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Hehehehehehe, gimme a fuckin’ break, seriously? He’s been threatened with DEATH over putting the game out on another console as well??? Get the fuck over it, people. So elitist it’s disgusting. Grow up.

Was it right of them to change their minds after say vehemently that it wouldn’t happen? Probably not but they’re a company and companies exist to make money. Apparently they think they’ll make money on it. It’s a POS anyway, who really cares? With all the bad decisions S/E has made lately I’d be really surprised if they’re still in business, in their current form, in two years.

S/E has gone from the top, to the bottom in the past year or two. If they don’t serve up the goods they’re famous for then good riddance. We don’t need more crappy/mediocre delevopers.


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