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Idol Collects Atari Condoms – “I Have No Experience of This!”


Sexy “game idol” Haruna Anno has recently been attracting attention after posing with some rare Atari condoms she somehow acquired, but in true idol fashion she cannot resist the opportunity at a rather forced and improbable attempt at feigning virginity.

For those wondering just who Haruna Anno is and why they should care, she is a “game idol” (in other words she is a gravure idol with an interest in gaming and a tendency to appear on videogame related TV) whose biggest prior claim to fame is being dim enough to circulate screenshots of herself using P2P software, which she then attempted to pin on her agency.




Haruna Anno supplies an account of how she received the condoms which earned as much attention as the condoms themselves (for those wondering, she is indeed referring to herself in the third person in an effort to seem cute, and it does indeed sound just as childish in Japanese as in English):

There was a pretty amazing thing amongst all the ultra rare goods I got from that visit [to a game testing company].

American game maker Atari brand condoms…

And the conversation when I got them is pretty dire:

Haruna: Is it really OK for me to take these!?
Director: Yes, but these are old, so the only “atari” you’ll score with them is to use them as Atari.

(terrible Japanese pun explanation: “Atari” means “(to have scored) a hit,” and is being used here both in its verb form “ataru” (to hit) and as the company name “Atari,” in an effort at tawdry wordplay)


The biggest issue is that Haruna is 22 and still has no experience of this…

Wags soon leapt on the last statement of hers – “No experience… of using condoms? So she always does it without then?”

In the post-Aya Hirano world, her strenuous denials of any carnal knowledge are either overly optimistic as to the credulity of fans or excessively naive as to her own credibility.

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