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They need to clench their teeth and hold their tongues. if they didn’t help make the game or contribute funds to its development then they should accept Wada-san’s decision or don’t buy the game. The world isn’t fair.

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  • “85% of Japanese” Oppose Immigration:
    The Mexicans are trying to get it back or at least live where their ancestors once lived. The U.S. was just 13 colonies on the east side. They either bought land, waged war over it, or any other method to get what we call now as the 48 states.

  • Goddess (?) of 2ch: “I’m an Otoko no Ko!” “No You’re Not!”:
    this is the only time I’ve been interested in doing BL

  • CNN: “Hollywood Steals Asian Jobs for Whites”:
    “If it were made in Japan it would just end up like Gantz…” I must agree, the movies didn’t go according to the manga( which I am currently reading), but it had a good story for a two part movie. My friend who criticizes that Japanese movies may not always be good, he enjoyed Gantz. Also don’t forget what they did to Prince of Persia and Avatar the Last Airbender.

  • Taiwan Girl Stabber “Commits Suicide” in Police Custody:
    “For them a body search probably just constitutes checking his pockets and looking in his wallet…” That’s what the guys that robbed me said. Then I handed over my phone and money. hahaha good times :D {sarcasm}

  • Suicide “Top Cause of Death for Japanese Youth”:
    Religion has its place like everything else. Only that people take it to the extreme and get irrational. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, deciding to belong to a faith is the same as denying a faith. They made a choice, acted upon it, and what not. We need a moral code above all that guides us or something like Confucianism.


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