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Mangaka Busted for Schoolgirl Sex


A mangaka has been arrested for having paid sex with a schoolgirl.

The 37-year-old mangaka operates under the name “Yumemi Sakura” (夢未さくら), publishing a variety of mainstream manga as well as some doujinshi.

Kawasaki police arrested him on child prostitution charges after he was found to have arranged an intimate encounter with a 17-year-old girl in the 3rd year of highschool..

He met the girl at a Chiba hotel, paying her ¥20,000.

The mangaka explains himself thus: “Things weren’t going too well with my girlfriend, so I was getting vexed.”

Some of his art – nothing particularly erotic or schoolgirl-centric (or, for that matter, skilful) is evident, for those wondering:



His homepage resides here.

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