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Top 10 Coolest Japanese Prefectures



Japanese asked about how appealing they consider each of the 47 Japanese prefectures have rendered their verdict – the frigid wastes of Hokkaido are the place to be, with the nation’s capital scraping in at 4th.

Whether Hokkaido’s top placing (along with its capital Sapporo being top city) has anything to do with Sapporo being Rie Tanaka’s birthplace is naturally a matter of some conjecture…

The most appealing prefectures, ranked according to the strength and recognition of their “brand” as perceived by Japanese survey participants:

1. Hokkaido

2. Kyoto

3. Okinawa

4. Tokyo

5. Nara

6. Kanagawa

7. Osaka

8. Hyogo

9. Nagasaki

10. Nagano

Tourism (as with Hokkaido, Kyoto and Okinawa) and the presence of large metropolises (such as Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama/Kanagawa) seem the main arbiter of how well regarded a region is.

The 2010 results shown here exhibit practically no change from the 2009 results of last year.

The least appealing:

38. Yamaguchi

39. Gifu

40. Tottori

41. Gunma

42. Tokushima

43. Saitama

44. Fukui

45. Tochigi

46. Saga

47. Ibaraki

Those who have never heard of these can probably count their blessings – although Saitama’s enduring image problem comes in spite of it being a relatively central area, as opposed to a depopulated rural backwater like many of the other low ranking prefectures.

Those not wanting a bunch of ski-slopes and rotten temples clogging up their rankings can head straight to the top 10 sexiest prefectures of Japan.

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