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“What Will Befall Manga If One Piece, Naruto & Bleach End?”


Top mangaka Ken Akamatsu has stated his misgivings about the reliance of the manga industry on the shonen holy trinity of One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, and what would befall publishers if these series were to conclude.

After describing some of the worsening financial results posted by top manga publishers, he describes his uneasiness about the situation:

It’s all pretty dire, although manga won’t drop dead just yet.

However, they are relying on the bubble-like sales of a few titles – we have to wonder what would happen if in 3 years this bubble were to pop.

For example, will Jump’s One Piece, Naruto and Bleach continue for 3 years? We can’t really predict what will happen to them (and even if the publisher wants to continue them, the authors aren’t always able to).

The recent conclusion of the hugely popular Full Metal Alchemist brings this issue sharply into focus – not all series can be expected to continue indefinitely (Naruto in particular appears to have an eventual ending planned), and blockbuster successors for those which conclude have so far been conspicuously absent.

Other mangaka have complained the industry is not developing new talent – a particularly precarious state of affairs when considered in conjunction with reliance on a few blockbuster titles which could end with no replacement in sight.

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  • One Piece has 10 years left providing Oda doesnt collapse from his 4 hr sleeping schedule 7 days a week working on one piece and maintaining his new born. Naruto should have ended over 2-3 years ago. It’s been garbage ever since if not before. Lets just say the time skip on was garbage. Bleach should have ended after soul society when Rukia was a ingrate and Ichigo proved once again that he’s gay and loves wrestling men. He cant write to save his life and you need 2-3 chap just to feel like you’ve read one… Why anyone reads it is beyond me? One Piece is single handedly keeping jump alive.

  • Much as I dislike OP it will be lasting quite a bit of time. as there isn’t a definite time of closer.

    Naruto is doing quite well in the manga but definitely should end soon. Madara -> other tailed host -> mysterious nemesis ->END

    Bleach should’ve come to a close a while back ago BUT, I do like how Kubo shown how everyone grow up so far.

    Sidenote: The only reason I dislike OP is due to the artwork otherwise the story is pretty good.

  • Honestly other than One Piece, the others should have ended years ago. Oda has the only manga that’s been good the whole time. Why Naruto and Bleach still exist is beyond me? They both ran out of ideas more than 2 years ago. Naruto isnt even in most the issues now and the story isnt good unless Susuke’s there. The new characters in the recent chap look like filler characters. Bleach never had a story but amazing art. Go to Soul Society and save Rukia and nothing happened between them, no romances, Orihime is a sex symbol and Ichigo is too stupid to notice her? The only chick he knew that could fight was abandoned a few chap in and only now reshowing up years later? Why does anyone support those mangas? My guess is that since they are in the same mag as One Piece, they get bought and thats it. If One Piece was by itself the other 2 would die. Ken’s my boy, I hope he’s doing well? Minus Ace’s arc, there has been no bad One Piece chap minus arcs. Oda is SS rank status or god teir Bang status! Ken would be A rank with the Fairy Tail mangaka and there isnt much else good. Claymore every once in a while, Bakumen, Air Gear…What else is worth reading?

  • First of all i strongly believe that for a shonen to be considerede huge and popular it MUST have both a manga and a long running weekly TV show

    I dont think that the market as it is right now can hold more than 3 of these simultaneously, but certainly there are several other shows and mangas waiting in the shadows that “could” occupy a place in the case one of the trinity where to end (Bleach is in serious deeeeep shit right now both the manga and TV is sucking major balls)

  • Naruto was more popular than One Piece 7-8 years ago with the debut of the animated series and before the arrival of the fillers.

    But then One Piece slowly began to catch up and to increase its fanbase.

    One Piece, from the little I’ve seen and read, offers a richer story setting and more variety than the other two and the design is more unique.

    As for the manga industry, it still is in better shade than the anime industry, despite its problems.

  • Eiichiro said himself that One Piece will continue from the “2 years after” chapter for at least ten years! And Tite wants to finish the current arc for Bleach which will take 6 months and after that he will run the last arc for another 2 years. So there’s nothing dramatic to be concerned about. And there’s Fairy Tail which doesn’t seem to be ending soon and maybe also Nurarihyon. (The manga has advanced pretty well.) Is there anybody who has info about naruto?

  • Naruto – i love it, still anime recently is getting boring, not all fillers are interesting, movies are shit, and, what’s the most important because of all that filler shit i sometimes forget what it’s all about. It’s getting a bit stupid sometimes and Naruto should grow up a bit more. Maybe I’m just too old…
    Still, i still love it.

    One Piece – at first i didn’t like it because of the art. But i was bored and started watching it and i still am. This is really good. I’ll never get bored.

    Bleach – when i started watching it it was really really interesting. But later those all fillers… When only it’s becoming interesting they tell you to watch some stupid fillers without any meaning, not funny and boooring. It would be really interesting if not those fillers. But that’s not all to it. Because of the fillers the actual plot is becoming too long and eventually boring. I mean really, the fights are longer than even DB. And the chars are sometimes too shallow, because of the crappy story there is no concentration on the inside of chars. Only shallow comedy, with the same gags over and over. Still, i watch it, hoping to see them getting to meritum eventually.

    I would like to have more shorter but good mangas. I don’t like to say good bye to the chars i love but it’s sometimes better.

    I doubt that Kishimoto or Oda would create another manga, similar to Naruto or OP. Remember Toriyama, when he finally finished DB, he never ever wanted to create such thing anymore and started making some short mangas, which didn’t become so popular. It’s not actually that easy to create a completely new story, without repeating the story from previous manga. Kishimoto for example created many mangas before, all of them having similar accents, which actually created idea for Naruto. So it’s not that he sat one evening and created a story that lasts until today. He was creating the story for his whole life. So people, don’t count too much on them. They will create something for sure but i seriously doubt it will be a long title, rather a better quality, more thoughts maybe…

    I wasn’t talking much about bleach because I’m gradually losing respect for the series. Damn editors. They should read Genshiken or something…

    • decline? 20 years ago the market could hold only ONE popular shonen at a time (whit 2 maybe 3 runners ups) now there are 3 (and like a dozens runners ups and hopefuls) and HAVE YOU SEEN THE SALES FIGURES OF ONE PIECE???!!!

  • Or worse, what would happen if those series NEVER conclude, rot from lack of original ideas, and start to smell.

    Why yes I am bitter about the company Rumiko Takahashi worked for not letting her end Ranma or Inuyasha, why do you ask?

      • Yep they both ended (kinda sucky endings especially Ranma, but endings nonetheless) the Ranma ending was totally anticlimactic, finally something good was gonna happen and blam! interrupted, end, goodbye, and in Inuyasha THEY DIDNT KILL NARAKU!!! FUUUUUCCCKKK!!!!!! and Inuyasha didnt get to have “puppies” whit Kagome, or Sesshomaru whit the little girl (wich got uber-hot after afew years)

  • Meh, I’m sure people asked the same thing when Dragon Ball ended. Another series will be elevated to “god-like” status when any one of those end, most likely the top selling manga for Weekly Shonen Jump. Looking at comic rankings, the most likely replacements for “best manga series lol!” would be: Nurarihyon no Mago (if its recent popularity continues after the anime is over), Psyren, Bakuman, or Beelzebub. Then again, there are manga that have lasted for years and continuously sold well despite being not a part of Weekly Shonen Jump’s elite, and a few not even serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump (Hajime no Ippo, Gintama, Detective Conan).


    the top three? more like fillers (though bleach and one piece are WAY better of than naruto’s “how many ep/chapters to the next fight” but if (more like when) they finally end, maybe people (the majority) will try to look for non-fillerish mangas

  • Bleach: Who the hell is going to top Aizen? Who, exactly?

    Naruto: I got one problem: too much making Naruto the Orange Jumpsuit ninja Jesus (well, at least he has black on it, but still)

    One Piece: Crazy Awesome. They save all of the emotional moments for when it’s actually called for? Ace and Whitebeard dying? Justified.

    Conclusion: One Piece can make long work. Naruto could if they stop the Messiah stuff. Bleach would just be annoying if they did kept going.

    • Simple answer, they dont have to “top” Aizen cause Aizen is not dead, (be prepared for a huuuuge comeback)

      Naruto could get really good if they forward a few more years after the ninja war and actually start working real relationships among the characters, (and make Naruto Hokage for crying out louD!)

      One Piece is perfect as it is, cant wait for Luffy to go and kick the admirals asses (especially akainu) and for Zoro to fight Mihawk (if the fight at all whit him being his pupil now at all, or maybe the already fougt? Zoro IS missing an eye)

  • Bah, Hajime no Ippo, Berserk, Freesia(ended), Gantz are all really nice manga which have a lot of depth to them.

    The just don’t have the advertising to back them up becuase western culture believes cartoons and comics are for children, bah shove Battle Royale down their gullet then get them to say comics are for children.

    Shakespears works don’t hold a light to it, let alone Edgar allen poe, post-modern writing crap, yeah he was ahead of his time, in a bad way,

  • I hope they end soon. A monopoly is never good for any industry. Especially a monopoly of ideas.

    I refuse to believe that “the holy trinity” is the best in fantasy storylines that the industry has to offer. Surely they can think of something fresh and successful? The more reliant they are on these bland super series the more readers will turn up their noses at the monotony. Adapt or die manga industry!

  • Ok time for a new character pool guys…. as we have developed lots of character tropes over the past decade… we will eventually come up with something…

    *Fishes on his own character pool*


    -deadpan snarky samurai bridget
    -otaku pilot vampire
    -female maid bot…. uhh common already…
    -female yamato nadeshiko otaku gunslinger… Gunslinging Nogizaka Haruka?

    Ok were screwed!

  • and here i thought this article was supposed to be about the future of manga. as in, what must be done to keep the industry alive. not about what is going to take these titles places once they end. (side note: i think its kinda funny that the mangaka that rehashed the same idea 3 times (to my knowledge) and all 3 were pretty successful, is worrying about the whats going to happen to the industry when a “cash cow” ends.)

  • the question here must be

    What Will Befall Manga If One Piece End?

    1 – One Piece (15,220,095 copies)
    2 – Naruto (4,178,597 copies)
    3 – Fairy Tail (3,616,942 copies)
    4 – Fullmetal Alchemist (3,169,048 copies)
    5 – Nodame Cantabile (3,029,300 copies)

    they must change those generic manga like naruto/bleach or generic mangaka kishi/kubo,
    even FMA & fairy tail are better than bleach now,
    they must find a better mangaka that can compete
    to one piece every year,and they wouldn’t
    worry about that bubble bursting

    latest rankings now
    top 1 one piece with 20M+ sales
    top 2 naruto with 4M+ sales

    I’m worried about the gap here and op always on top every year and raping other manga titles

    and they must find another godlike mangaka s like toriyama/oda,who can make a manga for all ages even it’s in shounen genre and who pleases all fans for all ages 10 to 50 years old every year and claiming tons of cash every year
    bleach/naruto most of the fans are children,that can’t even afford all manga volumes of their series

  • LONG OVERDUE. End this repetitive shit. and yes i watched them and yes they were great at first then after like 200 episodes i was just fuck this god end it please.


  • It’s funny, the longest running series is the one never mentioned. Instead, it’s always about those three. And who really gives a crap about those three, anyway?

    Ken Akmatsu should shut his fucking trap and worry about his own manga. He’s milked Negima for all it’s worth and killed Love Hina, by continuing the series long after it should have originally ended.

  • I still love Negima and buy the LE sets, so it’s awwwwwwwwwwwwwright.

    On a more serious note though, I never did get into Bleach, Naruto or One Piece as seriously, the one failing of epic manga and Anime is that they alienate new comers and usually cater to already existing fans.

  • out of those other 3, i think Gintama is the 4th one in the race. it has the biggest possibility of being really long because of it not having a really direct plot. plus it is also very very very GOOD!!!

    after that, bakuman has a huge potential but it shouldn’t last more than 10 years.

    fairy tail also has some possible long term life. it just needs to get away from that kiddy theme and maybe step it up a notch to a PG16 theme. Its just so bouncy and dull right now.. X_X

  • eichiiro oda, the author/mangaka of one piece, is actually considered a savior of the manga industry..

    he(or someone) figured that people like supporting a certain figure for a very long time and thus creating income to his works and also while doing so, lifting up other mangakas and giving them also a time in the spotlight.

    also, his creativeness is top notch. avoiding big amounts of fillers with shear genius that the mangakas of bleach and naruto just can’t keep up with.

  • I’ll give my two cents on the so called Big 3.

    Starting off with Naruto, well I was one of those people who was incredibly annoyed seeing how much spotlight this anime received. An anime about ninjas, who do nothing ninja like? Well, I took the time to watch it. The first few episodes were incredibly bland, though it picked up like what was it, 20, 30 episodes in maybe? It got interesting, but then it went to fillers… So I skipped 100 episodes, litterally 100 episodes, and it got back to the plot, after the short span of plot, I skipped another 100 episodes which led me to Shippuden. This is bad story telling. And even the main plots were simple at best. Though I’ll admit entertaining, but it didn’t live up to the hype, an wasn’t very memorable.

    Bleach: Well Started off okay, had some simple fillers, pretty bland, it kicked off much like Naruto, a bit faster, kept me hooked for about 50 episodes, then drowned me in fillers. Got back on track and then in the middle of the main plot it took a 30 episode filler break…. granted that was close to two years ago, and now I’ve heared they are still where I left off.

    One Piece: Well I can’t comment much, I won’t auto say this is bad, I will however say the few random episodes that I have seen have been bad. And the art style didn’t appeal to me. And I can give this excuse if I wish. OP isn’t the only original art style out there. Look at Kaiji, Claymore, Katanagatari. All incredibly unique art design in my oppinion. Though to me OP’s looks childesh, maybe thats why people who have never read or seen it say that? But again, I won’t say it’s terrible, because I havent seen it.

    All in all, the Big 3 have some good points, but if you condense the big 3 into a 100 episodes, instead of Never ending, with more crap episodes then good ones, it’s going to develop hate. And as long as the big 3 exist far better animes, with much more developed plot, or unique art, or even somethig we possibly havent seen before will be overshadowed. The big 3 are not terrible, they just are simply not great, and far better titles exist. Try broadening your horizens a little, and you will find the reasons why the big 3 are detested and loved at he same time. Disliked by the usual bland, and might I add predictible plot. But enjoyed because of the action, and in terms of DBZ The epic screaming power ups that make you feel like you just jizzed becase of how epic it is, feeling it gives out. But in the end I hope they die, and something original comes out, that won’t release fillers, and will simply pause, and then put out epicness. Example of such an anime is Darker Than Black.

    On Manga, I actually hardly read manga… unless I have the book in hand, so if you feel like telling me to read the manga’s send me your collection :3 and I will. Other wise the above was anime wise only.

  • Well I still haven’t seen a worthy manga currently in WSJ which can replace One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and even HXH (when not in hiatus lol). I mean what did we get, Psyren? That shit’s a piece of crap. We got Bakuman which is descent but I doubt it’ll be long term. Gintama yoyo’s and same with Reborn which is worse than Gintama by a large degree. Honestly I’d be afraid if Jump and Shuisha can’t find another hit cause when those three go (especially One Piece) they’re going to have to fill a hole both in WSJ and financially.

    Plus to those saying it’ll be better if we don’t have “repetitive and redundant” long manga. Well guess what, these long ass manga bring in more dough than any other manga especially short ones can ever dream of. Financially they are a greater asset even though some originality is sacrificed (though in alot of cases short mangas can also be pretty unoriginal and repetitive).

  • As if the only good Manga out there is One Piece, Naruto and Bleach?

    I remember a similar question was asked when Dragon Ball ended…Weekly Jump is still around, isn’t it?

    Naruto and Bleach appear to be ending but One Piece looks to be going on for a long time. So Weekly Jump will still have One Piece, I’m pretty certain that there will be a new hit series in that publication to replace Naruto and Bleach.

  • Naruto… that faggotry needs to end.

    Ken Akamatsu fucked Negima with the Magical arc. I call that negima: NegimaBall z
    He kill his own work with the shounen shit of the fights.
    there is nothing interesting, no adventure, no romance. FUCK THIS NEGIMA!

  • This kind of thing happened with NBC a while ago. They were on top with Friends Frasier etc, then all of them ended at the same time and they had no real replacements lined up. Now they’re in last place, and thanks to the incompetence of Jeff Zucker they’ve continued to sink for the past few years.

    I’ve mentioned it in other manga related posts before, but the industry needs to modernize and provide worldwide, online translated access to expand is audience and work on finding new talent. Otherwise it’ll die like the newspapers are.

  • One Piece is probably the the main thing keeping manga alive right now. Its the best thing to ever come out of Japan.

    Bleach and Naruto are okay but when they are gone, that is still 2 more nails in the manga coffin!

    RIP Manga, Long Live Marvel Comics!

  • I’ve stopped reading all 3 of em for almost a year. Sure, they’re awesome titles. I loved Naruto simply because I like ninja stories. For Bleach, it being the story of katana-wielding shinigami. And One Piece for the adventure. Yet after years reading them, they just keep on going with no end in sight and fillers start pouring in that my interest simply faded quite fast. There are a hell lot of other awesome manga out there other than the “holy trinity” and nothing much will change in manga industry when they end. It’s not like readers will stop reading manga if they end.

  • I honestly don’t read Bleach and I somewhat keep up with One Piece. However, despite the stupid crap that Kishimoto tends to spew at times, Naruto does have times where it’s actually interesting.

    Take a look at the newest chapters, for instance, Madara is actually getting his rear end handed to him by a FEMALE CHARACTER. Which, well, is considerably rare considering the only bad-ass female moment before now was way back in the first part of the manga and is getting rather shafted in recent chapters.

  • I find it hilarious how many people are commenting on these who have never even read them. I have read all of One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, and you can’t lump them all into the same category.

    There’s certainly some truth in comparing Bleach to DBZ, because the story is absolutely nothing more than a backdrop to the main character’s next powering up to ridiculous strengths. The story doesn’t even make sense.

    Naruto comes in waves, and is alternately decent and annoying as hell. I still don’t feel the second half has recovered the magic of the beginning, because in the first half you got to spend time with all the interesting characters outside of Naruto (Who is the worst character apart from Sasuke) and now all the side characters barely make cameos.

    One Piece, however, is in a league of its own. There are no cycles, there is no repetition. The story has kept building and building, and everything is focused around the growth and development of the crew, both strength wise and character wise, and it’s always moving towards a goal. Absolutely nothing that happens in it is arbitrary, which is the product of quite masterful storytelling.

    One Piece is the best manga out there, and is completely unique and singularly wonderful. It truly is a masterpiece, and will be nearly impossible to find a successor for. Luckily, there’s no ending in sight, so no worries.

  • Heck. That’s why I don’t read manga anymore. Although One Piece is undoubtedly the best of them, but after such a long run you may want to give it a break or punish it.

    Something new will come out to take the place of one of these mangas.

  • I can see what Ken Akamatsu is getting at there, however i think that the “end” of the big three would not summon the beginning of the end for the manga industry, not by a long shot.

    Most problems that we can see nowadays don’t stem from the fact that few weekly series reign supreme, but rather that the old way handling business is vastly outdated.
    Mangakas are slowly beginning to realize their own worth and voice their own misgivings toward the oppressive publishing industry.
    Sales are going down because of many factors. The biggest one being the fact that only few series are really worth their price and we have to see that Japan demands outrageous amounts of money for media.

    Piracy doesn’t really play a large role in todays dilemma, at least not in the way the industry is trying to portray the situation. “Piracy” in itself is a misnomer to begin with.
    No-charge fansubbing and scanlations have been around for ages, even when manga and anime were booming all around the western world. Even when there was no official market for this kind of media in certain places and those markets then successfully grew like crazy because of the awareness that fan projects created.

    The japanese industry has to realize that success and stagnation alternate indefinitely and that there’s almost no reliable way to predict certain developments nowadays because the world has become way too chaotic. Add to that the fact that the industry has completely overslept developments concerning digital distribution and the redundancy of the old copyright act.

    And they really don’t develop new talents. Rather, every now and then there’s a sleeper hit that will grow into a blockbuster. On the other hand we have many, many decent or sub-par series. I know it’s unfair towards some artists, but not all stories can be great. It’s just the way it is.

  • those three
    regardless of the generic traits, still the best seller of manga in the world including japan.

    why? the manga is loved by adult and children as they easy to understand, and the content is also considerably appropriate for all ages, losing those three will be a major loss for the industry as not everyone is fond of ecchi, moe or mind fuck manga

  • Clearly we are about to move to a system where you get manga for free on your electronic device and someone (not me) will donate enough money to the mangaka to keep the quality high and production speed at what we’re used to today.

  • Then other ridiculously long, milked for all they are worth series will take their place. It is inevitable. Just like Dragonball Z before them, these too shall pass. Shounen Jump staff then just has to find another hapless author (albeit with talent) and push the titles into popularity worth milking money out of.

  • Claymore, D.Gray-man, Gintama, New Prince of Tennis, Hunter x Hunter, Reborn! are all series with a substantial number of volumes, still ongoing and pretty popular.

    I mean, series like Naruto and Bleach made such an impact when they first came out, that no matter how much overrated crap they then spewed out, they continued to stay at the ‘top’.

    The series I first mentioned aren’t complete sell-outs and will possibbly continue to get better…they’ll still have a popular following for quite a while yet.

  • If those three ends.. it probably will be the advent of a new generation of comics and mangaka?

    Whatever the case, things will never be the same again.
    Still, someone has to break out of the ninja-pirate-mecha-zombie loop.

    And that would be awesome.

  • Once the they do finnish I think it will open up some flexing room for more creativity.
    I highly doubt most of us will stop looking for stuff to keep us entertained, just like there won’t be any shortage of people trying to leave there mark anime/manga world.

  • Unlike the other two, Bleach had some interesting fillers for the anime part, but that’s it : their ends are overdue

    but it could be fun/disastrous to see kishimoto recycle in comedy / harem, with his “zero charisma girls” style =)

  • Well when they end, it will just mean they can stop wasting space on the shelves on them, and leave room for someting else.

    Jesus Christ, Ranma was what got me into anime, but as much as I loved it, season 7 was getting long in the tooth.

    Most of my friends prefer to think that Inuyasha is 3 seasons and a lot of shit that never should have happened.

    We don’t call them Narutards because we love them.
    Bleach, should be called Bleached out. One Piece, the little I saw was too much.

    If the manga industry fails when they depart, then it should have died sooner.
    But as I see it, the industry won’t fail. It’s not like the industry is based on those mangas/shows, those shows are just so fucking bland they are safe on shelves even the anal and uptight about anime can’t complain.

    • Ah, so you’re one of those Ranmorons we used to spit on way back in the day. The biggest tell is when you refer to a “season 7”, when Ranma actually was divided into two series (and not seasons at all). The rest of us were already avoiding the series before Viz started that dividing things up that way.

    • Maybe long anime/manga is just not for you? Just stick to the shorter ones. Cuz it feels like you are just giving an opinion to something you already have a deep hatred towards.

      If OP was so safe than why is it the only one with its own art style in the ENTIRE anime/manga library.
      If it was so bland than it would not have been breaking RECORD sales in japan even in its 57th volume.

      As I see it there are only 2 kinds of people who dont like OP one for the drawings (I have more respect for these people compared to the other) and the other for the fact that its popular. I have still yet to meet a person to have read the entire series and flat out said it got boring and repetitive.

      When I mean by read I meant that they read it without coming in and having an already biased thought in their mind that they are gonna hate these series.

  • If they want to “cultivate” new tallent they might want to pay them properly and chill with the mental deadlines…but realy they need to stop with alot of the moe anime and start producing more action stuff again.

  • I don’t really care for Naruto and Bleach and don’t mind if they end soon (though I still read them).
    However I see a good 5-6 years more of One Piece from where they are at now, and I don’t mind at all. I love One Piece so all is good on that part.

    In any case, I don’t see anything ‘bad’ happening once these three end. There are plenty of amazing manga series out there today and one or another will just replace the Big 3 as the forerunners of their time.
    In fact hopefully the Big 3 will inspire people to come up with their own manga series, like how Oda was inspired by Toriyama.

  • These three have been the center of attraction for a while now. I do not know why people make a big deal out of them, especially One Piece. Among the three, it was the only one that stings my eyes. The art is so damn bad.

    Other mangas are much better. Like Hitman Reborn and Fairy Tail. Also, DGrayman if the author did not get injured.

    Hope that rising manga in the future will be more harem and comedy.

      • Well yeah, but I am not the type who stick to popular stuff.

        I stick to the stuff that I like.

        As for Lucky Star, I do not know why it became popular in the first place. The random events and parody of different anime caught my attention in that anime. That’s what made Lucky Star a good anime for me. Not the best, but worth watching.

        Again, this is my opinion. I leave my opinion to you guys.

      • Have you not first thought about what you said?
        Of course, I read it. That is why I came across to my judgment of its art style. I know that its storyline is better than the others, but I cannot stand the art so I stopped it.

        After all, it is my opinion. And that is that.
        I respect everyone’s opinion so please accept mine.

        I am the type who is into a combination of good art style and good story. Any anime or manga with just one of those aspects really hasn’t got me going.

    • The biggest criticism of One Piece is its art style.
      But this is a perfect example of “don’t judge a book by its cover.”
      You see it, and you start to read it for a bit, and you’re just like, “Okay…”
      And then–

      WOW. It is the epitome of what you could consider a shounen manga, down to its core… yet, it can capture your soul and stick a footprint there for life.

      Character development is gradual, so it’s slow at first, but it eventually picks up like a roller-coaster ride, and when you think a character has reached the limits of your respect, they do something even better and you’re left in awe…

      That’s the essence of One Piece.
      Judge for yourself AFTER you’ve read it. =3

      • TBH I respect people who say they cant stand OP art. It just means its not for them… Just accept it. I mean OP isnt some god manga that everyone should love.

        Besides Its better for them to just say “I really dont like the art” over someone who says “I really hate it cuz its popular.”

        Its like someone who doesnt like the mona lisa cuz they find it ugly (respected opinion) over some one says “eww the mona lisa sucks cuz everyone knows about it yawn boring repetitve.”

        Yes I compared the Mona lisa to OP. XD

        • XD Yeah, true.
          But that’s also the only real excuse people use to avoid One Piece.
          Aside from the typical read-a-little-and-toss-it situation, that is.

          So I was just making a suggestion to open the door a bit for anyone who might consider reading it in the future.
          The art really is weird, but its not what makes up the essence of One Piece–unlike the Mona Lisa. =3

    • Your opinion at how OP looks is yours entirely.

      Though I admit reborn and the others u listed had a more classical anime feel. OP will always be OP.

      Arent people bitching about how mainstream they are well it seems that OP is the only one with its own art-style that does not copy from others…

      OP will forever be champ for how it made me sad over a boat.

  • One Piece can go on forever and I’ll still have a blast reading it.

    Everyone who claims it’s “repetitive, childish crap” has never actually sat down and read the manga. Just because it’s mainstream doesn’t mean it’s shit. It’s the best selling manga EVER for a reason.

    True facts.

  • I’ll have to try to read Bleach.
    The anime sucks big donkey.

    “oh, the higher ups say its time to take a break so we’ll now go to this totally irrelivant arc that no one cares about for 20 episodes……..

  • Im surprised that katekyo hitman reborn and history’s strongest disciple arent being talked about here. I see their potential to replace bleach. I doubt anything can replace naruto and OP. People gotta stop hating on naru just cuz its popular.

    TBH the fans of both naru and op have quieted down notcibly. Well compared to 3 years ago.

    Other manga I find to replace one of the tri would be berserk, hunter x hunter and negima.

    As an OP fan I just hope it lasts longer but not at the expense of Eichiro oda’s time just cause publishers want to keep it going.

    • Reborn is a fucking mess and Strongest disciple is boring and unbelievably repetitive. Even if Bleach is getting outright retarded with it’s plotlines, it’s still more entertaining than either of those series, IMO.

      Also, people weren’t hating Naruto because it was popular, they were hating it because the giant plot-reveal turned out to be pretty stupid and the whole series was getting emo in a bad way.

      • Nah.. people were hating Naruto and Bleach because of all the mainstreaming of it. I lost major interest in Naruto and Bleach once it BLEW outta proportions when it became mainstream and ALL the teens were like “Ooooooh, I’m a BIG~ anime/manga fan only because I read/watch only Bleach/Naruto/Fruits Basket.” (lol Fruits Basket for the shojo scene, because was a major title for all fangirls back then..) You CAN NOT base your “love for anime” just because you ONLY like one title.

      • but i like reborn and kenichi. power up system is different and for kenichi its more on the moves he uses =3. yea they are repetitive. How is reborn a mess I found it quite easy to understand? than again I do read bleach and naru and still like them.

        The giant twists of naruto arent that bad. If it was not part of the tri than i bet people wouldnt have bitched so much. Also its only emo cuz it is targeted for children so they can understand that hope and justice will prevail. this sounds cheesy but in reality naruto and bleach lean more towards the 15-16 and below range.

  • Hmmm..Fairy Tail just isn’t good enough to be the successor of the Big3. Psyren, Gintama and other shonen manga published weekly are just not getting enough attention in the western world. Once the Big3 end, more people will look into the lesser mangas and see they’re good as well.

  • they’ll go the American way where they will fight the same villains over and over again – if it works in America…

    or moe – it’s the same principle – if you have no story to begin with you can repeat it indefinitely

    As if someone who reads Naruto would care about a story, they would read it even if it would repeat indefinitely

  • Strange how people that don’t read these are commenting.
    Bleach seems really close to ending, I reckon 2 months max unless they somehow reveal another villain. Naruto is wrapping up, looks like it has another two years left. One Piece just hit its timeskip which would be about halfway through the story (similar to Naruto) I’m assuming so it looks like its going to go on for another 10-15 years.

  • Then people would just read something else like Fairy Tail, Wakusei no Samidare, 20th Century Boys, etc. Thankfully manga hasn’t fallen into the same ultra rarified niche as moe anime. There’s plenty out there to replace whatever stops.

  • Bleach, I’ve read random chapters, but I prefer the anime, even with the fillers. Regardless, I hope there’s bleach for another year or more.
    Naruto is in the same boat. I’ve read some chapters, but it seems like it’s nearing a conclusion. Any new development would be like DBGT: a long series made out of an extremely long filler.

    Ah, One Pice. This is the most fun I have reading. The way it is, both for the anime and manga, it could easily reach the 1000+ chapters and an equivalently long amount of chapters as well. Even the fillers are fun.
    But even with these out of the picture, there are many mangas that are fun to read and should, eventually have an anime adaptation, hopefully.

  • Wait hold the phone here everyone! I’ve got a quick question.

    Isn’t Gintama, Steel Ball Run, and Hunter x Hunter a whole lot more popular in Japan than Bleach and Naruto are? Sure SBR and HxH are released after long hiatus, but they’ve got a bigger audience than Bleach and Naruto. How are Bleach and Naruto part of this trinity? Are we just rounding up international sales and throwing them in the mix or are we just counting Japan?

    • Neither Gintama nor Steel Ball Run are as popular as BLEACH or Naruto, though HXH is popular enough to beat BLEACH in sales IIRC, and I think beat even Naruto but not OP… If HXH got a new anime adaptation or at least Chimera Ant OVA it would make it realllyyy popular again

  • This just reminds me how in-love I am with One Piece. And how anxious I am for it to pick up again after the four-week break and in-universe two-year time skip.

    Robin will be 30 for fuck’s sake


  • You know, the authors of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece were all relative amateurs when they first got in the industry. Even the Full Metal Alchemist author had FMA as her debut work.

    So why are people so scared of these shows ending? Unless the author gets run over by a bus, the creative forces will live on and be available to make a new manga. Don’t forget that Dragonball was only created after Toriyama finished the popular Dr Slump series.

    If anything, these authors have learned much from the years working on their smash hits, and will be all the better equipped in creating even better structured stories in future manga. Unlike in the West, it is not the “franchise” that’s important in Japan. It is the author.

    • I agree. Even if the big 3 end the mangaka can always write another hit series. Just remember Takahashi Rumiko, a lot of people didn’t think that she would make another hit after Ranma 1/2 and then out came InuYasha.

  • 3 mangaka have power to crush manga sales…
    Though these three will end eventually, it’s not like mangaka will retire. They have talent and they will draw more, and i doubt new titles will be less interesting, seeing how these 3 improved since they started.
    So, don’t worry, Ken. Manga future is safe as long as we have such mangaka as Kishimoto, Oda, Kubo or Akamatsu xD.

  • Nothing lasts forever, not even manga’s. Even ain idiot knows that.´Same thing goes to kings: they never rule forever, instead, their kingdom will be inherited.
    And now to mother nature… well… that’s the only thing that could actually rule the entire universe killing destroying and helping at the same time and there is absolutely NOTHING anything or everything can do about it.

    To put all thins short: Deal with it.

    • ‘It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him these words: “And this, too, shall pass away.”‘

        • The only one of the big three that repeats itself and is getting tiring is Bleach. Naruto and One Piece have a continued plot that clearly indicates that there creators thought this shit up a long time ago and they are not stalling but just continuing with there story that has a clear end but it’s just that big to tell.
          Anyone who says that they are the same old repetitive shit it’s just a troll that thinks is cool to assault popular titles. Especially One Piece had a very big rise in quality during this last 150 chapters. Instead of getting tiring is getting better and better.

        • I believe a lot of people are in for a rude awakening if they feel that Bleach is almost over. There are still several questions left unanswered and still a few places the story itself can go. If you all really think about all of this crap going on with Aizen, what makes you really feel that he won’t make it to the Soul King. IMO he may not even need the King’s Key because of the Hougyoku. The bottom line is that there’s still story left to cover and it really wouldn’t make sense story-wise and financially for Kubo to end Bleach right now.

        • Naruto (manga) is somewhat entertaining and the pace has gone up recently. the anime (Shippuuden) has still too much fillers though, although they decreased compared to the first part (Naruto)
          the first 100 eps are still too slow though (movies are useless so nothing changed)

          Bleach is still the uncrowned king of fillers (you can just skipp from ep 50 whatnot to .. 200 or somthing like that) in my opinion (just the anime)
          whilst the manga at least shows some signs of ending within the next 2-3 years (100-150 chapter)

          one piece is in my opinion actually one of the slowest (even slower than Hitman Reborn*)some of the arcs are just a drag to see (e.g.:the bounty hunter and thriller bark arc)

          *: srsl if you travel trough time and don`t even tell the girls (not involved and you dont want to involve them any further) what is actually going on for around 50 eps (they knew that they traveled trough time but not why it is dangerous) and they dont even get suspicious of something being wrong it is stupid at that

        • Personally, I still find One Piece chapters to be consistently fun to read, and one of the few chapters I look forward to each week. This 4 week hiatus is killing me, but I know Oda uses his time well and that OP will be amazing when it returns.

  • Is the manga industry actually scared of not being able to repeat linear, indifferent manga series?

    I actually would like the “Big Three” to end in order to flush out more originality if possible.

    I mean check out Ken Akamatsu, he’s done the same harem style and stories until Negima which actually stepped out of what was assumed to be only plot style. He’s now been doing a shounen manga + side harem/fanservice for a good amount time and he’s doing it right.

    I don’t want to insult the Japanese although it is common knowledge that they are conservative like no tomorrow. And it’s because of one of these reasons that we don’t see enough combination or refurbishing of one track stories.

  • Ya I dont watch any of them either because they are mainstream. I take that back. I watched episodes of all three of them and didn’t find them that good. A little to childlike and corny to me. Thats just me though. Escpecially Naruto. OMG… what a piece of crap. Watched a couple of episodes of that.

    I think in the future, you will find much more smaller anime titles that range from 13-24 episodes OVA rather than massive 240 episode animes. I think its better that way because I have both seasons of Hayate Combat Butler and Im dreading watching 74 episodes of it. I think its better this way.

    • Good job judging series with hundreds of episodes by just watching a couple episodes.As amazing as it may sound,you win no internets.

      But seriously,unless you’ve watched 30-40% of the total anime,which is usually just 3-4 episodes for a 13 episode season,your opinions aren’t worth shit.

      • People seem to be forgetting some of the popular sports manga that have been running longer than the big 3. Hajime no Ippo is over 900 chapters so far and still going. One Piece, Naruto, Bleach they’re all good IMO and I read all of them. If they weren’t good to the majority of readers then they wouldn’t have lasted as long as they have.

        There are several other jump manga that are very popular and some non-jump manga that are very popular also. Some examples of this would be Beelzebub, Soul Eater, Air Gear, Bakuman, and Kekkaishi just to name a few. The manga industry may be riding the coat-tails of the big 3 right now, but there are several manga out there are can support the industry financially just as well.

      • yeah sure compare a shonen with the only objective to kick ass with one who displays diferents angles of the human nature trough their crimes (btw i also wish case closed or detective conan came to an end ill love to see a climax to that story)

  • I don’t know, but new hits like Naruto/One Piece/Bleach can be fabricated, and the autors can always publish another works of long duration using their names to promote them. But each era of manga have it’s “never ending manga”, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump are valid examples.

  • As I don’t read nor watch any of them: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Srsly, their ends are way overdue, storylines are getting repetitive, etc. etc. Or it’s just me.

    ..I only hope the manga industry doesn’t see it’s downfall when it happens tho. Redundant indefinite stories are one thing. Awesome short ones are another. <_<

      • I love that too. It is beyond stupid when an idiot says “YEAH THEY SUCKS AND IUZ REPITITIVES LOLOLOLOL” when they don’t even read them.

        You like DBZ? Well so do i? But i also like a fucking story that doesn’t concern * EVIL BAD GUY COME TO EARTH! EPIC BATTLE OF DESTRUCTION *

        sorry but depth like one piece is something i love. And anyone who says one piece “sucks” or is “repititive” without reading past the first 50chapters is clearly one of those idiots who only watch anime for the fighting instead of a PLOT! Hmm?! You know what that is? A ploooooot? No i suppose you don’t.

    • that threesome are the mothers of the repetition and redundancy . To keep the pace of the show they just keep talking how they are not going to forgive each other for despicable ass rapes they committed and then gurgle in bloody orgasm after getting beaten for the rest of the episode . You could condense ten hours worth of the show into one .

    • Beelzebub will probably be big in the future, there’s also fairy tail. ++ Bleach maybe ending in the near future but One piece definitely doesn’t seem like it; seeing as it’s just finished the first half of story recently.

    • I read Bleach from time to time before,but now I dunno because Aizen is getting way too ridiculous in the recent chapters. As for the issue at hand, These people who has the equation Manga = Naruto,One Piece,Bleach should go and read other mangas out there.”Alot of better material are waiting to be discovered.”

        • ” buying them when they are translated into that nation’s language.”

          there is just a timegap of at least 3-4 years
          and that is the case if it really is a good of an seller (Code Geass for anime 1 of 3 boxes for 42,99 €)
          with ,anga im not that sure but the more common ones are (in bookstores that actually should sell them) Dragon Ball (yeah thats one you might still find) Death Note and some shoujo (there is actually more shoujo manga than i can bear with)
          and about the price… mmh cant really remember but will post again should i see some examples (for manga)

        • HOLY SHIT!! Mangas are actually sold in a comicshop near you? Where are you living, japan? Is ‘comicshop’ even a word? It came naturally, but I never saw such a place in RL.

          Maybe there will be the day I can buy Kodomo no Jikan in a language I understand. Or maybe feminazis marry someday. Yeah.. as if.

    • “As I don’t read nor watch any of them: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Srsly, their ends are way overdue, storylines are getting repetitive, etc. etc. Or it’s just me.”

      If you don’t read or watch them, how do you know that they’re repetitive?

      • Cuz usually immature adult purists will just say it is a direct rip off of (insert 90’s or 80’s anime here). They get peeved once their anime champ (usually DBZ) gets dethroned. “my old anime is still the best and cant be beat by any new anime cuz i say so”.

        Im getting tired of people comparing DB to naru, OP, and bleach.

        So in the name of ignorance these “purists” try on a couple of eps or chaps conclude its repetitive or jump on the bandwagon haters and just say its repetitive to gain attention.

        Its almost as bad as elitist gamers -_-. “My old game can kick any new CGI game forever cuz i say so”.

        • dbz’s plot was much simpler than the new anime like naru and bleach. to me it had more a western feel. evil comes, and then the good guys beat em. db was never good at being deep. thats why many of the movies were useless.

        • More like everyone on here is just being pretentious about some thing they never really gave a try in the beginning.

          And then have a gull spewing out stereotype BS about the current shonens like it’s always been that way for an eternity.

          All your criticism is so indirect and superficial it could be applied to all kinds of media and make no clear indication you’ve actually tried OP or Naruto or whatever.

          I’ve come to the conclusion, many on here don’t watch or reading anything unless it has Japanese porn and H-ness.

          OP and Naruto are both doing well and always thinking of new things to keep things fresh, I can’t say much about Bleach though.

          ^ This is coming from someone who (actually) reads and stays with the “holy three”.

          (No generalizing intended.

        • Try being more wrong or more butthurt, I dare you.
          It’s incredibly hard to ignore the current state of the big three no matter which forums you frequent. I’ve never watched/read a single episode of Bleach or OP and I know what they’re up to.
          I like that you invented all this bullshit about old titles that no-one else had even brought up though. Thats some major retardation.

        • Basically all FightingShounen are the same. I watched dragon ball z gt hyper x whatever, Narutard, Bleach and One Peace. They are pretty much all the same, just with different ‘storylines’. A storyline in a fighting shounen is btw just an excuse to kick the ass of someone.

          So DB and followers are dead, bleach decided to stop telling the story without stopping to publish the manga, naruto is probably still in that canyon trying to follow someone and One Piece is fucking slow pace. Srs, how long is it now? Over 10 years. And it’s still the same over and over again. Like in every other fighting shounen.

          That being said, give other genres a chance. For example Unbalance x2. Yeah, it’s not japanese, but it kicks ass. I’ll always remember that one scene, were the pimp of the story nearly beats some girls to death, cause they abused his (female) friend. In Ya face!! “Don’t think I’m going easy on you because you are girls” And guess what, he didn’t go easy on them. Japanese stories heavily lack in the smart, decisive and strong character classes for males in romantic stories. And when was the last time you saw some dude beat the shit out of some girls in a serious romantic/ comedy manga?

    • i totally agree with yuki. i used to watch all 3, but then i gave up after the first or second season. this also goes for D gray man. its best if the author had the whole story thought up in the beginning. building and building on the story tends to make it lame and repetive.

      this is why top animes like gundam is so awesome.

    • Hmm, I don’t feel that One Piece or Naruto to a degree are repetitive. Bleach though is rather repetitive in my opinion. I doubt once these series end that the bubble will suddenly pop. I think once there is room up top, plenty of mangaka will strive to get up there, and thus you’ll see a large influx of new Manga titles.