation movies).

      Also, this is precisely whey I love the various adventurous efforts of Madhouse, BONES and Gainax for their occasional arthouse projects. Especially Madhouse, which makes it a tacit point to not only do manga/game/novel transitions, but also totally new stories as well.

    • As the years go on and human become more and more bored with everything becoming cliched, we may turn back to the past and bring some good entertainment back…

      Like Gladiators~

      But seriously, let’s face it…

      In a few years from now, everything WILL become so cliched, and not just in anime…

      Games, movies…Everything will be “Oh I know that will happen”, or “Totally a rip-off” or even “So Mary-Sue-ish”…

      Year after year, an endless slew of the same thing will drive someone to depression and a downward spiral to bottomless boredom…

      We need alternatives…

      Humans get bored very, very easily…

      And we need new forms of entertainment constantly as we grow and get old until the day we die…

      That’s why we should invent a device that erases one’s memories of games, movies, and anime…

      That way, we can entertain ourselves it over, and over again without getting bored since we do not know the plot nor predict the outcome…

      • The world of entertainment is already like this, we don’t need to wait a few years for it. Name one thign that has been new in your life time that was never done before in our thousands of years of human history in some way in some shape? Never a newstoryline. Nothing new under the sun. The only thing people can do is try to add their own, unique view on it and hope it’s different enough to feel new.

      • They’ve already brought back the gladiators. Take any ‘reality’ show like Survivor. We have people suffering and competing for the edification of the viewers. The only difference is that they don’t actually kill each other, they just eliminate them.

        • I prefer anime to Hollywood because the stories are so fresh. Anything imaginable can happen. Hollywood rarely takes a chance on something new. They either stick with a formula that has worked before or dust off some old TV show or classic movie and make a piss-poor remake. When they try to copy anime, it always sucks because they don’t have the right mindset – instead of just going with it, they try to twist it to their old-fashioned ideas about ‘what will work’. In anime, it ALL works, no matter how bizarre.

      • uh guys, it really is true that they are running out of ideas, because there’s an anime coming called SUPERNATURAL…based on the US hit tv series, Supernatural….They are really, really running low ideas if they are just transforming a TV series into an anime. Reminds me of the old Star Trek cartoon series, though that one did have some unique episodes in it. I hope the next tv->anime projects will be: Babylon 5, The Outer Limits, Star Trek: The Next Generation, V- the original series, Miami Vice, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate movies, McGuyver and Californication. The last one can be a full blown H-romp.

      • no western animation has no place at all. its either a kids show or its an adults show, and you know how hard it is to get someone to watch something animated? anyone in there teens stops watching animation all together. its why they copy each other so much, family guy got an audience, and they want to copy something that worked.

        look at good things like, mission hill, baby blues, futurama (before the new season), and home movies.

        not kid shows, not really adult shows either, that all died, except futurama, thank you comedy central, because networks seen them as failures, apposed to making a shit live action copy of shit that copied shit that copied what copied the original.

    • I agree it’s to soon for Beelzebub/Bakuman to have an anime.
      Beelzebub only has 76 chapters out thus far, and it’s a manga I can easily see being a long running series & possibly take one of the ‘top 3’ positions when naruto/bleach end. Now isn’t the time for it to get some 26 episode adaption with a shit ending.

      • BACK YOUR SHIT UP belzeebub could easily have a 26 episode series that ends at the end of chapter 47, and if you want a cliffhanger ending, have them all in class for the ending.

        just because manga becomes an anime doesn’t mean they have to make shit up, a recent one that didn’t make up a fucking ending and ended at a manga end point, i believe Sasameki Koto, never got around to watching the whole thing yet as it really follows the manga close, but the ending inst something made up for the anime.

        and bakuman has multiple end points. and there is a damn good chance that if bakuman is taken slowly enough, the manga will end before the anime comes close to catching up, and given recent chapters, it seams like it will be ending soon.

        • i have to disagree, but at the same time, every 10 chapters it could be coming to an end soon. it can sustain itself for another 50 chapters, but unless shit changes it cant.

          i honestly believe that this manga has tons of logical ends, like a mini 12 episode anime, or a longer 26 episode.

          it could end when they first get serialized, or after there first cancellation getting back on the horse.

          and possibly longer, if they get an anime and end it at the wedding. the manga will go on beyond that, for a bit but yea.

    • SanCon is not far behind in “running out of ideas”, this is the second K-ON-entric post in a row today and I got a -0.8 rating for pointing that out! so I’m expecting another lashing from moeblob fans for this post as well.

    • Many movies have always been based on well known stories, books or historical events.

      Same for connection between manga and anime… it’s just that there’s increasingly more anime shows airing these days and there’s not enough content for each studio to feed on anymore.

      • Just about anything imaginable has been animated. It’s only natural to get ideas from elsewhere. Manga, novels and games have been animated for decades and that’s perfectly fine.

        They should wait for enough material if they are going to animate manga, though. There are more than enough good and completed or long running titles that never got animated, or only partially. Like Berserk and Bastard.

        • And even Haruhi! Most of novels have not been animated yet, to take a well-known example.
          This article is typical shit coming from Taiwanese side, because what quality animation have they created themselves? Not very famous stuff for what i know.
          There is no shortage of novels and manga material to be animated in Japan at all, but maybe the tops of the industry who decide what will be produced are too uninterested and lazy to really read and find the good stuff.
          Kick old farts out and bring in younger people to top of anime industry, it will get much better.
          Not that i have problem to find enough of good anime to watch myself, i have plenty. Time shortage for watching anime is the only problem.

      • you actually believe the taiwanese?
        besides. even if you had a hit anime idea, you would consider making a manga adaptation before it. just to rake in the dough. shows like mitsudomoe seem to follow that strategy. the manga is like 1 volume ahead of the show and they are already planning the second season. the show is probably being made at the same time the manga is.

      • Or it could just be a matter of demand and supply. Just look at the Anime no Chikara project where titles like Senkou no Night Raid flopped hard on viewership and DVD sales. Why bother risking making new titles when you can build upon an established fanbase?

      • This remind me that Hollywoodis planing an Full Metal Panic live action movie with Zac Efron as Sagara ,!#Live_Action_film , hollywood love to take the fame of a manga/game/anime and convert it in a pile of bullshit movie with 0% similitary to the original at least chinese quality try to look like the original but triying to avoid sue problems , damn i hope that an terrorism atack happens in the studios or those bastards

        • lol the only reason they keep getting zac efron to play roles from anime is because of his hair and fame that will get people who don’t even care about the original plot to watch it. This is why every one takes live action American adaptations as a joke…

        • >if they could, don’t you think they wouldn’t have already done it ?
          Maybe they can, but but it doesn’t bring in enough extra profit.
          The way I read the article, the anime studios haven’t run out of potential ideas by a long shot. But instead they’re opting to do yet another giant robot series. Safe, yes. But at some point your scraping the bottom of the barrel.
          Not that anyone cares.

        • They don’t need to take a risk, if it’s good it WILL sell, the problem is they can’t be bothered to create any original stories. They keep taking manga’s and then significately changing the story and wonder why the fans believe it sucks compared to the manga.


          Hellsing Original
          Hellsing Ultimate

          Ultimate follows the manga better than the original, and what a surprise, Ultimate is better.

        • if they could, don’t you think they wouldn’t have already done it ?

          anime just like movies and music are plagued with the same virus : nobody wants to take risk anymore

          making anime adaptation of a popular manga, even if it gets only 2 or 3 volumes, is less risky than making a whole story from your own.

          How many years it took before we got a great original anime like Gurren Lagann ? And how many years it will take before we get another one ?

      • And that’s coming from a Taiwanese column….

        But yeah, I get their point. Seems alot of stereotype genres and plots are being plucked out from mangoes, especially those with high school settings which we still watch and enjoy.

        Still, manga ain’t the only source. There’s still novels(Hyakka), games and original works, which are unfortunately lacking in numbers.

      • Personally i hate the fact that they start making anime out of mangas that don’t have enough material and then they force a stupid made-up ending after some episodes, leave us hanging, or fill us with a tone of fillers.
        If you want to make a manga to an anime let the god damn thing finish first or at least be certain it will finish before your anime catches up with it.

        • They blame manga for not having enough ideas, resulting in blaming companies for not having enough mangakas, resulting in blaming society for having low birthrates, resulting in blaming couples for not having sex enough, resulting in a sudden baby boom causing an abrupt overpopulation and end of the world as we know it.

        • Anyone but me find it ironic how him, the editor-in-chief of Tong Li Comics (a major Taiwanese manga publisher which famously started out by pirating Japanese manga titles some decades ago), is saying the anime industry has run out of ideas…

          Fuck! That company is, in a way, built on lack of ideas for new manga.

        • Anonymous

          thats the one that everyone goes to. there are 2 kinds of filler, there is the new crap that is hit and miss. like goku piccolo, and the vadel extra stuff, than there is nemik, where they stretched the fuck out of it, i mean nemik itself was a longish arc, but at some points chapters got stretched out over 2-4 episodes, i mean didn’t this planet has 5 minutes left last something like 20 or so episodes?

          look at dragon ball, compared to dragon ball z.

          the pacing was better and it was honestly my favorite part of the whole manga.
          dbz should have lasted 70ish episodes too, but they stretched it out over 295 or something close to that.

          if they dont have content, id rather not have retards take a chance at it, because out of all the dbz filler (ill assume filler was close to 200 episodes worth) there were only about 7 episodes of good filler.

          look at it from a studios pov.
          everyone is looking at the mangas, and you want to be the one that gets picked to do it so you submit the we want it now application and hope to fuck you get it. because who knows what will hit big and what will die out but damnit you want your name attached to it for as long as its good.

          now to fma credit, the ass end of that (second half) was the best filler i saw in fucking years. that said, there were even parts and ideas in it that i liked more than the real storyline. but over all i liked fma manga better than both, mainly because alot of what made the manga great for me got left out of the anime.

        • @damnyou- I disagree, there are plenty of mangas they didn’t touch that have a full story and also they can still make anime splitting them into many seasons out of mangas like K-ON! and comedy moe staff that don’t really have a story and is just for laughs. You don’t care much if you can immediately see what’s next because those manga’s don’t really have cliffhangers in the way a continued story with event has.

          Hell am not that annoyed even if they make 2-3 seasons of a manga with a very compelling addictive story but only as long is only a year at most between each season and not 10years after because they chose to start a manga in the first place that had a slow pace and they need another 10years before there is enough material for a second season.

          And the worst of all is when you have anime like “Claymore” and “Pandora Hearts” that they pick up knowing very well the manga will in no way finish before they reach it and they just go and animate them anyway so they can butcher them in the end by pulling stupid silly endings out of there ass so the anime could seem like it finished and basically lower the quality of the whole anime because those endings are so stupid. Why the fuck did you pick them up? You knew you couldn’t finish them. Leave them alone and wait another ten years when you can make a dissent big anime out of them. Stop butchering them.

        • They should have better pacing, the anime industry I mean. They were taking almost any manga they can get their hands on and make them into animes. And now they are complaining that the mangakas are not having enough new ideas. They should take thing slow and only take mature enough mangas to make into animes not just to fill in the program schedule. By doing so they can even have better quality anime, not like the original FMA anime where the ending was nowhere as good as the FMAB(or the original manga)

        • a logical conclusion point?

          lets take naruto, as an example of how it should have been done.

          they take the manga, find out its good, than wait for logical conclution points.

          like the zabuza arc. than the next point. that way its on for a season (12-24 epoisodes) and off till next year, and we can be satisfied with it.

          *im not saying naruto is good, anymore, but at one point it was, but we can all agree than the first 240 ep naruto anime was absolute shit with fillers actually making up more of the animes time than manga to anime sections