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Cult Couple Busted for Spiritual Spanking


A couple who ran a small cult have been arrested for spanking one of their female followers after she failed to complete her chores.

The husband (49) and wife (36) team operated as self-proclaimed “mediums,” leading a spiritual organisation they called “The Romasophie Society” from their Ota ward home in Tokyo.

The husband reportedly claimed he could “see spirits” and “perform exorcisms.”

The group had some some 40 mainly female members who lived together communally, either living in the leadership’s home or in nearby apartments. The leaders apparently lived off donations of money and goods they elicited from followers.

The leader’s wife complained that one of their devotees, a woman in her forties, “did not complete her chores” and then took a 50cm wooden rod to her behind, spanking her dozens of times with it.

She explains why the disciplining was necessary:

“I did it as I thought I’d beat some life into her backside!”

Her husband gallantly claims he only watched:

“My wife did it. I was just watching.”

Police have charged the couple with assault after the mildly injured woman complained of the beating.

Another man claims he was threatened when he left the group, being told “you’ll die if you leave” and being forced to pay money.

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