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Square Enix Boss Gets Death Threats Over Xbox 360 FF13


Square Enix’s decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan, after repeatedly promising it would be a PS3 exclusive, has driven fans into a frenzy, with some becoming so angry as to begin delivering death threats to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada on his own Twitter account.

After the news of the port’s release became widely reported and confirmed as more than a mere rumour, irate fans descended upon Yoichi Wada’s Twitter account:

Is it true? After saying so many times it would never be released on the Xbox in Japan, if you really do release it nobody will trust your word again.

Say something!

You’re going to betray us after saying it would never come out? I’m cancelling my pre-orders.

You liar!

Lying to customers is how you do business, eh? I’ll never buy a Square Enix title again.

With all the illegal lies and misdirection about FF13 you made, I reported you to the ministry of consumer affairs. And you promised DLC and quietly abandoned it – you’re detestable.


Stop your pompous waffling and resign! Haven’t you made enough money yet? Next time put a guy who actually loves games in charge.

What’s up with game developers? Practically everything they say is a lie…

Well done, Scrooge.

Hey Wada! What the hell is this about FF13 on the 360 in Japan? You kept advertising the game in all the mags as a domestic PS3 exclusive! If you go through with this nobody’ll trust you again… Honestly I hate you so much I’d like to kill you. Quit soon. This is your last chance.

You’d better be prepared to run, or you’ll be killed! At the very least you ought to be prepared for a few rocks thrown your way!

Whilst such threats can be dismissed as the standard ravings of Square Enix’s increasingly desperate fanbase, Japanese police will make arrests for less, and they certainly demonstrate yet another looming PR disaster.

Wada himself was conspicuously silent in the face on of the onslaught.

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    • That’s where you’re wrong. A game’s sales help the creators earn back what they used to create it. They made promises about the product they sold and then decided to back out on it after everyone already bought it.

      The person who reported them to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs had every right to do so, because the product did not deliver what the creators promised. While it is only a video game, this is fraud.

  • Hehehehehehe, gimme a fuckin’ break, seriously? He’s been threatened with DEATH over putting the game out on another console as well??? Get the fuck over it, people. So elitist it’s disgusting. Grow up.

    Was it right of them to change their minds after say vehemently that it wouldn’t happen? Probably not but they’re a company and companies exist to make money. Apparently they think they’ll make money on it. It’s a POS anyway, who really cares? With all the bad decisions S/E has made lately I’d be really surprised if they’re still in business, in their current form, in two years.

    S/E has gone from the top, to the bottom in the past year or two. If they don’t serve up the goods they’re famous for then good riddance. We don’t need more crappy/mediocre delevopers.


  • And what about Mass Effect 2 ? Tales of Vesperia ? Eternal Sonata ? Bioshock and so on ?

    Those ridiculous fanboys, I get rid of them. They must just stop complaining and play their PS3, if the’re so proud of it.

    (I say that and I have a PS3, I’m just bored of the Pro-S/Pro-M…)

  • I really don’t understand all the hate over this decision of theirs. You have to be stupid not to see the benefit. Game available for more consoles means more copies sold means more money to pay for development of more games. Games are costing more and more to develop as technology to present them gets higher quality. In my opinion it’s retarded to produce games exclusively for one console, a complete and utter waste of money on the game assets.

    Sure coercing your code to work on another unit is challenging and requires rewriting some large chunks of code, but it pales in comparison to the development cost of another game, so much so that it can and has saved many of the big game development companies departments. Just look at the Tales of series, if they had stuck with Playstation consoles, they’d already be in the grave, long before some of the best selling titles they ever produced were made.

    • They lied about multiple aspects of the game they released? Selling a game that is now 5 dollars in the bargain bin right next to Pokemon Red and Blue seems like a major profitable business decision, instead of honoring your word?

      1.2-1-4 million XBox360 units are in Japan as far as I know…how is this going to bring in revenue, considering the workload and the infamous status of FF13 (seriously it’s like 520 yen)?

      If you truly believe what you typed, then remain oblivious to things such as “customer satisfaction, honor, and a passion for your career”. Hopefully, we, the stupid people never see your point of view, as it is the most carefully constructed piece of shit I’ve read all day.

      • It’s pretty obvious by now that honor and passion for their career don’t exist. Customer satisfaction SHOULD have existed, for the sake of their ability to hold customer integrity and not lose so many sales. They’d also better hope they don’t get sued, because some of the more intelligent people among the masses are probably taking legal action for false advertising.

        • Sue? A corporation like S-E?

          “I’m happy for you, and I’mma let you finish but Square-Enix has got to be one of the largest (swindling)corporations of all time!

          OF ALL TIME!”

          Seriously, the only way we can REALLY make our point taken by them is by NOT BUYING EVERY PIECE OF SHIT THEY MAKE on release day. Their games’ quality is no longer as consistent as it used to be to warrant blind purchase.

          Of course, we won’t see that happen, thanks to false advertising and past glory.

  • I don’t get it.

    The Japanese are getting mad about a game they very obviously didn’t like being released on a system they don’t like. Do they not see this or do they like bitching for the sake of it?

    • It’s got more to do with keeping promises. They outright LIED about DLC and PS3 exclusivity after they’ve mentioned those aspects so many times to market the game. I myself personally don’t care about another console having a port, but I am wondering if I can really trust the word of Square Enix ever again after hearing about this. Maybe they’ll say something like “This time, there really WILL be DLC! We promise!” or “This game will have all these features!” but I wouldn’t be sure if I can really believe that because they lied before, so I would be hesitant to buy the game. If they make any more promises, then I’ll hold onto my money until they can actually keep their promise.

        • Apparently anyone who believes in a company’s marketing is also a fool right now as well. These companies wonder why they’re losing so much money these days when they had such a great thing going for so long. Here’s an idea for them; long ago customer service and loyalty meant something to a lot of people. You delivered on your promises, you gave customers a reason to want to come back, and surprise, they did. These days companies have for whatever unfathomable reason switched to a “bleed the customer dry” method of business where they do whatever it takes to wring another sale out of the few fans they have left.

          It’s not a sustainable model of business, but sadly the CEOs making millions of dollars a year are only interested in the short term gains. It’s happening in every industry right now, and likely a large factor in the economic problems we face today. Back when they were only making a bit more than the grunts at the company they had to actually work hard to keep things successful and afloat. Now they’re just trying to make as much money in as short a time span as possible before they bail on the then fucked company with enough money for them to never work again in pocket.

  • Klingengeist says:

    *points at stupid sony fanboy* HAHA!

    As developer/puplisher i would always try to release my games as on many platforms as possible, except Sony, M$ or Nintendo pays me big bucks for not doing so. ^^

  • Hey idiots, try read some of the comments the NEET are saying up there.

    If you can’t tell, they’re pissed BECAUSE SQUARE-ENIX blatantly fucking LIED to them about the release. It’s hardly PS3 fanboys defending the exclusivity of FF13 on their precious console. It’s the fact that Squeenix repeatedly said they would NOT release it, then they suddenly go around and say that they will. Meaning that it will be difficult to take them seriously the next time they say something “real” because of the BAD PRECEDENT that this sets.

    Fuck man, people are too quick to start console fanboy wars.

  • hmm maybe release a International Version like all the main FF games? ability to control all party, can switch any time, no more game over when the party leader is dead, dual language, new game+ theater mode sooo many modes do it Square that’s at least you can do for the fans

  • Although most of them are probably PS3 fanboys, I think everyone is pissed off at all the broken promises with no explanation whatsoever than the port announcement itself. They wouldn’t get all bent out of shape if they’d announced it as a multiplatform game to begin with.

    I also get the feeling that the DLC is being reserved for the 360 port only.

  • Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    We really need to stop buying games day 1. I’ll never buy games day 1 ever again. I’m betting on Sega to rise from the grave with Valkyria. If that fails then fuck JRPG’s unless its a sequel to The Legend of Dragoon.

    Just abandon Square already.

    • Your going too far by being racist.

      How do you know if they’re fanboys if they bought a PS3 specifically for that game? When in their minds they would have also thought to buy a Wii instead because of other games.

  • I remember seeing angry fans on youtube for the same reason. To them, Final Fantasy has always been a Sony franchise and should stay on a Sony console. So I guess every one of us that played and loved 2 and 3 on SNES were just having the same pleasant dream.

  • I would be heartbroken if those landmark haijin from FFXI don’t make appearances on FFIV. Oh Ext, it’s just not Final Fantasy without you bro.

    “Stop your pompous waffling and resign!” Toshiro exclaimed, angrily readjusting his monocle.

    • You mean “Quit getting mad over video games.”

      I assure you no ones mad at the games. It’s the people behind the games who’ve become pretty vocal about the business… Which fuels the hate.

  • Companies like Square Enix and Namco try to separate themselves from the PS brand by making lies and lazy business decisions. Why can’t they just try to expand fanbases instead of replacing them? It’s all about money. They don’t care about sales and sales income, they care about short term investments made by the console manufacturers. It’s a shrewd way of doing business and has been proven to backfire on them.

    See the lack of Ace Combat games this generation on PS3 and the sales of Final Fantasy 13. Ace Combat 6 was the lowest selling game in the franchise. FF13 was advertised as almost an XBox exclusive, yet the PS version sold 3x the XBox version.

    • Just like the PS1 and PS2, people bought the console for the gems that were known to only come out on it. Metal Gear, FF, Tomb Raider, etc…

      Developers never lied about platform decisions last gen. Maybe except for Capcom (Resident Evil). All this crap only started this gen. You cannot deny the lies made by Square Enix. They pissed some people so badly some even started downplaying the FF franchise.

  • well Nomura twitted this on Versus XIII:

    “Multiplatform is when you start development on a game with the assumption of optimizing for multiple platforms. Porting is something that’s done after you’ve developed a game specifically for a particular platforms. The debate over porting is decided by the management based off the current market and the costs. All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3.”

    • The remaining credibility of Square Enix lies with that game. If they lie about the slogan they keep showing every year “Exclusive to PS3 Worldwide”, then they are going to lose just about all the FF fans they made on PlayStation. Excerpts are rich gamers and long time fans.

  • “Because putting it out for the 360 will necessitate a reduction in graphics quality, which will result in a crappy PS3 game and a dumbed down PC game. It’s the same reason that FFXI suffered for being available on the PS2.

    A multi-plat game has to be designed for the lowest capacity system.”

    While this is true we already have a port so all they are actually doing is opening it up to another market over there, from what i understand the PS3 has a much larger market share in japan making it the better choice, i always take the word “exclusive” with a pinch of salt because at the end of the day a games company is out to make money and will do whatever makes money 🙂

    • You wont believe the irony here. Square Enix designed FF14 for the highest of the high PCs and delayed the PS3 version. How can you trust a developer that can’t even get multiplatform development right? Not to mention backing out on their own words.

  • I like FF13 just fine.
    I’m not hardcore gamer so it’s enough for me.
    Could be better like their older games, but I guess it’s fine.
    Weather it’s on 360 or PS3 shouldn’t matter right?
    Is just exclusive to one system or will it be on both at the same time?
    It that what they’re worried about?

    Isn’t it just a rumor?

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Gosh~ They be otakus who love 13… So dedicated to this tiresome pile of dung and mixing in national pride about it being only on a Japanese product alone!

    Seriously take these rabid morons on what they post or you’ll get one of them stabbing that dude out of the blue.

    One half hour of 13 was enough to convince me to NOT play it ever again and to read this indignation is amazingly pathetic. Come on Nipponese! Give those one or two RRoD buyers a break to ride the wave of lame along with you!

  • i still remember the time when every Square game was met with anticipation, when most people where waiting for a successful and good game with a good story and awesome music, sure some games where crap but people wanted to see what they were going to come up with next, now a few years later, and Square is looked upon with distrust and each game they spew out is taken with a grain of salt.

    how i miss the times when Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were the paragon of RPGs and when RPGs werent separated by to letters(J and W).

    the worst thing that ever happened in the japanese gamming world was when Squaresoft and Enix joined in a single company and when this company lost the people that brought greatness to the company

    its a shame that the only person that still knows what makes games great is a character designer thats obsessed with belts and as no pull inside that company, and then we have a company president that doesnt know what gamers trully need(yes need not want) and is just looking for a quick buck.

  • First the game is not that good. Squaresoft seems to have all their soul and creativity ever since Uematsu and Sakaguchi left the company.
    Second the worst thing is that the game actually doesn’t gain anything with the with the conversion from Bluray to the multiple DVD.
    Third, how will the fans of Squaresoft believe in Squaresoft ever again?
    Squaresoft is doomed…

  • “You’re going to betray us after saying it would never come out? I’m cancelling my pre-orders.”

    ……what preorder?

    FF….nah can’t be….if so that would mean the guys is canceling the preorder he made for a game he didn’t wanted to come out.

  • so…. what’s so horrible about that? ö-ö
    I think it’s good, because not everyone has a PS3.
    …would be wonderous if Namco would do an international release of ToV on PS3 though, since not everyone has an Xbox either…

    • Why should they “cover anything up”? Why should they even mind “excuse” themselves or anything? It’s business, it is their product, they want to make money of it.

      First of all, a reaction similar to “I’ve been betrayed!! You promised the game would be released only for PS3 and now you release it for Xbox360!! I don’t believe you anymore and I am canceling all my preorders of your products!!! I hate you!!!” points at unstable psychology, these psychos must see a shrink.

      Second thing: if the gave loses its platform exclusivity – does it become worse?! You bought a game which was exclusive for PS3, you played it, may be even not once, you loved it. Now it becomes available for, let’s say, Xbox360. Does it make your copy for PS3 worse? Does it meant the company won’t be able to produce another grate game? Don’t be ridiculous. Those hysterics should mind their mental state.

      • The PS3 version ended up worse off simply by the mere existence of the 360 port, mostly because of SquareEnix’s retarded policy of having feature parity between the two versions of the game. If you look way back at the original screen shots and tech demo for FF13 when it was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive, it had a lot more polygons in the character designs, and didn’t seem nearly as jagged, which implies a higher level of anti-aliasing.

        Now, it could be that these simply had to be toned down to improve the game’s frame rate, but the more likely situation is that in order for the Crystal Tools package they made the game with to be portable to the 360 easily, they lowered the overall maximum quality level to whatever the 360 could do without being specifically optimized for it. The two systems can seemingly hit equal graphics if a game is designed specifically for a particular console, but the ported version is almost always compromised in some way. I highly doubt SquareEnix came up with the magic programming tools to get around this kind of issue.

        Also, with blu-ray storage, this time around there was absolutely no reason whatsoever to not give fans the Japanese language track on the international release. The reason is simple. The 360 version was already on multiple DVDs even compromising the FMVs down to a lower resolution, so it couldn’t fit the extra audio track. Both versions couldn’t have it, so neither could. Their policies these days just really piss me off, and I can’t say I wouldn’t like to see Wada dethroned if someone who gives a crap taking his place would improve things.

        • I’m sorry, but it’s pretty blatantly clear that there was a level of quality displayed before the 360 port was announced, and then as soon as they decided to port Crystal Tools over to XBox, the quality tool a noticeable dive. You can cry Photoshop or vertical slices all you want, but these are the people who maximized the power of every single system they coded for in the past. The jaggies on the final version, considering the PS3’s power, are pretty strong evidence that compromises were made at the development tool level.

          And what excuses do you have for their leaving out the Japanese language track this time? Please, be more apologist for them. And I’m saying this as someone who has bought their games since the SNES era, including importing from the PS2 on. Their company has just gone down the shit hole in the last few years, and there are really not legitimate excuses left for them.

        • “If you look way back at the original screen shots and tech demo for FF13 when it was supposed to be a PS3 exclusive, it had a lot more polygons in the character designs, and didn’t seem nearly as jagged, which implies a higher level of anti-aliasing.”

          Photoshop would like a word with you

  • Sorry if i’m wrong but aren’t these guys mad because of Wadas constant lying and not because of some sense of fanboyism, lets see what happened here, Wada first starts with XIII being ps3 exclusive, then he says its gonna be released on 360, but guess what, only in the west, he later also says it will never get a japanese release forcing some 360 owners to buy a ps3 or wait until it was released in the west to import, then he says that XIII was getting dlc and now a few months later he says its not getting dlc and also announces that XIII is getting a 360 release in japan, is it really that hard to imagine that people would be pissed about these decisions and constant lying, and now with the uncertainty of versusXIII ps3 exclusivity, if Wada decides to make versus multiplat of course people are going to be pissed, and coupled with the questionable quality of their games in the last few years its a wonder why some people still havent lost faith in SE, and imo its all because of Wada and is business decisions

  • If you have platform ‘A’, why would you even care if it is released for platform ‘B’ or ‘C’? Not even speaking about such an ill reaction .. those fans are blind, sick fanatics.

    Have a PS3? Play the game on it.

  • my friend was, he’s a xbox fan, every time I play on xbox live with him, every few mins he’s like “this is why xbox live is so much better than the psn” Once he found out ps3 was getting mass effect 2, he was like..”another game sony has to steal from the best system”

      • I don’t really care what my friend has to say, I own the ps3 and xbox, and use the ps3 more, but I used the xbox more once my ps3 got the ylod (ps3 is fixed now though)..I don’t like the fact I gotta pay for online gaming on the xbox, or to use netflix, but I get 15% off on the cards at my work, so it’s cheaper that way, unless there is a better deal on the xbox marketplace.

  • “Lying to customers is how you do business, eh? I’ll never buy a Square Enix title again.”

    didnt they also say it would be good? or the best one?

    “You’re going to betray us after saying it would never come out? I’m cancelling my pre-orders.”

    after 10, 10-2, 12, and 13 you still preorder them and not wait for them to come out? wow, what a retard

    “With all the illegal lies and misdirection about FF13 you made, I reported you to the ministry of consumer affairs. And you promised DLC and quietly abandoned it – you’re detestable.”

    please say something will come of this… i may never get my 8$ and 10 hours back but they should suffer.

    “Stop your pompous waffling and resign! Haven’t you made enough money yet? Next time put a guy who actually loves games in charge.”

    FUCKING THIS, and one that knows how to make towns in hd

  • So essentially they’re complaining that other people get to play it? 🙁

    I know that there is an issue of loyalty involved in regards to Japanese gamers but someone else being able to play a video game should not in any way affect how you yourself enjoy the game.

      • you cant see the pissed 360 owners that are having the shit put on there console. it was something to laugh at on the ps3 when the price hit 5$ a copy of that game, what, not even a quarter after the games launch.

        • So, you are talking about in Japan only right? Because last time I checked it was about 20$ just like Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2, and Dante’s Inferno. And when I worked retail Christmas 2010 it sold quite well actually, now not anywhere as well as CoD: Black Ops or Halo Reach but considering they had just been released and this one had been out about a year I don’t think that’s too shabby. I don’t know about 5$, but that might just be a regional thing.

    • I’m happy the ps3 is getting ME2.
      It just means more people will be able to enjoy the awesome game that I enjoyed for many hours/days.

      I think the japanese should think the same way with FFXIII & ps3/360. Im sure people dont all have both consoles, so they should be cool with people that only have 360’s playing the game they CLEARLY enjoy.
      (If I’m not mistaken ME2 is a “only on 360” title like ME1 is)

      • (If I’m not mistaken ME2 is a “only on 360” title like ME1 is)

        Not anymore, a port is gonna be on Ps3 in the bioware site itself, they announced it with “tons of more extra hours”, probably all the dlc already released on 360.

      • What word? You people are acting like Square has never pulled a fast one before, International Editions have existed since VII and are nothing more than a way to milk a title. If post-SNES era Square had any honor, those things would never exist to begin with.

    • well i’m a bit sad about it, not because they are getting it, but because of the direction i think bioware is headed, more casual games, and appeal to retards who cant play the games the way the fans of old bioware want them

        • Heh I rarely remember having all my medigel on ME1, and the overheat system was a great way to mess things up except when the game glitched and just never went down 100%, as ME2 I only died because of the glitches :/, like instant death when finishing a mission, opening a door, walking… etc etc.

          Guess something like Baldur’s Gate or even Neverwinter are and will be just a memory.

        • mass effect 1 i gave it to them because that was built as a 3rd person shooter with rpg elements

          and dragon age 1, ill give it to them because on the console that was little more than a port, VERY LITTLE MORE THAN A PORT.

          but mass effect 2… FUCK YOU BIOWARE, take almost all the rpg out of the game, and the fact i didn’t die not fucking once.

          here i thought i was going to have to piss crew members off to get others to like me, no…

          i thought there would be more wepons and armor… well armor system is all but gone, and fuck you weapons, there was little reason to ever swap weps.

          mass effect 1 was a far funner game, mass effect 2 had a better produced story, not better, just bigger budget.

          and levels? the fuck was that half ass shit?

          dragon age 2? we haven’t seen anything official yet i believe, and only the console version was shown at pax i believe.

          dragon age 2 is probably going to be the last game that i watch from them, after that, if they fuck it up, i dont care. ill probably youtube the best end of mass effect 3 with tali, because that is what my save from mass effect 1, and mass effect 2 are striving for.

    • Well, nice things= multiplats nowadays I guess.

      Square should just get it over with and say all their games will be multiplat status. It’d be tiring if they make Kingdom Hearts 3 and it’s also on the 360 and people whine over it again. Get the newsbit over with.

        • @21:39

          Holy crap someone finally understands my pain on games like Crysis 2. When something goes multi platform instead of staying exclusive the crappiest system is the main system they program for. So if something does not fit on that system it get’s cut on all the other one’s. I wish people on other sites especially full gaming sites could understand this. But instead they just fanboy rage because someone is smart enough to realize that bringing a game to another platform will only hurt it.

        • @21:39 Well PS3 to 360 dont look exactly that far away, if you looked at the data of the game you would have seen the game itself its only a mere 7gb, while all the rests are cutscenes and by cutscenes I dont mean FMV HQ studio like movie cutscenes, I meant in game crappy shoody useless cutscenes that could have been easily replaced by a line of text, heck even the movie that’s the ending fmw is 6gb alone i mean.. wth a freaking 4min movie 6gb this being on the ps3 on the 360 they all went downgraded to the uber blockyness.

          Asides that I can confirm that mostly all the reading, music break, odd glitches on ps3 where because the game didnt install a single byte on the ps3 hdd, after installing with the non legit way most of the glitches went away -_-.

        • The reason why they did it is because even if you put it on PS3 It would take a lot of hours to update the patch of a game it keeps giving you a Error message you have to re-download the patch again until it gets it right.

          Xbox 360 It takes less time to update then the PS3.

        • Because putting it out for the 360 will necessitate a reduction in graphics quality, which will result in a crappy PS3 game and a dumbed down PC game. It’s the same reason that FFXI suffered for being available on the PS2.

          A multi-plat game has to be designed for the lowest capacity system.