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    • lol anime. not yet though.

      Just enjoy the Visual Novel.

      HEck, if it turns out to be a shitty like Cjaos;Head the anime, I don’t want tit to be an anime.

      Cause almost all anime that’s from VN adaptations sucks hell.

      One of those successful is clannad, just because it has the capability to have 52 episode + OVAs

        • If you noticed in most VNs,most of the time it’s the canon route/arc which doesn’t appeals much.Don’t look too far from epicness because the UBW movie is due by month’s end on hard copy.

          The chances of Heaven’s Feel being animated is somewhat bleak.Seeing how much they milked the franchise already but then again I could be wrong with all the fanbase built on it along with the countless fans patronizing it.

          Given a choice of which should be animated,I’d pick Fate/Zero.They gathered some of the mightiest heroes that ever lived an pitted them together against each other,not that the one’s in Grail War #5 were also of that caliber.Still I believe the skirmishes and action in Fate/Zero are definitely a sight to behold if animated.Plus you get the luxury of knowing that Saber’s master isn’t a sissy like Shiro.(you get his adopted dad instead.)

          On a side note,somebody better reanimate Tsukihime to its true grace rather than allowing that disaster which is being passed off as non-existent to remain in listings…

        • lol. yeah it’s always subjective, like I said. ๐Ÿ˜€

          lol the F/SN Anime looks like fail when I actually started playing the VN. lacks the epicness of UBW and Heaven’s Feel.

          I’m now wondering whether or not they will actually make a Heaven’s Feel movie, or remake the Fate route into a proper movie. That would be Like AWESOME.

          guess I have to enjoy “Mahou Tsukai no Yoru”, first while still hoping. XD

          There’s no Tsukihime anime.[/sarcasm]

        • @Anon02:53
          Well that’s your opinion. In any case the VN had 3 routes and the anime followed only one with minor adjustments,so if you based your opinion on the VN’s line then it’s not that much of hit.Unless you were expecting an Amagami-style of adaptation where you get to see all arcs/routes being animated.You can’t expect the studios to follow the original plot down to the very core.Besides the anime served one of it’s purposes by increasing the fans of the franchise itself.Ask also those people who know the VN Fate/Stay Night before they watched the anime,they should number in masses.So technically it was a success overall.And you can’t close the book on this one whether it’s a succes or not because of the UBW route movie.One more thing,never erase the memory of that failed adaptation of Tsukihime.That serves as a reminder of the horrors of studios taking matters into their own hands with devastating results…

        • On the subject of the F/SN visual novel compared to the anime, it did flop. Though it doesn’t mean it was a bad show by any means.

          Now this nendoroid..makes me want to play Steins;Gate even more.

          Too bad I can’t read moonspeak.

        • subjective.

          for me F/SN failed compared to the VN. just ask those who played it and wathced it. I bet more than 50% of them agrees, 30 % disagrees, while 20% is the neutrals.

          And I said “one of the most successful” does not mean, that it’s only clannad

          and one more thing. “There is no Tsukihime Anime”.

          ^this fact is common sense