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  • I brought FF XIV without waiting for reviews because I was sure this game would rock.. and it really is shit. The copy paste thing people are complaining about is justified, I noticed it after 5 mins play outside town. The interface is obsurd, the combat slow and laggy, its like they couldn’t be bothered with quests and just had you talk to the same people and then go to the same place to activate it.. WHY? crafting seems hit or miss (dont get me started on fishing) in fact other than the nice repetitive visuals the game has nothing going for it. The last game I played was a free to play game called runes of magic, and that had a much better interface, city areas, ah, homes, chat, combat, WAY less lag etc etc. I’m really pissed I brought this game. I want my money back.

  • The map looks like a screenshot from Civilization, with it’s square lakes and 90 degree rivers and coasts. They couldn’t make the landmass look at least a little natural?

    Guess it makes it easier to copy and paste.

  • I’m playing beta and was a bit surprised when I found no dungeons, instances, or any variety in the terrain.

    The world just consists of mobs scattered around bland terrain with the same vegetation for miles.

    (at least that’s the case for the firs week of play)

    I put the game down for now, the UI issues, mouse issues and so many small issues which you can’t ignore, make it almost unplayable for me.

    The most fun I had was in the character creator, that speaks volumes.

  • So no one is pissed off by the terrain being a pointless maze instead of large open areas?

    You can’t get from any significant point A to point B without running into a canyon wall, running off a cliff (if that’s even possible), or running into a body of water. There is no cruise control because everywhere you go there’s going to be 10+ god-damn obstacles in your way. Not only is it stupid that the the maps repeat themselves, but the land formation is an unnatural labyrinth.

    • It’s one of the million things wrong with the game right now.

      The game is a perfect example of “So close, yet so far…”

      It’s easy to see what they could fix to make the game so much better, but you just know (from their reputation) that they won’t. Their customer relations has always been a trainwreck. For example, people have been complaining on the private tester forums since EARLY ALPHA to fix horrible mouse support. Literally hundreds of threads, thousands of posts… It all fall on deaf ears. Like I said, just one of a million complaints. One is forced to wonder why they bothered to open up forums at all if they didn’t listen to any of the advice.

    • Name one major MMO that has done this. Last I checked, you release betas to give people a taste of the game. If you don’t let them play the game then it’s not representative and thus doesn’t serve its function. Which can only spawn derision like we see here. It would make no sense from Square’s perspective or from a prospective customer’s POV.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Hey~ give ’em a break!

    FF Otakus need something to occupy their limited time in the mmo of ff flavored “fun” outside of making the prefect brew! squenix just cooked up the prefect idea to distract everybody from the bland as hell combat of dead faced puppets and fireworks per strikes~

    I still remember the days of myself watching old cartoons where they recycled the background over and over again, it’s the action in front that needs your attention and not that identical rock face!

  • Let’s just say that i’d still be complaining about this stuff if the game was free to play.
    Considering that i’d have to pay regularly for that lazy lame-ass crap, i’d rather ignore its existence altogether.

  • *rolls eyes* I remember a day when games were for FUN. you know back on the snes and N64. You know why games back then were so fun? CAUSE WE STILL HAD SOULS! no really I’m not joking, back then a game was about having fun in some fantasy style world. Now days all you people want is bigger and better stuff, but you never stop. SE could have spent 27 years carfully making each and every last rock and stone on a 30 mile long road and put a person name on each and every one of those rocks and stones to prove it and you and winny bitchs would STILL find a reason to get upset and say “games shit, I’m not paying money for this”. You don’t give a fuck about if it’s copy paste or not, all you care about is finding someothing to hate and hating it. So go crawl off to your other games and leave this one alone! or are you scared SC will make a post on how THAT game sucks to and then you won’t be able to play it anymore cause “god” said it was bad.

    THERE WILL NEVER BE A PERFECT GAME! So stop waiting for it and enjoythe games we have now.

    • Anonymous says:

      or they could just use a semi-random procedural enviroment generating engine (they exist and some run in real time btw) so they just define the road section, vegetation section, mountain section and let the algorithms do the work, if the artwork attached is good the results can be incredible (go see just cause 2 or red dead redemption if you dont believe me)

    • You really think Korean MMOs have huge grinds because people LIKE grinding for hours? Hint: the answer is no.

      Likewise, you think people like spending 15 minutes getting from town A to B instead of instantly warping there? Which may not be terrible on it’s own, but when you need to wait for an entire linkshell to gather and people are always late, snowballing the gathering time?

      Or waiting up to 3 hours for a world boss to spawn while sitting in a pit with 100 other people?

      Or sitting in town possibly for hours while trying to put a party together because the game forces you into group XP?

      Or taking a portal to a boss that only has a 50% chance of warping you to him? Some people have had to attempt 10+ ports, delaying the entire group.

      I really, really doubt that some devs sat down, considered this stuff, and thought “people will have a blast doing this stuff!”

      Last I checked, devs love putting time wasting roadblocks into MMOs, clearly they are not designing the entire game to be fun.

      • First this is a Japanese MMO not a Korean one.

        And secend out of everything you listed the only one you really NEED to do is grind. It’s not a rule to join endgame events. some people like it yes but some don’t. Lets put it this way, my best memory of FFXI wasn’t my 2 years in Dynamis, it was unlocking cor with my friend. Both of us were only around level 60-62 and wanted to try it, so we printed up maps (this was before viewer and the 3rd party one wouldn’t work on our pc’s) and set out to become cor’s. And what an adventer that was xD I found out Jnun agrro the hard way, after we got lost trying to find the key item. Then a pack of imps left us both dead xD after that we finaly made it safely to the ??? point to get the job but it took over 2 hours of being lost and dieing to pull off. And I’d do it again any day cause for me, that miss-adventer in the swamp was 10x more fun then any endgame drama event will ever be.

        To each there own yes, but to me hanging out with friends and just doing what I enjoy and not what some elite endgamer says I should do is where the fun is for me.

        Lets just call a truce at this, we each think different and a 100 post will never change that. So lets move on to other stuff ^^

    • You have a pretty weak argument here. Blizzard spent something like 1, maybe 1.5 years making Northrend and Outland for WoW. Take a good look at the terrain detail there, compared to what SEnix was able to come up with over the last 5+ years, or however long they spent making this.

      Here’s hoping that they’ve been hiding the REAL world data from the alpha/beta testers all this time. I don’t see why they would… but hey, you never know, right?

      • Wasn’t protecting the game, was saying that it doesn’t matter of it’s the zones or the menu. People just want something to get angry over.

        Theres a large number of things in FFXIV I think need to be fixed long before we care about areas. I’ve played the beta, spending 20-30 minutes in the market ward checking countless npc player stores just to find one freaken dagger is more of a pain in the ass to me then crossing the same tree 4 times on my way to a camp.

        • Christ dude. Sometimes it’s called being an informed consumer. I won’t put up with the senseless bullshit they do which detracts from the very same fun you talk about. It’s anyone’s personal opinion what to make of the information, but it’s also the year 2010. Limitations are becoming blurred and there are no excuses for some of the shit they do.

        • Also wasn’t just talking about FFXIV, in general it seems people want to hate games more then like them now. There are a large number of games out there other people loved I hated, like Dragon Age or Mass Effict or CoD MW2. Yet I’m not spending hours picking those games part, drawing up charts then making big hate post on the net about it, I just quietly go play the games I do like. I don’t care if people want to hate FFXIII or FFXIV, had my own dis-likes with those game, but really is it worth all this just to make it clear to everyone? Not to me, thats time I could have been playing one of those liked games.

  • *rolls eyes* We get…..the point….you don’t have a good enoufe pc to paly so your bashing it none stop….now shut up!

    as for me I’ll say this right here in the pit of hate and bitching


    I know cause I’m playing the beta and while hate boy above might make it look bad it’s not, you really don’t notice to much and if your so ultra focused thats ALL you notice…well theres something wrong alright but not with the game…. >.>;

    as a closing question what is the point behind this sites bash-happy ways of late? I mean come on 4 post about how somethign sucks, 1 post about how highschool of the dead is great cause it’s got boobs in it….what are you 7?

    • I’m sorry but I have to roll my eyes at you sir. First of all, my PC is MORE than good enough to play this game at max settings. Especially since the game is capped at 30 frames per second…

      I’ll say it again. I’ve been playing since the alpha launched. The game was no where near ready then, and not much has changed since then. It’s shocking that they spent money making this, not to mention charging money for it.

      They could have perhaps gotten away with this 8 years ago. But today the standards are different. It is, at it’s core (figuratively and literally) FFXI with better graphics and less interesting zones. I loved FFXI, and I played it for many years… but I got tired of it. The game needed to evolve, and I was really excited when FFXIV was announced, because I thought that was what was going to happen.

      This is not a game that is just not quite living up to its hype. This is a game that is at least 10 years behind the standards set by other MMOs. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

  • i see retards thinking square enix or any jap companies can make mmorpg up to blizzard’s calibre. WOW has it flaws but u can see the dev team constantly striving to balance the game, and not let sth outrageous break it. That’s the spirit and what keeps players not too frustrated when shit goes wrong. Whats the point of having extremely beautiful graphics when the game is flawed fundamentally:laggish,sluggish movement and profession,long loading times and exp cap,i mean seriously?
    i used to be a jp game fanboy but sadly most jap games made in recent years are a disappointment and just feels like a blackhole to suck your money,the latest being ANOTHER CENTURY’S EPISODE R from ps3. Support blizzard if u like quality games honestly

  • I received an invite during the alpha phase, and enjoyed myself somewhat for the first few hours. The game had a lot of flaws. The zones clearly were not finished, with towns/cities made inaccessible by big blurry textured walls, big open spaces with no mobs in them, etc… And it was all fine, cause you could tell yourself: “It’s just the alpha build. The beta would fix everything right?”

    Well when the beta came around, it was shocking… Yeah they sped up the combat a little bit… and the world was slightly more fleshed out… But the game still handled like shit. Camera, controls, the god damned MOUSE that lagged at least 800ms behind your hand movements.

    Then I noticed that I was hardly getting gil from monsters anymore. I also noticed that there were hardly any MONSTERS anymore, at least of my own level. Seriously, when you walk out of the first town, two thirds of the shit walking around will ANNIHILATE you at first level. Even at 8th level. Right outside the fucking gate.

    Then I noticed they removed all the NPCs that sold basic armor. I think you could buy basic upgrades for weapons and shields, but that was it. No chest pieces, hand pieces or anything like that. You could get a handful of things from doing quests, but they had a ridiculous 48 hour cooldown on 3 quests. All other gear needed to be crafted and sold to you by other players, or you had to spend hours getting the skills/materials to craft it yourself. On it’s own, that’s not such a big deal.

    But then your gear breaks 2 hours into your session. Oh fuck. What an ordeal. Now you are REALLY FUCKED. You have to find someone, pay them, and get the materials required to fix your basic shit. There goes at least double the time you spent breaking it.

    I could go on and on about how much I hate this game so far. I really wanted it to be good, but let’s not kid ourselves. You’d have to be a sick masochist to enjoy this game.

  • Played since the OB and I’m really liking it. Copy-pasta environments? Oh please, I enjoyed PSO 1 & 2, and if I let something like this bother me, I wouldn’t play games at all.

    Slow combat, slow progression, slow overall feel, is nice for a while. Having played WoW, AoC, WAR and GW, they all had the feel that I’m in a hurry all the time, level asap, grind asap to get enough stuff for raid etc. FFXIV could probably break that trend for me.

    I find the ‘mood’ for an adventure like I first had in PSO to be there too. Have you walked around in Gridania just watching around and looking at the lamps hanging from ceiling? Marvelous.

  • At least if you’re gonna reuse the whole terrain block, use different textures/sizes please.

    Were the world design team working only 3 hours out of the 8-9 that they’re supposed to? What a whack…

  • Dear mother of god…

    You mean that the bush i passed a minute ago is going to look identical to the bush i walk past a minute from now?

    And the ramp you walk up over there is the same as the ramp i walk up over here?

    What a totally shitty game, zero people are going to pay to play a game with such bush/ramp travesties.

  • Registered in to the open-beta through some endless procedure.

    Started downloading the client – and it got stuck some half way. Damn downloader started using all my bandwith to upload for 2 whole days.

    Deleted the downloaded data. Started waiting for Guild Wars 2.

  • No one mentions they dint even bother to change the engine from their last game they use the same engine they used on the 360 and ps3 for ff13. They did not even convert the formats the game uses to standard pc format so your computer has to convert everything before it even loads the maps and players.

      • if he is complaning about long load times, than he is a fucking twat. this game is massively detailed, if i give it credit for anything its that. and all that detail is a bitch to load.

        i realy wish they had more pc optimization so this thing required less to run, i mean it looks good, but it doesn’t look it needs a gforce 460 to run at 1280×720 on high settings good.

      • It’s not the whole world, it’s just the map and terrain. People are just looking for any reason to attack the game atm. I will be the first one to say, yes it does suck atm, but ffs give it a rest. It IS still in BETA.

        • The game is LAUNCHING in like 10 days. Please, for the love of god, stop saying “it’s beta.”

          Unless you really believe there is gonna be some huge patch on release day that changes entire maps in the game. And I don’t believe anyone can be that naive.

        • @Kazaki

          It’s the people like you that are greatly to blame for SE’s actions. That is to say, releasing shitty FF games that cannot hold a candle to the games of the past. People like you defend their games no matter how bad they are and even worse, you actually buy them. The high level of sales, in turn, signal SE that despite having released another turd of a game, people are still buying it and so they release more and more sub-standard quality games.

          FFX was the nail in the coffin for me. I just stopped after playing it. I still love SE’s (then Squaresoft) older games, but they are never going to begin creating good games ever again unless people turn their backs on them and stop buying the shit they are making now.

        • they have 5 maps up there and screenshots that its copy paste. and no word (as if we can trust that anyway) that it will change when it out of beta.

          people who were looking forward to this

          as in me, i look forward to most mmo’s in hopes i can find something fun.

          have every right to bitch, and hopefully bitch so loud they change there fucking minds on what they are doing.

          not voicing your opinions is how we the customers get FUCKED by big companies on things.

  • played the beta.
    tried out all the classes, but the best one was the uninstall wizard.
    pants-on-head retarded menu system. targeting is a chore, crashes fairly often to warrant more than mere annoyance.
    at least it looks good

    • LoL @ uninstall wizard.
      Truly the only class worth playing.

      I’ve played since alpha and the game is truly a joke. Gameplay is really tedious and boring (especially combat – which was even slower and more boring during alpha believe it or not). The dull environments affirm the really boring/tedious/slow feel of the game. If you guys don’t believe the game really is all copy and paste by all means try it. But anyone whos played a significant amount of time will tell you that environment is bland, empty and repetitive. It’s just incredibly boring. It’s all rolling hills and empty repetative fields…

      Nothing like some of the early promising screens:

  • maybe its just me i never payed attention to the terrain of the area i’m playing to much so honestly those little copy and pastes don’t bother me. The maps of the zones on the other hand look ridiculously confusing make me more lost then helping me find where i need to go.

    • Not really, that’s just the terrain of the game. Has anyone actually played the damn beta? It’s free you know, instead of criticizing it, go play it to get a feel for it. Then by all means shoot away at it.

      • Also played the game, both when it was on closed and open beta, the game is boring, and the game design is archaic.
        For a comparison, GW1 never had such a buggy beta, And I’ve played all of them.
        Pass the game, go outside and stuff. Or play FF11 if you really want to play a ffmmo.
        I feel like squarenix took me for an idiot.

        • Why play single player games then? Just because nothing new will come, doesn’t mean they didn’t release tons of new stuff during it’s lifetime, that if you picked up the game, you could still experience no differently. Your logic is retarded.

        • Why would you play a game with little future over their new flagship? I can guarantee you which one will get more attention with updates and what not.

          I doubt we’ll see the real FF14 till it is launched on PS3, they are just trying to get early box sales and sub fees for now.

      • seriously? do i need to go on about how important land is in a MMO, a game you can spend MONTHS OF TIME INVESTED INTO IT? especially for people who refuse to listen?

        go read my comments on the last ff14 land post

        • @Kazaki

          I played the beta. Clocked in about 12 hours, leveled two characters up to about 10ish phys. level.

          This game is an absolute piece of shit, it was the worst gaming experience I’ve had in a long time, and I know for a fact that it will fail.

          You may enjoy it now, but give it another few months and you, too, will get bored of it and quit.

          There. My opinions, and yes, I have played the beta enough to “know.”

          My suggestion: Don’t even buy the damn game. let Squaresoft know with your boycott that they need to start making games people want to play. Stop supporting bad game development, you’re fucking up games for everyone else.

        • That’s like waiting for them to fix endgame in FFXI. Every so often it seemed like they were making steps in the right direction, but the system would break down.

          Limbus – new coin items only added once or twice.

          Einherjar – to strict on clear requirements at release. Tier 3 harder than Odin. More about zerging than skill. Difficulty should have scaled with numbers.

          Assault – no new items added, forced to keep doing them to access Salvage.

          Salvage – terrible droprates.

          ZNM – tier 3 has better drops than tier 4. Pandemonium Warden.

        • Right, and I totally agree. Never said I was disagreeing. I’m just annoyed at the people who throw attacks at the game, and they’ve never fucking played it. I know everyone who posts crap about it here hasn’t played the beta. It is really bad right now, it’s very lacking in animation, the battle is flawed, and it’s not noob friendly at all. Regardless to all this, I think I will still purchase and give it a try in hopes that it will get better.

        • The game is soooooo un noob friendly i took me 15mins of searching online to figure out what to do after i died (i died from a green con mob ..i was full HP when i attacked and still died).

          The answer was to go into your menu and find a return button…..because return just makes total sense when you die..i thought it ment return to the game aka close the menu.

          Would it have been to hard to just have a pop up when you die like WoW?

        • Yeah it sucks when my level 1 gear breaks and it takes me hours just to get all the right tools necessary to fix it. Then I get this Icon with Japanese test so I assume that I didn’t fix it right. Not to mention the menus lag like crazy while trying to synthesize stuff.

      • I played the open beta. Lost the will power to play it a couple of days ago. Bad controls, endless repetitive rabbits, lagfest, bland terrain, etc. My expectations were high after playing FFXI for years and it looks like S.E took a huge step backwards with FFXIV. I sure hope they fix all the issues and make it an enjoyable game but for now it’s horrible.

  • Why do most people not realise that almost all MMORPG’s do this sort of thing? Map making toolkits that developers use for these things often have pre-made sections of terrain for ease of creating maps. This isn’t something unique to FFXIV.

    • “Why do most people not realise that almost all MMORPG’s do this sort of thing? Map making toolkits that developers use for these things often have pre-made sections of terrain for ease of creating maps. This isn’t something unique to FFXIV.”

      I have never seen so much copy pasting in an MMO, ever. Please show me this effect to the same degree in any other MMO. No one is saying you can’t re-use assets but it looks like they’re replicating the same exact thing 10+ times on the same god damn map.

    • This.

      I know it’s a little lazy and stupid, but I know that it’s not going to bother me that much. I understand the rant but this is mostly coming from the people who hated the game when it got announced.

    • go look at any of my other ff map posts, fuck, how are there people still arguing that this is ok and that other people do it?

      i dont play those free to play pieces of shit that tend to come out every month. so they may happen in them, but 11 year ago everquest set the standard for what a 3dmmo should be.

      the game has 3 forest zones, and you can navigate the zones on trees alone. thats how unique the game and the placement of things is.

    • LOL, even world of warcraft have nique designed areas and not this “block area” copy paste.
      no problem with a clonic house, tree or rock, but is a problem if you find the same compo in the same area over and over again

      • EXACTLY

        what anyone who defends ff14 forgets that we accept some things being reused.

        the inner workings of caves
        houses (similar in design, but not copy paste)

        nut taking large land mass, copy pasting it, and smoothing out the edges, is not ok by ANYONES STANDARDS.

    • Have you ever use any world editor ? its obvious the preset were the same, but we did try NOT to just put the same thing over and over again.

      Let say you put five buildings with same architecture on a lane, its a foolish thing to do as a level designer since it will be monotonous. WEll squenix didn’t do that on just one lane but into the world itself. I wish i can see their level designer face and put an idiot stamp on their forehead.

      putting things altogether into a beautiful composition is an art itself and its clear that Squenix do have a lack of imagination on this sort of thing.

      They just plain lazy.

        • serious sam style fps,
          postal type of humor
          fear + doom horror
          a game with a 7 year old with a red back pack pulling out desert eagles while creepy people jump out at you over a fence, shooting you with sticky goo, and you have to kill them first while your sickness levels go from 0 to 100% (at which point you assume the orz position and spew vomit, and if a pervert gets to close in that time, the screen rocks back and forth with your face hitting the ground slowly fading to black.

          that does sound like a pretty fun game.

        • I have yet to see an FPS with loli cat-girls killing each other Counter-Strike style…

          Censoring vaggos and pen0rs but allowing loli cat girls in their pantsus and borderline immorality in anime and their games…

          Japan has it’s limits…

          Uncensored porn, but has a very negative view on hentai and it’s many fetishes involving lolis and pantsu and anything “Un-American”…

          America has it’s limits…

          If we have the story and graphics of the western world with the MOE~ loli anime girls of the eastern world, it would make an awesome FPS…

          With plenty of fanservice…

          Both for guro, casual, MOE~, hardcore fans from both parts of the world…

          Blood, bullets, pantus, and plenty of dead loli terrorist and counter-terrorist cat girls…

    • no, even a noob wouldn’t do this kind of shit. this screams management who know nothing about games butting in and fucking things up, over and over again.

      and like the japanese way, they bowed there heads and said ok we will do it, not having any amount of balls saying, are you FUCKING STUPID, who the FUCK would want to play that?

      • The game will sell like hotcakes, I guarantee you. How many of those people will stay after the first month of subscription remains to be seen.

        But pretty much all my friends who played FFXI (and quit after a year or two) already pre-ordered.

        • If some low-level Japanese employee just quit, he would be seen as a traitor and unable to really get work elsewhere. They really just have to do as they are told.

          Which, unfortunately, has turned this game into garbage. I could not believe all of the bad things people were saying about it until I played the open beta myself.

          It’s really all true.

        • well there is the i dont want my name attached to this project at all thats being driven into the ground approch and quiting and looking for other work.

          im sure the fact that you were good enough to be hired by square for your abilities would be taken into account, and the fact that you had enough of a brain to leave instead of continuing this would also be a much appreciated skill.

      • FF14 because SC2 is still awesome. even if it didn’t live up to your hype.

        FF14 is just awful in every way. then UI is so bad, worse then FFXI, which is really saying something. barely any voice acting. the quest system sucks. i could go on for hours about how bad the game is.

        It pretty much feels like a stable early alpha version of an MMO…except it comes out this month.

        • have they confirmed that the other 2 expantions, will be full price?

          is there a separate version that will just attach to the game you have, and be released cheaper?

          you realize that starcraft is an old as fuck game, yet millions still play it? blizzard has every right to make this game cost more. its not like they charge for the multiplayer, and in all honesty, what will take the fanbase away from starcraft?

          there is no real rts competition for starcraft.

          now if the next 2 come out and are only full price, you have every right to be fucking pissed. but at the same time if they come out for far cheaper, or are cheaper to people who already have 1, than you get to stfu about the price.

        • @Rya

          Amen friend…

          The Protoss side-missions were the only reason I played the Terran campaign…And Sarah Kerrigan’s hot ass~

          @Anonymous 19:18 12/09/2010

          I know…We’ll be paying 3x the bloody amount just to play THREE SEPARATE CAMPAIGNS!!!

          Sh*t…Blizzard sure got greedy…

          The 1/3 game alone was 60 bucks…

          And now I’ll get to that amount 2 more times….

          We’re all getting ripped off with SC2 now that they cut it into 3 f*cking pieces and calling the last two expansions…

          You know what..? SC1: Brood Wars WAS an expansion and it had 3 full campaigns with a ton of missions!!!

          SC2 is just a money-squeezing piece of sh*t for the really, really blind fans…

          I hope they don’t do this sh*t EVER again!!!

        • The Terran campaign ENDED with Mengsk taking over, that was 10 missions. You’re talking about ~20 missions, the campaign of both SC and BW.

          If you’re unhappy with SC2 then shrug, I found the campaign highly entertaining and the slight game changes made it much more accessible and playable. It also feels a lot more balanced to me than SC1 did when it came out.

        • @alidan.

          They’re releasing the campaigns for the OTHER 2 races as an expansion pack each.

          Which means that we (current SC2 players) have paid the full price for one third of a game, and at the same time, will be paying more to get a complete game.

          Fuck Blizzard.

        • What Anon 12:55 said. However I don’t really care about multiplayer. After playing a few maps I was simply disappointed how little strategy you needed for a strategy game. It all came down to finding out what your opponent builds, then building the right counter unit. The maps are just too small for real strategy.

          I was disappointed the most with the story. SC1 and Brood War were awesome. Terrans running from the Zerg, overthrowing the government, losing Kerrigan, allying the Protoss, striking back at Zerg and Mengsk… all that in 10!! missions and you still had Zerg and Protoss to play. What was the story in SC2?

          Raynor: Hi, I’m Raynor.
          Tychus: Yo dawg, I got this MacGuffin.
          Raynor: Sarah, I’m coming.
          Raynor meets insignificant people that serve no purpose but to waste your time.
          Zeratul: Check this out. *disappears*
          Raynor: Oh no, someone made hybrids. Let’s ignore this for now.
          If you play the ultra, secret bonus mission, it’s more like:
          Raynor: Oh no, Mengsk made hybrids. Let’s ignore this for now.
          On Char…
          Raynor: My god this is hell… Let’s train 20 Marines and clean this planet!
          Tychus: I just wasn’t smart enough to tell you the truth and let you help me.
          Raynor: Sucks to be you. *bam*
          Raynor: Hey Sarah, I unzergyfied your body, but I dig your Zerg hair.

          So the Zerg made a huge invasion into terran space, you just don’t get to see it. The entire terran fleet strikes at Char, you just don’t get to see it. Actually the only mission that had any sense of scale and importance was that one Protoss mission that you had to lose to win…

        • you make valid points. however there are some issues.

          1) battle net is only required in single player for achievements. it doesn’t totals kick you out of single player like it did in assassins creed 2.

          2) improved graphics is basically what this did, and brought more story.

          3) only the human side of the story was given for the first game. and from what i saw, and what i heard, its a damn good, detailed and well made aspect of the game, that on its own right stands up there. and the fact that these games have the full multiplayer experience.

          now id the next 2 games bring more maps, i would see them as just over priced expansions, which is popular to do nowadays.

          now here is the number 1 thing i have to mention, if it ant broke DON’T FIX IT.

          its a time tested statement that when almost any company tried to fix something not broken they break it or its no longer good. blizzard did god by giving the fans what they wanted, starcraft with updated visuals, and minor tweaks. they didn’t fuck with it and thats what makes the game good.

          now you have a point with lan, a VERY valid point, and you also have a point with needing to be online for multiplayer. and that they are cashing in on korea. but think of it this way. multiplayer is really the only reason you get starcraft, i wouldn’t be surprised if they add in lan support latter on, it at least curbs the initial people who are on the fence at weather they buy it or pirate it.

        • @alidan

          I was sorely disappointed with SC2 as well, probably for the same reasons. I’ll state it simply, and then explain after;

          I bought this game a decade ago, and the old copy is better anyway.

          SC2 didn’t bring much new to the series, while I dislike Age of Empires 3, I can at least respect it for being different than AoE2. SC2 is SC1 but with upped graphics, some balance changes, and a new mechanic or two. I don’t really want to pay for a game I already own, even if the copy I have has worse graphics. I especially don’t want to have to buy the game three times to get all the content, that is silly.

          The icing on the cake really, is the requirement of Bnet itself is decent, it worked perfectly fine for me when I was testing the game out, but the fact that I can’t play without a solid connection brings me back to bad memories of Assassin’s Creed 2, and how much that DRM sucked, and how much I really don’t want to depend on having an internet connection to play against the AI. On top of which, the forced reliance on Bnet screws tournaments unless they beg Blizzard, which may not seem like a big deal, but I find it morally wrong. It’s Blizzard trying to cash in on Korea, by screwing it’s community.

          I didn’t buy Modern Warfare 2 for pulling stupid crap, and I frankly won’t stand for it with SC2 either. You can say I’m missing out on a great game, a new pinnacle of the genre, but you forget, I already own the game, I bought it years ago, back when it had LAN.

        • Oh yeah starcraft 2 was such a big disappointment, wonder why it sold so well like one of the best selling games of all time, must be magic…..and all those good reviews too, they must be so wrong….just because you subscribe to the “they changed it now it sucks” mentality doesn’t mean we all do and just because you’re very vocal on these message boards doesn’ make your opinion the most valid

        • @Anonymous above me…

          It may look like WOW, but I hope the gameplay stays the same…

          Oh who am I kidding..? I’m worried and pissed off…

          I bloody hate what they did to the graphics and character models…The characters look like they belong to WOW ever since I saw the demo boss battle video on YouTube…

          Hell, even the way they move and attack screams WOW…

          I really wished they stuck to the same artstyle from Diablo 2 with updated graphics instead of making it WOW-ish…

        • go over to game trailers, and look for these 2 videos.

          GC 10: Artisans Live Demo Part III (Cam)
          BlizzCon 09: Monk Skills Walkthrough

          the monk video has more killing game play.

          i dont have a single fucking problem with the way the game looks. and if you do than im sure there will be some non blizzard approved mods like there are for diablo 2 (make it widescreen and 1920×1200 resolution) that will add lighting filters to make the game seam far darker than they intended.

          i play tourchlight, diablo 3 is no where near that level of cartoony so i’m fine with it.

          do you have any real complaints as to blizzard is fucking up with diablo? because they did a poll based on a fan photoshop of how the game should look, and over overwhelming people said that fan can go fuck himself.

        • how will it be a disappointment?
          blizzard has shown that sense its creation, they are competent.

          how do you fuck up that?

          do you have places to go and kill?
          do you kill by clicking a mouse button?

          is the game about 7-10 hours long, and longer for sub sequent playthroughs?

          hell im willing to bet, that if this game was made for a console, and ported back to the computer, it would still be a damn good game because of its simple controls necessary to make it work