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Schoolgirl Murder-Rapist Gets 4 Years – “He Was Immature”


A 17-year-old who attempted to rape and murder his classmate, smashing her face to a pulp with a 30kg concrete post after she resisted him, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison.

The incident began with a 17-year-old boy joining a 17-year-old female classmate on the way home from their Ibaraki prefecture highschool.

He tried to have sex with her, but was refused, and subsequently unsuccessfully attempted to rape the girl, who resisted him vigorously.

Seeking to prevent the crime from coming to light, he then attempted to strangle the girl, after which he took two nearby concrete posts, weighing some 30kg each, and used them to beat the girl, striking her more than 10 times in the face and elsewhere.

The girl survived the attack, but suffered severe injuries including broken bones in her face, and was apparently permanently disfigured.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with attempted murder and attempted rape.

The defence tried to have him tried as a juvenile in a family court, pleading  that “for the sake of reforming the boy it would be better to send him to reform school for rehabilitation,” but the court was having none of it, saying a prison sentence “would assist in his reform by impressing upon him the gravity of his offences.”

Prosecutors claimed he planned the rape after watching pornographic videos featuring simulated rape, luring her to an abandoned site on the way home from school, only to be frustrated by her resistance.

The boy, now 19, was found guilty and sentenced to “not less than 4 years and no more than 8 years” imprisonment, likely indicating he will be paroled in 4 years.

The prosecution themselves sought “not less than 5 years and no more than 10 years” imprisonment.

The judge presiding seemed upset he could not give a lighter sentence:

“That the boy had an immature personality can’t be denied, but I must stress the cruelty of his acts and the severity of the consequences.”

One of the lay judges responsible for the verdict seemed particularly concerned about the perpetrator’s future:

“I’m in no doubt about the wickedness of the deed, but I was concerned about how much I should be thinking about the youth’s future.”

The girl’s face is probably ruined – she describes her plight:

“I’m overcome by sadness every time I look in the mirror. As a result of the incident I’m afraid of men, and I’m so anxious about what they think when they see my scarred face I don’t even want to get on the train. I hope he’s punished severely.”

The boy claims he wants to make amends:

“It’s inexcusable. If I could do something to restore her face I would, but I can’t – I’d like to gain some qualifications in prison and work, and then pay restitution.”

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