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Capcom: “We’ll Scrap Our Coders & Designers”


Capcom has announced it will no longer be employing programmers or designers, and will in fact be scrapping them completely.

Instead, as part of a far-reaching managerial reform it will be calling them all “creators”, a move apparently intended to abolish distinctions in creative class amongst its game developers.

Just whether this pre-October Revolution turns out to be a vapid feel-good gesture or a real change in the stifling corporate culture of a Japanese company remains to be seen – certainly it seems unlikely the change of name will suddenly see Capcom’s artists suddenly able to program, or their coders miraculously granted artistic talent.

In other comments, Capcom has said it will be striving to increase collaboration with its non-Japanese studios – seemingly the exact opposite of competitor Square Enix, which in recent comments vehemently disparaged the merits of working with mere foreigners.

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