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School Named After Eroge Refuses to Change Name


“Sakuranbo Elementary School,” a new school which chose to give itself the same name as popular lolicon eroge brand, is refusing to change its name despite being informed of its namesake by a number of sources.

The school chose the name “Sakuranbo” (“Cherry”) based on the local cherry industry, but did not bother to run the most basic of Internet searches to see what else is using the name.

Had they done so, they would have discovered that their choice of “Sakuranbo Shougakkou” is already the name of an eroge brand centred on providing adult games of interest to lolicon erogamers.

The unfortunate choice was widely reported when it became apparent, and soon parents began to call for a new name.

The local mayor is having none of it, and in a recent press conference for concerned parents vowed to go ahead with with the lolicon-friendly naming:

“If we were to change the name, on the contrary we would just be justifying the adult world.”

Just what kind of logic lead him to this conclusion is unclear.

The school is set to open in 2011.

Lesser cases of unfortunate naming have lead to changes – in 2007 Hyogo prefecture’s “Eichi Daigaku” (“Wisdom University”) changed its name to “Saint Thomas University” after it was pointed out that “eichi” sounds very similar to “ecchi,” and that the name is also used by an adult publisher.

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