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Square Enix: “We Won’t Release FF13 DLC After All”


Square Enix has torn up its promises of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII, and also its promises that the game would still be a PS3 exclusive in Japan.

In comments to Famitsu, leaked ahead of release, developer Toriyama reportedly denies any prospect of DLC for Final Fantasy XIII:

“We were planning to make DLC for it, but those plans disappeared… Sorry!”

Previously he stated “If you keep hold of your copy forever, perhaps there will be even better things in store!”

Cynical interpretations of Square Enix’s actions speculate that they simply made the promise to try to stop people selling their copies and flooding the second-hand market (which happened anyway), but never had any real plans for making DLC.

In other news, Square Enix’s prior assertions that it had “absolutely no intention” of releasing Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan (it was marketed as a PS3 exclusive in Japan) have proven to be equally dubious as well – it recently became clear that the Japanese Xbox 360 version will be released in December, severely angering many fans.

Square Enix’s statements now seem set to enjoy an extraordinarily low level of credibility amongst fans – perhaps deservingly.

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  • I am still confused in this day and age why fanboys and girls still fall for the “we will only release this on this platform” promise. In the end it has turned out few games stay on one platform over another when there is possible money to be made. It has been this way for how many years? It is time people open their eyes to reality of the past.

  • i knew it was a bad idea from the get-go to get FFXIII. first of all, FF games tend to be kinda short with compared to lots of RPGs these days, endless sandbox ones aside. i also find recent FF game’s sidequests to be mediocre and not worth it at all (come on, wasting hours on one enemy just to get a useless emblem emblazzoned on my airship is not my idea of an accomplishment)

    Look like there won’t be a FFXIII International after all with the suckiness. Here’s hoping Agito XIII and definitely Versus XIII (IF they are still ATTEMPTING any god damn thing with it) makes up for this disaster. But i guess XIII wasnt all that bad. it’s more fun to watch someone play then actually playing it to me

  • DLC might have been fine a while ago, but seeing as I’m doing nothing but grinding for platnium ingots now, I’m just ready to get this over and trade this in.

    Either way, I must be in the extreme minority of people that liked FF8 AND 13.

  • Just confimed MS FUCKED with FF. NO doubts there since it was made multiplat, but its good for the LOLs because of the fuck heads saying that they would go with download content anyway…..thx MS and SE for destroying what the game could have been.

  • I liked the FF games mostly for the story, I have ff13, but I haven’t finished it, hell I barely even started it, I got the game, played it for a week, then bought another game I was waiting to be released and just haven’t came back to it.

    I’m not really a big fan on the turn style battles though, I like to be able to move my character and basically kill them like the Secret Of Mana game. I have to admit that I do like the ff13 battle system better, but I would rather just be able to run and dodge attacks, than sit there having the battle system decide if my character was fast enough to move out of the way or was looking at the chick in my party too hard and didn’t realize a big bolt of lightning was coming and killed his stupid ass.

  • is it just me, or has Squeenix turned into a fucking cunt of a business and deliberately fucks with its fanbase that made it into what it is today? i mean, its ok if they wanna release it on xbox, ive been over it for 2 years now, but to try and squeeze all the microscopic amounts of profit out of an average game(at best) is beyond greed imo.

  • There really is no point making a xbox 360 port in japan because of how low xbox 360 sales are doing there. Not to mention its probably gonna be pirated either way. In the end its not going anywhere.

  • “it recently became clear that the Japanese Xbox 360 version will be released in December, severely angering many fans.”
    Is your source the Dengeki mag or just the rumor going around the net?

    • i mock them back, because at least people want to play out “masculine hero” games… but lets be honest, what they consider masculine, is an average, not fat, male white person build.

      at the same time, i refuse to play that one game, neir? because of that fucking change.

    • they are trolling now. just seeing how fucked they can get and still make it.

      if they are on the stock market, than maybe the ceos have a game system shelved that they know is UBER, and are just fucking the company in the ass and buying the stock cheap as fuck, release UBER system, and make fuckloads.

    • to be honest, they pissed them the fuck off when they went from Nintendo 64 ff7 and moved everything to ps1

      the continually chipped out the “hardcore” fans with every ff sense ff 7

      i doubt there is one real fan left when ff13 came out, and its all the ff7 people who got on only than that are left.

  • Square went form being one of the tigthest companies, to a company that can’t do shit right in a span of a few years.

    I swear, I we can return to the time where they could do no wrong. A world of pretty graphics and fatigue systems.. eh

      • You’re judging quality of a game by sales alone? That’s like saying Transformers 2 should get the Oscar instead of The Hurt Locker.

        I’m seriously FUCKING SICK AND TIRED everytime someone bring up sales.

        How many of that supposedly millions of copies of FFXIII managed to satisfy the buyers?

        How many of them bought the game thinking it’s something other than what it is?

        How many of them buyers got deceived by hype and false advertising?

        I always thought this is weird: That everytime someone in a mainstream website complains about the game, there will ALWAYS BE SOMEONE QUICK ENOUGH TO RETORT. Too quick that I think it’s fishy for most of these guys to be independent gamers.

        Call me paranoid, but I’m willing to bet at least 40% of the defenders of FFXIII are S-E’s PR dogs. Another 40% perhaps are trolls and the remaining 20% are the only ones genuinely liking the game.

        • the game sold at least 1.5 million, that was preorder sales, and than it went down to the 100k range, and sub 100k, tell me how often that happens with good games?

          you can use sales figures to tell you how good a game is, expectingly with ff13. after the initial preorder sales, they dropped to almost nothing. even after it was sold for 5$ it still wasn’t selling for shit. a game hyped that much and that anticipated should have broke the 5 mill (global) mark in a month.

    • well, Final Fantasy is not “dead”. At least not the Spin-offs, like Tactic Advance or the, really good, remakes of FF 3 and 4 on the DS. D:

      If you’re talkin bout the new FFs, then… well… yeah, it is a shadow of its former self. Sadly.
      The only thing Square could do to renew the Hype about FF is to announce a remake of Final Fantasy 7 or 8 for the PS3/360. Though x.x it has to be a 1:1 remake without changes, just visuals D:

      • Actually they don’t need to remake FF7 or 8 to renew the hype. What they need to do is return to making RPG’s the way they used to. I haven’t bought a JRPG in years because there hasn’t been a worthy representation of such a thing since the PS2.

        • im mentioning squares gross incompetence when i mention that 20 years to remake.

          and lets be honest here, the best the can possibly do now is a remake. they seam to be doing a damn good job with the ds ones.

          now to your point.

          “What happened to making dialogue choices?”

          for the most part, they had no significance if you chose the wrong thing or not, some games gave multiple endings, but you only want the best ending the game gives, so you really are limited in your options there.

          “What happened to overworlds?”

          they never realy did much with them. look at mafia 2, its a “free roam” game with an over world but it pushes you in the story, an overworld is only really good when you have content for it specifically, like multiple quest and the like, which most jrpg fail at completely, so it may be a blessing its not there. see, why give you 20 square miles to run around in if you only need to follow the path, and there really isn’t much to see off the path?

          “What happened to talking to NPCs?”

          when have those npcs ever said anything important? id rather them say fuck off than jerk me around making me think i found something.

          all in all there i think that they could easily do without if they were just more competent as developers.

        • To alidan:

          whoever said to remake FFVII? That piece of overhyped fanboy-victim needs to be laid to rest already.

          Final Fantasy series, while being an RPG, is ironically shrinking in terms of content as it progresses, which is weird since devs should be able to increase content as technology gets better.

          What happened to making dialogue choices?

          What happened to overworlds?

          What happened to talking to NPCs?

          What happened to varying missions that does not involve only killing turtles?

          The only thing surely progressing is the graphics. Square has been gradually increasing playable content up to FFXI. Then FFX gave us severely simplified playing methods. FFXII then tried to continue that trend but all it ended up giving are repetitive missions with the same enemies under different color pallette.

          With XIII, it seems they just thought “FUCK THIS SHIT” and proceed to polish the graphics into being so shiny(although Resident Evil 5 still tops it in animation).

          What the hell is this shit? What the hell happened to you, Square of Square-Enix…?

        • there have been, but they are extremely under hyped, or you have to look past glaring flaws, which are only present because they were there to begin with, we just didn’t care because it was a ps1 game or a ps2 game and it was new.


          square has said that its impossible to remake ff7 because its to hard. i shit you not, there is a quote from one of the bigger places that states it would take them 20 years to remake ff7 even with the manpower of the 13 staff working on it.

  • Not a big loss

    The vast majority of “DLC” for Japanese games just involves unlocking things already present on the disc or buying equipment/experience/money/cut scenes and other content that can be obtained through normal gameplay anyway.

    They seem to have a very profound misunderstanding of the concept of DLC

    • well they aren’t old fashioned, thats for damn sure, because if they were we wouldn’t be bitching nearly as much.

      hell make a 2d REAL RPG with REAL SYSTEMS that isn’t a wanabe movie, and we would be remotely happy.

    • I don’t know if that is true. I personally would love to see a Old-School style (sprite) RPG from Square(soft). Another FFVI would be awesome. Their problem is that they getting their information (especially about the west) just wrong.

    • apparently there are enough 360 gamers there, and they want to sell the game to them for what, 100$ minimum instead of them picking up a preowned copy on a ps3 later for what 5$ or is it even less now?

      i mean morbid curiosity is a bitch to have.

    • Question: WHY do people even bother listening to Square? Their PR is scummier than Activision or EA. Or maybe both of them COMBINED. Square just keeps fumbling through and confuses gamers. Ignore them and judge games by their merits.

      It’s like Square’s entire PR division is filled with Peter Molyneux and Hideo Kojima hype-spinners. Enough already.

      • Dude open your eyes Kingdom Hearts ended at 2 I mean think about it where is there left to go? That is why they keep milking it with prequels. Didn’t you realize right off the bat that Birth by Sleep is what they teased with the special end of KH2? Not a KH3.

        • actually the kingdom hearts prequels and side games are there so once kingdom hearts 3 comes out we will better understand why they have to defeat xeanort before brith by sleep we had no idea who xeanort is or why he would want kingdom hearts
          sora and his friends defeats xeanort’s heartless then nobody now they have to defeat the real one

      • you have hope for kh3?

        i mean i didn’t even like kh2 enough to beat it, kh 1 was fun and i liked leveling and the grind, but is there a real level system in 2? if i remember right it was a level system only in name and was completely artificial.

        • well, i hate to do this, but to squares credit, they have been doing far better with real time fighting in the kh style than turnbase combat for quite a while.

          you can have some hope for the battle system, but any rpg elements? you can probably for get about those.

        • This is true, however, any hope for improvement in KH3 is as good as gone now. If SE can’t take care of their MAIN franchise, what hope is there for the secondaries. So far they’ve shown

          Low opinion, respect for fans and what they want
          lack of innovation
          lack of level design
          ability to openly break promises or ignore their own words.

        • Anonymous

          yea, compare ff13 to a broken unfinished game.

          you know, if they didn’t call this an rpg but an interactive movie i probably wouldn’t have cared, i also wouldn’t have wasted 8$ and 10 hours on the piece of shit.

        • My thoughts on it are that I just assumed America wasn’t ready for it. I hated the ending, but then I can’t stand any writer that thinks killing off a protagonist for the sake of killing them off is good writing. It wasn’t the worst offender of it, but still.

          The acting in it wasn’t really the greatest, the story was that of an american action story, but it actually forced people to think about it which doesn’t really work. The inclusion of the lifestream Gaea thing probably was a bit too much for most who weren’t already FF fans. Also, I think it was the FF name attached to it which jumbled everyone’s expectations, and expectations fuck everything up. I never watch or read reviews because it creates an impression from a source that I have no reason to trust, but unconscious minds can still be influenced on what to think. Plus, most people never grew up out of high school. Most people just latch on to what they hear without realizing it and regurgitate them, pretending they’re actually forming their own thoughts.

        • Darkrockslizer

          explain what was wrong with the movie? because i didn’t think it was bad. i’m a minority in that, but i really didn’t think it was bad. i’m not saying its a god among movies, but its not bad, and i remember parts of it and not in a bad way, more than i can say about most movies.

          and so you know im talking about sprites within, which i assume you meant.

        • Fanboy or no, the games were good. As in if people were objective about them, they were good games. If you want to compare games, compare FFXIII to Big Rigs and get some perspective on the true scale of gaming. The game was solid and good, it wasn’t groundbreaking and fantastic, it was a solid game. I would like them to do more to exceed themselves, but if you remove the complaints that there wasn’t any towns or sidequests, there really isn’t that much to complain about. Everyone’s complaining about non-issues. You can’t complain about something that isn’t in the game based on design. You can wish it was there, but the game shouldn’t be judged on your wishes, it needs to be judged on what it is.

          All the rest is just your preference.

        • its not so much as it was linear though, as a fan of the series, i can get over that. what i cant handle is where are all the interesting sidequests? the captivating interaction with NPCs, the secret aeon, the more complex weapon crafting, deeper skills. they’ve turned the ultimate weapon crafting into grindfest-then-buy-shit. and dont tell me the cieth stones are enough. in the other games there were chocobo raising, card games, chocobo races, the theater in X(or was it only in X-2?). in XIII the most powerful things are the Guis. apart from having a shit ton of health, with the right equipment they’re a piece of cake. in X even if you had some characters maxed out and with ultimate weapons, the toughest bosses were still a great challenge. man fuck Square Enix.

        • Honestly, every single FF was a good game, yes including X-2. The morons who called it “Charlie’s Angels” must have stopped playing in less than three hours. I treated it as an FFX epilogue, as it was meant to be. I’ve always wanted to have a playable epilogue since Lunar 2, and they gave it to me. They also gave me another plot, new characters, and the chance to see the aftermath of what happens to a world after it is clear of its ancient enemy. That may not be enough for many, but I couldn’t care less, they did a great job with it, even if it came in a different package.

          Anyway, comparing games is really what is killing gaming now. It’s not like it’s wrong to compare games, but if you blitz through games like nothing, then you’re your own worst enemy, because EVERYTHING will start looking the friggan same if you keep playing the same genre over and god damn over again.

          Every FF has been a strong, powerful game to anyone who doesn’t somehow hop on the stupid bandwagons of people who think they’re cool for hating games without even giving them the credit they deserve. So many childish assholes see one bad thing and judge the game’s entirety because it doesn’t follow their specific expectation, like somehow if the game wasn’t made by and for you specifically it’s not worth your time.

        • Anonymous

          game play wise, i liked 12 more than any 3d ff game barring 7 and 9.

          story wise… its kind of meh

          why does love have to be a focus on so many of these now. maybe if there were open lesbians that are all over each other all the time, without the need of goggles.

        • FFXIII really wasn’t that bad, compared to XII and X-2, XIII was actually good. Compared to anything pre-X, it was a terrible game.

          Without comparing it to other games constantly, can you honestly say that it wasn’t worth playing?

          I liked the linear gameplay, it was different, considering how every game wants to be sandbox now. Which is a nice idea, but when EVERY game wants to be open and free, it gets really old.

          The game could’ve been a lot better, but it also could’ve been a lot worse.

          Hopefully Square will go back to the good old days and make amazing games again… One can dream.

        • I disagree completely FFXIII is a terrible game that is extremely linear until Chapter 11 where it becomes only slightly less linear and it has almost no strategy involved and no parity. I can think of only two instances in the entire game to not use a party of Lightning, Fang and Hope. I breezed through the game with no upgrades until chapter 11 and then breezed through the rest after deciding to upgrade. The only strategy comes from fighting the very few optional monsters that have some special condition that makes it harder to stagger them.

        • it had a shit “level system” the “party” system was broke as fuck (lets play that one boy who in ANY OTHER GAME i would have killed off and never revived just out of spite, and force you to play with him, having no option to swap him out and use someone infinitival more useful) or here, that retarded as fuck job tree shit. i hated ff10 system, and they just made it again, but without the fucking paths (which if you take wrong RUIN your characters)

          i had battles that were over 15 minutes long, because i upgraded the wrong thing, or god forbid, wanted a healer instead of a mage, where i lust spammed x while i watched tv or masturbated (seriously, hit slideshow in my image program and fap fap fap while i hammered x)

          o and lets not forget the story, where after playing for 7-10 hours, i still had no FUCKING CLUE WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WAS GOING ON. all i knew was I HATED THAT LITTLE BOY SO MUCH. please tell me he dies, i thankfully rented this game so i only wasted 8$ on it and i want that 8$ and 10 hours back.

        • FFXIII really wasn’t that bad at all, I’m sick of hearing people whine about it. If only the linearity wasn’t focussed on so much people wouldn’t have played it already prejudging it as shit. For what it was, it was not bad in the slightest. It didn’t have the towns, so what, I enjoyed the dang thing. It sure as hell wasn’t a horrible game. The plot was pretty solid, the characters were decent, it wasn’t a groundbreaking game, but in no way shape or form was it a horrible game.

          Oh well, fuck it. Hope they take this time to make something better… their experiment didn’t work as they had hoped.